7 best Philips blenders

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Philips brand comes in a very large number all kinds of household appliances, including those intended for use in the kitchen. In particular, chefs should like Philips blenders. But not all. In stores, you can easily stumble upon base models that fail almost immediately after the warranty period. In order not to buy just that blender, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our next selection. It consists exclusively of the best blenders, excellent coping with their main task. A review of the best compiled on based on the analysis of technical characteristics of blenders on the resource https://rankquality.com/blenders/.

Selection recommendations

When choosing a blender, you need to focus on which ones tasks you are going to solve them. The fact is that such devices are divided into two varieties:

  1. The hand blender has a very compact size. Them can be used by grinding products in almost any dish. This implies the main disadvantage of this technique: when sloppy action can spray food.
  2. The stationary blender has its own bowl, inside which are the knives. The container is closed by a lid, therefore get dirty will not work. But if you can use a hand blender cook even a small portion, then the stationary is designed to a decent amount of smoothie or salad.
  3. Even when choosing a blender, you should focus on his power. Especially if it is a stationary model. From of this parameter depends on how many products a given the device is capable of grinding. Also a more powerful blender is required in If you want to grind solid foods – for example, nuts or frozen vegetables. Professional blenders have power of 1000 W and above, but their value may even to scare.
  4. Also, when choosing a blender, you can pay attention to number of operating modes. Some models offer pulse mode. In it, the device does not overheat even when grinding particularly hard foods. Well, turbo mode means rotation of knives at extremely high speed – it usually all kinds of cocktails are prepared, which should be uniform.
  5. Philips blenders may vary in quantity nozzles. How diverse the products depend on this will be able to grind the selected device. Wish for a particularly large number nozzles should not be – for many people more than enough two or three pieces.
  6. Finally, it is impossible not to note the type of food. Fact that far Not all modern blenders require an electrical connection. Some models are powered by a built-in battery. Such a blender should appeal to a fitness room goer – a similar device allows you to prepare a sports cocktail literally anywhere. Short battery life will not be seem like a serious flaw – when you get home you are right there put the blender on charge.

Rating of the best Philips blenders

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Philips Hand Blenders 1 Philips HR1679 Avance Collection 9 640 rub.
2 Philips HR2655 / 90 Viva Collection 5 650 rub.
3 Philips HR2645 Viva Collection 3 690 rub.
Best Philips stationary blenders 1 Philips HR3752 / 00 Avance Collection 18 390 rub.
2 Philips HR3655 / 00 Avance Collection 9 810 rub.
3 Philips HR3556 Viva Collection 6 825 rub.
4 Philips HR2604 3 790 rub.

Best Philips Hand Blenders

Philips HR1679 Avance Collection

Rating: 4.9


Do you think that all hand blenders are worth a penny? Alas but that not this way. The best models are sold for very tangible money. For example, for Philips HR1679 they ask about 10 thousand rubles, and sometimes a larger amount. This cost is associated with a very rich equipment. In many ways, this blender is almost no different. from stationary models, and even surpasses them.

To begin with, this device uses a motor with a capacity of 800 Tue It allows you to cope with almost any product as no matter how hard they are. The speed adjustment here is smooth, it is carried out by rotating the corresponding the wheel. As expected, the product offers a turbo mode. More there are no modes here, but a pulsed mode would not hurt.

This blender comes in a very large box. In it you You will find three containers at once! The first is a chopper. Into her fits 2 liters of various products! The second capacity is liter measuring cup. Finally, not forgotten by the manufacturer and a tiny mill whose volume is 0.3 liters.

Of course, at various capacities the Philips HR1679 equipment is not ends. A whisk for whipping and dice nozzle. It’s nice that this model is capable of breaking ice – this is far from every blender is capable of boasting.

Of course, this device is made of quality materials. The metal submersible part is generally capable of serving almost forever, keeping its original appearance. Regarding connecting to mains, then it is carried out by means of a cord, length which is 1.2 m.


  • Very high power;
  • Rich equipment;
  • Can crack ice;
  • Created from quality materials;
  • Extremely long power cord
  • Implemented smooth speed control;
  • Turbo mode available.


  • There is no pulse mode of operation;
  • High price.

Philips HR2655 / 90 Viva Collection

Rating: 4.8


Another handy blender capable of boasting 800 watt power. And he also has a very rich configuration. But the cost of this model is only 7 thousand rubles, and sometimes the price is dropping even more. What did the manufacturer save on?

This blender is capable of rotating the nozzle at speeds up to 11500 rpm If the situation requires it, speed can be reduced. I am glad that the adjustment of this parameter is smooth. Also one cannot but appreciate the choice of material from which knives were created – this is stainless steel.

