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Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

To clean the window panes and ordinary mirrors, our mothers and grandmothers used newspapers – they wet the surface with a rag and rubbed them with an old issue of Zvezda. No streaks, no stains, just the smell of ink lead. Today, no one does this, because various means for crushing glass have appeared. These are solutions with different compositions determined by the specialization of the product: for windows and frames, for mirrors, for TV monitors and computers, and others. The difference lies in the effect obtained: in some cases, it is necessary to remove dust and minor organic traces (fingerprints, edible fat, insect marks), in others – to protect the surface from static electricity and prevent intense settling of dust particles, in the third – to remove old dirt and traces soot, soot. Glass washing compositions also differ in shape:

  1. Liquids sprayed on the surface are made on the basis of alcohol, after application they are thoroughly rubbed with a cloth, leaving no residue. They are used mainly in everyday life.
  2. Foam with a higher concentration of surfactants for removing more complex stains: fats, oil products, cosmetics, etc. The composition is applied with a spray gun and also rubbed dry with a cotton or rayon cloth.
  3. Water-soluble concentrates that neutralize any contamination. Often they do not require wiping dry, after evaporation they do not leave traces.

The team compiled a rating that included the 7 best detergents for cleaning glasses for various purposes, composition and principle of action.

Rating of the best glass cleaning products

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best glass cleaning products 1 HG for washing windows and frames 274 r
2 Organic people RUB 200
3 Nihon Detergent Spray Foam 252 RUB
4 BioMicroGels EcoGlass 939 RUB
5 Active spray Nordland 395 RUB
6 Mister Muscle with alcohol 199 RUB
7 Cleaner “HG” for heat-resistant glass 589 r

HG for washing windows and frames

Rating: 4.9

HG remedy

In the first place is the professional high concentration “HG”, suitable for cleaning window panes and frames. It dissolves fatty foci, traces of fingertips and other uncomplicated contaminants, while it is completely free of alcohol and ammonia compounds, and the neutral pH balance does not harm any surfaces, you can safely wipe plastic, wooden and painted frames with the product. Cleaning can be done without gloves – the concentrate diluted to working condition is harmless to the skin and does not affect its condition. The cleaner for windows and frames “HG” from the Netherlands is used mainly by professionals of cleaning companies, as well as specialists in cleaning catering establishments, medical institutions, which speaks of its safety.

The solution is supplied in 500 ml bottles, for one cleaning it is necessary to dilute 15 ml (2-3 teaspoons) in half a bucket of warm water. Accordingly, there will be enough money for a long time, especially if you use it at home. The diluted solution is applied to glass, remains until dry, then washed off with clean water.

The price of “HG” means for washing windows and frames is 275 rubles.


  • Neutral pH balance;
  • Dissolves most organic dirt and dust;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Does not violate the structure of plastic, wood, paints, does not affect the skin;
  • Optimal price.


  • No measuring cap and dispenser.

Eco People spray for glasses and mirrors with lemon and orange

Rating: 4.8

Organic people

The second place in the rating is taken by a safe liquid for cleaning mirror and glass surfaces “Organic People”, which contains extracts of lemon and orange, giving the solution a pleasant citrus aroma. They also have antiseptic properties, neutralize pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The composition of “Organic People” is up to 90% natural, only a tenth is made up of preservatives and a small amount of alcohol.

The spray is suitable for the care of window and furniture glass, as well as for mirrors: it dissolves dirt and polishes the surface, leaving perfect clarity and shine. Using the product is simple: just spray it on a glass or mirror and wipe it with a dry cloth. Unlike many cleaning products, “Organic People” does not irritate the respiratory tract, does not cause allergies, and is approved for use in bedrooms and children's rooms. You can buy a 500 ml bottle for 182 rubles.


  • Organic composition;
  • Neutralizes bacteria;
  • Natural flavoring citrus extract;
  • Copes with dust and grease contamination;
  • Affordable price and efficient consumption.


  • The spray bottle is large, because of this, it is not the most convenient spraying.

Spray foam for washing glasses Nihon Detergent

Rating: 4.7

Spray foam for washing glasses Nihon Detergent

The Japanese product “Nihon Detergent” is a real 'shark' of cleanliness: it is suitable for washing windows and mirrors in residential and industrial premises, it successfully cleans the windshield of a car from street dust, dirt and insects smeared by speed, has an antibacterial effect and degreases any surfaces.

Nihon Detergent is a spray foam with a concentrated surfactant, which can be simply applied with a spray gun, then wiped with a cloth, you get a perfectly clean surface with a shine, and the room is filled with a light lemon scent. The volume of a 400 ml bottle is consumed slowly, so the product lasts for a long time (depending on the volume of the sink).

