7 best gas grills

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The gas grill is a convenient device for lovers of grilled meat or vegetables. More comfortable to use and safer than a grill, it will help to gather all family and friends for a pleasant outdoor picnic. And after the fun, you practically don't have to clean it or otherwise maintain it.

For those who want to make their summer cottage or country house a place for family and friendly relaxation, we have compiled a rating of the 7 best gas grills.

How to choose a gas grill

When choosing a gas grill, it is advisable to pay attention to its following characteristics:

  1. Material and number of burners;
  2. Grill grate material and type;
  3. Stability;
  4. Additional functions.

Material and number of burners

The more burners, the higher the performance of the grill itself and the more food can be cooked on it at the same time. So, devices with a single nozzle are suitable only for leisurely frying. But on a grill with several burners, you can simultaneously cook both the main dish and the side dish to it.

Unless grills with several burners are quite large, consume more gas and, of course, are more expensive than devices with a single burner. For infrequent frying, a device with one is suitable. For regular meals it is better to take a grill with 2-4 burners.

The burners themselves must be made of quality materials. The best option is cast iron or brass. Slightly worse is stainless steel. But the rest of the options are best not even considered.

Grill grate material and type

The ideal grill grate is cast iron, with wide and dense rods. But it is rather difficult to care for and is quickly 'saturated' with the aroma of the dishes being prepared. As a result, over time, even salmon steaks will acquire a characteristic meaty smell.

The grill made of stainless steel or iron with a porcelain coating does not have this drawback. In addition, these materials are easy to clean and maintain.

For the most delicious dishes, it is recommended to use deep wire racks with wide rods. However, they are poorly suited for processing certain types of vegetables. For frying vegetable products, it is advisable to use shallow, almost flat grates.


The grill must be stable. Therefore, before buying, it is advisable to check it right in the store by trying to shake or push. If the grill now and then tries to tip over, then it definitely will not fit the purchase.

If the grill is equipped with casters, they must support the locking mode.

Additional functions

Some grills are equipped with additional functions that should be selected only when necessary:

  1. Smokehouse. Rarely found directly in gas grills. However, the devices equipped with it are suitable for smoking and curing meat – or similar products;
  2. An electrically driven swivel. Suitable for grilled meat or fish;
  3. Additional side burners. Designed for making sauces;
  4. Drip catchers. Helps to get rid of burner contamination and improve the aroma of food;
  5. Automatic ignition systems. Most often electrical. Helps eliminate the need to use a lighter or matches. Also, with some of these systems, you can fry food even in inclement weather.
  6. Professional-grade grills can be equipped with other additional functions, but usually such devices are used in restaurants and are practically not represented in our rating.

Advantages and disadvantages table. Which grill to choose – gas or electric?

The main competitor for gas grills is electric. But, at the same time, these devices are not very comparable with each other.


Gas grills

Electric grills


Yes. They work wherever there is gas, including from cylinders

Hardly ever. It depends on the length of the extension


Requires skills to connect gas cylinders during transportation, it is dangerous to drop

Requires only basic kitchen safety skills

Outdoor use in bad weather

Most models are equipped with non-inflating burners and are not afraid of water ingress

It is undesirable, getting of moisture under the body can damage the electric grill

Expendable materials

When used outdoors, they need gas cylinders


Warm-up uniformity

Depends on the type of burners. The most budget models have hot only the central part, the rest are warm

Yes. Usually electric grills are equipped with large heating elements

Taste of dishes

Close to the 'true taste' of meat at the stake

Not so intense, but it all depends on the skills of the cook

Thus, for outdoor use or for 'true barbecue' cooking, it is advisable to use gas grills. But for home and safety, it is better to buy an electric one.

Rating of the best gas grills

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive gas grills for home and garden 1 Char-Broil Hybrid New Gas & Coal US RUB 44,900
2 Broil king portachef pro RUB 39,900
3 Weber Q 2200 RUB 37,900
4 Campingaz Xpert 100 L RUB 15 800
The best premium gas grills 1 Prestige PRO-825 349,000 rubles.
2 Genesis II E-410 GBS RUB 107,910
3 Broil King Baron 490 RUB 99,900

The best inexpensive gas grills for home and garden

Char-Broil Hybrid New Gas & Coal US

Rating: 4.9

Char-Broil Hybrid New Gas & Coal US

Why him: A classic grill with charcoal support.

This grill belongs to the category of the so-called 'hybrid'. It is equipped not only with gas burners, but also with a special tray with dividers, which can be used for cooking food on fire from coal. By the way, gas can also be used to ignite this material.

The grill is equipped with four gas burners with piezoelectric mechanical ignition. Three of them are the main ones, used for frying food. The fourth is an additional one, located in the side table. It can be used for both frying and other cooking methods.

The grill grate is made of cast iron and additionally covered with ceramics for easy maintenance. The lid and handle are covered with a heat-resistant material that does not heat up. The grill is equipped with wheels for transportation and a built-in thermometer.


  • Can be fired with coal;
  • Equipped with three burners;
  • Ceramic coated cast iron grate.


  • Low mobility (weighs 44 kg);
  • No drip catcher;
  • Small coal chute, made of single layer steel.

Broil king portachef pro

Rating: 4.8

Broil king portachef pro

Why it is: High mobility and built-in drip catcher.

This grill is perfect for those who don't want to bother with maintenance. Unlike the previous model in the ranking, it is equipped with plates for catching and evaporating drops of meat – or vegetable – juice. Therefore, there is no need to clean the burner nozzles.

