7 best tea machines

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Love delicious tea? I have to cook it in large quantities? In this case, you are recommended to buy a tea machine. Also, such devices are called tea makers. Unfortunately, not all of them are of high quality workmanship. Some copies can quickly fail. If you do not want to collapse, then when choosing a tea machine, focus on our review. It considers exclusively the best models, purchase which definitely will not disappoint.

Rating of the best tea machines

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best tea machines 1 Kitfort KT-630 10 500 rub.
2 Bork k810 33 000 rub.
3 Rommelsbacher TA 1200 6 899 rub.
4 ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056 7 099 rub.
5 Bosch TTA 2201 4 990 rub.
6 KITFORT KT-674 5 590 rub.
7 Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot 3 110 rub.

Kitfort KT-630

Rating: 4.9

Kitfort KT-630

One of the most popular tea makers among those present in Russian retail. In RuNet, you can easily find many reviews on it. And almost all of them are purely positive. There are many reasons for this.

To begin with, this tea machine has a volume of 2.2 liters. it means you don’t have to fill up after each one or two cups of tea. Also can not but rejoice in power, component of 2200 watts. Such a device heats water to the maximum temperature in a matter of moments! But there is a converse side. A tea-pot should not be bought by residents of old “Khrushchevs”, not replaced aluminum wiring with copper.

Here, the closed element is used as a heating element. spiral. As for the case, it is made of plastic. However, there is no trouble – the device looks very beautiful. Get used to with its control panel you can in a couple of minutes – this is also undoubted a plus. All inscriptions on it are translated into Russian, than it can not every tea machine can boast. And there is also display showing the most important parameters.

In total, the device is able to offer four automatic programs. Also there is a mode “Tea Master”, allowing make an atypical drink. Tea is poured into your bowl – first you just need to choose its volume. And also this model can offer three degrees of beverage strength. Isn’t it a miracle? what more can you expect from a tea maker?

Kitfort KT-630 definitely deserves the money spent. To this models are simply impossible to complain about. You can only report power cord. Not everything will be satisfied with its length of 0.96 m. The rest of the tea machine was perfect.


  • Nice design;
  • There is a display;
  • The control panel is Russified;
  • 4 automatic programs are available;
  • You can choose a specific strength of the drink;
  • Capacious tank for water;
  • High power.


  • I would like a slightly longer power cord;
  • High price;
  • There is a significant pause between serving portions.

Bork k810

Rating: 4.8

Bork K810

This device most closely resembles a traditional electric kettle. It has the same shape, and its body is made of glass, which makes the whole process as clear as possible. Bottom part the case is made of steel, it will retain the perfect appearance even After many years. The difference from the usual electric kettle is the presence inside the brewing tank into which the beloved falls asleep you tea.

The volume of this model is 1.5 liters. A bit, but a tea maker fits even on a small table. To the power supply device connects via meter cable. Its length is completely worries, because the wire comes from the contact pad. Itself the tea machine is not limited by anything like that, it can be safely carried away at least to the next room. And it is at the base station that there are all buttons. They allow, for example, to select the temperature regime. The device also allows you to install one of the three available fortresses brewing a drink. The function of delayed is useful to someone start. It allows you to program the tea machine in such a way so that the drink is ready by the time you finish some business.

Power Bork K810 is 2000 watts. This figure indicates that that boiling water will not take much time. It’s nice that without water the device refuses to turn on – the corresponding protective function. The quality of stainless steel made of which made a brewing filter.

Perhaps the Bork K810 is another model that is extremely hard to find fault. If you try to make a complaint against her, then only a modest amount comes to mind. However, it is definitely enough in If the family consists of only two or three people. Where a more obvious drawback is the cost reaching outrageous 30 thousand rubles.


  • There is a compartment for the cord;
  • The case is made of glass and metal;
  • There is a choice of tea strength;
  • Delayed start and timer are available;
  • High power;
  • There is a function to maintain heat.


  • Volume will seem insufficient to someone;
  • Very high cost.

