8 best dumplings

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Dumplings, like pancakes, have become an integral part of Russian cuisine. Foreigners coming to our country will definitely want them try to fully experience the national flavor. Today You can purchase ready-made semi-finished products with a variety of fillings. In addition to meat, dumplings add fish, cheese, for vegetarians – vegetables and fruits. The dough, like the filling, can be traditional or various colors. Black, yellow, green, red shades are formed due to the addition of foods with high coloring ability. This is cuttlefish ink, carrots, turmeric, spinach, beets.

Despite the abundance in finished goods stores, many housewives prefer to make dumplings with their own hands. And although it is quite time-consuming process, enjoyment of use you get much more results of your labor. For relax sculptures were invented special kitchen accessories – dumplings. With their help, you can reduce cooking time and reduce the proportion manual labor. Devices vary in shape, material manufacturing, working principle, price. Some models are designed for sculpting one dumpling, with others you can immediately cook up to 40 pieces.

Our experts monitored the market and based on feedback buyers selected 8 best dumplings. They are recommended to buying housewives who were able to try them out in practice.

Rating of the best dumplings

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best dumplings 1 Marcato Atlas 150 Roller Raviolini 4 600 rub.
2 Hand dumpling Tupperware 1499 rub.
3 Mold for making dumplings Kuchenprofi 3 236 rub.
4 BRADEX TK 0094 1 299 rub.
5 Vitesse VS-1941 1 209 rub.
6 Accesorios IBILI Accesorios art. 707700 522 rub
7 Idea 25.5 x 28.5 cm 280 rub
8 Mallony 004386 229 rub

Dumplings Marcato Atlas 150 Roller Raviolini household dumplings machine for home Italy

Rating: 4.9

Dumplings Marcato Atlas 150 Roller Raviolini

The first place was given to the device with a capacity of up to 12 kg products per hour. With it you can not only feed the household, but also to freeze a large number of semi-finished products with different fillings, and when unexpected guests arrive, surprise them with delicious delicacies. At 3030 mm dumplings with beautiful wavy the edges. Strongly sealed, they do not lose their shape. Fruit fillings and vegetables do not flow.

The device from Italy is made from high-strength raw materials. Anodized aluminum is safe, used for manufacturing quality cooking utensils. It is coated with a special polymer a film that provides easy separation of the finished product. At the help of the spoon included in the dosing of the filling which eliminates excess and deformation of dumplings.

Simple and quick preparation before use will not take a lot of time. The handle moves the shafts, and dumplings can be cooked or frozen in a few minutes. It was considered a plus that you can purchase additional nozzles, and at home to cook a variety of pasta.


  • Italian cooking technology;
  • rolling dough with 10 degrees of thickness;
  • easy separation of finished dumplings;
  • high European build quality.


  • not identified.

Tupperware dumplings manual with a spoon

Rating: 4.8


The second line is occupied by kitchen equipment, which allows for one cycle to cook 40 hexagonal-shaped dumplings with even the edges. This may take up to 20 minutes of free time. The device is made of high strength polymer, which is safe material. It is equipped with rubberized legs for better stability that prevents slipping when rolling test.

The manufacturer included a plastic spoon in the package, which helps to accurately dose the filling on one dumpling. The optimal combination of practicality, usability and long life made the model very popular on the market.

According to reviews, even inexperienced housewives turn out aesthetically attractive semi-finished products that are completely cooked keep their shape. Dumplings easily free cells without sticking and deformation.


  • premium quality material;
  • high performance;
  • portioned spoon for filling;
  • cleaning in the dishwasher.


  • not identified.

Mold for making dumplings Kuchenprofi

Rating: 4.7

Mold for making Kuchenprof dumplings

Third-place dumplings designed and produced the famous European company Kuchenprofi, which produces premium segment products. All materials used comply with safety and hygiene standards. High strength 18/10 stainless steel provides a long service life with preservation of all the original qualities of the product.

The 12 cm diameter mold is equipped with comfortable handles that help increase pressure during sculpting. Every dumpling It turns out smooth with wavy tight edges. Such cooking makes the dish more attractive and appetizing. The dough does not stick to the surface during cooking. Semifinished easily detachable.

Mistresses who are accustomed to expensive kitchen utensils and ideal cooking results, rated the model “excellent”. Although with it does not significantly reduce the time of manual labor, but each the product looks like cooked in high-end restaurants.


  • reliable German product;
  • high quality material;
  • easy use and care;
  • strong fixation on the edges.


  • high price.

