8 best IP phones

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In the early 2000s, a new telecommunications market appeared communication technology – ip-telephony. Its essence was to ensure Voice over non-traditional dial-up telephone connections, and over the Internet using special protocols. In those there weren’t such huge internet connection speeds yet, like now, when you can easily watch high-quality video permissions online but for voice bandwidth Internet channels are already missing. The main idea of ​​creating this The technology was to minimize the cost of outgoing calls. IN large enterprises where dozens or even hundreds of costly calls to other cities and countries IP-telephony gave a serious savings.

Since then, this technology has taken root, strengthened and seriously developed. Leading global manufacturers of electronics and telecommunication equipment produce finished multifunctional technological solutions – ip-phones. Externally they look very similar to regular landlines devices, but I function on a different principle. Edition offers You will find the rating of the best modern ip-phones, which was prepared by our specialized experts.

Rating of the best IP phones

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best low-end and mid-range ip phones 1 Grandstream gxp1610 2 212 rub.
2 Fanvil x3 2 608 rub.
3 Yealink SIP-T21P E2 3 480 rub.
4 Gigaset A540 IP 3 670 rub.
5 Panasonic KX-TGP600 4 900 rub.
Best high level ip phones 1 Grandstream gxp2160 7 706 rub.
2 Yealink SIP-T48G 22 111 rub.
3 Fanvil d900 14 730 rub.

The best low-end and mid-range ip phones

The first and most voluminous nomination is dedicated to the most inexpensive, but high-quality and functional ip-phones that are tested time, and earned the most positive rating and reviews from real users. Such solutions are optimal for equipping dispatching services, call centers, service centers serving over the phone clients from different countries.

Grandstream gxp1610

Rating: 4.9

Grandstream GXP1610

Opens IP Phone Basic Production specialized American company Grandstream Networks. The company was founded in 2002 by a team of private entrepreneurs, who believed in the high prospects of IP-telephony. Founders Grandstream Networks did not fail – now the company has grown to more than 400 employees and a number of representative offices in the North and South Americas, Africa and Asia.

As a basic model, this ip phone for the most part does not contain many high-level features like support for many accounts recordings, HD Audio, a large color screen the size of a tablet and other things. But it is extremely affordable, exclusively reliable, easy to configure and use device.

With all the budget, the phone is definitely pleased with the quality materials and assembly. Case with overall dimensions 185x209x76mm made of durable hard plastic, all parts are spotless fitted to each other, no backlash, creaks, bumps. Weigh device 740g. The surface has a soft matte texture, excluding the frame around the small monochrome LCD screen.

Key features and capabilities of the ip-phone: own web interface Network Address Translation (NAT) support Caller ID conferencing; loud communication; Hold or wait for a call generating comfortable noise (a technique for comfortably filling silence in technological pauses); voice activity recognition; echo cancellation. This The model does NOT support PoE and Skype. To store data about subscribers, the device has a built-in address book for 500 records.

To connect to a network, you can use a wired port or wireless interface. For wired connection provided two RJ-45 ports – one is used to connect to the network, the other – to the computer. There is also a headset jack.

Separately, it is worth emphasizing one detail. Many users and independent reviewers openly praise the sound quality in this models. It really is – the sound in the GXP1610 is exceptionally good, but only in comparison with other models without HD Audio support. FROM more advanced ip phones that support HD audio it, of course, cannot be compared.


  • quality materials and assembly;
  • reliability and simplicity of setup and use;
  • exceptionally good sound, as for a device without HD support Audio
  • affordable price.


  • sporadic user comments regarding non-essential details.

Fanvil x3

Rating: 4.8

Fanvil X3

The second number in this rating category will consider another decent and affordable solution for the organization IP-telephony in the enterprise or even at home. This is an ip phone manufactured by prominent Chinese corporation Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd.

The device is made in the traditional classic form factor push-button stationary telephone with dimensions 275x215x62mm. The case is made of solid plastic with similar characteristics to the model described above.

Equipped with an ip phone compact monochrome LCD screen, only there is already a backlight, in contrast to the above model. Yet one important advantage of the device is the presence of two lines – which there was a sharp lack of some users of the previous device.