Rommelsbacher TA 1200

Rating: 4.7

Rommelsbacher TA 1200

This tea maker is not like any other kitchen appliance. Many your guests will not even be able to understand what exactly you bought. Wherein this tea machine can not be called expensive – the manufacturer managed significantly reduce the price tag. The flip side of the coin is modest volume of 1 liter. Therefore, this is not the best choice. for a family of three to four people.

The case of this model was created from plastic and glass. As the heating element here uses a closed spiral. The power of the device reaches 1200 watts. Not so much in the background competitors discussed above, but let’s not forget that This tea maker needs to heat up a significantly smaller volume of water. By the way, a thermostat is available here. However advanced it can’t be called, the user can choose only one of four temperature options – from 80 to 100 degrees.

It is difficult to find fault with the other functions of the tea machine. She can keep warm. The device also provides 5 programs for different types of tea. And it also allows you to manually select the time brewing. Complain can only be the lack of function delayed start.

Unfortunately, this device has several serious disadvantages. Firstly, not the most convenient kettle is used here – in reviews, there are often references to cases when a person pours a certain amount of brewed tea past the mug. Secondly, Confused by the loud clicks emitted during the preparation of the drink. Thirdly, the device consists of a large number of components, washing which will take a lot of time.


  • There is a timer;
  • A large number of programs for different types of tea;
  • Decent power for such a volume;
  • It is possible to maintain heat;
  • It is completed with a measured spoon and a funnel for tea.


  • To wash a lot of things;
  • Loud clicks during operation;
  • Not a very convenient kettle;
  • Only a liter volume.

ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056

Rating: 4.6

ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056

This set seems very interesting. It includes teapot, traditional electric kettle and single electronic stand for them. The power of the electric kettle reaches impressive 2250 watts, so a lot of time boiling water is definitely not will take. The case of this device is made of metal and glass, which is not may not please. As a heating element here a closed spiral is involved.

If we talk about the teapot, then it is for the most part made of glass. Inside it is a quality filter, not letting tea leaves into the surrounding water. Volume of this kettle is 1.2 l, while the volume of a nearby electric fellow reaches 1.7 liters. These are good numbers that should suit most buyers.

As expected, ProfiCook PC-TKS 1056 is able to boast thermostat. At least it has heating teapot platform. Interesting that user can choose absolutely any temperature in the range from 70 to 100 degrees – here this process is stepless. Concerning an electric kettle, it only boils water, there are no other options provided for.

Many more buyers are pleased that both kettles can be placed to any place of the stand. The manufacturer did not forget about the lock inclusion without water. But he did not think about a tight seal. Her the lid of the electric kettle does not possess. This means that the water will be pour out not only through the spout, but also partially through the lid. Alas, has a device and a number of other disadvantages. For example, not here the function of maintaining heat, which certainly would not hurt. Perhaps, we recommend the purchase of this model only to those who are looking for some unique tea maker. Be prepared to face certain inconveniences. And certainly do not take this kit regular price of 9 thousand rubles.


  • The teapot has a temperature regulator;
  • The body of both kettles is made of high quality materials;
  • Very high cost;
  • Decent total volume;
  • There is a good protection system.


  • The kettle is heated exclusively to 100 ° C;
  • The lid is not tight to the kettle;
  • There is no function to maintain heating;
  • High price.

Bosch TTA 2201

Rating: 4.5

Bosch TTA 2201

Another interesting tea maker. She represents a kind of tower. In its lower part is the familiar an electric kettle, while the top is the teapot capacity. The body of both structural elements is made of plastic. Someone will immediately refuse to buy because of this. Other people rightly notice that the choice in favor of this material positively affected the price tag. Indeed, this is one of the most cheap tea makers among those with a long service life.

The volume of the electric kettle used here is 2 liters. For it uses a closed spiral coated with water stainless steel. The power of this kettle is 1785 watts. It seems that this will be quite enough for a very quick heating water.

As for the teapot, its volume is 0.7 liters. Inside it is a familiar filter. The brewing process can be observed firsthand – transparent glass.

