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People of the older generation remember from their childhood a wonderful sweet that was prepared on holidays. Nuts remain relevant today, despite the huge assortment of confectionery products presented in stores. To cook them, you need certain utensils. Previously, it was a device shaped like a frying pan. The dough was poured into the compartments and pressed down with the other part. Cooking took place on the stove. At the moment, mechanical hazelnuts are also used. Many of them have survived from Soviet times.

But progress does not stand still, and manufacturers of household appliances are constantly improving appliances, developing new models to facilitate work in the kitchen. Among such convenient devices is the electric hazelnut. The hostess no longer needs to stand at the stove and wait for the dough to be fried. A 'smart' device will do almost everything for her. It is equipped with many useful functions to make the delicacy tasty and optimally roasted.

Electrical devices have the ability to adjust the heating temperature. They can be both miniature and quite functional with the ability to bake up to several dozen cookies at a time. The appliance beeps as you cook. Hazelnuts are easy to use. No special care is required after use. Thoughtful and safety. Many models are equipped with an auto-shutdown function in case of short circuit or overheating. Also a useful option in a home with small children is an additional lock, which protects against opening and protects the child from burns.

What are the best electric hazelnuts and combine all the qualities of safety and efficiency? We analyzed the kitchen appliances market and identified 8 appliances that received most of the positive feedback from the hostesses. Professional experts also agreed with them.

Rating of the best hazelnuts

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best hazelnuts 1 Hazelnut Polaris PNT 0401 Profi Baker RUB 2 190
2 Oreshnitsa Miracle EV-2 1 600 rub.
3 Hazelnut Holt HT-NM-001
4 Hazelnut Olto WA-2017 669 r
5 Hazelnut Vasilisa VA-202 1 339 rub.
6 Hazelnut Magio MG-391 /393 RUB 1,519
7 Hazelnut Energy EN-285 RUB 1,021
8 Hazelnut Galaxy GL 2952 RUB 780

Hazelnut Polaris PNT 0401 Profi Baker

Rating: 4.9

Polaris PNT 0401 Profi Baker

The hazelnut of the famous brand Polaris is in the lead. Ease of use made it the best among many other models presented. The temperature regime has already been set, so all that remains is to lay the dough, and in a few minutes get 12 golden nuts, ready to put the filling. Large non-stick panels are very handy during the process. The lid opens as much as possible, so it is easy to both lay the dough and take out the cookies.

The device is equipped with automatic temperature control. The cooking process is stabilized during power surges. The body is made of heat-resistant plastic. It can withstand mechanical shock. The design in black with a metal insert looks very stylish, so the device will decorate any kitchen.

Rubberized feet eliminate unwanted sliding on the working surface. The indication of the condition of the hazelnut will allow you to always control the process. The latch will secure the two parts of the appliance and prevent children from opening. The hostesses were pleased with the simple but very effective hazelnuts. With her, any family member can make fragrant cookies, even when mom is not at home.


  • automatic temperature control;
  • large portion in one cycle;
  • non-stick coating Biotore;
  • insulated handles;
  • modern design.


  • not identified.

Oreshnitsa Miracle EV-2

Rating: 4.8

Miracle EV-2

The second prize-winner is the device that prepares 6 portions of nuts in one cycle. The fast baking time of the dough allows it to be used both for regular home tea drinking and when many friends are to visit. Simple controls are easy. The display informs about the connection to the network and the state of heating. The temperature regime is regulated mechanically.

Coating of forms – non-stick. The finished biscuits are easy to remove, the dough does not stick. The lid opens completely to facilitate the process. The body is made of high quality metal. It is shockproof. Under any mechanical stress, dents are not formed. The surface is easily cleaned from dirt without the use of special detergents.

Thermally insulated handles. According to reviews, the model does an excellent job with its tasks. The housewives were especially pleased with the opportunity to independently select the temperature regime, making the shells more fried or, conversely, lighter, depending on the preferences of the household. The firm fixation of the lid was considered an undoubted advantage. The design was also liked by many buyers.


  • built-in thermostat;
  • high-quality non-stick layer;
  • a ready-made dish in a few minutes;
  • non-heating handles;
  • convenient extraction.


  • not identified.

Hazelnut Holt HT-NM-001

Rating: 4.7

Holt HT-NM-001

On the third line is a convenient model, which will always be at hand when unexpectedly guests or household members want something tasty. It is compact and does not take up much space. At the same time, 4 nuts are prepared at the same time. The body is made of heat-resistant plastic. It does not heat up at all, so injury is excluded. The design is stylish, will perfectly fit into the interiors of modern and classic kitchens.

The baking plates are coated with a non-stick layer. It provides high-quality dough roasting and easy extraction. There is no food residue left in the molds, so cleaning is simple and not a problem. On the lid there is a mechanically controlled thermostat with 2 setting levels. When turned on, the power indicator lights up, when the cookies can be taken out – the ready indicator.

The device has a small weight and dimensions, so it is easy to carry it in the kitchen, as well as take it with you on trips, so that your favorite cookies can be cooked at any time. The hazelnut has non-slip rubber feet. The long cord is stored in a special compartment.


  • non-heating surface;
  • information about the state of the device;
  • mobility and ease of storage;
  • compartment for the power cord;
  • simple controls.


  • not identified.

