7 best bath cleaners according to customer reviews

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Regular cleaning and hygiene are essential to the health and well-being of family members. The bathroom also deserves attention, where it is important to maintain cleanliness and order. A dirty stained bath is a breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. To get rid of this, find a cleaning product. There is a huge assortment of household chemicals for plumbing to choose from, so you just have to choose the right one.

Rating of the best bath cleaners

nomination a place product name price
The best cleaning agents for cast iron baths 1 CIF Ultra White 125 RUB.
2 Comet Gel 177 RUB
The best cleaners for acrylic and enamel bathtubs 1 Luxus Professional 'Clean Bath' 145 RUB.
2 Unicum RUB 155
3 Bagi 'Akrylan' 487 RUB
The best plaque and rust remover 1 Cilit bang 164 RUB
Best Safe Bath Cleaner 1 Amway Home LOC 410 RUB

Bath cleaner. Which company should you choose?

There is a huge range of products in the household chemicals segment. Go to the hardware store to see this. Buyers are offered both universal and specialized products for cleaning bathtubs and other plumbing fixtures. The price range is also very different. At the same time, cheap drugs do a good job with the tasks, but for complex contaminants it is better to select funds from proven professional brands.


The Cif trademark belongs to the Dutch-British company Unilever. Detergents from this manufacturer have already gained popularity in the Russian market. Cif abrasive creams with a unique formula are sold in 50 countries around the world.


A popular brand in the segment of household cleaning chemicals. The company from the USA was founded in 1956 and is popular. Products under the Comet brand occupy the budget segment in our country and are intended for regular use at home.

Cilit bang

Under this brand, universal cleaning agents belonging to the manufacturer Benkizer are produced. The company's products have been presented on the Russian market since 1994 and have always enjoyed great success. These are inexpensive detergents for plumbing and kitchenware.

The best cleaning agents for cast iron baths

Cast iron baths are popular today, despite the appearance of analogues. This material is renowned for its reliability, so plumbing will last for decades if properly cared for.

CIF Ultra White

Rating: 4.8

CIF Ultra White

According to customer reviews, this is a popular whitening cream for cast iron baths. The difference from the classic CIF cream is the presence of special micro granules that remove grease and whiten the surface. It is safe for all types of coatings and is often used to remove stubborn stains on enamel. For many housewives, CIF has become a product for regular use, thanks to its fast effect and affordable price.

One of the most inexpensive items. Cif provides a lather that helps wipe away soap stains and salt deposits. But it is unlikely to cope with serious pollution in the form of mold and scale.


  • soft and safe whitening of enamel and acrylic;

  • balanced ratio of price and quality;

  • economical consumption;


  • not suitable for combating water stone, mold and stubborn dirt;

  • does not damage the skin of the hands;

  • it is necessary to make an effort to scrub the stains;

Comet Gel

Rating: 4.7

Comet Bath Gel

An inexpensive and effective bathroom cleaning gel. The texture of the gel provides a soft effect on the surface without damaging the enamel, especially recommended for cast iron baths. The cleaning base does a great job on yellow stains and limescale. Foam is applied for 10 minutes, after which the stains are easily rubbed off with a sponge. In addition to this, there are disinfectant additives that prevent the spread of germs.

The tool in the form of a gel belongs to the budget segment, although it is more expensive than its competitors. Unlike Cif, it copes well with rust and limescale in 10 minutes. But for such a procedure, personal protective equipment is selected for safety.


  • removal of all types of contamination;

  • effective whitening;

  • disinfection;

  • soft effect on enamel without scratches;


  • Strong smell;

  • it is required to wipe the stains by hand using protective equipment.

Rating of the best cleaners for acrylic and enamel bathtubs

Acrylic and enamel bathtubs have an attractive appearance. But they require protection and regular cleaning with detergents.

Active foam Luxus Professional 'Clean bath'

Rating: 4.7

Active foam Luxus Professional 'Clean bath'

For acrylic and enamel baths, Luxus Professional 'Clean Bath' active foam is suitable, which provides intensive cleaning of bathroom fixtures. Products in the form of a spray are easy to apply, and thanks to a 15% anionic surfactant, it fights well against stains, rust, limescale, pathogenic microorganisms. Luxus Professional has won numerous competitions for its effectiveness.

