7 best sterilizers according to customer reviews

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Many problems fall on young mothers immediately after the birth of a child. The child requires increased attention in all matters, because he is still weak and just beginning to grow. A fragile immune system is one of the main problems for new parents. Various bacteria and microorganisms can lead to diseases. If an adult copes with this perfectly, then for a baby it is a serious blow to health. To avoid these problems, bottle sterilizers should be used. There are many practical and convenient models to choose from from various companies.

Best manufacturers of bottle sterilizers

Various products for children undergo strict control and certification. Increased requirements are imposed on it, both from parents and from various experts. Specialized organizations ensure strict quality control of bottle sterilizers. Young mothers will be able to find various models that differ in operational features, characteristics and other aspects. You should not risk the health of your child, so it is better to choose products from trusted brands.


The Dutch company Philips is known all over the world, primarily for home appliances and electronics. But its assortment also includes children's products, among which there are high-quality sterilizers for bottles. The company actively cooperates with Russian healthcare institutions and launches the production of specialized products. Philips products meet the exacting standards for quality and safety.


The German company Beurer was founded in 1919. She develops innovative healthcare solutions. The assortment also includes goods for children. They are manufactured in accordance with current requirements and quality standards. Each model is focused on the specific needs of customers and is designed to provide a healthy lifestyle. This is especially important for newborns with weak immunity.


The international company Tefal was founded in 1956 in France. She specializes primarily in the production of high quality modern tableware. But the range for today is quite extensive, and also includes specialized devices for children under 2 years old. In Russia, the brand is very popular due to its high quality and affordable price.

Rating of the best sterilizers for bottles

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best sterilizers for bottles 1 Philips Avent SCF284 / 03 RUB 4,777
2 Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature (Electric Steam)
3 Tefal 7300KO
4 Chicco SterilNatural 2 in 1 RUB 3,599
5 Beurer JBY76 RUB 3 850
6 Miniland Warmy Plus RUB 2,870
7 Dr. Brown's RUB 1,750

The best sterilizers for bottles

Philips Avent SCF284 / 03

Rating: 4.9

Philips Avent SCF284 / 03

Young mothers should pay attention to the Philips Avent SCF284 / 03 bottle sterilizer from a well-known international brand. It combines various innovative solutions, so it can be considered a good investment in the health of your child. It is medium in size, so it is suitable for sterilizing spoons, bottles, breast pumps, cups.

Up to six bottles can be placed inside at the same time, so the entire set can be cleaned without any problems. The sealed lid is able to maintain the sterile state of the dishes for up to 24 hours. The device is easy to use, so you can quickly master it.


  • capacious volume – up to six bottles at a time;

  • automatic shutdown after completion.

  • sealed housing;


  • deposits quickly form on the heating element;

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature (electric steam)

Rating: 4.8

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature (electric steam)

The efficient and easy-to-use Tommee Tippee to Nature bottle sterilizer is designed for parents who are concerned about the health of their baby. It is capable of sterilizing six bottles at once in one session, and is suitable for cleaning spoons, tweezers, pacifiers and other baby products.

The maximum time for one procedure does not exceed 5 minutes, so you can quickly prepare dishes for feeding your baby. Before starting work, it is enough to pour 80 ml of water into a special compartment, and then select a specific program. The indicator on the body informs about the beginning of work, as well as the end of the cleaning procedure.


  • attractive, modern appearance;

  • environmentally friendly materials.

  • compact size and good capacity;


  • no significant deficiencies were identified;

Tefal 7300KO

Rating: 4.7

Tefal 7300KO

The Tefal 7300KO bottle sterilizer is one of the most compact in comparison with other analogues. Its weight is only 700 grams, so it will not be difficult for mom to keep it always at hand. Despite this, the model provides good functionality. You can sterilize up to 6 bottles of different types at a time, as well as other dishes and baby products.

The device is versatile, so there are no restrictions on the types of materials for sterilization. Typically, a full cleaning session takes less than 6 minutes. After completion of work, the device automatically turns off, and the sealed case keeps the dishes clean for several hours.


  • simple operation and easy maintenance;

  • ecological cleanliness and absence of harmful substances.

