7 best brands of disposable diapers

Today, having disposable diapers makes life much easier for dads and moms, helping to provide the baby with proper care. Not all products in this category guarantee safe use. Therefore, it is important to choose quality products for your child. We will find out which manufacturers are especially popular with buyers.

How to choose a disposable diaper

It is important to remember the following guidelines before purchasing:

  1. For a newborn, a diaper with a cutout for the navel is suitable if the wound has not healed yet.
  2. To avoid allergies, it is best to choose non-scented diapers.
  3. They choose products, focusing on how comfortable and convenient the baby is.
  4. It is recommended to purchase special models for boys, in the manufacture of which the physiological characteristics of the baby are taken into account.
  5. One of the main criteria for choosing a diaper should be the weight of the child. Babies grow very quickly, so do not stock up on too large quantities of products.
  6. Panty diapers are usually bought for babies over one year old. They have a wide elastic band, do not slip, do not leak and fit well.
  7. Velcro diapers are fixed with special adhesive fasteners. Their main advantage is ease of use.

As for the price, the following nuances should be taken into account:

  1. budget products are usually made from the same materials as expensive ones, only without drawings;
  2. economical models may not have such high-quality fasteners;
  3. cheap options often leak and leak on the sides, they are not equipped with filling sensors.

It remains only to get acquainted with the participants in our rating.

Rating of disposable diaper firms

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of disposable diaper firms 1 Libero 5.0
2 Pampers 4.9
3 Goo.N 4.8
4 Bambo nature 4.7
5 Greenty 4.6
6 ECOBOO 4.5
7 Maneki 4.4



Rating: 5.0


The rating opens with a popular brand that can be found in almost every children’s store in our country. Libero panties provide reliable protection against leaks and ensure dryness even during intense movements. They are completed with soft elastic bands and fit comfortably around the abdomen and back. The products are made of non-toxic materials and are absolutely safe for children.

Judging by the reviews, babies are comfortable in Libero diapers. The Up & Go package, which includes 68 pieces, costs about 2300 rubles. I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of disposable swim panties in the catalog. 6 pieces cost 445 rubles.


  • world famous brand;
  • soft elastic bands;
  • comfort of wear;
  • no allergies.


  • a little expensive.


Rating: 4.9


Not a single rating like this is complete without the famous brainchild of the company Procter&Gamble. The brand has certainly lost its leading position in the market, but this did not prevent it from remaining one of the most demanded brands. Pampers Procare Premium Protection disposable diapers include care components and have several distinctive features. They have become a real salvation for babies who were born tiny.

In addition to the variants with Velcro, the Pampers catalog contains 2 collections of disposable panties for children from 6 kg. It is a pity that these lines do not have a moisture indicator. But the prices for the products are quite adequate. For 72 pieces, you will have to pay 750-1000 rubles.


  • caring components in the composition;
  • reasonable prices;
  • good reputation of the company;
  • suitable for premature babies.


  • without absorbency indicator.


Rating: 4.8


Further in the ranking is a Japanese company that sells its products to many countries of the world. The company produces ultra-thin baby diapers according to their anatomical features. It is convenient for a child to move in them, they do not hinder movement. Particular attention is paid to the cleanliness and dryness of delicate skin.

Due to the special structure of the top layer of tissue, contact with the dermis is minimized. As a result, there is no allergy or diaper rash on children’s skin. Goo.N products are suitable for babies with high sensitivity. It is important to choose the right diaper size. Judging by the reviews, the models are often undersized.


  • without allergies and prickly heat;
  • ultra-thin;
  • suitable for sensitive dermis.


  • undersized.

Bambo nature

Rating: 4.7


The company’s products were the first in the world to be awarded the ‘White Swan’. She has won awards in the ‘Most Eco-Friendly Diaper’ and ‘Buyers’ Choice’ contests. The company’s success is observed through the use of natural materials, the absence of harmful aromatized agents in the composition. This is a great option for toddlers with allergic reactions.

Bambo Nature diapers are praised for their elastic side barriers, quick moisture absorption, a precise fit and a sense of comfort. Excellent breathability maintains a normal temperature. The price for 60 pieces starts from 1,500 rubles.


  • pleasant to the touch;
  • environmentally friendly composition;
  • do not leak;
  • do not cause negative reactions.


  • small sizes.


Rating: 4.6


Next in the ranking is a Chinese-made company that offers Russian buyers ultra-thin breathable cotton-based products with perfectly absorbent absorbents. They effectively cope with their function, provide comfort and dry skin.

The secret of the success of the products is in an environmentally friendly absorbent layer made using unique technologies. On the web, you can find many approving reviews from parents who were surprised at the high performance of the products. Price for 32 pieces without discount – 1100 rubles.


  • soft and pleasant;
  • do not leak;
  • made using a unique technology;
  • a lot of good reviews.


  • not.


Rating: 4.5


The ranking is continued by a Chinese company whose diapers are distinguished by increased breathability. They perfectly absorb liquid. Their inner layer consists of small holes that allow moisture to be distributed evenly over the entire surface. The product does not stick to baby’s skin and protects it from irritation.

Children’s panties are designed for a child weighing 12-17 kg. They are well suited for slender babies. 38 pieces cost 1000 rubles. The only frustrating thing is the lack of an absorbency indicator.


  • excellent moisture absorption;
  • distribution of liquid over the surface;
  • without perfume;
  • cheerful children’s print.


  • no full indicator.


Rating: 4.4


Maneki products have clear advantages – reliable moisture retention, double elastic bands with cuffs, relief embossing, a belt gathered on the back. Disposable panties are made from high quality environmentally friendly raw materials. We are pleased with the bright and convenient packaging with a handle, the presence of filling indicators on the sides.

For 48 diapers, you will have to pay about 1660 rubles. Reviews of the company’s products are mixed. Judging by the information on the network, if you change your underwear at the wrong time, you can ‘earn’ allergies.


  • soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • there is a filling indicator;
  • nice appearance;
  • no pronounced odor.


  • there are negative reviews.

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