Otherwise, the phone’s functionality is almost the same: its own convenient web interface; NAT support 500 phone book Contacts echo cancellation; voice activity recognition; activation of comfortable noise in technological pauses; retention call and waiting; auto detection of incoming number; speaker; conferencing mode. Full SIP Support allows including connecting to multiple servers. Support PoE and Skype are not provided, as well as in the previous model. The interfaces for connecting are the same – wired LAN and wireless plus a headset jack.

Warranty from the manufacturer for this model is 12 months.


  • quality of materials and assembly;
  • reliability and continuity;
  • two lines;
  • LCD backlight
  • affordable price.


  • expressed shortcomings were not noted.

Rating: 4.7

Yealink SIP-T21P E2

The third number in this rating category is stationary IP phone manufactured by a Chinese specialized company Yealink – A Notable Global Telecommunications Manufacturer equipment in the field of IP-telephony. Due to a number of important extensions the phone’s functionality is half as expensive as the previous two solutions still remains in the category of the most affordable.

This is an updated and improved version of the SIP-T21P model, which in itself was one of the most successful in the line of inexpensive Feature-rich Yealink IP Phones. The model took all the best from the predecessor – high quality workmanship, reliability, style and advanced technical solutions. At the same time, a number of improvements were added, such as enhanced voice quality, backlight LCD screen, signature programmable buttons, two-color light indication, support for PoE (Power over Ethernet).

The dimensions of the device are 209x188x150mm. Made in traditional landline desk phone form factor provided the possibility of wall mounting. The design is pretty nice, in modern style. Equipped with monochrome graphic LCD 2.3 inches in size and a resolution of 132×64. Multi-interface languages, including Russian.

The main functions of the ip-phone: support for two SIP-accounts; hotline mode; speed dialing; waiting, transfer, call forwarding; group listening and three way conferencing; set dialing rules; Do Not Disturb mute the microphone; call hold; download, delete and select melodies; volume control; SIP SMS; automatic and manual time setting; XML browser built-in screenshots; function Caller ID with definition and on-screen display of name and number subscriber.

In this version, the possibilities of working with address books, starting with its very capacity – 1000 entries. there is intelligent search, import and export of records, saved history of any calls – received, dialed, missed and redirected. There is also a blacklist feature for unwanted subscribers.

Phone management and configuration can be done using control panel buttons – modes are displayed on the LCD screen; or from a third-party computer using the integrated web interface. If necessary, the settings of the IP phone can be easily reset to factory. The system keeps detailed logs with a record of all manipulations with settings.

This model is covered by a manufacturing warranty. for a period of 18 months.


  • voice quality;
  • reliability and uninterrupted operation;
  • many functions and settings;
  • support for two SIP accounts;
  • built-in web interface;
  • screen backlight;
  • design.


  • no obvious flaws were found.

Gigaset A540 IP

Rating: 4.6

Gigaset A540 IP

Now, as part of the rating of the best ip-phones according to version consider a Gigaset ip phone manufactured by one of the market leaders telecommunications – the German concern Siemens. This model features from the three form factors described above – wireless dock-mounted handset, and a number of noteworthy features of the functional.

The dimensions of the main units of the device are as follows: tube – 155x50x28mm and weight 105g; dock glass – 36x75x71 and weight 40g. The handset is equipped with a 1.8 inch diagonal LCD screen and 96 × 64 resolution. Screen backlight color may vary depending on the specific modification – red, orange, green or blue. One Gigaset handset included A510H, but if desired, can be purchased separately. System supports up to six handsets (individual modifications – no more than three, you need specify at the point of sale). AAA batteries provide full charge stand-alone talk time up to 18 hours or up to 200 hours in standby time.

The basis of the functionality of this ip-phone is support for three concurrent calls: two over VoIP and one over public telephone network through the FXO port. Device allows you to register up to six SIP accounts in the database. At Outgoing calls will be split by prefix.

In addition to the standard handset of the above model, The device also supports other handsets from the same manufacturer: C300H, C610H, S79H, SL400H, SL78H. You can also use any DECT GAP tubes due to full GAP compatibility. Radius of action up to 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters outdoors space. If necessary, expand the nominal range you can use the Gigaset Repeater developed by Siemens specifically for such purposes.

In addition to its direct functions, the ip-phone of this model also provides access to a number of online services – reading RSS feeds, weather forecast and others. There is a speakerphone function. ECO DECT energy saving technology has been introduced.

