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Ernest Miller Hemingway is the greatest writer of our time, a Nobel and Pulitzer Prize laureate, who became famous not only for his works, but also for a life rich in interesting events and adventures. And although it ended tragically, the master was able to give unforgettable creations that still excite millions of people around the world. Books written in the styles of modernism and realism were able to captivate even those readers who preferred other genres. E. Hemingway wrote about what surrounds him and about his feelings, revealing the facets of human life, describing difficult relationships between people.

His creations with a recognizable style, which simultaneously combined brevity and richness, are still enthusiastically read by people of different ages, sexes, and religions. In our rating, we selected the best works of an American prose writer and journalist, which became Ernest Hemingway's business card and could contribute to modern world literature.

Rating of the best books by Ernest Hemingway

Nomination a place composition rating
Rating of the best books by Ernest Hemingway 1 For whom the Bell Tolls 4.9
2 The Old Man and the Sea. Stories 4.8
3 A holiday that is always with you 4.7
4 Bye weapons! 4.7
5 Fiesta 4.7
6 Islands and sea 4.6
7 To have and not to have 4.5

For whom the Bell Tolls

Book author: Ernest Hemingway

Rating: 4.9


In the first place is the novel, which immediately after its publication in 1940 entered the top ten world works and throughout the entire time has held these positions, being an undoubted bestseller, which is definitely worth reading. The title of the book, which also sounds like 'For Whom the Alarm Takes', is taken from a sermon by the 17th century priest John Donne, and an excerpt from it became the epigraph.

This work is about war, about its cruelty, about suffering and hatred, about the value of human life as a unit and its depreciation among the masses, that is, about war without embellishment. It is intended both for those who were able to survive these events, and for those who have never come into contact with them, so that everyone always remembers what catastrophes they lead to. The action takes place in 1937 in Spain. In the center of events, a young fighter Robert Jordan, sent to the rear of the enemy to undermine the bridge. The book describes several days in the life of a partisan detachment. Each character is colorful and interesting in its own way. And although the author practically does not describe the experiences of the main characters, the reader himself guesses about them.

It is worth noting that due to the strictest censorship in the USSR, the book was published with distortions and corrections, but now you can enjoy the author's full-fledged creation, which is published without editing and abbreviations.

The Old Man and the Sea. Stories

Book author: Ernest Hemingway

Rating: 4.8


In second place in the rating is the great work of the writer, with which almost every book lover is familiar and which is included in the school curriculum. It was for him in 1954 that Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize. This book was the last creation of the prose writer, published during his lifetime. The main character is a Cuban fisherman who faces difficulties every day, but he appreciates everything that surrounds him, admires the wonderful world and shows an example of optimism in any situation.

Old Santiago has been unable to catch a single fish for almost three months, so he was considered unlucky. Only the boy Manolin believes that everything will work out for him and in every possible way helps an adult friend, despite his father's ban. On day 85, luck smiles at the old man, and he catches a giant marlin more than 5 meters long. For two days Santiago is trying to keep the fish on the line and swim with it to the shore. On the third day, he is forced to enter into an unequal fight with sharks, kill five of them, but lose almost all of the marlin caught.

Throughout the story, the old man communicates with animals on equal terms. He sympathizes with the marlin, understanding his feelings, talks to the sharks, admitting defeat and saying that they killed his dream and returned the unlucky ones to the camp again. 'The Old Man and the Sea' is a book that helps to rethink many moments of life, see new facets and become happy from any little things that previously seemed commonplace.

A holiday that is always with you

Book author: Ernest Hemingway

Rating: 4.7


The third place in the rating deservedly goes to a work consisting of small essays telling about the life of Ernest Hemingway in Paris. The autobiographical book tells not only about the wife and little son of the writer, but also about all the people who meet on the way during that period. To avoid inaccuracies in the description of the most romantic city in the world, the master visited Paris several times to clarify the smallest details.

The lyrical mood begins immediately after the first page, and the feeling of warmth and celebration remains long after reading the last one. In his memoirs, new features of the writer's talent were revealed: his observation, sincerity, curiosity and bright personality. In them, he showed all sides of human nature, his thoughts about craft and literary fellows. Many still consider the 20s of the 20th century to be Ernest Hemingway's 'golden age'.

In the book, the author describes his first acquaintance with Russian writers, whose works he saw in a bookstore. He was touched by the power of the talent of Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Turgenev. But after reading a special trace left the creations of Tolstoy, who described the war in a way that no one else had done before. If you have not read 'The holiday that is always with you', then do not put off the book until later and enjoy the interesting style, the incredible beauties of Paris, so lovingly described by the author, and once again make sure that it is not for nothing that Hemingway was recognized as one of the best prose writers modernity.

