8 best electric blankets

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The electric blanket has a thermal block, which is located over the entire area of ​​the structure and provides uniform heating. Such a product runs on electricity and allows you to keep warm even in very cold seasons. There are quite a few different models of electric blankets. Our experts decided to find out which of them are most popular, what are their strengths and weaknesses.

How to choose an electric blanket

To begin with, it is important to get acquainted with the types of functional products. Electric blankets vary depending on the material of manufacture. They are:

  1. fleece;
  2. polycotone;
  3. polyamide;
  4. calico;
  5. woolen;
  6. acrylic.

It is worth giving preference to models made of wool, cotton or calico. They are highly breathable and retain their characteristics for a long time.

There are other important parameters to look out for:

  1. the number of temperature modes (there must be at least two of them);
  2. product power (the optimal indicator is from 40 to 100 W);
  3. size (single or double);
  4. the presence of moisture resistant protection.

The optimal set of an electric blanket includes a remote control, a cover, a switch, fixation straps and instructions. It is good if the model is equipped with an overheating protection function and an auto shutdown.

Rating of the best electric blankets

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best electric blankets of domestic production 1 Incor Elite 150 by 195 cm RUB 2,199
2 Heat Factory Original 185 by 150 cm RUB 3450
3 Blanket ecosapiens ES-411 185 x 150 cm 4 190 RUB
4 Ideal plus 160 by 220 cm 2 990
The best electric blankets of foreign production 1 IMETEC 6901C 180 by 180 cm RUB 4,650
2 FIRST 8120 150 by 80 cm RUB 1,650
3 Tristar BW-4752 RUB 3,950
4 Neoclima CARINO 120 130 by 180 cm RUB 2,990

The best electric blankets of domestic production

The first category includes models of Russian firms. They differ in affordable prices.

Incor Elite 150 by 195 cm

Rating: 4.9

Incor Elite 150 x 195 cm jpg

Blanket of the trade mark Inkor contains carbon fiber, which withstands mechanical stress and deformation well. The product has a high thermal conductivity and does not corrode. Half-woolen batting helps to keep the temperature. The fleece cover is very soft to the touch.

The model is equipped with a voltage regulator, five power modes, a quick warm-up function. Overheating protection, energy saving option is provided. The owners note the comfort of using the product, the adequate price of the model. Inkor Elite costs about 2,000 rubles.


  • fair value;
  • five power levels;
  • overheat protection;
  • pleasant to the touch.


  • not.

Heat Factory Original 185 by 150 cm

Rating: 4.8

Heat Factory Original 185 x 150 cm jpg

The fast heating blanket is equipped with a remote control and a mechanical mode switch. It is made of modern polycotone material and impregnated with a moisture-proof compound. Its size is ideal for a one and a half berth.

The laundry weighs only 1.8 kg. There are some pretty prints in the assortment. Therefore, each buyer will select the best option for himself, suitable for the interior of the bedroom. The model costs from 3,500 rubles.


  • excellent temperature retention;
  • moisture resistance;
  • a light weight;
  • dry reading is acceptable;
  • the presence of a multi-position control panel;
  • nice appearance.


  • there are no serious disadvantages.

Blanket ecosapiens ES-411 185 x 150 cm

Rating: 4.7

Blacknet ecosapiens ES-78004 185 x 150 cm jpg

Next in the ranking is the universal model with instant warm-up. Outwardly, it looks very stylish and has an optimal thickness. The wear-resistant cover is made of natural fabric. Carbon fibers are placed over the entire surface, which ensure excellent performance of the product after 15-20 minutes.

An automatic timer protects the structure from overheating, saves energy. Cotton is non-allergenic and non-electrostatic. It does not fade when washed and is well ironed. The price is approximately 4000 rubles.


  • a lot of good reviews;
  • wear resistance;
  • light weight (about 2 kg);
  • there is a remote control with a temperature switch.


  • there are no serious disadvantages.

Ideal plus 160 by 220 cm

Rating: 4.6

Ideal-plus 160 x 220 cm jpg

The double model Ideal-plus has a unique property that allows you to adjust the temperature on each side. The product is equipped with two control units. The maximum temperature reaches 55 degrees.

According to customer reviews, heat improves blood circulation and gives a feeling of comfort. Environmentally friendly carbon fiber is completely safe and protected by a calico cover. The impressive weight of the structure is frustrating. The electric blanket weighs 3.3 kg. It costs about 3000 rubles.


  • stylish appearance;
  • uniform heating on each side;
  • comfortable use;
  • hypoallergenic material.


  • heavy

The best electric blankets of foreign production

Participants in the second category are electric blankets produced in other countries.

IMETEC 6901C 180 by 180 cm

Rating: 4.9

IMETEC 6901C 180 by 180 cm jpg

The high-quality model from IMETEC opens the nomination. It is praised for its versatility, invisibility of seams, ease of control, and the presence of six temperature modes. The working state is reached within 5-10 minutes after being connected to the network. At the same time, energy consumption is quite economical.

The advantages of the model include an automatic shutdown timer for 1-9 hours, protection against overheating and short circuits. Polyester padding matches perfectly with the cotton cover. The product is praised for its durability and high thermal insulation properties. The blanket can be machine washed. It does not wrinkle or change color. The price exceeds 10 thousand rubles.


  • fast heating;
  • 6 temperature modes;
  • energy saving;
  • auto-off timer;
  • overheat protection;
  • high thermal insulation properties;
  • it is permissible to wash in a typewriter.


  • dear

FIRST 8120 150 by 80 cm

Rating: 4.8

FIRST 8120 150 by 80 cm jpg

The single-bed model continues the rating, which is characterized by light weight, increased strength and versatility. The owners are delighted that the product does not wrinkle, was machine washed on a delicate cycle. The accessory does not 'shrink' after drying. 60W is considered the safest.

The electric blanket is equipped with a network status indicator, short circuit protection. In total, the model has 3 temperature levels. Simplifies work at night with LED indicator. Price – 1300 rubles.


  • a light weight;
  • strength;
  • preservation of its functions after machine wash;
  • great price.


  • the actual heating area may be less than the blanket itself.

Tristar BW-4752

Rating: 4.7

Tristar BW-4752.jpg

Made of polyester, perfect for a double bed. The heating elements are protected against electric shock. The model is equipped with two temperature levels and three heating modes. I am pleased with the light weight of the linen – 1500 g per package.

Product reviews are mostly positive. It costs about 3,500 rubles. The only drawback of the accessory is the soiling. The white blanket will have to be washed constantly. The manufacturer gives a 1 year warranty for the product.


  • perfectly warms even in severe frosts;
  • a lot of good reviews;
  • a light weight.


  • white color is too easily soiled.

Neoclima CARINO 120 130 by 180 cm

Rating: 4.6

Neoclima CARINO 120 130 180 cm png

Completing the rating is an electric blanket with an infrared heating system. It is made of brown fleece, which is pleasant to the touch and guarantees hypoallergenicity. The power of the product is 120 W. He has three temperature settings in total.

You don't have to worry about safety, because the accessory has overheating protection. The outer cover can be washed with a removable controller. You will have to take care of buying an extension cord, as the model's cord is very short. The cost starts at 2790 rubles.


  • pleasant to the touch;
  • keeps warm well;
  • three modes;
  • safe.


  • does not heat around the edges;
  • short cord.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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