8 best laundry detergents for white laundry

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Washing powder is firmly rooted in everyday life, almost completely displacing soap. In fact, a dry product is a concentrated complex of surfactants that dissolve pieces of fat, help fine dust and dirt move away from fabric fibers, and remove odors. However, not all powder products are equally effective and safe: modern people often have allergies to certain types of active substances, and not all products cope with different types of stains. The team analyzed popular powders for light garments, researched a range of gels for the care of light garments, and compiled a rating that included safe and effective products.

The best detergents and gels for washing white laundry

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best powders for washing white laundry 1 Nordland “ECO”, 4.5 kg RUB 1,810
2 Persil “Premium”, for white linen 667 RUB
3 “BioMio” with cotton extract for white linen 447 r
4 Mitsuei “Super Wash”, 1 kg 361 RUB
5 “Molecola” with plant enzymes for white linen RUB 312
The best gels for washing white linen 1 Burti “Liquid” for white and light-colored linen, 1.5 l 504 RUB
2 Dr. Frash “White”, 1.5 l 474 r
3 Wellery “Delicate white”, for white linen 629 RUB

The best powders for washing white laundry

In the category, we presented powders that in most cases receive positive reviews, cases of allergies from their use are minimized or excluded, and the effect of washing is satisfied by the vast majority of housewives.

Nordland “ECO”, 4.5 kg

Rating: 4.9


Despite the lack of advertising, Nordland “ECO” powder is in high demand. It is made on the basis of zeolites – mineral components, anionic and non-ionic surfactants, soap and optical brighteners. It was noted: it is completely washed off from the fabric during the usual rinsing, without leaving any unpleasant sensations from contact with the washed thing. The absence of phosphates excludes a negative effect on the skin, especially of children, and the absence of fragrances makes the use of the powder comfortable for everyone.

Nordland “ECO” is suitable for automated and traditional hand washing, it is suitable for the care of light and even colored clothes. Optical brightener enhances the cleanliness effect, especially seen on light knitwear. The absence of aggressive components allows the product to be used in places without sewage: in the countryside, outdoors – “ECO” speaks of the complete safety of the powder for nature, its components are 90% biodegradable. Environmentalists will also appreciate the lack of animal testing.

A 4.5 kg package will last for a long time – at least 60 washings of any clothing, without exception, from underwear to outerwear.

The average price of Nordland “ECO”, 4.5 kg – 1600 rubles (about 356 rubles / kg).


  • Economical packaging with carrying handle;
  • Small expenditure;
  • Compatible with any fabric;
  • For any method and mode of washing;
  • Biological safety;
  • Not tested on animals.


  • High price;
  • There are fakes (rarely, we recommend buying in large supermarkets and specialized stores).

Persil “Premium” for white linen

Rating: 4.8


Probably every housewife has heard about Persil “Premium” powder, this tool occupies the second line of our rating. Enhanced stain removers are introduced into its composition – they effectively deal with grease stains, and with the timely use of the powder, they even remove complex blood drops, jam, juices. Optical brighteners, prevailing in Persil “Premium”, give shine to bright things, and the unique aromatic formula – a pleasant aroma. To avoid harshness, we recommend choosing the enhanced rinse mode, although Persil is generally known for its bright aromatic fragrances.

Powder series “Premium” is ideal for automated and manual care of any type of laundry. The product dissolves well at any temperature.

Powder with improved Persil “Premium” composition can be purchased in plastic bags of 2.43 and 3.645 kg, the average price per kilogram is about 170 rubles.


  • Pronounced effect of lightening things (optical whitening);
  • Copes with all kinds of pollution;
  • Affordable price;
  • Rinses well;
  • Suitable for hand and machine wash fabrics of different composition and color.


  • Not everyone likes a pleasant, but pronounced aroma (additional rinsing is necessary).

BioMio with cotton extract for white linen

Rating: 4.8


Powder eco-series “BioMio” gently cleanses tissue fibers, preserving their structure. Suitable for the care of light-colored and children's underwear made of natural and synthetic fabrics. In view of the naturalness of the components, the temperature regime of 30 … 60C should be observed, but even in this range the powder dissolves well and fulfills the task. The absence of aggressive surfactants and phosphates in the composition eliminates the risk of skin irritations, moreover, the absence of fragrances does not load the olfactory receptors.

Oxygen bleaches, mineral zeolites and active organic enzymes, soap and natural cotton extract are completely harmless, the powder can be used in the absence of sewage. “BioMio” is a highly concentrated powder with a low consumption; for a single wash, ½ measuring spoon, which is included in the kit, is enough.

The average price of a 1.5 kg package is 361 rubles (on average 240 rubles / kg).


  • Compatible with any type of fabric;
  • Lack of fragrances and aggressive clarifiers, surfactants;
  • Low consumption;
  • Biodegradability of components;
  • for any type of washing;
  • No cases of intolerance have been identified.


  • Laundry does not soften in hard water.

Mitsuei “Super Wash”, 1 kg

Rating: 4.7


The fourth place in the ranking is occupied by the Japanese Mitsuei “Super Wash” powder. The manufacturer offers a unique active formula – it contains a special type of surfactant, a complex sodium compound, as well as carbonic acid salt and enzymes that simultaneously soften water and remove stains. Phosphate is used as a stabilizer in small quantities, so the product can be called safe.

