7 best books on pregnancy

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A pregnant girl will not have enough 9 months to read all the books on carrying a baby, presented on store shelves. Experts have compiled a rating of the best publications about an interesting situation. We will find out which works deserve the attention of expectant mothers.

Rating of the best books on pregnancy

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best books on pregnancy 1 Tatyana Aptulaeva, I will soon become a mother RUB 360
2 Nine months of happiness. Table guide for pregnant women. E. Berezovskaya 440 RUB
3 H. Murkoff. What to expect when you wait 860 RUB
4 Waiting for the baby. Martha and William Sears RUB 200
5 Childbirth without fear. Grantley Dick-Reed
6 Bertin André, Parenting
7 Give birth and be reborn, Etske Spanand, Else de Han, Hilda Dyck, etc.

Tatyana Aptulaeva, I will soon become a mother

Rating: 4.9


The rating opens with a book by the psychotherapist Aptulaeva, which has won the approval of many Russian readers. This is a guide about the correct course of pregnancy and future childbirth. Every woman learns from it how to competently prepare for an important event, to be always calm. From the table of contents it becomes clear that it will be about the topic of conception, each trimester, changes in mother and baby, postnatal care for the baby and yourself. Readers love clear language, body exercises, healthy eating and breastfeeding rules. Pleased with a large number of pages in a thick cover, beautiful design. The book is pleasant to hold in your hands.

Thus, it is a source of valuable and necessary information for future parents, which should be in the library of every pregnant woman. The edition will be a great gift for any girl in a position.

Nine months of happiness. Table guide for pregnant women. E. Berezovskaya

Rating: 4.8


The next member of the rating is the best option for reading during the first trimester. The author of the book debunks the myths about medical diagnoses in antenatal clinics. The publication is a guide to the main symptoms of pathologies. Berezovskaya compares domestic medicine with European, talks about the severity of diseases, the validity of therapy.

The author believes that modern methods of treatment will not be able to save a woman from miscarriage. Why Berezovskaya had such an opinion, you can find out from her handbook. The book covers topics about infections, hypertension, perinatal screening. In total, there are about 30 chapters with subheadings in the work. It will help to bear the child without worries and worries, as well as without unnecessary chemistry.

H. Murkoff. What to expect when you wait

Rating: 4.7


The third place in the rating is occupied by the bestseller, based on which the movie was shot. In his work, the author describes the sensations of a pregnant woman, her transformation in the body. The development of the fetus in the womb is shown at each month. The publication touches upon topical issues of interest to modern girls in position. Find tips on nutrition, active work, and mental health here. There are recommendations for future fathers.

A cognitive book is suitable for those who have no idea about pregnancy in general. Reviews of H. Murkoff's work are mostly positive. However, the film is more praised than the book.

Waiting for the baby. Martha and William Sears

Rating: 4.7


The authors of this publication are the father and mother of eight children. The book is intended primarily for American readers. It is suitable for reading throughout the entire period of gestation. Our experts have chosen the publication for its many advantages, including the presence of a detailed pregnancy calendar, information about common ailments, many tips, useful recipes and life stories.

Judging by the reviews, it is interesting to read the book on the eve of each new month and find out how the embryo develops. The most important plus of the book is the availability of important information presented in understandable language. The printed matter itself is distinguished by high-quality binding, good paper and an easy-to-read font. Some unimportant points have been given too much attention. Despite this, the book will become a pregnant assistant in all matters.

Childbirth without fear. Grantley Dick-Reed

Rating: 4.7


Further in the ranking is a book that will allow you to study the process of childbirth itself in as much detail as possible and properly prepare for the ICS day. Dick-Read's work at one time made a splash in the field of obstetrics. The British doctor describes all the stages of childbirth, introduces the reader to the technique of correct breathing. The book is famous for simple, memorable techniques. Each girl should read the author's work towards the end of pregnancy. This will allow her to properly tune in to the birth of the baby.

The expectant mother will learn calmness and relaxation, she will be confident in a successful childbirth. Readers are delighted with the relaxation practice reminiscent of yoga meditation. The book will be understandable even for those who are not familiar with medicine. It is worth considering that some of the things described in the publication are not applicable to our country.

Bertin André, Parenting

Rating: 4.6


The next place in the rating belongs to a special book, which will focus on the sensory skills of a baby in the womb. Its creator talks about the peculiarities of the emotional impact on the fetus, recording data at the molecular level. The meaning of the book is that the child, even during the mother's pregnancy, absorbs everything like a sponge. The task of a woman is to take advantage of this for the benefit of herself and the baby.

At one time, the book was a very popular scientific literature, it has not lost its relevance today. Opinions about the book are overwhelmingly favorable. It will help to understand the origins of the problems of many parents who ask themselves the questions: “Where did he get these character traits?”, “Why did my child become like this?” etc.

Give birth and be reborn, Etske Spanand, Else de Han, Hilda Dyck, etc.

Rating: 4.5


The rating is completed by a book created by authors from Holland. It was presented to Russian readers in 2000. This is a unique piece written in the form of a conversation with a friend. The pages of the publication describe in detail the process of expulsion of the fetus and afterbirth from the uterus, tells about the functioning of biological systems. The work contains many life stories of women who became mothers.

This is good support for parents-to-be. The book will give answers to many questions of interest. On their own behalf, the authors hope that the publication will help Russian girls to prepare competently for childbirth, and that the entry into the world of a new person will become a holiday for the whole family.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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