You can buy a spray foam for washing glasses “Nihon Detergent” in a 400 ml bottle with a spray bottle for 250 rubles.


  • Dissolves most organic contaminants;
  • Light lemon scent;
  • Suitable for all surfaces, including furniture and TV monitors;
  • Economical application.


  • For a volume of 400 ml, the price seems too high.

Means for cleaning glasses, mirrors and monitors BioMicroGels EcoGlass

Rating: 4.7


The Russian brand of cleaning chemicals EcoGlass presents a BioMicroGel solution based on unique polymer compounds, suitable for cleaning and polishing any glossy and smooth surfaces: furniture, glass, mirrors, monitors, chandeliers, glasses and other household items. The composition does not include aggressive alkalis, acids, solvents and alcohol, while the product dissolves strong organic impurities and does not leave streaks. The action provides the connection of active biomicrogels.

EcoGlass is completely odorless, so cleaning won't leave any foreign odors in the rooms. Also does not cause allergies and irritation, the BioMicroGel solution is positioned as extremely safe for health and the environment. Available in bottles of different sizes: 0.5 with a spray bottle and regular bottles of 1 or 5 liters.

A half-liter package of means for washing glasses, mirrors and monitors BioMicroGel “EcoGlass” odorless costs 235 rubles on average.


  • The unique active substance copes with different types of dirt;
  • Odorless;
  • Suitable for any smooth surfaces, monitors and optics;
  • Does not cause allergies.


  • Does not dissolve complex substances (dried insects, oil stains of oil products).

Active spray Nordland for cleaning mirror and glass surfaces

Rating: 4.6


German solution-spray “Nordland” took the fifth line in the rating of means for cleaning mirror and glass surfaces: mirrors, window panes, countertops and even tiles from different materials. He is able to remove dried traces of toothpaste, fingerprints, traces of edible fat, even limescale from the wall – all this is possible thanks to natural plant extracts and organic compounds, aggressive chemistry is not included. After harvesting, the fragrance of light freshness remains, which quickly disappears.

Universal cleaner for smooth and mirror surfaces “Nordland” in a volume of 500 ml can be bought for 350 rubles – this is the most expensive solution among those presented in the rating. But the quality is fully justified and did not deserve negative reviews.


  • More than half natural composition;
  • Leaves an unobtrusive, quickly fading aroma;
  • Copes with plaque of different nature (organic, mineral);
  • Convenient bottle shape and small spray bottle.


  • High price.

Glass cleaner Mr. Muscle with alcohol

Rating: 4.5

Mister Muscle

We could not fail to include in the rating one of the most famous and advertised alcohol-based glass cleaning products 'Mr. Muscle'. Affordable price and good effect determine the high demand of housewives for it, it is often found in the arsenal of washers in enterprises and in industrial mountaineering.

The main substance of 'Mister Muscle' is alcohol, but it is completely safe and one should not be afraid of this component. The smell is only felt sharply, but it quickly disappears, leaving a slight scent of lemon scent. The spray shows itself perfectly on any smooth surfaces (on mirrors, window panes, tiled tiles). The spray bottle on the bottle allows you to choose the required type of feed: spray or jet, the latter is convenient for cleaning large surfaces: stained glass windows, large mirrors or

You can buy Mr. Muscle cleaner for glass and other surfaces with alcohol for 210 rubles.


  • Affordable price;
  • Effective on all smooth surfaces;
  • Multifunctional spray gun.


  • Strong smell.

Cleaner “HG” for heat-resistant glass

Rating: 4.4


Closing the rating is the cleaner “HG” for cleaning hardened glass and surfaces with complex dirt. It removes carbon deposits, soot, soot from work and decorative surfaces of stoves, fireplaces, ovens and ovens, barbecue areas, and is even suitable for cleaning plaque from decorative and stove bricks.

Such opportunities are provided by a relatively aggressive composition, therefore, it is necessary to use the product with care and apply the foam to the surface at a safe distance from the eyes. After several minutes (seconds) of contact, the foam along with the dirt is removed with a damp sponge, and the surface is rubbed or dries on its own. Users note the absolute effectiveness of the product, even when working with old ovens and fireplaces.

The cost of a 0.5 liter bottle of HG cleaner for heat-resistant glass is 450 rubles on average.


  • Copes with old stains of grease, burnt and soot;
  • Suitable for different types of surfaces (glass, brick, ceramic surface);
  • Long exposure is not required.


  • Aggressive composition.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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