7 best books by Sydney Sheldon

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Mr. Sheldon made a name for himself in Hollywood in the late thirties. The author started out as a screenwriter for 'B' films, but as time went on, he honed his skills to musicals staged on Broadway. In the sixties, Cindy gains popularity thanks to writing scripts for TV shows, and in the seventies he publishes the first novel, Break the Mask, and receives the Edgar Allan Poe Honorary Award. Now the writer is deservedly called a master of words and an artist who knows how to recreate images of the strong, proud and independent on the pages. Sheldon's novels have been translated into more than fifty languages ​​and published in more than three hundred million copies in a hundred countries. Cindy Sheldon holds a Guinness record as the most translated author in the world. About twenty-five films have been shot based on books. The surname of this person has long become synonymous with the word 'bestseller', and a personalized star flaunts on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in confirmation of achievements and merit.

Experts have selected for the rating 7 best books by Cindy Sheldon, which should be read by everyone who is not indifferent to the topic of conspiracy theories, gray cardinals, revenge and, of course, love.

Cindy Sheldon's Book Rating

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Cindy Sheldon's Book Rating 1 'If tomorrow comes' 5.0
2 'Shattered Dreams' 4.9
3 'Intriguer' 4.8
4 'Stranger in the Mirror' 4.7
5 'Angels Wrath' 4.6
6 'The other side of midnight' 4.5
7 'Blood Ties' 4.4

'If tomorrow comes'

Book author: Cindy Sheldon

Rating: 5.0


Leading the novel, which became the basis for the adaptation of the famous Hollywood film. In the center is a happy bride and a mother-to-be, a girl named Tracy. After the betrayal of loved ones, life changes radically. Tracy becomes a robber and commits daring crimes in an attempt to take revenge on the people who buried her happy future. It seems that the heroine is playing an insidious game, from whose actions others suffer, but is she not the victim herself, getting involved in a dangerous game?

From the very beginning, the reader is plunged into a dramatic atmosphere when he learns about the ridiculous accusation brought against a respectable girl who has never violated the law in her life. All this takes place against the backdrop of the tragedy – the suicide of the mother, who was blackmailed by the New Orleans mafia. He turns out to be the prosecutor who claims that Tracy stole a large sum. The hope for justice does not die until the verdict is passed, but the verdict is shocking – the young woman is sent to prison. Betrayal broke something, forcing the heroine to come up with a cunning plan of revenge. The intended escape fails, but after saving the prison chief's daughter from death, Tracy is amnestied. Having escaped to freedom, she realizes that there is no way back to her past life – she will definitely not be able to recover as head of a bank department after a criminal past. It remains to take revenge on those who brought the mother to a desperate step. Realizing her plan, the girl discovers an interest in a new scam – insolent robberies of powerful people, whose fortunes were acquired by dishonest, and often criminal, ways.

The novel was not without a love line. The main competitor, the charming Jeff, is becoming a fad. Two thieves amuse themselves, throwing dust in each other's eyes, competing, and sometimes forgetting about the main business in favor of personal fun. Here, feelings are mixed with intrigue, danger and drive. What happens after Tracy gets into real trouble? Will Jeff get rid of a competitor or will he lend a helping hand by entering into a partnership?

The book will interest those who prefer action-packed novels that keep them in suspense until the last pages, without giving them the opportunity to distract themselves and put the work aside even for a couple of hours.

'Shattered Dreams'

Book author: Cindy Sheldon

Rating: 4.9


In second place is the novel about a series of murders committed by a cruel and abnormal criminal, because even a policeman who has seen a lot is shocked. Evidence suggests that the killer is a young woman. Investigating the cases, detectives identify three suspects, one of whom is actually guilty.

The work is controversial. At the time of its release in the late nineties, 'Shattered Dreams' sparked outrage and controversy among critics. It was about the reliability of the facts. Sheldon was interviewed, stating that the story is not fiction, but based on real events. Supporters of censorship and humanity were shocked by the pictures of violence described by the author.

