7 best TV antennas

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Nowadays, LCD TVs are less and less used for viewing. television. Nevertheless, such a task before the device is still set, so you can’t do without an antenna, if only you not connected to cable TV. It is about antennas for TVs will be discussed in this rating. We will tell how about models for receiving terrestrial signal (DVB-T2) and about satellite “plates”.

Rating of the best antennas for digital television

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best indoor antennas for digital television 1 OneForAll SV9365 2 720 rub.
2 Ramo Wave Digital 740 rub.
3 HARPER ADVB-2120 590 rub
The best outdoor antennas for digital television 1 Ramo Twin-Super-A-DX DeLuxe 1 560 rub.
2 Digital DX DeLuxe UHF 1 180 rub.
The best satellite dishes (dishes) 1 GIBERTINI PL-85A 4 290 rub.
2 LANS-65 MS6506AS 2000 rub.

The best indoor antennas for digital television

OneForAll SV9365

Rating: 4.9

OneForAll SV9365

One of the most advanced indoor antennas for digital television. It has a plastic case painted in White color. The reception of the signal here is assigned not only to the usual telescopic “horns”, but also on a small loop. But the main A feature of the antenna is a built-in block filter that eliminates interference from mobile phones. It allows you to enjoy the perfect picture, especially if you are near the transmitter. It is this block filter that requires connection to the mains.

As you can understand, first of all, this product Designed to receive a signal in the DVB-T2 standard. But the manufacturer recommends not to forget that you can create it use in tandem with the radio. And in some others countries, the antenna would help in receiving the DAB signal – digital radio. This model is connected to the device via a cable with a length of 1.8 m

It remains to add that the product has a sufficiently large gain factor. That must be why for this television antenna asking for more than 1700 rubles.


  • There is active noise reduction;

  • Robust construction;

  • The antenna is very stable;

  • The gain is 46 dB;

  • Simple use.


  • The price cannot be called low.

Ramo Wave Digital

Rating: 4.8

Remo Wave Digital

This antenna does not have telescopic “horns”, which makes it extremely unusual. Moreover, the antenna becomes completely imperceptible. We can say that this is one of the few instances in our rating, which does not spoil the interior of the room at all. Moreover, this model cannot be called low-power. Inside her there is a special amplifier, so even very small antenna area promotes high-quality reception signal. The disadvantage of this solution is only the fact that The product requires an electrical connection.

The antenna body is painted white. Connect this model You can both to a TV set-top box, and to the TV. I’m glad that the manufacturer supplied his creation with a three-meter cable – hardly someone will need an extension cord. It remains to add that the coefficient The gain here varies from 18 to 24 dB, depending on range. In short, this is a very good indoor antenna for TV. Yes, and it costs only 600-700 rubles.


  • Optimal price tag;

  • Modest size;

  • Not distracting;

  • Very good gain;

  • The cable has a very decent length;

  • Quality construction.


  • The antenna turned out to be slightly unstable;

  • The power cable could have been more authentic.


Rating: 4.7


One of the most unusual indoor antennas in our ranking. Only one telescopic rod is used here, the rest part of the device is an oval arch. Pity that It is made of plastic. Would it be glass or ceramic – a product It would turn out incredibly beautiful. But the plastic part is not at all spoils the interior of the room. Also, such a design is not strong affected the price tag – for the antenna in Russian stores they ask not more than 500 rub. And how much would a porcelain product ?!

Otherwise, this is a typical antenna designed for installation. somewhere on the table or even on the closet. You can catch a device as signals in the DVB-T2 standard, as well as the FM band. HARPER ADVB-2120belongs to the active type, so the antenna will have to be connected to power networks. It is due to the power supply that amplification up to 30 db In a word, this is a good choice for those who want to purchase externally unusual antenna for a TV for very small money.


  • Good gain

  • Low cost;

  • Interesting design;

  • Solid assembly;

  • It is possible to work with an FM radio.


  • Not the longest cable to connect;

  • The noise figure reaches 3 dB.

The best outdoor antennas for digital television

Ramo Twin-Super-A-DX DeLuxe

Rating: 4.9

Emo Twin-Super-A-DX DeLuxe

This outdoor antenna for television can be considered traditional. It is completely made of metal, while its installation is unlikely will take a lot of time. She got into our rating thanks to high-quality signal reception. Perhaps thanks for that need an electrical connection. Special amplifier will try recognize signals even from a very remote transmitter. Basically this antenna will be used to watch television in DVB-T2 standard. But, if you are interested, the product may also used to receive signals in digital standards TNT, DTT and HDTV. Support for analog standards has not gone anywhere – in their including VHF, UHF and FM.