The machine for the manufacture of pasta and dumplings BRADEX TK 0094

Rating: 4.6


In fourth place – a device for those housewives who want try more innovative ways to make dumplings than classic. The device has the same operating principle as the leader our review, only inferior to him in the characteristics and applies to lower price category. Compact size allows install dumplings on any work surface. With help special lock, it is securely attached to the table.

The machine hermetically seals any filling, including meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, fruits. Semi-finished products are obtained optimal size with perfect shape. After cooking, it is stored without deformation. Safe food was used in production plastic and polished stainless steel. All materials are durable, reliable construction.

According to reviews, the machine saves time and effort, and upon receipt Skills in the work process can occur in minutes. Affordable cost has made the product in demand in the market.


  • quality materials and assembly;
  • several features;
  • miniature dimensions and weight;
  • simple preparation and care.


  • not everyone can immediately understand the principle of action.

Dumpling Maker Vitesse VS-1941

Rating: 4.5


The fifth prize winner is a well-known brand of cookware Vitesse. Possessing a classic form, it is significantly improved performance. Dumplings made of anodized Highly durable aluminum withstands shock and increased pressure when pressed with a rolling pin. It can be cleaned manually way or in the dishwasher.

A special coating prevents sticking of the dough. Semi-finished products, regardless of the type of filling, are obtained in perfect shape with firmly sealed edges. They easily slip out of the device. The hostess does not have to spend a lot of time and effort to feed family. For one approach, you can cook 37 dumplings.

The model is equipped with anti-slip stable legs. Buyers noted that the manufacturer thought everything through to the smallest detail, to make routine homework a pleasure. All of them leave positive reviews and recommend dumplings to purchase.


  • traditional way of cooking;
  • high strength material;
  • polymer layer from sticking;
  • washing by any means.


  • not identified.

A set of forms for the preparation of ravioli, 4 pcs., Accesorios IBILI Accesorios art. 707700

Rating: 4.4

Accesorios IBILI Accesorios art. 707700

In sixth place is the kitchen appliance brand from Spain, which will help the hostess without experience quickly cook dumplings perfect shape. With it, any filling will be hermetically sealed, and liquid cannot leak out. Accessories made of food plastic, which is absolutely safe for health. is he durable, easy to clean by hand and in the dishwasher, not losing consumer qualities.

The kit includes 4 shapes of different sizes. You can cook with them miniature products or voluminous Siberian dumplings. With help handles conveniently fix the layers of dough. Semi-finished products do not stick to material quickly get out of the press. Mistresses noted practicality and long service life without breakdowns.

The set does not take up much space, is inexpensive, but helps make cooking more comfortable and faster. Gift wrap makes it possible to present a present for any event, and such dumplings, for sure, come in handy in every kitchen.


  • durable quality material;
  • for dumplings of different sizes;
  • simple cooking technology;
  • Beautiful holiday packaging.


  • not identified.

Dumpling “Idea”, 25.5 x 28.5 cm

Rating: 4.3


The seventh line is occupied by a kitchen tool with which you can quickly cook a large number of convenience foods with your loved ones stuffing household. The diameter of the cell is 3 cm. Products are obtained standard size perfect 6-sided shape. Despite the light material, dumpling is stable, thanks to its special design. The lack of legs is compensated by a single platform throughout perimeter.

The model does not take up much space in the cabinet, if desired, it can be take with you to the cottage. Polystyrene is cleaned without any problems. Even though he has a shorter life than metal, many have been using dumplings for more than one year.

Mistresses note that with a properly prepared test no no trouble during cooking. Strata well are fixed to each other. It is necessary to accurately dose the stuffing, and then the filling will not fall out during cooking, and all the dumplings will turn out the same shape. Customer ratings for this product are only positive.


  • safe material;
  • stability during rolling;
  • easy separation from the form;
  • optimal size of dumplings.


  • not identified.

Form for dumplings Mallony 004386

Rating: 4.2

Mold for dumplings Mallony 004386

Our review concludes with a simple, inexpensive traditional dumpling forms. Despite the budget cost, it is distinguished by good consumer qualities, which has been confirmed by many mistresses. The device is made of aluminum. It is durable, not entering in reaction with food stuff. It is protected by a special anti-corrosion coating.

With the help of a form, even beautiful semi-finished products with different fillings. All edges are firmly fixed to eliminates the loss of juiciness of minced meat. Dumplings do not deform when Reinforced pressure, easy to clean. The legs are stable.

The model is inferior in quality to more expensive products. But all But the main function – the reduction of manual labor – it performs. At pretreating the surface with flour the dough does not stick, and finished products are easily detached from the mold. Cleansing occurs fast without effort. For a budget purchase – this is the best option.


  • 37 dumplings for 1 cycle;
  • high-quality metal;
  • steady design;
  • strong sealing of edges.


  • low legs.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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