7 quietest range hoods

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

An increasing number of Russian kitchens are acquiring hoods. However, many people make their choice completely insane. As a result, they place a real monster in their kitchen, which, due to the noise it makes, does not allow normal conversation with another person. If you don't want to get your hands on a similar model, check out our selection of very quiet range hoods.

Rating of the quietest hoods

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the quietest hoods 1 MAUNFELD Sky Star 60 WH RUB 14,990
2 Weissgauff TALLY 60 TC BL RUB 7 490
3 Shindo Nori 60 B / BG RUB 8,015
4 Indesit IHVP 6.6 LM K RUB 11 490
5 CATA Atenea 900 XGBK RUB 21,990
6 Shindo NORI sensor 60 B / BG RUB 8,003
7 Kronasteel LINA 600 White 4P-S RUB 9,990


Rating: 4.9


One of the largest hoods in our rating. This model is intended not only for ordinary kitchens, but also for some small restaurants. It seems that the maximum productivity, which is 1050 cubic meters here. m / h, enough for absolutely everyone. I am glad that the width of the device is absolutely standard, 60 cm.This means that you can easily replace the old hood with a new one, there is no need to repair the premises.

The body of this model is made of glass and metal. Rest assured, this cooker hood looks significantly more beautiful than in the photographs. But we must admit that after all, this model was developed for the most part not for the kitchen, but for installation above the fireplace. The motor used here is more than enough to take out absolutely all the smoke, no matter what you throw into the fireplace.

As expected, the hood requires an electrical connection. It will consume a maximum of 126 watts. In most cases, the energy consumption will be lower, because activation of the maximum air discharge rate is not always required. In total, the user is offered three speeds, and their choice is carried out by pressing the touch keys.

This cooker hood is equipped with all the functions you expect from it. For example, perimetral suction is introduced here. The manufacturer also built a timer here, which is also often useful. Well, what about without backlight? It is provided by two 2 W LED lamps. In a word, a fireplace with such a hood will look incredibly beautiful, especially on a winter evening.

Do not think that this model shows itself well only when paired with a fireplace. There will be no problems when installing the appliance in the kitchen. This is evidenced by at least the presence of a grease filter. As for the noise level, even at maximum speed it will not exceed 52 dB.


  • There is an anti-return valve;
  • Standard embedding width;
  • The body is made of quality materials;
  • Three speeds are available;
  • There is a grease filter;
  • Perimetral suction and timer included;
  • Great performance.


  • Available only with white body;
  • High price;
  • The numbers on the display double at times;
  • Still not the best option for the kitchen.

Weissgauff TALLY 60 TC BL

Rating: 4.8

Weissgauff TALLY 60 TC BL

This hood has an extremely atypical appearance. It has an inclined design. This model takes up a lot of space, and you need to mount it to the wall. I am glad that the large dimensions did not affect the embedding width, it continues to be 60 cm.

The hood is painted black. It can be seen here that the manufacturer did his best to achieve the removal of large volumes of air. However, the productivity is at the level of 800 cubic meters. m / h is still not a record result, so we do not recommend buying a Weissgauff TALLY 60 TC BL for installation in a dining room or restaurant kitchen. This is also hinted at by the engine power, which is 65 W. By the way, performance can be adjusted – in total, three speeds are available to the user.

This hood cannot be called expensive. However, even she received a glass body frame! Well, for the most part, the device is made of metal, which seems to be a completely logical decision. The manufacturer assures that his creation will show itself perfectly not only above the stove, but also above the fireplace. In the second case, however, the grease filter available here will not be useful at all. And two 1.5 W LED lamps would then seem meaningless, because the fireplace already beautifully illuminates the space with its lights.

This quiet model supports many modern technologies. In particular, it provides perimetral suction. It also has a display to help you start the timer. The control here is implemented electronically, touch buttons are used to change the parameters and select the speed. As expected, here you can use not only air removal, but also its circulation. And the device has a grease filter, which is also good news.

Weissgauff TALLY 60 TC BL can be called one of the quietest range hoods. If you turn on the first speed, then the device is completely inaudible. If you started to cook something actively smoking, then the noise level will rise, but only up to 48 dB.


  • There is an anti-return valve;
  • There is a grease filter;
  • Easy control;
  • Extremely high performance;
  • Three speeds are available;
  • Built-in timer and perimetral suction;
  • The cost is not particularly high;
  • Standard embedding width;
  • Glass was used in the creation of the case.


  • There are extra holes for fasteners;
  • Not very rich equipment.