One distinct minus of this phone is the limited telephone the book is only 150 numbers. Enterprise-wide even medium the level of this volume is often not enough.


  • communication quality and reliability;
  • ease of installation and configuration;
  • support for up to 6 handsets;
  • wide compatibility with DECT GAP tubes;
  • useful information and services;
  • long battery life without recharging.


  • Only 150 entries in the phone book.

Panasonic KX-TGP600

Rating: 4.5

Panasonic KX-TGP600

And completes the rating nomination for the best budget ip-phones, proposed by experts, another wireless device manufactured by Panasonic. It is the most expensive and most remarkable model in this category.

The first most noticeable and iconic feature of this ip-phone is extended pool of lines. There are eight of them. Exactly the same number of handsets supported. The regular tube is powered by such AAA batteries, but autonomy is already here significantly lower – 8 hours of talk time and 200 hours in pending. This is not a drawback, but a feature due to the increased voice quality and some other factors of enhanced functionalities that increase energy consumption. Overall tube dimensions – 47.8 × 25.5 × 153.2mm, weight – 117g, base dimensions – 118x45x88mm, weight – 126g. The handset features a 1.8 color graphical LCD inches in diagonal.

This model supports two digital telephony technologies at once. – SIP and DECT. You can expand the signal coverage to 200 meters by cascading up to three repeaters to the base. Availability eight active lines, in addition to the obvious advantage, allows also set up parallel interaction with different operators communication.

We describe the main components of the functionality of the ip-phone. System allows you to register up to 8 accounts by the number of active SIP lines. Connecting to a local network with Internet access or Directly to the Internet through a standard RJ-45 standard port Ethernet 10 / 100Base-TX. There is a phone book for 500 entries, up to 20 number can be blacklisted, up to 20 numbers automatically saved in the incoming / outgoing call log. Built-in Functions automatic rejection of anonymous calls, call forwarding, Do Not Disturb, hold a call, transfer a call to another handset. Caller ID auto-identification, notification of call when the line is busy (Call waiting), call parking. Also Conferencing between three subscribers is supported.

The above mentioned improved sound quality, but costs separately emphasize that not just improved sound is realized here, but sound HD quality with noise reduction. Setup and Administration the phone can be produced remotely via the built-in web interface.


  • 8 lines and support for up to 8 handsets in a simultaneous conversation;
  • HD sound quality;
  • wide functionality regarding call manipulation;
  • built-in web interface;
  • color tube display.


  • not the most convenient and not localized web interface.

Best high level ip phones

The second version of the rating of the best ip-phones according to the version includes three medium and high level models with significantly expanded capabilities compared to basic solutions with significantly higher cost. Our experts did not include the top models with the widest functionality due to the beyond high cost. The selection is targeted at potential buyers not ready to lay out the equivalent of 1-2-3 thousand dollars for an ip-phone even for production needs.

Grandstream gxp2160

Rating: 4.9

Grandstream GXP2160

The first number will consider the most inexpensive model of the middle (closer to premium) Grandstream brand level. Already the brand itself is much talks about the quality and performance of this ip phone. The functionality here is also significantly expanded compared to budget decisions.

The device is made in the classic stationary form factor multifunctional phone. Vivid difference – large color 4.3-inch LCD screen in diagonal with a resolution of 480×272. The overall dimensions of the device are 222x210x93mm, weight – 980g.

Further, as you become acquainted with the functionality, it becomes more and more the membership of this model in the premium class is clearly clear ip phones. Bluetooth support is implemented here, which can be used to conveniently connect a wireless headset, as well as for exchanging data with wearable gadgets and PCs. Into the system a number of useful web applications are broadcast relevant and useful information in separate widgets.

On the network side, here we see two ports with RJ-45 connectors and gagabit bandwidth each. So the device can also be connected to a terminal, desktop PC or a laptop. In addition, this model also provides USB interface to which you can connect and activate a portable Wi-Fi adapter or a cellular modem, significantly thereby increasing the mobility of the phone.

Another possibility to expand the functionality is to connect to four GXP2200EXT consoles with BLF function – this means that you can expand the speed dial panel to 160 buttons with indication status on the graphic screen.

This model supports six lines of simultaneous communication, can connect via SIP to several servers, has built-in phone book for 2 thousand entries, automatically determines numbers, provides conference calls for 5 participants, has a built-in web interface, supports voice transmission in HD quality.


