7 best batteries – alkaline, lithium and rechargeable

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Batteries are still used in everyday life. With their help, remote controls for all kinds of household appliances work. They are also needed for the consoles with which radio-controlled cars are supplied. And these are just two of the most striking examples! In short, why not tell on the pages about the best batteries sold in Russian stores? We will talk about both alkaline and lithium versions. Outside of our article, only salt batteries will remain, they are very much outdated (and, to be honest, they hardly differ from each other).

Varieties of batteries

Modern batteries can be created using a variety of technologies. The capacity, voltage and many other parameters of the battery depend on this.

  1. The cheapest are salt batteries – their invention happened back in the middle of the 20th century. These batteries are equipped with electrodes made of manganese oxide and zinc. Each electrode is inside an electrolyte made from an ammonium chloride solution. The electrodes are interconnected by a salt bridge. And if earlier such batteries 'leaked' after a couple of months, now the shelf life has increased to at least two years. The capacity of such products has also slightly increased (this applies to products under famous brands).

  2. Alkaline (alkaline) batteries were also invented around the middle of the last century. Now they are the most common – this is facilitated by the cheapness of their manufacture, and a decent capacity, and a long shelf life. In the chemical system of such batteries, all the same electrodes made of manganese dioxide and zinc are used, but potassium hydroxide is already used as an electrolyte. On the body of such batteries there is an inscription 'Alkaline' – this is how an alkaline battery can be distinguished from a saline one.

  3. Separately, one could talk about mercury and silver batteries, but it is almost impossible to find them in retail. We can say that such batteries are experimental. They go on sale very rarely due to the complexity of manufacture and high cost. And there are some problems with utilization.

  4. Lithium batteries are becoming more and more popular. They contain a lithium cathode and an anode made of different materials. Between the cathode and the anode there is a separator and a diaphragm, which are impregnated with an organic electrolyte. In a word, the design turns out to be very complex, but it significantly increases the energy consumption of the battery. Also, a distinctive feature of a lithium battery is the independence of the capacity from the load current. The shelf life can be up to 10-12 years. You can distinguish such a battery from an alkaline or saline battery by the 'Lithium' label.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of batteries

A type Advantages disadvantages
Saline Very low cost.

The capacity drops dramatically at low temperatures;

Fast self-discharge;

Strong voltage drop during discharge.

Alkaline (alkaline) Increased capacity;

Stored up to 5 years;

Good tightness;

Low self-discharge rate;

Possibility to work at low temperatures.

Large weight;

Quite high price;

Decrease in voltage during discharge.

Lithium: Very high capacity;

Are not afraid of high load current;

Very long shelf life;

Operation at high and low temperatures is possible;

Low weight.

Very high cost.

Here we will not talk about the shape of different batteries, since below we will only talk about the so-called “finger” and “little finger” products. We will also tell you about the best rechargeable batteries that are ideal for use in, say, computer peripherals.

Rating of the best batteries

Nomination a place Name of product Rating
The best alkaline (alkaline) batteries 1 Duracell Turbo Max 4.9
2 Sony Alkaline STAMINA Platinum 4.8
Best lithium batteries 1 Energizer Ultimate Lithium 5.0
2 VARTA Professional Lithium 4.9
Best rechargeable batteries 1 GP Rechargeable 4.9
2 Panasonic Eneloop Pro 4.8
3 Duracell Recharge Turbo 4.7

The best alkaline (alkaline) batteries

Duracell Turbo Max

Rating: 4.9

Duracell Turbo Max

Duracell batteries are traditionally sold in packs of 2, 4, 8 and 12. They are distinguished from other batteries of this kind by the presence of a charge indicator. The user only needs to put his fingers to the special points, as a special strip will show whether the battery is capable of giving off energy. Also, the product has a long shelf life, which not every alkaline battery can boast of.

The manufacturer claims that his creation is capable of working much longer than any other batteries – the package mentions 70%. In fact, this battery actually lasts longer than a regular Duracell AA, but only by 7-14%. Independent tests have shown that when used in a compact camera, the charge dries up after 253 shots, which cannot be called an ideal result – some cheaper counterparts are capable of the same 'feats'. Also, not everything is in order with the product with safety – if you arrange a short circuit, then after half an hour the case will begin to leak.