In addition, the grill is made in a special folding structure that turns it into a small suitcase during transportation. Thus, it is suitable even for picnics outside the city.

The grill design includes three main gas burners with electric ignition from piezo elements and a stepless regulation system. There are no additional ones. The grilles are made of cast iron without ceramic coating. The boiler is made of cast aluminum with a high wall thickness – this ensures heat retention at an optimal weight of the device. The legs are removable, but they are not equipped with wheels.


  • Built-in drip catcher, evaporating them to improve the aroma of products;
  • Built-in thermometer;
  • Sturdy, removable legs.


  • Most of the important parts are made in China;
  • Unusual warranty policy – many items are guaranteed for only 2-3 years;
  • The transport trolley must be purchased separately.

Weber Q 2200

Rating: 4.7

Weber Q 2200

Why it is: Very stable and comfortable design, reliable body.

Weber is one of the largest gas grill companies. Its main feature is that the devices are mostly assembled and manufactured in North America. This guarantees their highest reliability and durability.

The Weber Q 2200 is a traditional single-burner grill for measured barbecue picnics. It is equipped with a high-power burner that heats up the grate in just 5 minutes. At the same time, it is highly efficient – a 5-liter propane tank will last for 10 hours of battery life. The steel grill is covered with a layer of porcelain enamel, making it easy to clean. There is a drip-catching system that protects the burner from contamination and improves the aroma of food.

Additionally, the grill is equipped with removable food tables. The frame, reinforced with fiberglass, has a special screen for the gas cylinder.


  • High reliability;
  • Can operate in oven or smokehouse mode;
  • Compact foldable design.


  • Relatively small surface area for frying;
  • There are plastic body parts;
  • Not suitable for frying over open fire due to low flame.

Campingaz Xpert 100 L

Rating: 4.6

Campingaz Xpert 100 L

Why it is: Low price and high performance thanks to two burners.

This grill is the best in the rating combination of price and performance, making it suitable for occasional barbecue picnics. The device costs less than other models, but at the same time its main boiler is equipped with two burners, which heat up the grate to 250 degrees in just a few minutes.

The total power of the device is 7100 W. Both burners are equipped with a piezoelectric ignition system and stepless adjustment. The boiler and lid are made of aluminized steel, which combines good heat capacity and low weight. The grille is made of chromed steel wire, easy to clean and maintain.

The grill is also equipped with a stand on wheels with a protective screen for a gas cylinder. There are two movable side tables for product placement.


  • Two burners with a high total power;
  • Electric ignition and stepless gas regulation;
  • Low price.


  • Lattice with thin steel bars;
  • No drip catcher;
  • No gas pressure regulator.

The best premium gas grills

Prestige PRO-825

Rating: 4.9

Prestige PRO-825

Why him: Professional grade gas grill.

This gas grill is primarily targeted at restaurants. However, if desired, it can be installed in the backyard of a country house, of course. It is equipped with 10 burners with a total power of 37.1 kW, divided into two independent working zones.

The design also includes two covers made of double-layer stainless steel with a special lifting mechanism, two temperature sensors with high accuracy, an additional burner for a spit, cast iron and steel grates with a protective coating, a lighting system for work surfaces, infrared burners for baking and smoking, a special tray for chips – what is needed for smoking, and other professional-level functions.

Of course, with such dimensions and functionality, the grill is not mobile. Another plus is its limited lifetime warranty.


  • Full range of professional-grade features;
  • There are infrared and combination burners;
  • Highest power.


  • It is impossible to move quickly and easily from place to place;
  • Not suitable for home gatherings – there are too many functions unnecessary for most users.

Genesis II E-410 GBS

Rating: 4.8

Genesis II E-410 GBS

Why it is: Powerful gas burners with proprietary heating improvement technologies and high reliability.

This gas grill is designed and manufactured by Weber, one of the largest barbecue equipment manufacturers in the ranking (and worldwide). And this model offers a professional approach to cooking. Four branded burners with the ability to fine-tune the temperature and a unique system of uniform flame in any conditions provide fast and accurate heating, and their total power is 13.5 kW.

In addition, the grill is equipped with a proprietary grid, the geometry of which is specially designed to create a unique taste of the prepared barbecue. It is also covered with porcelain enamel for easy maintenance. The special design of the grid allows it to be used for preparing a wide variety of dishes and to place, for example, stones, woks or roasters on it.

Finally, the design of the drip catcher ensures that the drops evaporate quickly, so that the food is saturated with aroma.


  • Powerful non-extinguishing burners;
  • Lattice-transformer;
  • Special design of the drip catcher.


  • There are very few accessories included.

Broil King Baron 490

Rating: 4.8

Broil King Baron 490

Why him: Powerful burners and a professional cast iron grate.

The main advantage of this grill is a professional grade cast iron grate with wide rods and a double-sided configuration. So, on one side, they are slightly pointed and create a characteristic pattern on the dish, and on the other, they are equipped with grooves that keep the juice from delicate products.

In addition, the grill is equipped with branded burners with a double heating system. This ensures that it is quickly alerted. The infinitely variable adjustment helps to fine tune the temperature (which is displayed on the built-in thermometer), and the electric ignition just makes it easy to use.

The grill is also equipped with leg adjusters, a special spit with an electric drive and an additional burner, a proprietary lid lifting system and ergonomic shelves and tables on the body.


  • Lifetime warranty for some structural elements (which is rare in the rating);
  • Separate aroma-plate evaporators;
  • Professional grade grilles.


  • Difficult to assemble;
  • Incomprehensible instructions.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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