Shindo Nori 60 B / BG

Rating: 4.7


Another quiet hood with an inclined shape. Experts point out that it is precisely this design that allows fat droplets to accumulate on the body less actively. As a result, the Shindo Nori 60 B / BG hood does not need to be cleaned as often as some competitors.

In contrast to the models discussed above, it uses simplified controls implemented using traditional buttons. They are easy to grope even in the dark! In total, the user is provided with three speeds. Alas, you shouldn't hope for instant air purification. The fact is that the motor installed here provides performance no higher than 550 cc. m / h. However, if the cooker hood is already on when you start cooking, then you are unlikely to have any problems.

Many modern hoods have a black painted body. Such appliances look harmoniously with a glass-ceramic hob. Shindo Nori 60 B / BG is no exception to the rule. The manufacturer also notes that his creation can be placed over the fireplace. The body of the device is made of metal and glass, in this respect this model is practically no different from its competitors.

This hood is capable of illuminating the surrounding space. For this purpose, rotary LED lamps are introduced into it. As for the aforementioned motor, it is completely made of metal. Low performance allows us to understand that the engine power is far from ideal. Indeed, it is only 60 watts. But it has little or no effect on your electricity bills! If the third speed is selected, the noise level rises to 49 dB. In this regard, the hood can be compared to many refrigerators.

Like the models discussed above, the Shindo Nori 60 B / BG has a grease filter. Of course, a charcoal filter would do the trick for a cooker hood. However, it is an option here. This means that its support has been implemented, but this accessory must be purchased separately. You will hardly find anything interesting in the set with this hood. I am glad that the manufacturer has not forgotten at least about the corrugated hose. By the way, the diameter of the duct used here is 120 mm.


  • Standard embedding width;
  • Anti-return valve is not forgotten;
  • Nice body;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Three speeds are built in;
  • Perimetral absorption is possible;
  • There are swivel LED lamps;
  • There is a grease filter;
  • Low cost.


  • Performance won't suit everyone;
  • The engine vibrates in some instances.

Indesit IHVP 6.6 LM K

Rating: 4.6


Another inclined cooker hood designed for installation in the kitchen and above the fireplace. It is also painted black so as not to be conspicuous. It also needs to be mounted to the wall. And as for the materials from which the case is made, you could guess for yourself: it is metal and a little glass.

The air outlet shown here is 120 mm in diameter. A familiar engine is located under the body of the device. Its power has been increased to 262 W. This means that the cooker hood must provide considerable performance. Indeed, at maximum speed (and there are three of them in total), the device is capable of removing 658 cubic meters of air per hour. The choice of the operating mode is provided by pressing the usual buttons. Remote control is not available here. But it's not scary, this method of changing the speed is rarely found in models that cost less than 15 thousand rubles.

Of course, this hood also provides normal air circulation. This is required when nothing is being cooked on the stove. The device also houses very powerful LED lamps. Their inclusion is recommended in the evening – with their help, lighting of what is happening on the hob is realized.

Otherwise, this is a typical inclined hood, in the creation of which almost no savings were made. Perimetral suction is available here. Of course, the anti-return valve is not forgotten. Well, how could you do without a grease filter? In short, you will definitely not be disappointed with the purchase. Especially if this is your first hood. In this case, you will even be surprised at how quiet this model works, even at maximum speed.


  • Extremely high performance;
  • Three speeds are available;
  • There is a grease filter;
  • There is an anti-return valve;
  • Standard embedding width;
  • Excellent body made of metal and glass;
  • There is a backlight;
  • There is perimetral absorption.


  • The cost will not suit everyone.

CATA Atenea 900 XGBK

Rating: 4.5

CATA Atenea 900 XGBK

One of the most expensive and quiet range hoods in our selection. In Russian stores, they ask for more than 21 thousand rubles for it. What is the reason for this cost? First of all, with great performance. Here it can be 1200 cubic meters. m / h. This allows even a restaurant owner to make a choice in favor of this model!

It should be admitted that the CATA Atenea 900 XGBK hood may not fit in some conventional kitchens. The fact is that its embedding width has been increased to 90 cm. As for the air outlet pipe, its diameter here is 150 mm.

Like the hoods discussed above, this one has an inclined shape. This should contribute to less accumulation of fat droplets, and the air is removed much more intensively. By the way, there is a grease filter inside the device. And there is also a pollution indicator. And this is the main distinguishing feature of this model! Also, someone will be pleased with the warranty period, increased to three years.

