7 best narrow refrigerators

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Many Russians live in apartments with very small kitchens. Sometimes it is impossible to place a full-fledged refrigerator here. Fortunately, this problem is known to their manufacturers. Therefore, narrow refrigerators are increasingly appearing in stores. They fit in almost any kitchen. Moreover, they can store a good supply of food, especially if your family consists of only two people. It remains to decide on a specific model, because not all narrow refrigerators are of good performance. The review is based on an analysis of the technical characteristics of refrigerators at https://rankquality.com/fridge-freezer/.

Rating of the best narrow refrigerators

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best narrow refrigerators 1 Liebherr CUno 2831 RUB 31,950
2 Schaub Lorenz SLU S262C4M RUB 32 490
3 Smeg FAB5RCR RUB 69,990
4 Beko BCHA 2752 S RUB 24 130
5 Gorenje RK 4171 ANW2 RUB 15,920
6 Turquoise 120 RUB 11,090
7 ATLANT X 1401-100 RUB 8,180

Liebherr CUno 2831

Rating: 5.0

Liebherr CUno 2831

One of the most curious specimens. The body of this narrow fridge is painted orange. This makes the atmosphere in the kitchen more pleasant. Some people will even feel energized because the eyes associate the refrigerator with the rising sun. Also, this model will surely decorate a studio apartment, the interior of which is made in similar cheerful colors.

What else is able to please Liebherr CUno 2831? Such a relatively inexpensive refrigerator usually consumes quite significant amounts of electricity. But not this model! It belongs to the A ++ energy class. If we give exact figures, then about 192 kWh are consumed per year. It is a pity that there are no modern 'chips' here. For example, the refrigerator has standard mechanical controls. But it doesn't matter. The drip defrost system of the refrigerator compartment will be much more disappointing. Alas, you will have to forget about NoFrost when using such a refrigerator. To be fair, the defrosting process is rarely required.

There is nothing unexpected inside the refrigerator either. There are four shelves and two drawers here. The shelves, which is also important, are made of glass. The refrigerator compartment has a volume of 212 liters. And that's not bad. But the freezer cannot please with anything like that – its volume does not exceed 53 liters. Well, that's why he is a narrow refrigerator to suffer from a similar problem. By the way, it is not only narrow, but also light – the scales under it will show only 58 kg.

As expected, there is the possibility of hanging the door. Both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. Both doors fit well to the body, so if the electricity is turned off, the device is able to keep cold for 25 hours. But the generation of cold here is far from the most powerful – it is only 4 kg / day. As for the noise level, it does not exceed 39 dB.

This model is able to work in different climatic zones without any problems. Perhaps this is the best choice for studio apartments and just those people who want a refrigerator with cheerful colors.


  • Interesting body color;
  • Maximum simplified management;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Quite good capacity of the refrigerating chamber;
  • Drip defrost system;
  • Long autonomous preservation of cold;
  • Reliable glass shelves;
  • The refrigerator is not particularly heavy.


  • Not very spacious freezer;
  • Some specimens have increased noise levels;
  • You can find it in stores quite rarely;
  • Freezing capacity not very high.

Schaub Lorenz SLU S262C4M

Rating: 4.9

Schaub Lorenz SLU S262C4M

Another relatively inexpensive and narrow refrigerator with an unusual color. In this case, the body of the device is painted beige. Unlike the model discussed above, this refrigerator supports NoFrost technology. This means you never need to defrost it. Neither refrigerator nor freezer compartment!

This model uses isobutane as a refrigerant. As for the compressor, it is not capable of boasting anything interesting. Alas, it consumes about 254 kWh per year, which can be considered a decent figure. As a result, the refrigerator has received an energy efficiency class A +. However, many people are not at all afraid. Much more important to them is that with a 54-centimeter width, the device received a 93-liter freezer. This allows you to stock up on dumplings and other meat products for a very long time. If we talk about the refrigerating chamber, then it is of average capacity – its volume is 152 liters.

Like the vast majority of refrigerators sold for 30 thousand rubles, Schaub Lorenz SLU S262C4M has an electromechanical control. You can be sure that you will use it literally a couple of times a year, if not less often.

Perhaps the only serious drawback of this model is the rapid loss of cold during a power outage. This happens literally in 13 hours. And the freezing capacity is not high here – about 4 kg / day. Also, not everyone will be satisfied with the noise level reaching 46 dB. If you want to put a refrigerator in the room, then it is better to look for another model.

It remains to add that the Schaub Lorenz SLU S262C4M has glass shelves, and its doors can be outweighed. The weight of the device is 59 kg.


  • Glass shelves are used;
  • Capacious freezer;
  • Added support for NoFrost;
  • Simplest management;
  • Nice color of the metal body.


  • Sometimes the refrigerator seems too noisy;
  • Not very long autonomous cold preservation;
  • I would like more freezing power;
  • The refrigerator door can be opened with some difficulty.