The product is connected to the TV or set-top box by six meter cable. But the power cord here is much shorter – its length does not exceed 0.9 m. It is interesting that the antenna can fasten on the mast – you just need to make sure that its diameter is not exceeds 70 mm. It is purchased separately – complete with only a standard installation kit is supplied with the antenna.


  • Large sizes that contribute to stable reception;

  • Supported by a large number of digital and analogue standards;

  • Mast mount possible;

  • Long antenna cable;

  • There is a double corner reflector;

  • It costs no more than 1400 rubles.


  • Short network cable.

Digital DX DeLuxe UHF

Rating: 4.8

Digital DX DeLuxe UHF

Another relatively inexpensive outdoor antenna in our rating. It is not so much for urban use how much to install somewhere in the country. Like the instance considered above belongs to the active type. it means that the antenna comes with a power supply that connects to power networks. Interestingly, on the network adapter is special regulator – it allows you to adjust the coefficient gain. This parameter can reach a maximum of 35 dB. IN in some cases, this value causes interference from cell phones and electrical appliances – exactly at this moment comes to help reduce the level of gain.

The antenna is made of metal, so it is not afraid of particularly low and very high temperatures. Use it to watch television. in a variety of standards, both in analog and digital. IN in particular, it supports DVB-T2 – the standard in which it is now broadcasting throughout Russia.

The included antenna cable is 6 m long. Network the cable is noticeably shorter, but there’s definitely no way to find an extension cable for it labor will not be. Perhaps such an antenna for digital television quite deserves 1200 rubles., which are asked for it.


  • There is a built-in amplifier;

  • Big sizes;

  • High gain;

  • Relatively light weight;

  • Affordable price tag

  • Long antenna cable.


  • The network cable is short.

The best satellite dishes (dishes)


Rating: 4.9


A very popular satellite dish that uses stable demand throughout Russia. She is offset, the satellite antenna is made of aluminum. Her size is 85×90.5 cm. This should be enough to get good signal even at a sufficiently large distance from the satellite. Should notice that the antenna is supplied without a mast and a converter, namely this determines the price not exceeding 4000 rubles.

This model got into our rating due to its longevity. Aluminum design means rust the product will definitely not start. Also should please the buyer gain of up to 37 dB here. It remains to add that the satellite dish has a wind load of 70 kg. The very same she weighs 6.9 kg.


  • Made in Italy;

  • It can be put on a mast with a diameter from 30 to 90 mm;

  • A strong wind is practically not terrible;

  • High gain;

  • Optimum sizes;

  • It was created from aluminum.


  • The price tag does not seem optimal to everyone.

LANS-65 MS6506AS

Rating: 4.8

LANS-65 MS6506AS

Most inexpensive satellite dish belonging to perforated offset type. Its dimensions are 65.6×65 cm, and the cost does not exceed 2000 rubles. You can safely say that the product designed for installation in the village located relatively close to the satellite. In this case, the signal will be stably caught even in bad weather, due to the presence of self-cleaning functions here.

Satellite dish pleases with reinforced mounts, which, in addition, allows you to smoothly adjust the angle. Unfortunately, made of steel. For several years, the “plate” will protect powder coating. But after a longer period it is quite possible the appearance of rust spots. If you return to the merits antenna, it is impossible not to note the gain reaching here 35-37 dB, depending on the range used.

As you might have guessed, a satellite dish is supplied without converter and mast.


  • High gain;

  • Easily resists strong winds;

  • Can be mounted on a mast with a diameter of 22 to 58 mm;

  • There is self-cleaning;

  • The geometry is close to an ideal parabola;

  • Low cost.


  • Dimensions cannot be called large;

  • Corrosion may occur in the future.


As you may have noticed, not every antenna costs large of money. Many budget models designed for use in room, also wonderful to cope with their task. If you live far enough from the television tower then buying an outdoor antenna is recommended. Her installation will require the use of forces and tools, but also the quality of signal reception will be almost perfect. Then it remains only to choose Set-top box, if the TV itself is not trained to receive digital television.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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