8 best floor cleaning products

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

To keep the floors in an apartment or house absolutely clean, vacuuming them – even every day – is not enough. This will still not remove stubborn dirt or spilled and dried liquids. Washing the floors is also mandatory, and preferably not just with water, but with the use of appropriate household chemicals.

Especially for people striving for perfect cleanliness in their home, we have compiled a rating of the 8 best floor cleaning products, which includes both budget and premium solutions, both universal and special.

Rating of the best products for cleaning floors

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best products for cleaning floors 1 Bagi 'Oranit', 3 l 310 RUB
2 Leifheit Protect for laminate and parquet RUB 960
3 Bio-agent for cleaning floors 'Tri-Bio', 4.4 l 369 r
4 HG for floor tiles, 1000 ml 549 r
5 Prosept “Multipower Floor”, universal, 5 l 540 RUB
6 Organic People Eco floor cleaning gel, 500 ml RUB 160
7 Meine liebe universal floor cleaner 143 r
8 Emsal floor cleaner, 1 l 219 r

Bagi 'Oranit', 3 l

Rating: 4.9


Feature: A universal Israeli product that is suitable for cleaning the children's room.

Bagi 'Oranit' detergent is suitable for cleaning all types of floor coverings, including organic, mineral and synthetic. It copes well with most stains at a standard concentration, does not need to be rinsed and can be used to clean the children's room. When dry, the substance does not leave streaks and provides a natural shine.

The product contains special protective substances that prevent damage to the skin of the hands. Therefore, its solution can be used without gloves. Also, these same components ensure the safety of the surface after the solution has dried.

The product is supplied as a concentrate. A 3 liter bottle is enough to prepare 300 liters of ready-to-use solution, which is enough to remove even stubborn stains. Less concentration is enough for everyday cleaning.


  • Suitable for cleaning all surfaces, including parquet, tiles, laminate and linoleum;
  • Optimal concentration, economical – even with daily cleaning of a standard 2-3-room apartment, the bottle will last for a year;
  • The smell after washing the floors disappears quickly.


  • No measuring cup included;
  • The floor is slippery during drying;
  • It is not recommended to exceed the concentration when using.

Leifheit Protect for laminate and parquet

Rating: 4.8

Leifheit Protect

Feature: Provides cleanliness, shine and attractive appearance to wood flooring for six months.

This product is intended not only for maintenance, but also for the protection of floor coverings such as laminate and parquet. Thanks to its special formulation, it prevents dirt, fading and fading. But its main advantage is its intense water-repellent effect.

After application, it creates a hydrophobic layer on the surface of the floor covering. Thanks to this, the laminate or parquet is completely protected from the destructive effect of moisture. They do not swell even at the edges of the seams.

The hydrophobic action of the agent lasts for six months. In addition to being water resistant, it prevents dust and dirt from adhering to the floor surface, provides a natural, attractive shine and protects against various external aggressive influences.

The product is intended for use with the Leifheit Protect branded mop. One blister is enough to process approximately 65 square meters of flooring.


  • A noticeable, intense water-repellent effect;
  • Does not make floors slippery;
  • Provides additional protection against dust, dirt and similar contaminants.


  • Useless without a branded mop;
  • Relatively high price;
  • The floors will still have to be washed periodically within six months after applying it – this is a means to protect the wood, and not get rid of dirt forever.

Bio-agent for cleaning floors 'Tri-Bio', 4.4 l

Rating: 4.8

Bio-agent for cleaning floors 'Tri-Bio', 4.4 l

Feature: Ecological clean product with probiotic qualities to create beneficial microflora.

This is the only product in the rating that contains substances of natural origin, intended for the growth and development of beneficial microflora. This not only cleans the floors, but also the air in the house. The product is suitable for use in homes where people with a sensitive respiratory system, asthmatic diseases or a tendency to allergies live.

The product can be used with any flooring – organic, mineral and synthetic. Does not need rinsing. It has a delicate aroma that quickly disappears when dry and prevents the spread of unpleasant odors.

At the same time, despite the absence of potent surfactants of artificial origin, the floor cleaner copes excellently even with stubborn stains. Supplied as a concentrate.


  • Does not contain artificial chemicals;
  • Suitable for cleaning children's rooms;
  • Economical consumption.


  • Poorly suited for removing stubborn dirt, but rather a solution for everyday cleaning.

HG for floor tiles, 1000 ml

Rating: 4.7

HG for floor tiles, 1000 ml

Feature: Low price and excellent cleaning quality.

This product is specially designed for cleaning floors covered with stone tiles, ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware. The surfactants included in its composition effectively remove impurities from irregularities or pores of the material. Thanks to this, after washing, the tiles will look lighter, with bright and fresh colors, shiny and radiant.

The main advantage of the product is that it perfectly protects against the appearance of stubborn stains. Budget types of ceramic tiles are prone to this type of pollution. They have a porous texture, as a result of which they quickly become dirty. And this substance for cleaning floors easily copes with such stains.