Rating: 4.8


Our review couldn't do without a refrigerator that would easily fit under a table or in a small cabinet. Such devices are usually bought in hotel rooms for guests to use. Also, a small apartment, which is rented for those who come to relax at sea, cannot do without such a refrigerator. And he can also appeal to those living in a hostel. However, the Smeg FAB5RCR will prove too expensive for many of these cases. After all, he has a branded 'trick' of Smeg products – a classic design. One gets the impression that this device came straight from the middle of the last century. It is because of the appearance that the refrigerator turned out to be not cheap. And on sale it is very rare. At least in our country.

The miniature size of the refrigerator is indicated by its volume of 31 liters. This is enough to hold a bottle of wine and a few convenience foods that you want to dine with. Such a refrigerator assumes that you will dine in a restaurant, and for breakfast you will have enough cereal and milk.

This model has the simplest electromechanical control. Practice shows that the owner of the Smeg FAB5RCR never changes the temperature contained inside, so there is no need to worry. As for defrosting, a drip system is used here. However, this action is also almost never required.

There is nothing more to tell about this refrigerator. What more could you ask for from such a compact model? Perhaps only a long-term guarantee. And she is present here! Two years will allow you to understand that nothing will happen to the refrigerator.


  • Compact dimensions;
  • Minimum noise level;
  • Works in any climatic zone;
  • Low power consumption;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Retro design;
  • Long warranty period.


  • Extremely modest capacity;
  • No freezer;
  • Difficult to find on sale;
  • Still, you need to defrost sometimes.

Beko BCHA 2752 S

Rating: 4.6

Beko BCHA 2752 S

This is one of the simplest outwardly refrigerators. It has a traditional white painted metal body. The width of this model does not exceed 54 cm. At the same time, the height of the appliance has been increased to 177 cm, and therefore the refrigerator is able to boast of excellent capacity. For example, the volume of its refrigerating chamber is a very impressive 193 liters. It is clear that the manufacturer had to save money on the freezer, as a result its volume is 69 liters. But this parameter will suit the absolute majority of buyers. Unless the refrigerator is chosen by a family of four or five people. But she, perhaps, does not need a narrow model.

This device can consume approximately 274 kWh of electricity per year. This corresponds to energy efficiency class A +. Isobutane, which has already become familiar, is used as a refrigerant. The refrigerator compartment has four glass shelves and two fruit drawers. Unfortunately, a drip defrost system is used here, which will deter some consumers from buying. But on the other hand, the freezer does not suffer from this problem – it supports the NoFrost technology, you absolutely never need to defrost it. The freezer compartment consists of three drawers.

It is curious that this refrigerator is capable of boasting at least a partial antibacterial coating. The device also allows you to outweigh the doors. As for the noise level, it does not exceed 40 dB. It's great, you can even put such a refrigerator in the room! Only the power of freezing and the duration of the autonomous preservation of the cold can upset here. They are 2.3 kg / day and 13 hours, respectively. If you regularly buy huge amounts of meat and your electricity is often cut off, then this is definitely not your choice.

By the way, the refrigerator turned out to be not only high, but also quite heavy – the weight of the device is 75 kg.


  • There is a freshness zone;
  • Works in any climatic zone;
  • Glass shelves are used;
  • There is an antibacterial coating;
  • Low noise level;
  • The freezer supports NoFrost;
  • Good roominess;
  • The simplest management.


  • The refrigerator has a decent weight;
  • Minimum freezing capacity;
  • Not very long autonomous cold preservation;
  • The refrigerator compartment does not support NoFrost.

Gorenje RK 4171 ANW2

Rating: 4.5


Another narrow but tall refrigerator. It has a simplified design, its body is painted in the usual white color. The device stands out for its protruding handles – even an elderly person, whose fingers are no longer working in the best way, can cope with opening the door.

This is one of the most spacious models in our review. The total volume of its chambers is 273 liters. Most of this parameter falls on the refrigerator, while the freezer has a 68-liter volume. Such internal space should be more than enough even for a family of three.

Gorenje RK 4171 ANW2 is also one of the most inexpensive refrigerators. In this regard, he received a number of serious simplifications. Electromechanical control is used here. Also, the manufacturer had to abandon the NoFrost system – the freezer of this device supports only manual defrosting. As for the refrigerator compartment, drip defrosting is used here.

This refrigerator complies with energy efficiency class A +. There are three glass shelves inside its main compartment. Some inconvenience is caused by the fruit box, which is present here only in a single copy. As for the freezer, it consists of three drawers, the lids of which are made of translucent plastic. I am glad that the doors of this model adhere well to the body, so that in the event of a power outage, the cold inside can persist for 15 hours. But the freezing capacity here is about 3 kg / day – someone will definitely want more.

Admittedly, this is also one of the lightest refrigerators. Its weight is only 50 kg. We can safely say that there will be no special problems with its ascent to the fifth floor.