The action takes place in the small town of Cupertino, where three girls live rather inconspicuously. The reader is presented with Ashley, distinguished by restraint, accuracy and tolerance; Allet, full of femininity, sensuality, but with a peculiar character; Tony is playful, straightforward, not complex and not bothering about anything. Everyone is connected by work at the enterprise. The peaceful course of life continued, if at one moment the town had not been shaken by news of monstrous incidents. Everyone is afraid of the maniac walking the streets, especially men, because there are no women among the killed. The detectives puzzle over why the victims had sexual intercourse before death and why the killer castrated them. Readers will have to find answers to these questions and guess which of the suspects, seemingly innocent girls, is a bloodthirsty maniac.

The plot is captivating, events develop dynamically, and the denouement is surprising. We recommend detective story to all fans of the genre. True, some reviews indicate that already in the middle the main secret is revealed, after which there is a long description of the court process, with the clarification of all the circumstances of the case. If this moment does not bother you, then feel free to buy the book.


Book author: Cindy Sheldon

Rating: 4.8


The third position is occupied by a novel-saga about a successful and strong woman who is accustomed to achieving what is necessary and does not choose the means to achieve her cherished goal. Kate Blackwell always gets what she wants, be it men, money, or power. Neither lie, nor betrayal, nor even crime can stop it. Having achieved a lot in life, she had to make a sacrifice, because everything has its own price. What did the confident and fearless Kate lose?

The main character is rich and old. At the end of her years, she plunges into the memories of her family's history, starting the story of her father, a diamond mining industrialist. Disappointment and bitterness haunt Kate at the thought of the day she was born; about marriage and the birth of a son, who subsequently did not meet expectations; about their granddaughters who were unable to build their lives. She is tormented by questions about why her ancestors achieved brilliant success, causing pride, and the descendants nullified everything? Kate saw not such a future and not such an ending in her younger years. The reader has something to ponder: the vicissitudes of fate, the desire for wealth and power, the triumph of justice. And most importantly, who is the main character: an unprincipled and mercantile person or an ordinary woman with a strong character and ambitions?

The book will please the female part of the audience more, as it is full of drama, but we also recommend the work to men who prefer this genre. The novel is one of the recognized and appreciated by Sheldon.

'Stranger in the Mirror'

Book author: Cindy Sheldon

Rating: 4.7


A novel that differs from the previous one gets the fourth line, because the main character here is a man. It's about a talented comedian named Toby Temple, a showbiz superstar who fell in love with a young actress who is trying with all her might to break into the front ranks of cinema stars. Until he suspects that his beloved, who once escaped death, will turn out to be an executioner.

The story begins in Toby's youth, when he tried unsuccessfully to find work in Hollywood, walking around the studios, and offering himself as a screenwriter. At seventeen, the future writer sags under the weight of failure and decides to commit suicide. But fate takes an unexpected turn. The comedian craves fame, recognition and a big stage, and the path to success is thorny and difficult. The guy stumbles, faces humiliation, misunderstanding, but still, no matter what, continues to move forward, sometimes agreeing to work in the most unseemly places. At a certain moment in his life, the beautiful Jill appears, a girl of a difficult fate, both in childhood and now, in attempts to build a stellar career. Passion immediately flares up between them and a relationship is struck. In addition to these two, there is a third hero – the avenger. The reader will have to figure out who is the villain and who is the victim.

The work is not a detective story, but belongs to the genre of melodrama, which tells about how mistakes of the past return and change the course of events; about the price of success; about love and hate; about loneliness and fear; about the betrayal of a loved one, who initially did a lot to become a talented Toby. The heroes grew up in poverty and are ready to do anything to get out of poverty and achieve their goals. The only question is who will choose which methods, whether they will remain honest, whether they will act according to their conscience. The novel will suit a wide readership.

'Angels Wrath'

Book author: Cindy Sheldon

Rating: 4.6


The fifth is a book about the spirit of opposing forces. The godfather of a New York mafia group, trying to expand his power, encounters a woman who works as a lawyer and is at the height of her career. None of them are willing to give in, accepting defeat. There will be no winners in history, but defeats and victories, high-profile scandals and crimes, big politics and money – there will be enough for everyone.