The composition does not include optical brighteners, their function is performed by oxygen agents of the enhanced formula. On the other hand, the cleaning of the fibers is almost flawless if the contamination was treated in a timely manner. In addition, the quality of the fabric fiber is retained, and the degree of wear and tear is reduced.

Mitsuei “Super Wash” is optimal for the care of any natural fibers, the product shows itself perfectly when working with synthetics, combined materials, but only in cool water up to 300C, higher heating leads to the deactivation of active enzymes.

The average price of 1 kg of powder is 349 rubles.


  • Composition moderate in ecological purity;
  • Removes complex raids;
  • Rinses well;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Washes in unheated water.


  • It does not completely dissolve in the tray, we recommend placing it in the drum with the clothes.

“Molecola” with plant enzymes for white linen

Rating: 4.6


Powder concentrate with enzymes of plant origin “Molecola”, produced on the basis of soda carbonate and safe soap, does not break tissue fibers when cleaning from fatty and organic contaminants, and is completely washed out with water. The absence of harmful components and fragrances eliminates the risk of allergies, so the concentrate can be safely used for caring for children's clothes and linen for women in an interesting position, for washing clothes of asthmatics and allergy sufferers. An additional effect from the use of the product is water softening, which contributes to better stain removal and making things soft. Also the heating element of the machine is protected from limescale.

Another advantage of “Molecola” powder is environmental safety, components are 90% biodegradable. The product is optimal for the care of cotton and viscose fabrics in water up to + 40C.

The average price of a box weighing 1.2 kg is 285 rubles (about 240 rubles / kg).


  • Completely natural formula;
  • Does not provoke allergies and irritation;
  • Measuring spoon in a box;
  • Moderate spending.


  • Rarely on sale;
  • Doesn't deal with tough stains.

The best gels for washing white linen

An alternative to dry powder products are gel solutions. Their main advantage is ideal solubility in water, they are well washed off fabrics. There is no need to talk about their better effectiveness – nevertheless, dry products are more concentrated than solutions diluted in liquid. However, they show better results when used in cold water and often contain fabric softeners and water additives.

Burti “Liquid” for white and light-colored linen, 1.5 l

Rating: 4.9


Burti “Liquid” is a blend of powder and softening conditioner. The gel leaves an unobtrusive scent, but is completely washed off from the fibers. The formula includes enhanced oxygen bleach and visual brighteners, the gel is suitable for glossing light, but not new things – T-shirts, tablecloths, linen. The manufacturer warns: Burti “Liquid” does not completely remove hard-to-remove stains, but while maintaining the structure of the fabric creates an optical effect of purity. At the same time, there is no risk of tissue pellets formation.

The gel was produced in accordance with the requirements of the EEC, it is recognized as moderately safe for nature and human health. Suitable for caring for things in any temperature regime, additionally softens water, protecting the heating element of the washing machine from calcium build-up. The consumption of a 1.5 liter bottle is economical – this volume is enough for 20 automated or 25 manual washing sessions.

The average price of a 1.5-liter bottle of Burti “Liquid” gel is 500 rubles (333 rubles / liter).


  • Obvious whitening effect;
  • Leaves a soft scent of freshness;
  • Works in any temperature mode;
  • Dermatologist tested gel;
  • Economical consumption.


  • High price;
  • Not suitable for sewing delicate fabrics.

Dr. Frash “White”, 1.5 l

Rating: 4.8


The second in the rating category is the German product Dr. Frash “White”, the concentration of which is doubled compared to other gels – a volume of 1.5 liters is enough for 30-35 automated washes. In addition, the product provides delicate care for light-colored items, while retaining the dyes in the fibers, without washing them out, preserves the structure of the material. Users note the obvious effect of lightening knitwear and synthetics, removing yellowness and grayness.

Dr. Frash “White” gel completely dissolves even in cool water, additionally softens the water and is completely washed out from the fibers.

The average price of a 1.5 liter bottle is 480 rubles (about 320 rubles / liter).


  • Effective gel consumption;
  • Environmental Safety;
  • Complete dissolution at any temperature regime;
  • Pronounced optical whitening effect;
  • For all methods and modes of washing;
  • Approved for use on delicate fabrics.


  • High price.

Wellery “Delicate white”, for white linen

Rating: 4.7


The rating closes with a gel product of domestic production Wellery “Delicate white”. It is formulated to gently clean white items and delicate fabrics. The gel removes old yellow and gray spots, organic impurities, makes things shine – oxygen and optical brighteners are included in the formula. The solution consumption is small – only 50 ml per 5 kg of linen, so a five-liter canister will last for a long time, there is a 1 liter bottle filling.

After washing, linen and clothes acquire not only the effect of cleanliness and radiance, but also a subtle aroma that does not irritate the olfactory receptors.

The average price of 1 liter of Wellery “Delicate white” is from 160 rubles.


  • Economical consumption;
  • The formula is predominantly biodegradable;
  • Copes with stubborn stains;
  • Leaves a fresh scent;
  • Packing in a 1 liter bottle and a 5 liter canister.


  • Not defined.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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