  • 6 lines;
  • large color screen;
  • HD voice quality;
  • built-in Bluetooth module;
  • USB interface
  • 2 gigabit network interfaces;
  • real-time web applications
  • Connect up to 4 speed dial consoles.


  • expressed flaws and systematic problems not noted.

Rating: 4.9

Yealink SIP-T48G

The second in the rating rating of the best premium IP phones consider the multi-channel device already mentioned in the review of the Chinese trademark Yealink. Multichannel is the main thing the advantage is models, but it is far from the only one.

This model is a corporate ip-phone of the new Generations with an elegant design in a modern business style. The dimensions of the device are 266x226x185mm. Equipped with a large color screen 7 inches in diagonal with a resolution of 800×480 and 24-bit color rendering depth. And, characteristically, the screen is touch-sensitive. 29programmable on-screen buttons can be signed right on the screen, saving yourself from such archaism as a physical panel of fast set with paper inserts for signing buttons.

The most important characteristics and functions of the ip-phone: 16 lines and support for the same number of SIP accounts; conference call for 3 participant; group listening; hotline; setting rules recruitment; call hold, do not disturb, mute a microphone; selection, loading and deletion of tunes; embedded Screenshots Wallpaper selection for screen background; XML browser call forwarding call, transfer, waiting.

In this model, the characteristics related to voice transmission. Supports HD voice quality in the handset and for Handsfree microphone Broadband audio codecs are used. G.722, G.726, G.729AB, iLBC and several others. Implemented by full duplex speakerphone with echo cancellation. Also here additional improvement technologies introduced – detection voice activity, packet loss detection with media content, auto-tuning microphone sensitivity, adaptive buffer voice packets.

An important point in the characteristics of this model is the presence of a whole a number of tools for efficient networking, security and confidentiality. This ip phone supports redundancy SIP server, interacts with STUN servers, supports direct peer-to-peer call and through a proxy server, works with HTTPS certificates, provides reliable AES file encryption configurations etc


  • 16 lines;
  • high-quality communication;
  • HD voice with a number of other improvements;
  • increased security and privacy;
  • support for a number of important standards, technologies, protocols;
  • large color touch screen.


  • not marked.

Fanvil d900

Rating: 4.8

Fanvil D900

Completes the ranking of the best ip-phones, compiled by recommendations of specialized specialists, elegant high-tech solution, which is somewhat “apart” in in relation to all the above models. The emphasis is not on multichannel, but specifically on high-tech in all senses. In fact, this is a whole mini-computer with an operating system and all related add-ons.

So, Fanvil D900 is an IP video phone with elegant design, many features and great potential for integration and expansion. The previous D800 was also quite successful and successful solution, but the D900 is much more advanced and technologically progressive.

The device is equipped with a large color touch screen with support multitouch. Screen size – 7 inches in diagonal, resolution – 800×480, built-in P-i-P function (picture in picture). Screen can use not only for configuration and direct control built-in ip phone features. The system is full-fledged Android 4.2 operating system, which means you can install any compatible applications, expanding the functionality of the device with software side.

The availability of this model is directly facilitated by the availability of 5-megapixel camera for video communication, speakerphone with broadcast HD audio, HDMI port for connecting sources video stream, two gigabit network ports for reliable and uninterrupted communication. There is also a USB port and a card slot external flash memory (own memory of IP-phone – 1 GB RAM and 4GB of internal). The headset can be connected via 3.5mm standard socket. The device can be powered by an adapter 12V 1A, and PoE technology (powered via Ethernet port), by connecting a PoE switch or injector to the RJ-45 network connector the phone.

You can configure and manage the device configuration directly through the built-in touch screen, or remotely over the network using the integrated web interface. Interface the screen is typical Android, so any modern user wearable gadgets with him there will be no problems. In the moment Skype model output only worked through the speakerphone, and connect to The developers promised the handset in the next software releases providing.


  • 4 lines and 4 SIP accounts;
  • camera for direct video communication and recording;
  • HD audio quality;
  • many interfaces;
  • own 4GB memory and support for external flash cards;
  • full OS Android 4.2;
  • color touch capacitive screen with multi-touch support;
  • elegant design.


  • No significant deficiencies have been identified.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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