7 best mirrorless cameras

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Mirrorless cameras are conquering the world. They are significantly more compact than devices equipped with a mirror and optical viewfinder. At the same time, the best mirrorless images give beautiful pictures. and provide the ability to change the lens. Of course, our an online magazine could not get past a similar topic. We have decided talk about the seven best system cameras whose purchase definitely will not disappoint.

Rating of the best mirrorless cameras

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best mid-budget mirrorless cameras 1 Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III 38 000 RUB.
2 Fujifilm X-T2 0 52 000 RUB.
3 Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 53 500 RUB.
4 Sony Alpha ILCE-6300 63 800 RUB.
Best Premium Mirrorless Cameras 1 Fujifilm X-T2 90,200 RUB.
2 Sony Alpha ILCE-A7R III 229,990 RUB.
3 Panasonic Lumix GH5 124 500 rub.

Best mid-budget mirrorless cameras

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

Rating: 4.8

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

One of the most popular cameras with Micro 4/3 mount. IN basically the choice in favor of such a device is made by amateurs who need photos for home archive. Most of all they like the cost of the camera, not exceeding 45 thousand rubles. To the rest characteristics such people almost do not look. Nevertheless, something bad can not be said about the specifications. Used here relatively good Live MOS matrix with crop factor 2 and effective resolution of 16.1 megapixels. Of course, miniature sizes sensors impose some limitations, but the problem is partially solves the optical stabilizer, allowing you to take a little exposure longer.

The camera has a standard ISO range. Sure, the creators have implemented very high values ​​here – up to ISO 25600, but they are not working, as the pictures begin receive an abundance of digital noise. But for the high shooting speed the camera can only be praised. The maximum device produces 8.6 fps, while burst shooting can last 22 photos (in RAW format). Another feature of the device is touch LCD display with swivel mechanism and high resolution. The electronic viewfinder, which is convenient for you, is still here. Use in bright sunlight.

The camera can offer very fast shutter speeds – up to 1/16000 s. This should please the owners of the most fast lenses. Like everyone else reviewed today cameras, the third generation Olympus OM-D E-M10 can take pictures video. The maximum resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels – the frequency is 30 frames / s. If you lower the resolution up to 720p, then you can start shooting video with a frequency of 120 frames / s.

In general, the camera justifies its value. No one of competitors is not able to offer anything for that kind of money like that. Here, even the number of focus points is very high. You can also note the ability to synchronize with a smartphone by Wi-fi As for the negative sides, if you forget about the small the size of the matrix, you can select only the battery. Full him the charge is enough at best for 330 photos.


  • Good touchscreen display with swivel mechanism;

  • Decent resolution of the matrix;

  • High speed shooting;

  • A matrix shift stabilizer is present;

  • Decent electronic viewfinder;

  • 121 focus points;

  • The camera copes well with video recording.


  • Small sensor sizes

  • Not the longest battery life;

  • Few controls.

Fujifilm X-T20

Rating: 4.7

Fujifilm X-T20

Fuji adored by many people mirrorless camera takes 3 place in our ranking. Everything is fine here – from the classic appearance to the used 24-megapixel sensor, belonging to the APS-C format. In contrast to the above models, the camera turned out not so heavy – the weight of the device without the battery is 333 g. The cost of the device is much more – in Russia they ask about 52 thousand rubles for him.

A high price tag is associated not only with a larger matrix. Camera It turned out very fast – in one second it can be created up to 14 frames. The maximum series for RAW is 24 shots, for JPEG, however, this parameter reaches 56 frames. There’s even a shutter works faster – with aperture optics you can use shutter speed 1/32000 s. The camera uses hybrid autofocus, able to fire almost instantly. Even in its composition includes an electronic viewfinder, consisting of 2.36 million pixels, and three-inch touch screen with a swivel mechanism.

Many Fujifilm X-T20 buyers use this device to video shooting. The maximum 4K resolution available, with this frequency parameter will be 30 frames / s. If the quality of the embedded microphone is not satisfied, then you can connect an external – on the case there is a corresponding nest. Unfortunately, the stabilizer not here, in connection with which you will either have to remove from a tripod, or use a lens with built-in stabilization. For shooting you can attract a smartphone yourself – the image will be on it Broadcast over Wi-Fi.


  • Wonderful 24-megapixel matrix;

  • Very high speed shooting;

  • Sufficiently high ISO values;

  • Nice classic design;

  • Good viewfinder and LCD;

  • High-quality hybrid autofocus;

  • 4K video resolution available;

  • There is a microphone input;

  • High-speed shutter speeds can be used;

  • Optimum size and weight.