Bye weapons!

Book author: Ernest Hemingway

Rating: 4.7


The book, which took the fourth line of the rating, made Ernest Hemingway famous. Published in 1929, it immediately won the love of the readership and critical acclaim, and three years later it was successfully filmed by the American director Frank Borzegi. The plot of the novel, as in all the works of the author, is simple, does not differ in twist and complexity, is not burdened with parallel lines, the syllable is lively and understandable to readers of any age.

The action takes place during the First World War. An officer of the Italian army is wounded and ends up in the hospital, where at first sight he falls in love with his compatriot, nurse Catherine Barkley. After being cured, he miraculously escapes both from the enemy's bullet and from being shot for alleged desertion. Frederick Henry, realizing all the horrors of war, injustice and hatred of any human unit participating in these cruel events, leaves the war and, together with his beloved, is transported by boat to Switzerland.

Although the author argued that the work is purely literary, fictional, many plot lines are associated with the real life of the writer. He was also in the war, where he was wounded and hospitalized for treatment, during which he began an affair with a nurse. Subsequently, he confessed to the editor that he simply did not want to advertise his stay at the front and his serious injury.


Book author: Ernest Hemingway

Rating: 4.7


Further, the rating included an autobiographical novel, which was published in 1926. The memoirs became a kind of manifesto of the 'lost generation' of the 20s of the last century, which was able to survive the horrors of war, go through all the trials and difficulties, but never find itself in a peaceful life. All the heroes of the work really existed. They were close friends and acquaintances of Hemingway.

All descriptions are in the manner characteristic of the author: laconic, simple, without additional plot lines. From the first minute, the reader is captured and fascinated by the story of real people who, in every possible way, tried to adapt to their new life. The writer's enthusiasm for bullfighting is reflected in the novel. There will be friendships with a Spanish matador, visits to literary cafes, a fishing trip and a return to post-war Paris. Falling in love with a woman and insurmountable obstacles to living together, jealousy, alcohol in order to escape reality – all this can be observed in one of Hemingway's most famous works.

It should be noted that the original author's title of the book is 'The Sun Also Rises'. 'Fiesta' is the published English version. But the writer did not object to it, and subsequently two titles were indicated on the cover. The work is recommended for reading in order to understand that events always come in life that are a counterbalance to the previous ones. War gives way to peace, hatred to love, separation to meeting.

Islands and sea

Book author: Ernest Hemingway

Rating: 4.6


The novel included in our rating was published after Hemingway's death in 1970. In the center of the plot is the difficult life of the marine painter Thomas Hudson. The work is largely autobiographical. The appearance, age, occupation of the protagonist and the author completely coincide. Hudson and Hemingway collaborated with the American authorities. Even the breeds, names and habits of the cats of these people are identical.

The description begins with the measured and calm life of the artist, who settled on the island of Bimini and paints his paintings there. Once a year, his sons come to him and spend their summer holidays with their father. They enjoy the beauty of the island, relax, swim in the sea. But the tragic death of his two younger sons and ex-wife puts an end to the artist's happy life. The second part of the novel touches upon the events of the Second World War, in which Hudson's eldest son also perishes. He becomes embittered with the whole world, drowns grief in alcohol.

In the last part, Thomas participates in the capture of the crew of a German submarine, who tried to escape from the damaged submarine. The task will be completed, but Hudson himself is seriously injured. The work touched upon many aspects of human life: morality, loneliness, courage, responsibility for oneself and those around them.

To have and not to have

Book author: Ernest Hemingway

Rating: 4.5


Our rating ends with a novel published in 1937. He talks about the difficult years of the economic crisis in America. In the center of the plot is a simple fisherman who is trying to survive in the conditions of the Great Depression and who has become out of desperation on a criminal path to feed himself, his wife and three daughters. Harry Morgan moonlights by renting out his boat to vacationers. He himself accompanies the rich, as he knows the best places for fishing.

One day he finds himself in a difficult situation with spoiled gear and no money. To get from the coast of Cuba to America, he is forced to agree to illegally transport the Chinese, who, at the insistence of the intermediary, were to be killed on the way. But Morgan prefers to save illegal immigrants from certain death. Once on a slippery slope, Harry agrees to continue smuggling whiskey.

Fate is unfair to the fisherman, and he dies without realizing his dream to help his family. And at this time on large and luxurious yachts people who do not know of denial mindlessly burn their lives. The novel raises acute social problems, in the center of which is the confrontation between the poor and the rich, a well-fed life and a half-starved existence. The reader will have to decide for himself who is the real criminal here, and who became so by the will of fate.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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