Among the additional modes, there is only turbo mode. Alas, there is no pulse mode. However, in so expensive blenders, it really is not required, because in them already well implemented overheat protection.

Not only knives are supplied with the product, but also a whisk for whipping. It is useful to those who regularly cook pancakes – a blender will significantly speed up this process. Also included a travel container for soup, the volume of which is 300 ml. is he needed by those who travel to work with their food. A 500 milliliter travel glass is also ideally suited. Suitable for making a sports cocktail. And also in the box with a blender there is a liter chopper. This is probably most optimal volume!

It remains to add that the device is connected to the mains when the help of a traditional cord 1.2 m long. As for reviews, they all have a positive status. This is the case when extremely it’s difficult to identify at least some flaws. Perhaps it can be noted only very heavy weight. Use this blender for long time is extremely difficult. But high power is usually allows you to finish the process as quickly as possible.


  • Very high power;
  • Implemented smooth speed control;
  • There is a turbo mode;
  • A large number of containers in the kit;
  • The blender is supplemented with a whisk for whipping;
  • Quality materials were used;
  • Fairly long power cord.


  • No pulse mode;
  • Decent weight.

Philips HR2645 Viva Collection

Rating: 4.7


Not everyone needs a particularly powerful blender. If you are not going to make a smoothie containing nut mass, you should arrange a device whose power is 700 watts. Just like that the parameter is possessed by Philips HR2645. And he got a little less rich equipment and simplified design. All this allowed manufacturer to reduce the cost of the blender. Agree, 4 thousand rubles no longer seem like a prohibitive price tag.

As in the devices considered above, it is implemented here mechanical control. This means that even deal with him old man. It should also be noted that speed adjustment is smooth. When working with very hard products useful turbo mode. In short, in this regard, the device is almost not inferior to competitors.

Despite the relatively low cost, the blender is still pleases with its configuration. For example, the manufacturer did not forget about whisk for whipping, best showing itself with making dough. The device also has a mixer nozzle. It’s a pity just that it is fragile enough – it should be washed carefully. Well, a nozzle for making mashed potatoes.

If the above models come with three containers, there are only two of them. This is a chopper and measuring cup. And both These containers have a liter volume. Of course, it’s sad that there isn’t a travel glass or something similar. But no one forbids buy these accessories in the future, search them in the household goods store certainly not difficult.

The rest is a typical hand blender. Top part The appliance is made of plastic. And from, it must be said, very cheap. As for the submersible part, it is metal. Nothing bad can not be said about the network cable, since its length is 1.2 m.


  • Extremely high power
  • There is a turbo mode;
  • Speed ​​adjustment is smooth;
  • There is a chopper and a measuring cup;
  • A sufficiently large number of nozzles;
  • Extremely long power cord
  • Low cost.


  • The case is made of inexpensive plastic.

Best Philips stationary blenders

Philips HR3752 / 00 Avance Collection

Rating: 4.9


Unfortunately, stationary blenders usually have a very high cost. For example, for Philips HR3752 / 00 they ask about 20 thousand. rubles. We can safely say that this is a top model. It has a metal case that makes the design impressive and recognizable. It also affected longevity. devices. I am glad that the control remained mechanical – hardly it will ever fail. And the only way it was possible realize smooth speed control.

This is one of the most powerful blenders in our collection. Motor power of 1400 watts is able to grind even nuts and other hard products. Maximum knives are able to rotate at a speed of 35,000 rpm is an impressive parameter. Moreover, it is implemented here pulse mode of operation, which will prevent the engine from overheating. And also the device copes with cracking ice.

The high cost in this case is due not only to metal case, but also a function of achieving a vacuum in a jug. Its volume, by the way, is 1.8 liters. This is quite enough to make a cocktail for all family members. Jug made of plastic here. But this is by no means a flaw the use of such material allowed to reduce the weight of the tank, and also achieve maximum safety.

Perhaps this is the best blender that can create a homogeneous a lot of any products. Despite the high cost, this The model is in demand. Proof of this is the multitude reviews present on price aggregators. And in all of them people prefer to write about the positive sides of the device. Not surprising, because the disadvantages of this blender are quite inconsequential.


  • Very high power;
  • There is a smooth speed control;
  • Implemented a pulsed mode of operation;
  • Icebreaking is available;
  • Possible vacuum operation;
  • Capacious jug;
  • The case was made of aluminum.


  • In the vacuum mode, it is very noisy;
  • Extremely high cost;
  • Very large sizes.

Philips HR3655 / 00 Avance Collection

Rating: 4.8


Another stationary blender with a metal body. But he significantly cheaper than the previous reviewed instance. However, this does not make the device budget – until this status it far away.