Luxus Professional foam is applied to the surface for 10-15 minutes and then washed off. It is a powerful tool that costs more than the competition.


  • convenient dosage with a spray bottle;

  • effective bleaching and disinfection;

  • antibacterial coating;

  • lack of aggressive components;

  • universal product for various surfaces;


  • strong and pungent odor.


Rating: 4.7

unicum for bathroom

Universal spray cleaner Unicum helps fight stains and stubborn dirt. the content of acids in the composition does not exceed 5-10%, but this allows you to remove not only soap stains, but also rust and mold. The dispenser helps to select the amount of detergent, thus ensuring an economical consumption. The composition contains surfactants and acids, therefore, precautions must be taken. It is an effective remedy, although cheaper options can be found on the market.

The powerful Unicum cleaner will help clean your bathtub, sink and kitchen. Unlike other competitors, Unicum is acid-based, so care must be taken to clean the bath surface and wear protective gloves.


  • effective cleaning of various contaminants – mold, rust, plaque;

  • versatility for washing plumbing;

  • convenient sprinkler;


  • acrid odor;

  • hazardous effect on skin contact.

Bagi 'Akrylan'

Rating: 4.6

Bagi 'Akrylan'

Bagi 'Akrilan' is the best product in the opinion of ordinary buyers. It contains active chemical compounds and citric acid. Thanks to this combination, it is possible to achieve effective cleaning and disinfection at the same time. At the same time, it does not damage acrylic and enamel, so you can use it without fear, but without forgetting about gloves and masks. The main disadvantage is the cost – you will have to pay almost 2 times more for a more powerful train.

Acrylan copes with rust, mold, plaque, but is one of the most expensive in the segment. It washes crevices well and destroys microbes, but active chemical components are hazardous to health, so you need to work carefully.


  • convenient dispensing with a spray bottle;

  • fast impact in 5-10 minutes;

  • effective whitening of acrylic and enamel surfaces;


  • acrid odor;

  • high cost compared to competitors.

The best plaque and rust remover

Lime deposits and rust become a common problem with long-term use of the bath. To remove them, it is better to select special detergents that can corrode dirt without damaging the enamel.

Cilit bang

Rating: 4.8

Cilit bang

Cilit Bang is the market leader as the best all-in-one bath cleaner. It fights dirt effectively. It can be used to clean plumbing fixtures, stoves, tiles and other surfaces. Unlike competitors, the dangerous substances in the composition are replaced by oxalic acid, so Cilit Bang can be used regularly. Housewives like that one can wash almost everything in the house with one product.

An inexpensive product for cleaning bathtubs and other plumbing fixtures from rust and stubborn deposits. Cilit Bang offers one of the best options in terms of price and end result.


  • effective breakdown of rust on enamelled surfaces; with

  • creating a dirt-repellent surface;

  • convenient application due to the spray gun;


  • persistent chemical odor;

    contains chlorine.

Best Safe Bath Cleaner

Amway Home LOC

Rating: 4.9

Amway Home LOC

Amway products belong to the professional category of cleaning products that are used in organizations. Amway Lock is a versatile product that can deal well with dirt. It is applied in the form of a gel, which is free of chlorine and active acid. Amway Home LOC is safe, therefore it is used even in rooms with children and animals, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to cope with strong pollution.

The product has a very reasonable price, so it is popular. If you need to find a safe formulation for home use without a chemical odor, then Amway Home LOC is the right solution. Although strong rust sometimes requires acid-based products.


  • universality of application;

  • hypoallergenic and biodegradable base;

  • economical consumption during cleaning;

  • pleasant aroma due to additives;

  • safe composition and absence of pungent odors;


  • not suitable for stubborn dirt.

Which bath cleaner to buy?

  1. Popular cleaners to fight stains are Cif Crem and Comet Gel. They attract with a balanced value for money, which is why many housewives keep them close at hand. These products are universal, so they are used to clean cast iron, acrylic and enamel baths, kitchen utensils and much more. The budget price also contributes to the popularity.

  2. The powerful tools include Bagi 'Akrilan' and Luxus Professional. They contain active chemical components and a concentrated composition. Thanks to this, they cope well with ingrained dirt, including rust and plaque.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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