  • There is no optical image stabilizer;

  • Duration of work is not too long.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80

Rating: 4.6

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80

Large enough and heavy mirrorless camera. The 453-gram mass is explained by the presence of moisture protection. If a use the appropriate lens, then you can not be afraid to shoot even in the pouring rain. Like other system cameras from Panasonic, Lumix G80 equipped with a matrix format 4/3. That is, she exactly half the size of a 35 mm film frame. Due with this, the sensor received only 16 megapixel resolution. But under the case there was a place for optical stabilization.

There is a touch screen on the back of the camera, equipped with a swivel mechanism. If the sun is shining on the street, then easier to use an electronic viewfinder, consisting of 2.36 million pixels. With this camera you can shoot very good video, including in 4K resolution. The picture can be real-time output to a smartphone, the Wi-Fi module is here not forgotten.

Unfortunately, the camera turned out to be much less fast, rather than its competitor considered a little higher. In serial mode the camera makes only 9 frames per second. But then this series may lasts long enough – the limit is 45 shots for RAW and 300 for JPEG. But most of all, the device may disappoint owners of aperture optics – the shutter opens here on 1/4000 s Due to all these limitations, the cost of the camera, component of about 52 thousand rubles, it seems even slightly overpriced.


  • A convenient touch screen is used;

  • There are no complaints about the quality of the viewfinder;

  • Good contrast autofocus;

  • 4K video recording possible;

  • A metal waterproof housing is used;

  • There is an optical image stabilizer;

  • There are functions for shooting time lapse and 3D photos.


  • Not the most capacious battery;

  • Not very fast shutter speed;

  • Small matrix size

  • When shooting in JPEG, color noir sometimes appears.

Sony Alpha ILCE-6300

Rating: 4.5

Sony Alpha ILCE-6300

This mirrorless camera seems very small. However, her weight given the mass of the battery, it reaches an impressive 520 g. This is explained by the presence of high-quality components. IN in particular, an APS-C matrix having an effective Resolution 24.2 MP The shutter was also quite heavy – it’s makes it reliable and durable. In serial mode, the camera does up to 11 photos per second. When shooting in RAW, the series lasts only two seconds, but in most cases this is enough. The result is displayed on a rotary screen, consisting of approximately 921 thousand pixels. Alas, he does not possess a sensor substrate, therefore navigate the menu using the buttons. The picture is good visible even on a clear sunny day. However, this does not mean that the camera is deprived of a viewfinder – it is present here and consists of 2.35 points.

Sony has been manufacturing for quite some time. smartphones, so it was not difficult for her to introduce here not only Wi-Fi, but also NFC speeding up pairing. Also on the body of the “carcass” You can find the microphone input and the remote control connector. Process autofocusing is carried out using 169 points, which is a very impressive parameter.

As for video shooting, the maximum available to the user 4K resolution. The frequency is 30 frames / s, which is quite acceptable for mid-budget segment. By the way, with a resolution of 1080p, the frequency can be increased up to 120 frames / s, which offers none of of the above cameras. The main disadvantage of the camera is her battery – she sits too fast, which is why have to be generous with the purchase of additional batteries, which cost quite decent money.



    • High-speed video available at resolution 1080p
    • Built-in NFC and Wi-Fi;
  • Very good hybrid autofocus;

  • High speed shooting in serial mode;

  • The crop factor matrix 1.5 is used;

  • There is a microphone input.


  • You cannot call a camera light;

  • Not very high resolution viewfinder and LCD;

  • The screen is not touch;

  • No image stabilization;

  • Low battery capacity.

Rating of the best mirrorless cameras of a premium class

Fujifilm X-T2

Rating: 4.9

Fujifilm X-T2

A real hit among system cameras. Yes, per device asking for more than 100 thousand rubles. But it’s worth it! Used here metal housing with moisture protection. Hiding under it excellent 24.3 megapixel X-Trans CMOS third sensor Generation having a very wide range of working ISO. On the back device panel is a rotary display, consisting of million pixels. It does not have a sensor substrate, but it doesn’t required – on the case you can find a huge number of buttons and wheels that allow you to visit the menu as little as possible. Still here there is an electronic viewfinder, to the work of which the authors no complaints.

The camera uses hybrid autofocus, which triggers almost instantly. High-speed product turned out and in terms of burst shooting – up to 14 frames are created per second. On this background You can no longer be surprised at the shutter that can operate in 1/32000 from.

Fujifilm X-T2 is the perfect choice for anyone a professional. Two card slots will also appeal to the buyer. memory, and a capacious battery, and the ability to 4K-video. Remains regret only that 4K video is recorded at 30 frames / s – I would like more. By the way, this camera can be purchased a battery grip that extends the duration even further battery life (not to mention that the grip will become more convenient).