Perhaps this product got into our rating due to its wide distribution. You can find Duracell Turbo Max batteries at any retail outlet that sells consumer electronics. Moreover, they can often be purchased even in regular supermarkets.


  • There is a charge indicator;

  • There are different packaging options (from 2 to 12 batteries);

  • Opening times cannot be called low;

  • Widespread prevalence;


  • This battery series is discontinued;

  • Quite high cost;

  • Low level of short circuit protection;

Sony Alkaline STAMINA Platinum

Rating: 4.8

Sony Alkaline STAMINA Platinum

Another alkaline battery with AA and AAA form factor. They can be supplied in different packages, but the most popular is the version with four batteries. The manufacturer writes that the product works 50% longer than its competitors. In fact, the increase is not so great, unless you compare these batteries with batteries that are four times cheaper. But you can't argue about the long shelf life – most likely, Sony batteries will really work even ten years after their manufacture.

Tests have shown that batteries are best suited for use in remote controls and other devices that are only used occasionally. If the device requires constant power (for example, a toy railroad or a radio), then the charge can run out very quickly.

Unfortunately, these batteries are supplied to Russia in limited quantities. It is extremely rare to find them in retail chains. Nevertheless, batteries have earned their place in our ranking.


  • Long shelf life;

  • Good protection against leaks;

  • Decent capacity;


  • High price;

  • In Russia, Sony batteries are almost uncommon.

Best lithium batteries

Energizer Ultimate Lithium

Rating: 5.0

Energizer Ultimate Lithium

Perhaps one of the most durable batteries in our ranking. The product has such a low self-discharge that the battery can be used even 20 years after its release. This is explained by the use of lithium technology, all the advantages of which are described at the very beginning of this article. Also, the battery has a high energy density, due to which the capacity is also increased. However, it is recommended to use the product only in devices with high power consumption – only then will you notice a 3-4 times longer battery life. If you insert these batteries, for example, into the remote control, then there will be practically no increase. The fact is that lithium batteries from Energizer do not tolerate short-term energy consumption – in this case, they almost completely stop saving energy, discharging even faster than alkaline counterparts.

Unfortunately, these batteries are very expensive. For a package of four, they ask for about 400 rubles, and this is still a moderate price tag, which can be found not in every retail network! In this regard, the conclusion suggests itself that the price of a minute of operation of any digital camera will be very high. It makes sense to buy regular alkaline batteries instead, albeit changing them much more often. The lithium version should only suit those who want to change batteries as little as possible. Tests have also shown that Energizer Ultimate batteries maintain a stable voltage even when almost completely discharged, which is also very important in some cases.


  • Sold in many retail chains;

  • Stable voltage at any charge level;

  • Low weight;

  • They perform well in devices with high power consumption;


  • The cost of each battery is more than 100 rubles;

  • Accelerated discharge in low power devices.

VARTA Professional Lithium

Rating: 4.9

VARTA Professional Lithium.jpg

Some time ago it was one of the most popular lithium batteries in our country. Only supermarkets did not sell such batteries. However, the production of this series of batteries has now been discontinued, so finding them is becoming increasingly difficult. There is no need to be afraid of leftovers from warehouses, as the shelf life of the product is calculated for many years.

Independent tests have shown that in devices with constant and high power consumption, batteries can last for more than three hours. Compared to alkaline counterparts, the result is approximately 20 minutes better. In moderate mode, the batteries also perform very well, but the gain is not so noticeable – the cost of an hour of work is already becoming too high.

If we continue the comparison with alkaline batteries, we cannot fail to note the minimum weight of lithium batteries. This is important if you regularly hold an electrical appliance in your hands – for example, it can be a radio, a flashlight or a gamepad. VARTA Professional Tithium can work in absolutely any conditions – from wild frost to sweltering heat. These batteries are supplied in a blister of two or four cells. As is the case with other batteries reviewed in this rating, batteries from VARTA can belong to different form factors.