Hazelnut Olto WA-2017

Rating: 4.6

Olto WA-2017

The fourth is the device, which is equipped with 12 half-molds for obtaining 6 nuts in one baking. Light weight and simple operation made it very popular among buyers. Another undoubted plus is the affordable price. A quality panel has high non-stick properties. The dough does not stick, does not burn. The cookies are smooth and golden.

The device is equipped with an indication system for switching on and heating. In the production, shock-resistant plastic was used that does not conduct heat, so the risk of getting burned is minimized. The body and handles always stay cool. When closed, the device is locked with a lock. It is quite easy to maintain, does not require preliminary preparation.

The manufacturer took care of the safety by equipping the hazelnut with an auto-shutdown function when overheating. According to reviews, she fully satisfies the needs of the most demanding housewife with high culinary skills. It is also suitable for inexperienced users, since everything is extremely clear and simple, you do not need to configure anything yourself.


  • high-quality coating of forms;
  • easy cleansing;
  • light weight;
  • overheat protection;
  • heat-resistant plastic.


  • not identified.

Hazelnut Vasilisa VA-202

Rating: 4.5

Vasilisa VA-202

The fifth place is taken by a device that will cook 9 halves of nuts in a few minutes. It will appeal to those housewives who are used to controlling the process and customizing the work at their own discretion. For this, mechanical temperature control is provided. The frying surface is covered with a layer that prevents the dough from burning. The body is made of plastic and stainless steel. It does not heat up. The handles also stay cool at all times.

In the model, when connected to the network, the indicator light comes on. Also, as it warms up, the device will inform the hostess. It is stable and equipped with special non-slip rubber feet. The design is quite classic. The cooking process takes a minimum of time. The lid leans back as much as possible, making placing the dough in all cells more comfortable. Finished nuts are easily peeled off without the risk of scalding on the hot panel. The latch prevents children from opening it themselves.

Buyers leave positive feedback on the device. It is stable with frequent use, no breakages or defects were observed. Hazelnut is easy to care for, compact enough, can be safely transported to the country or to another place.


  • smooth temperature control;
  • individual power setting;
  • auto shutdown when overheating;
  • heat-resistant surface;
  • easy care.


  • not identified.

Hazelnut Magio MG-391/393

Rating: 4.4

Magio MG-391

The sixth is the kitchen appliance, which stands out among similar ones for its striking design. In addition to the fashionable exterior design, it has good performance characteristics. The powerful heating element gradually heats up, evenly baking all the forms in the panels. After a few minutes, 6 smooth, crispy nuts are ready, and you can lay the next batch of dough.

On the cover there are indicator lights for easy process control. The body and handles are made of heat-resistant plastic, which is safe for humans and does not affect food. Thanks to the convenient latch, the device is childproof. It can also be stored in any position, including vertical, without the risk of self-opening and damage.

The easy-to-use model received high marks. Bright colors delight lovers of modern style. The device is very light and compact, does not take up much space, and can be easily carried if necessary. Cookies are baked evenly. Laying the dough and taking out the finished product is not difficult.


  • high-quality non-stick layer;
  • small size and weight;
  • fast heating;
  • light indication;
  • bright fashionable colors.


  • not identified.

Hazelnut Energy EN-285

Rating: 4.3

Energy EN-285

The seventh place goes to the device with the simultaneous preparation of 12 half-molds. They can be used as mini-plates, or they can be filled with boiled condensed milk, jam, cream and treated with delicacies to households and guests. The laconic design in white will suit all kitchen interiors. After cooking, hazelnut can be stored in any compartment or drawer of the headset, without requiring a lot of space.

There is nothing superfluous in the model. The optimum temperature has already been set according to the classic recipe. The body and handles do not heat up. The plastic is durable, withstands mechanical stress. A quality non-stick coating will prevent any trouble. The dough does not burn, ready-made nuts are easily separated without residues in the molds.

The model is compact and easy to clean. Many people note that, having tried it in practice and appreciating its quality, they buy the same device as a gift to relatives and friends. Another significant advantage is the acceptable cost.


  • consistently uniform heating;
  • replaceable panels for cooking;
  • heat-resistant surface;
  • light indication;
  • convenient storage.


  • not identified.

Hazelnut Galaxy GL 2952

Rating: 4.2

Galaxy GL 2952

The review is completed by hazelnuts with an optimal combination of price and quality. The thermally insulated casing is made of combined materials: plastic and steel. The design is laconic, the dimensions are compact, the weight is small. Baking times vary from 1.5 to 3 minutes. At a time, 12 half-forms are prepared, which can be used as baskets on a banquet table, or as 6 standard nuts.

Aluminum panels with high quality non-stick surface eliminate sticking, are easy to clean, withstand temperature extremes and mechanical shock. The model meets all safety requirements. The handles have special thermal protection, so no injury will occur upon contact.

For convenience, a light notification is provided: when turned on and when the heating temperature is reached. Hazelnuts not only does not take up much space on the desktop, but can also be stored in any kitchen drawer, both vertically and horizontally. The hostesses noted that the device quickly and evenly bakes the dough, resulting in cookies according to the classic recipe: homogeneous, golden, not breaking.


  • heat resistant safe plastic;
  • light indication;
  • reliable non-stick coating;
  • maximum safety at work;
  • miniature sizes.


  • not identified.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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