  • universality of application;


  • the need for periodic descaling.

Chicco SterilNatural 2 in 1

Rating: 4.6

Chicco SterilNatural 2 in 1

The Chicco SterilNatural electric bottle sterilizer will become an indispensable helper for a young mother. It will help keep the dishes and various baby products that you have to use every day clean. The device can sterilize nipples, spoons, cups and a variety of bottles.

Cleaning is carried out by means of hot steam, so you must first pour water into a special compartment. The capacious volume allows you to simultaneously process up to 7 bottles (the exact number depends on the shape and size). The power consumption is only 400 watts.


  • compact size and good capacity;

  • versatility – suitable for various products;

  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;


  • relatively long warm-up before use.

Beurer JBY76

Rating: 4.5

Beurer JBY76

The Beurer JBY76 is an innovative bottle sterilizer that keeps baby dishes and items clean for a long time. The device itself is easy to use, so it will not be difficult for a young mother to use it.

Usually one procedure takes about 8 minutes, and during this time all bacteria and dangerous microorganisms are destroyed. As soon as the session ends, the device is disconnected. In a sealed case, the products will be able to stay clean for 3 hours. For convenience, sound and LED indicators are used.


  • fast and efficient sterilization;

  • automatic shutdown.

  • good capacity (up to 6 bottles);


  • the inside of the product remains clean for only 3 hours;

Miniland Warmy Plus

Rating: 4.4

Miniland Warmy Plus

The Miniland Warmy Plus bottle sterilizer is a multifunctional device that allows you not only to clean dishes, but also to warm baby food. Thanks to this, the model quickly turns into an irreplaceable assistant for a young mother. The appearance is distinguished by an ergonomic design and a convenient arrangement of control buttons.

Inside you can place dishes up to 330 ml. A distinctive feature of the model is the presence of special holders for dishes to avoid burns after sterilization. The device can be taken with you and connected from the cigarette lighter in the car.


  • affordable cost and high quality performance;

  • sound and LED notification;

  • universality of application for sterilization and heating of dishes;


  • capacity is limited to only one bottle.

Dr. Brown's

Rating: 4.3

Electric steam sterilizer Dr.  Brown's

Electric steam sterilizer Dr. Brown's combines proven solutions, high quality and thoughtful design. A young mother will be able to quickly prepare all the necessary dishes, since up to 6 bottles can be placed inside at a time.

A specially shaped tray allows you to place other dishes and baby products – spoons, pacifiers, cups and so on. For the functioning of the steam mechanism, water is used, 120 ml is recommended for one session. The duration of one sterilization session is usually no more than 10-12 minutes. During this period, a jet of heated steam will clean the surface of various products.


  • convenient operation and simple control;

  • rich equipment upon purchase.

  • compatibility with various types of bottles and other products;


  • large dimensions and weight.

Which is the best bottle sterilizer to buy?

Keeping baby dishes clean is essential for your baby's health. A variety of devices come to the aid of parents that can significantly facilitate the process of leaving. First of all, you should pay attention to sterilizers, which allow you to bring dishes, cups, nipples and much more to sterile cleanliness in just a few minutes. This becomes a guarantee that no germs can harm the baby during feeding or playing.

Today, the market offers products from various manufacturers, among which there are quite well-known brands. When choosing a specific sterilizer, you should pay attention to the main aspects:

  1. chamber capacity for cleaning;

  2. device power;

  3. total sterilization time;

  4. additional operating modes.

From models that can fit a large number of children's dishes and various products at one time, you can choose Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature or Dr. Brown's. They are not only comfortable, but also safe, because the materials used do not contain harmful substances. A young mother will be able to sterilize the main dishes in one go.

Philips offers a fairly convenient and versatile sterilizer for Avent SCF284 / 03 bottles. Its distinctive feature is height adjustment, so this option can be recommended for those who travel frequently or use different bottles. If a really compact model is required, then Tefal 7300KO is worth choosing.

The Miniland Warmy Plus multifunctional bottle sterilizer will be a real boon for young parents, because it allows you not only to clean spoons, nipples, cups, but also to warm baby food.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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