  • Decent runtime in intensive mode;

  • Minimum weight;

  • Maximum protection against leaks;

  • The batteries hold up well in moderate mode;


  • Discontinued;

  • High cost per hour with moderate use.

Best rechargeable batteries

GP Rechargeable

Rating: 4.9

GP Rechargeable

If we consider the option of buying rechargeable batteries, then the GP products will be the best choice. Now these are one of the cheapest batteries with a very decent quality. The product has a branded white-green-yellow color, while there are options with very different capacities. If we talk about the AA form factor (“finger” batteries), then the capacity of one such battery can reach 2700 mAh. The cost of batteries depends on this parameter. In particular, a pair of batteries with the aforementioned capacity will cost about 500-600 rubles. This is very good for rechargeable cells that can last for many years. You can also find a set of batteries with a charger on sale, but such a set is already much more expensive.

Products under the GP brand are partially manufactured from used power sources. This suggests that the manufacturer cares about nature conservation. Most often, these batteries are bought for use in gamepads, computer mice, flashlights and compact cameras – it is in these devices that they perform best. It should be noted that the products under the aforementioned brand are supplied in blisters of different capacities, and the form factors include not only the popular AA and AAA. All GP batteries have one thing in common – nickel-cupronickel technology was used for their production.


  • There are high capacity options;

  • High prevalence throughout Russia;

  • Relatively low cost;

  • There are different blisters on sale;


  • The capacity of some copies does not correspond to the declared one;

  • The service life cannot be called the maximum.

Panasonic Eneloop Pro

Rating: 4.8

Panasonic Eneloop Pro

The Japanese company Panasonic has been producing batteries for many years. Its products are of high quality and long service life. And if traditional batteries from Panasonic did not make it into our rating, then we could not fail to mention the Eneloop Pro. A blister of four such batteries is sold in our country for about 1250 rubles. This cost may seem prohibitive. But for this money, you get a product that can serve, if not forever, then for many years. The batteries are made using nickel-cupronickel technology, but at the same time the manufacturer managed to significantly reduce self-discharge – the cells will have to be inserted into the charger only a year after they have been idle. Also, these batteries work without any problems in the cold, giving out the prescribed voltage of 1.2 V.

These batteries are ideal for use in computer peripherals, photographic equipment and other electrical appliances. The Japanese claim that their creation is capable of withstanding 500 recharge cycles, and there is no point in not believing it. As for the capacity, it reaches 2500 mAh. In some cases, this parameter even exceeds the stated one, which is extremely atypical for rechargeable batteries. In a word, the experts of our online magazine believe that this is the best choice, albeit very expensive!


  • High capacity, which may be higher than stated;

  • You can buy in many retail chains;

  • Long service life;

  • Sufficiently low self-discharge;

  • Reliable construction;


  • High price.

Duracell Recharge Turbo

Rating: 4.7

Duracell Recharge Turbo

Our rating could not do without Duracell rechargeable products. Such batteries do not have any record indicators, but they can be bought in most Russian stores. Also, these very batteries are actively advertised on television and on the Internet. So what will make Duracell Recharge Turbo batteries happy?

The manufacturer promises that his creations can withstand at least 400 recharge cycles – during this amount, the capacity, if it will decrease, then in minimal volumes. It is also guaranteed that the batteries will provide stable power to the device even if purchased five years after manufacture. The product is designed to work in any gadgets – both high and low power consumption. The capacity of each rechargeable battery is 2500 mAh, which will be enough for absolutely any buyer. The manufacturer suggests that this capacity provides up to 25 hours of gamepad operation. In a word, it is difficult to say something bad about these batteries. You can only complain about the price tag. For a pack of four Duracell Recharge Turbo AA batteries, sellers ask for about 1,000 rubles.


  • Various types of packaging;

  • High reliability;

  • Long service life;

  • Preservation of voltage even with a strong discharge;

  • Very high capacity;


  • The cost of each battery reaches 250 rubles.


This is the list of the best “finger” batteries among those sold in Russian retail. Now you know exactly which batteries you should pay attention to when visiting a store. The batteries considered in this rating have quite a decent capacity and a very long service life.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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