Otherwise, this model is not able to surprise something. It has a mode of maintaining heat, but they, in our opinion, should possess any sane tea maker. A nice feature is compartment for the cord. But it seems to us that you will quickly forget about it presence, as the tea machine will be in the kitchen for 365 days in a year.

Bosch TTA 2201 also has disadvantages. This appliance is automatically goes into heating mode. If instead you need a complete disconnection, the creators of the tea maker did not implement this function. it means that its use will definitely affect the accounts for electricity consumption, unless you turn off device by pressing the appropriate button. Another drawback lies in the spout of the teapot – the drink drains slightly on the outside, which is why you need to wipe the kettle regularly. But this is a real trifle, especially against the background of some that fell into our review tea machines.


  • There is a mode of conservation of heat;
  • A large volume of both dummies;
  • There is a cover lock;
  • There is a compartment for the cord;
  • High power;
  • Not a very high cost.


  • The teapot may leak;
  • The kettle cannot turn off automatically.


Rating: 4.4


Fell into our review and another “turret”. Many buyers note that she looks much more beautiful. Not surprising, because both teapots have a silver body, it’s nice reflective light. The whole construction is on the same silver stand on which the control panel is located. To set An electric kettle can be placed on it in any position.

This model allows you to cook different varieties of tea. For example, green tea is best brewed at a water temperature of 70 ° C, and black – at all 100 ° C. In total, there are four heating temperatures to choose from water, under each of them a separate button is highlighted. Also on the panel control there is a key ordering the teapot automatically keep the water temperature high for half an hour. If you do not press it, then after reaching the selected temperature the kettle just shut down.

Like many other tea makers, the KITFORT KT-674 has protective functions. One of them will definitely turn off the electric kettle in case of insufficient water volume. Regarding the tea leaves teapot, then it is able to please with a well-designed system fixing the cover, due to which it does not fall out when tilted. For This teapot was made using heat-resistant glass. There are no complaints about the removable tea brewing filter.

Perhaps the KITFORT KT-674 can be called the best choice. Yes, for this tea maker will have to pay 6 thousand rubles, but you can find it not in every online store, but you definitely won’t be able to make any claims to this device.

It remains to add that the volume of both dummies is 1.7 and 1 l It seems that this is enough for the vast majority of buyers, even large families. The power of the tea maker reaches 2000 watts, therefore, the water reaches the desired temperature here very quickly.


  • Power is 2000 watts;
  • A lot of security features have been implemented;
  • Nice design;
  • There is a four-stage temperature regulator;
  • Large capacity;
  • It is possible to maintain heat;
  • Well implemented teapot design.


  • The temperature lasts only for half an hour.

Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot

Rating: 4.3

Xiaomi Deerma Stainless Steel Health Pot

Another tea maker, which is a “turret”. As in others such tea machines, the meaning of the work is as simple as possible: it heats up here, using an appropriate spiral, only an electric kettle, whereas the teapot does this with the outgoing couple. The electric kettle is located on a stand, which at the same time offers the user a complete control panel.

The power of this tea maker is 1000 watts. Honestly for 1.5-liter volume is not so much. For the manufacture of both Dummies used metal and glass. Curious that the manufacturer believes that his device will not be used only for brewing tea. Buttons testify to it, allowing you to switch between six modes. Their names they say that even with this appliance soup or dessert.

Nothing bad can be said about the control panel. It has a timer. The kettle can also be ordered to maintain set temperature.

Like it or not, Xiaomi’s creation is the most broadly functional in our ranking. But it seems to us that many buyers will use it only as a tea maker, completely forgetting the metal stand for extinguishing and other items included in the kit.


  • Includes a glass bulb and stand for extinguishing;
  • The body of the dummies was made of metal and glass;
  • Relatively light weight of the entire structure;
  • You can choose from six modes of operation;
  • Heat is available for six hours;
  • There is a timer.


  • High price;
  • Some may find the tea maker difficult to master;
  • Not very high power.


This is the list of the best tea makers among those present at Russian market. You can safely buy any of the considered in this review of models – she will surely please you with cooking tasty drink in arbitrarily large volumes.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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