  • The shelves are made of glass;
  • Very long-term preservation of cold;
  • Decent roominess;
  • Very light weight;
  • Low cost.


  • The service life may not be very long;
  • Not a very large number of shelves and drawers;
  • Not supported by NoFrost.

Turquoise 120

Rating: 4.4

Turquoise 120

If you urgently need to purchase a refrigerator at a very low price, then it is better to look for a device that the store does not need to bring from abroad. For example, Biryusa 120 can be a good choice. You can buy it for only 13-14 thousand rubles. But do not forget that such a refrigerator will consume significant amounts of electricity, so the savings seem fictitious. Unlike the models discussed above, this one belongs to the energy class A – one of the lowest. More precisely, the device consumes 292 kWh per year.

Of course, this refrigerator uses an electromechanical control. Isobutane flows inside, a modern refrigerant familiar to specialists with the R600a index. The dimensions of the device cannot be called tiny, but they are really very small. The width of the refrigerator is only 48 cm, and the height is 165 cm. It is clear that the roominess here is far from ideal. At the same time, the manufacturer relied on the freezer – its volume was as much as 80 liters. This is quite enough to store a huge amount of meat products inside. But the 125-liter volume of the refrigerator does not cause a feeling of delight. It seems that this will only be enough for a family of two. There are only three shelves and one drawer for storing food. By the way, the shelves are made of glass. However, its quality remains in question, so it is recommended to place the pot of soup with caution.

Curiously, this is one of the most productive refrigerators in our collection. Its freezing capacity reaches 7 kg / day. The only pity is that this figure has been reached only due to the fact that the cold here almost does not hold. If you disconnect the device from the mains, then the temperature inside rises after 10 hours.

As for the rest, Biryusa 120 is not capable of surprising. It uses manual defrosting of the freezer and drip defrosting at the refrigerator compartment. The doors, of course, can be outweighed. And we can separately note the noise level not exceeding 40 dB. However, this parameter depends on your luck – some units are still equipped with a noisier compressor.


  • Weight does not exceed 51 kg;
  • Many specimens are almost silent;
  • Very low cost;
  • High freezing power;
  • Roomy freezer;
  • The shelves are made of glass;
  • The warranty period has been extended to three years.


  • There are specimens with poor painting;
  • High power consumption;
  • Not very spacious refrigerator compartment;
  • Not supported by NoFrost;
  • Short-term autonomous preservation of cold.

ATLANT X 1401-100

Rating: 4.3

ATLANT X 1401-100

During the Soviet years, many people used relatively small refrigerators, which included only one door. However, now such models are also in demand, because they can find a place for themselves somewhere in the country. Among such refrigerators, a model called ATLANT X 1401-100 stands out. You can buy this 85-centimeter baby for only 9 thousand rubles. And the important thing is that it is very common – you can find this model in the overwhelming majority of Russian stores that sell household appliances.

This device suffers from one major flaw. It includes only the refrigerator compartment. If you regularly consume meat products at your dacha, then ATLANT X 1401-100 is not the best choice. But on the other hand, this model consumes only 112 kWh per year! And this, of course, with constant use. A + energy efficiency class was achieved not only due to the absence of a freezer, but also due to the use of isobutane. By the way, there are no complaints about the compressor here. It makes almost no noise, and its weight is very low. Also, the compressor, apparently, is capable of boasting a long service life. This is hinted at by a three-year warranty.

Outwardly, the refrigerator is nothing special. But he is cute inside. Its volume is 91 liters, while three glass shelves are complemented by a fruit drawer made of the usual transparent plastic. The only sadness is the need to defrost. However, it occurs very rarely, while a drip system is used here, which allows you to distract yourself from the refrigerator for an arbitrarily long time.

In a word, this is an excellent refrigerator for a summer residence. There will definitely not be any serious difficulties with its installation indoors, because the weight of the device is only 21.5 kg. However, let's not consider this model ideal. Buyers in their reviews note that the trays on the refrigerator doors turned out to be inconvenient, especially if something very small is supposed to be stored in them. There are also ATLANT X 1401-100s with a noisier compressor. Therefore, it is recommended to put this model in the kitchen, and not in the same room where you sleep. And even with all these shortcomings, we can safely say that there are simply no analogues to such a refrigerator at such a low cost.


  • Affordable price tag;
  • Simplest use;
  • Long warranty period;
  • Not bad roominess for this size;
  • Glass shelves are used;
  • Very light weight;
  • Low power consumption.


  • There is no freezer;
  • Drip defrost system;
  • There are noisy specimens.


This is a list of the best narrow refrigerators among those that can be found in Russian stores. Many such devices are sold for very little money, which is good news. But, as you have already noticed, you will definitely have to come to terms with certain shortcomings. Alas, there are no ideal refrigerators with modest dimensions.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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