This model has a very large jug. Its volume exactly 2 liters. This allows you to prepare drinks for a large company. However, there is one unpleasant moment in this. For storage Such a blender will require a considerable piece of space. A store because not only him will have to. The fact is that with the blender Two travel bottles are supplied. And not everyone will like the fact that the jug is made of glass. This makes it very heavy and fragile. If your family has small children, it’s better to be safe, by buying some other blender.

Unlike most of the models considered in this rating, Philips HR3655 / 00 is electronically controlled. Despite its presence, smooth adjustment is nevertheless realized here speed. Maximum user access 35,000 rpm. By the way, inside the blender is an electric motor with a capacity of 1400 watts. You can not doubt that he will cope with absolutely any products, even with very hard nuts. By the way, pulse mode is implemented here work, therefore, overheating of the engine is completely excluded.

The rest is a familiar blender. However, he has one feature. It consists in the presence of a compartment for the network cord. This makes the device a little less stationary – between periods of use, you can put it somewhere in the closet.

The problem of the device is only in the block of knives. If he breaks down, then it will be possible to purchase it only in one online store, and its cost is approximately half the price tag of this blender. The saddest thing is that the knife block considered an accessory, therefore, a guarantee for it is not distributed by. And it breaks down quite often – you can easily Find online reviews describing this issue.


  • Chipping ice possible;
  • Very high power;
  • Implemented smooth speed control;
  • Pulse mode of operation is used;
  • There is a compartment for storing the cord;
  • Two travel bottles are included;
  • The body is made of metal;
  • The jug turned out to be very roomy.


  • Low reliability;
  • Very high noise level;
  • The jug is made of glass.

Philips HR3556 Viva Collection

Rating: 4.8


Another stationary blender with infinitely variable speed control. It is implemented here mechanically, which cannot but to please, especially the elderly. Joy also causes metal case. Perhaps this is one of the most inexpensive blenders are among those equipped with such a housing.

This model has a motor whose power is 900 watts Not a record parameter, but it still allows knives deal with lots of fruits and vegetables. Problems may only occur with some nuts. However, the pulse mode must ensure their grinding. No wonder the manufacturer declared even the possibility of splitting ice.

Complete with a blender comes a glass jug, volume which reaches 2 liters. You need to act with him carefully, because when such a capacity will inevitably crash in the fall. Also in box with the device will detect a travel bottle. She lets cook a sports cocktail, and immediately taking it with you, without doing tedious transfusion.

Otherwise, the blender is unlikely to surprise you. I am glad that he has compartment for storing the power cord. This allows you to clean the device. somewhere in the closet – the cable will definitely not interfere. Concerning flaws, we have already said about not the highest power. Also a decent noise level can be noted – in this regard, the product compared with a punch. More sad feelings the shape of the knives. The fact is that when making smoothies, these knives gradually start to work idle. Have to open jug, mix contents, then restart work blender. The manufacturer recommends laying products with large the amount of juice to the very bottom, in this case the probability the occurrence of such a problem will decrease.


  • Implemented smooth speed control;
  • Pulse mode available;
  • Chipping ice possible;
  • Very capacious jug;
  • It is completed with a travel bottle;
  • The body is made of glass;
  • There is a compartment for storing the power cord.


  • Sometimes you have to mix the contents with a spoon;
  • The jug is made of glass.

Philips HR2604

Rating: 4.7

PHILIPS HR2604.jpg

If you glance at the Philips HR2604, then it may develop the impression that the case of this model is also made of metal. But no, it’s just painted silver. Plastic here is also a jug. But, as it seems to us, this is only a plus, so how such a capacity cannot be accidentally broken. The problem is the volume of the jug is only 1 liter.

This blender is sold for only 4 thousand rubles. Such a price tag due to the presence of a very modest engine inside. His power is only 350 watts. So you don’t even have to try chop solid foods with this blender. Mostly Philips HR2604 should be used to make an ice cream cocktail, and also various vegetables and fruits.

Some inconvenience is caused by mechanical control, which implies a choice of only two speeds. Also to drawbacks include a power cord whose length is only 0.85 m.

Fortunately, the Philips HR2604 is not only made up of unpleasant moments, otherwise he simply would not have got into our a selection. This blender has a good set. In box with he reveals a travel glass and a mill. Them along with a jug Can be washed in the dishwasher. Also joyful feelings evoke knives made of stainless steel.


  • Very low cost;
  • Knives are made of stainless steel;
  • Includes a travel glass and a mill;
  • The jug cannot be broken.


  • Only two speeds are available;
  • Not very long power cord;
  • Low power;
  • The capacity of the pitcher will not suit everyone.


From now on, you know absolutely everything about Philips blenders. Main them advantage – in wide availability. You can find such a blender in any nearest store selling similar equipment. Also many customers praise such devices for their long service life.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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