7 best board games for girls

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

On store shelves, you can find many beautiful games for girls that perfectly replace watching TV and being at the computer. Before presenting your child with a new entertainment, you should make sure of the correct choice and take into account certain factors:

  1. quality and size of parts (for children under 3 years old, playing with small chips is not suitable);
  2. the number of players (think with whom and when the child will play);
  3. time for one round (for kids it should not exceed half an hour);
  4. interests of the child (take into account the girl's hobbies, her preferences).

We took these parameters into account when compiling a rating of the best board games for beautiful princesses aged 3-7 years. The opinions of buyers and the correspondence of price to quality were not ignored.

Rating of the best games for girls

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best games for girls 1 Glamor Monopoly RUB 1 380
2 Little hostess 7+ 340 RUB
3 Princess Quiz (6+) 390 RUB
4 Doctor Plusheva (5+) 491 r
5 Game story 4+ 585 RUB
6 Board 3d walking game “Umka” disney. Sofia, Umka 280 RUB
7 Board game “Little Mods”, Pic'nMix 540 RUB

Monopoly Glamor

Rating: 4.8


Especially for girls aged five and over, the 'Glamorous Monopoly' was created. Players buy nightclubs and beauty salons here. Such entertainment will not only allow you to have fun, but also to develop intelligence, attention, and learn to think analytically and logically. The child will understand the essence of commodity-money relations and entrepreneurship.

Players place their chips at the start and roll two dice in turn. The field on which we had to stop determines further actions. This can be getting money, house arrest, tax payments, buying a fashion boutique. The essence of the game is not to go bankrupt. Monopoly will help raise an economical mistress or a real businesswoman. The price is about 700 rubles.

Little hostess 7+

Rating: 4.7

board game Little hostess

Next in the ranking is a game for little cooks. Entertainment of the 'New Generation' company will acquaint the child with the intricacies of housekeeping and creating delicious dishes. After the game, the girls rush to the kitchen to put the theory into practice. The set was invented for young ladies from seven years old, but everyone who already knows how to read will like it.

There are two stages in total – the selection of ingredients for the recipe and the collection of dishes. The winner will be the one who prepares meals for the morning, lunch and evening before the others. The game teaches the girl logic and patience. One session can last over an hour. You need to pay 400 rubles for the set. The 'little hostess' and its price fully meet the expectations of children and their parents.

'Princess Quiz' (6+)

Rating: 4.7


The next game is suitable for six year old girls. In reality, children aged 4-5 years can participate in it. It is permissible to play together, three or four. The set includes a playing field, a cube with chips, cards with tasks, facts about animals, the alphabet and the world around us in general. There are 500 questions in total.

This is an excellent option for preparing a child for school and the general development of a kindergarten graduate. The young lady will be delighted with colorful pictures and exciting tasks. Snow White, Ariel, Belle and other popular Disney princesses will help you find the right answer. The game costs 350-400 rubles.

Doctor Plusheva (5+)

Rating: 4.6


If a charming princess loves Doctor Plyusheva or dreams of becoming a doctor, she will surely like the board game from the domestic firm 'Star'. You couldn't think of a better gift! In addition, this is a budget option that will cost 450 rubles.

Players must heal the characters by collecting five cards of the same color. Whoever did it first won! The set includes a special field, 25 tokens, a die and an instruction. You can play both together and four. 'Doctor Plyusheva' is suitable for young ladies from five years old. Some adults think that for a child of this age, the game is simple.

Game story 4+

Rating: 4.5


Girls who love fairy tales and games with stories will appreciate the 'Gambling Story'. With its help, the child can independently compose fascinating stories, without waiting for an adult to tell them. The set includes cards with heroes, pictures with actions and storytelling, which are clues for the storyline. Admire the colorful design of the game. It brings real aesthetic pleasure to all players. The entertainment is suitable for girls from 6 years old. Some of them involve 3-5 years old storytellers in writing.

The number of players is 2-12 people. Adults and boys take part in storytelling with pleasure. 'Gambling story' allows you to develop logic and imagination, using the presented pictures, children are looking for an answer to a question, learn to formulate sentences. The price is about 600 rubles.

Board 3D walker game Umka disney. Sofia, Umka

Rating: 4.5


Next in the ranking is the walking board game, which is suitable for girls from three years old. “Umka” allows you to spend your leisure time entertainingly, have fun with your favorite cartoon characters. Buyers note the decent quality of the kit, the affordable price and the positive impact of the game on the study of numbers and letters.

Parents claim that the child cannot be torn from the kit. Girls 4-5 years old are happy to play Umka, and 3D houses perfectly complement the entertainment. This is a great birthday gift option. The walker costs about 300 rubles. It is advised to purchase the game in trusted stores. There were cases of missing parts in the box.

Board Game Little Mods Pic'nMix

Rating: 4.4


Rounding out the rating is a board game for three year old girls and older. It is a sticky puzzle consisting of two fields that the child must fill out while studying the types and names of clothes. The kid will learn to understand what time of year this or that thing is intended for, to think logically and perceive forms with colors.

The game develops visual memory and speech formulation, as well as fine motor skills. 'Little Mods' is suitable for children under 3 years old, because large parts are made of good quality plastic that does not bend. The kit costs about 500 rubles. Some parents thought the price was too high. There are too few clothes in the set.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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