The product is supplied in a concentrated form, a 1-liter bottle is enough for 100 liters of ready-made solution. Does not need rinsing. Manufactured in the Netherlands.


  • It copes well with dirt that has been stuck in ceramic tiles;
  • Refreshes the colors of the floor covering, makes them brighter and more saturated;
  • It has a pleasant, fresh and unobtrusive aroma.


  • Highly specialized application, not suitable for wooden floors or synthetic materials.

Prosept “Multipower Floor”, universal, 5 l

Rating: 4.7

Prosept “Multipower Floor”, universal, 5 l

Feature: Universal alkaline agent suitable for all floor coverings.

This is the only agent in the rating with increased alkalinity. Thanks to this, it easily copes with any organic and inorganic dirt, has some disinfecting properties and refreshes the colors on the coating. However, it is recommended to use it on floors with surfaces resistant to alkaline cleaning agents – mineral, inorganic, synthetic.

But it is not recommended to use this tool with wooden floors and coatings based on organic materials (parquet, laminate, etc.).

Despite its increased alkalinity, it does not contain corrosive substances. Therefore it is safe to inhale after drying and has minimal effect on the floor structure. Due to its disinfecting qualities, this agent is recommended for use in public buildings, including food establishments.

Supplied as a concentrate, diluted in a ratio of 1: 50-1: 100.


  • Suitable for use in public places;
  • Easily removes stubborn dirt, including those of organic origin;
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors.


  • Foams strongly;
  • Not suitable for organic flooring, including wood;
  • Concentration must be strictly observed when working with bare hands.

Organic People Eco floor cleaning gel, 500 ml

Rating: 4.7

Organic People Eco floor cleaning gel

Feature: Contains mainly ingredients of organic natural origin, pleasant aroma.

This product is 99.5%, according to the manufacturer, consists of cleaning agents of natural or organic origin. It is biodegradable, safe, and can be used in children's rooms and apartments where people with asthma or allergies live. In addition, it fills the room with a pleasant aroma thanks to sandalwood essential oil and several more herbal extracts in its composition.

The gel is suitable for cleaning all types of floor coverings – from mineral to synthetic. Dries quickly, does not leave streaks, does not make the floor more slippery. Improves the appearance of the floor covering, refreshes the colors, makes it more shiny – regardless of the type of material.

Supplied as a concentrate. The bottle is enough for several dozen applications (depending on the amount of water and the area to be treated).


  • Pleasant, unobtrusive plant aroma;
  • Safe for children, animals, people with asthma and allergic reactions;
  • 99.5% consists of components of natural origin, biodegradable.


  • Creates a lot of foam;
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Small bottle volume.

Meine liebe universal floor cleaner

Rating: 4.6

Meine Liebe

Feature: Effective for eliminating unpleasant odors, low price.

This is one of the most inexpensive floor cleaning products in the ranking. But at the same time, in terms of quality, it is practically in no way inferior to competitors. Thanks to its specially selected composition, the product perfectly copes with any dirt on all types of floor coverings – mineral, organic, synthetic.

The product can be used on natural stone floors and floors with stone-based materials. It does not absorb into the porous structure and, after drying, completely evaporates, at the same time removing dirt. In addition, it enhances the appearance of floor coverings by adding shine and refreshing colors.

It also helps to get rid of unpleasant odors, so it is recommended to use it in apartments with small children or pets. After drying, it fills the house with a subtle, subtle scent of pine needles.

Supplied as a concentrate. Differs in economy.


  • Low price, high efficiency;
  • Creates a light, unobtrusive aroma of needles;
  • Suitable for cleaning all types of floors, including stone and wood.


  • Low availability, both in offline stores and online;
  • Poorly copes with stubborn dirt.

Emsal floor cleaner, 1 l

Rating: 4.5

Emsal floor cleaner, 1 l

Feature: Effectively removes stubborn and stubborn dirt.

One of the best solutions in the ranking for removing stubborn, stubborn stains that other household chemicals simply cannot cope with. So, the manufacturer himself positions it as a substance that can wash off even an old layer of wax. However, this drug will cope well with traces of paint and cement stains. This makes it indispensable for cleaning after renovation. It will also cope with other pollution of any nature.

They can handle not only tiles, tiles and laminate, but also furniture. It will also easily remove dirt from there. Therefore, it can be called completely versatile and suitable for solving any household cleaning problems.

Manufactured in Germany. It is supplied as a concentrate, which must be diluted into a working solution with different 'strength' depending on the intended application. Esmal also has a low price.


  • Copes with pollution, before which other substances 'pass';
  • It has a low price;
  • Removes dirt very quickly.


  • A highly specialized solution, not very suitable for everyday cleaning;
  • Not suitable for use on laminated surfaces;
  • A pungent smell, which, however, quickly disappears.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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