  • Good video quality;

  • The battery lasts about 340 photos;

  • Excellent autofocus system;

  • You can insert two SD cards;

  • There is a microphone input and a USB 3.0 connector;

  • There is moisture protection;

  • Decent LCD display and viewfinder;

  • High Speed ​​Burst;

  • Good matrix;

  • A large number of controls.


  • There is no optical stabilizer;

  • Wi-Fi is not supplemented by an NFC chip;

  • The camera turned out to be quite heavy.

Sony Alpha ILCE-A7R III

Rating: 4.8

Sony Alpha ILCE-A7R III

Must be the most expensive mirrorless camera in our rating. In Russia, more than 229 thousand rubles are being asked for this “carcass”! It is one of the heaviest – the weight of the Sony Alpha A7R III reaches an impressive 657 g (including battery). What is it all about is it caused?

The main distinguishing feature of the device is full-frame matrix. It has not only large sizes, but also very high resolution – 42.4 megapixels. The resulting pictures can be printed in arbitrarily large format – detail will remain maximum. The color depth here is 42 bits, which should absolutely any photographer will like it. Nothing wrong say about the range of available ISO, although it is not record high.

Surprisingly, under a relatively compact body there was a place even for the matrix shift system, on the basis of which the image stabilizer. There is also a quality viewfinder, creating a picture of 3.68 million pixels. It’s impossible to find fault with rotatable touch screen, which also has a very high resolution. And the device includes a variety of wireless modules, including Wi-Fi, NFC and even Bluetooth

When shooting movies, the microphone input, which available under one of the stubs. By the way, only 4K video is written here at a rate of 30 frames / s. Perhaps this is the strangest moment. Looks like, that the engineers failed to achieve more because of the processor or for some other reason.

Perhaps Sony Alpha A7R III definitely deserves the title of “Choice “In the end, this is the only mirrorless mirror that from full the battery can take 650 photos the most difficult shooting conditions!


  • Wide range of working photosensitivity values;

  • In serial mode makes up to 10 frames / s;

  • Robust construction;

  • Fast autofocus;

  • Very high resolution full-frame image sensor;

  • There is a microphone input, headphone output and USB 3.0;

  • Built-in Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi;

  • Wonderful video quality;

  • Long battery life.


  • Astronomical price tag.

Panasonic Lumix GH5

Rating: 4.7

Panasonic Lumix GH5

Large enough mirrorless, the weight of which together with the battery is 725 g. In this case, it is not due to a large matrix (it has crop factor 2 here), and waterproof case. Also inside the device is a certain system cooling. The fact is that its processor is able to warm up to quite serious quantities. This happens during movie shooting, which is possible here not only with 4K resolution, but also with a frequency 60 frames / s. If you are looking for a camera specifically for video shooting, then it’s worth think about this particular option. Panasonic GH5 rated noticeably cheaper than Sony products – in Russia you will spend about 129 thousand rubles Of course, here you are not waiting for Full Frame, but when shooting video matrix size no longer plays such a significant role.

The device is endowed with an optical stabilizer, so in theory relatively inexpensive can be attached to this camera lenses. Another feature of the camera is a large LCD display, possessing a touch substrate and a rotary mechanism. Not forgotten creators and viewfinder, consisting of 3.68 million points. But also more photographers will like the serial shooting mode, in which up to 12 frames are created per second. Clipboard overflow only after 60 shots, this is exactly the duration of the series at saving images in RAW. In the case of JPEG shooting, this option ten times more! You can also note the shutter speed, maximum the indicator here is 1/16000 s.

In short, this is the best mirrorless camera for video shooting and just very good for taking pictures.


  • The resolution of the matrix is ​​20 megapixels;

  • High speed shutter speed available;

  • Good performance in serial shooting;

  • 4K video recording at 60 frames / s is possible;

  • Excellent viewfinder and LCD;

  • There are headphone output, microphone input and USB 3.0;

  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC;

  • At least 410 shots from a full charge;

  • The waterproof case is applied;

  • Two slots for memory cards.


  • The matrix belongs to the 4/3 format;

  • Large size and weight;

  • Not the fastest autofocus.


If SLR cameras gradually become destiny professional photographers then system ones are real generalists. Such devices give a high-quality picture, to which any smartphone is very far. At the same time mirrorless cannot be called huge – take such a device on vacation or on nature does not constitute any labor. In a word, you must you should consider buying a camera with interchangeable lenses! And certainly it should be possessed by every person earning photographing money.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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