The hood body is made of metal and glass. The color is black again. It just so happened that it is the black appliances that do not distract attention and fit perfectly into most interiors. On the body of the device, you can find a touch panel with which you can switch the device from the air circulation mode to the intensive air extraction mode. It also allows you to select one of three speeds. There is also a timer here. The remaining operating time is shown on a small display.

Inside this hood is a 240 W motor. Not such a big parameter for such and such performance! This is a plus for the device, because no one wants to pay too much money for electricity.

It remains to add that the device received a very bright backlight. In total, two LED lamps with a power of 3 watts are built here. In some kitchens, the maximum brightness reserve will seem too large. That is why the manufacturer has introduced brightness control here!


  • Perimetral suction available;
  • Warranty period increased to three years;
  • The brightness of the LED lamps can be adjusted;
  • There is a timer and display;
  • Includes grease filter and contamination indicator;
  • You can choose one of three speeds;
  • Very high performance.


  • Increased embedding width;
  • Very high cost;
  • The noise level at the third speed is high;
  • There is no service.

Shindo NORI sensor 60 B / BG

Rating: 4.4


This is a fairly inexpensive inclined hood for wall mounting. It also has a black body made of metal and glass. In fact, someone may not like this color, especially if there are a lot of white household appliances in the kitchen. But most of the time Shindo NORI sensor 60 B / BG fits into any kitchen interior without any problems.

This model requires a standard 60cm installation width. A 60 W motor is hidden under the hood body. At first speed, you can hardly hear it. The noise level becomes more or less significant only at the third speed. Its selection, by the way, is carried out using the touch keys. They also help to use the timer. This is convenient, because this is how the device will turn off almost immediately after you have finished the cooking process.

As expected, this model provides both air circulation and its intensive removal. At the same time, perimetral suction is available here, due to which even those odors that are not under the hood, but along the edges of it, are eliminated. As for the maximum productivity, it is 550 cubic meters. m / h. Not the best parameter for a restaurant, but in a regular kitchen this power is quite enough.

The air outlet used here is 120 mm in diameter. At the bottom of the hood there is LED lighting, which makes the cooking process more comfortable. The device is also capable of boasting a grease filter and an anti-return valve. The Shindo NORI sensor 60 B / BG also supports the installation of a carbon filter, but it must be purchased separately


  • Very low power consumption;
  • Standard embedding width;
  • Nice body made of metal and glass;
  • Three speeds are available;
  • You can use a timer;
  • Perimetral absorption is possible;
  • Implemented LED lighting;
  • There is a grease filter and an anti-return valve.


  • Still, you can't call it noiseless;
  • The suction power will not suit everyone.

Kronasteel LINA 600 White 4P-S

Rating: 4.3


This inclined and very quiet range hood is quite different from the competition. Its body is painted white. It is because of this that this model will appeal to owners of kitchens, which have a standard refrigerator, stove and other household appliances. The device is traditionally mounted to the wall, which does not cause any particular difficulties. The width of its installation is equal to the usual 60 cm. Well, the diameter of the air outlet pipe here is increased to 150 mm. The body of the device is made of metal and glass. Partly because of this, they ask for a very decent 15 thousand rubles for the hood. However, there is one more reason. It lies in high performance.

This model is capable of providing both normal air circulation and intensive air removal. In the second mode, the user is given a choice of four speeds. At maximum performance, it rises to someone even frightening 800 cc. m / h. It seems that such a result should suit even the owners of canteens and restaurants. Changing the speed is carried out by pressing the already familiar touch keys. There is also a display here. Most often it is used to set the timer – in this case, the remaining operating time will be displayed on the miniature screen.

The rest of the hood has the usual characteristics. There are special holes on its sides, thanks to which perimetral suction is realized. The hood also has an LED lamp. But many buyers complain that it is not bright enough. Well, this is really one of the most serious shortcomings of this model. The device also includes a grease filter. The manufacturer has not forgotten the anti-return valve.

Perhaps this is an excellent hood, which should suit everyone who needs a white device. It remains to add that the power of the motor installed here is 198 watts. There is no doubt that using the appliance will have almost no impact on energy bills.


  • Standard embedding width;
  • 4 speeds available;
  • There is a timer and perimetral suction;
  • Built-in LED lighting;
  • There is a grease filter;
  • There is an anti-return valve;
  • Very high performance;
  • Extended warranty period.


  • Not suitable for every kitchen interior;
  • The cost may seem high;
  • Installation instructions are not correct;
  • Not very bright lighting.


Now you know which kitchen hoods are really quiet. And you are also convinced that modern devices of this type can have a stylish appearance. Now it remains to decide how much you are willing to spend!

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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