At the very beginning of the book, Jennifer falls into a trap right at the trial, after which her just begun career collapses before our eyes. But the main character is not one of those who give up. Now the goal is set – by all means restore the reputation and find out who arranged the trap. What will have to sacrifice for the sake of a cherished dream? Jennifer Parker is not just a typical young beauty, but a rather smart lawyer, skillfully unraveling difficult cases, finding solutions, it would seem, in the most difficult situations. The reader will certainly be interested in watching her as a person, her work. But after the rational girl falls in love with the cowardly Adam Warner, life goes to hell. He comes at the most unfortunate moment, when Jennifer, after the breakup, seems to be all right. Michael Moretti appeared in life, unlike Adam, strong, domineering and able to deal with any problems. Such people do not tolerate betrayal, do not forgive betrayal, and put into their words all the seriousness they are capable of.

The plot will develop rapidly, so you won't be able to tear yourself away from reading until all the intricacies are unraveled. The novel will especially interest people working in the field of criminal law. The piece is filled with examples of loopholes and tricks. It is well shown how a lawyer uses them to justify clients. Thriller, melodrama, detective are woven here, so everyone will find something of their own.

'The other side of midnight'

Book author: Cindy Sheldon

Rating: 4.5


In sixth place is the book, which begins and ends with the trial of the American pilot Larry Douglas and his mistress. They are charged with the murder of the air captain's wife. Sheldon structured the plot in such a way that thirty years pass from the beginning to the end of the trial.

The plot revolves around a love story that breaks lives, including innocent people. The narration comes from several persons. There are two heroines in the work: Noel and Catherine. The description of the life of girls begins from childhood. For both, it is not easy, in places shocking. Each goes into adulthood with their own baggage. One, Noel, is bright, sexy, madly beautiful, who understands what power she possesses and how easy it is to smack any chosen man. The second, Catherine, is well-mannered, sedate and intelligent. Throughout the book, young women commit various acts that make the reader angry, then moved, then indignant. The ladies are connected by a slippery type and a womanizer – Larry, in whom both one and the other fall in love. In the ending, you will find out where this relationship will lead.

Reviews of the novel are contradictory. Some say that they are not inferior to the rest of the popular books of the author, while others do not recommend the work to meet Sidney Sheldon. The ending seemed boring and predictable to some, and the main characters were illogical. But in order to reach your verdict, you should definitely read the work. More suitable for the female audience.

'Blood Ties'

Book author: Cindy Sheldon

Rating: 4.4


The rating closes with a book about the heiress of the pharmaceutical empire, who inherited from her father who died under mysterious circumstances. Elizabeth Roff does not believe in chance, realizing that what happened was murder. But then the question arises – who needs it, who removed the father and aimed at her? Suspicion falls on numerous relatives, each of whom needs money, and therefore is ready for reckless actions. Next to the heroine there is a loved one who came out of the lower classes and became a successful businessman. Elizabeth is confident in reciprocal feelings, but is everything as cloudless as it seems at first glance?

The girl, left without a father, is forced to quickly adapt to a new life after taking office as the head of a large company, whose factories are scattered in almost all countries. Soon, Elizabeth learns of multiple debts that affect the firm's reputation. Now it is necessary not only to manage a gigantic empire, look for a killer, fight off mercantile relatives, but also restore the name of the company. Four relatives are co-owners. The girl begins to suspect them of the ongoing troubles, because it is profitable for all four to clear the road by removing Roff's daughter in order to sell the main shareholding and get rich. Elizabeth finds herself surrounded by wolves in sheep's clothing, and not kind relatives who are ready to lend their shoulders in difficult times. On the contrary, any of them strives to substitute the bandwagon. At the same time, there are murders of young women who die from suffocation. Each one has a sign – a red ribbon. Are they related to the assassination attempt on Elizabeth? Who broke the law trying to get rich? What skeletons are hiding in the heroes' closets?

The novel is a fusion of detective and family saga. Many in reviews and reviews advise starting with it, because there is a small volume, a fascinating plot and dynamics. The reader on the pages of the book is waiting for the struggle for power, the desire to appropriate the inheritance, the secrets of the past, as well as greed, intrigue, ulterior motives, adventure, murder and, as in all other Sheldon's books, love.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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