7 best baby powders

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Among the huge variety of baby products, mums and dads are trying to find the most effective and safest care product. It is very important that the composition does not affect the baby's fragile, unprotected skin and health in general. After birth, baby powder is an obligatory remedy. She is included in the list of essentials that parents make up in advance before the baby appears.

What is it for, and is it possible to do with other universal means? The answer to this question is 'no' by experienced moms and pediatricians. After all, powder is the main method of dealing with diaper rash, which periodically appear on the child's skin. It absorbs excess fluid, dries the cover a little, eliminates inflammation and microcracks, relieves itching. Regular use ensures clean skin and a comfortable baby.

Like other baby products, the powder should be free of harmful chemicals. To do this, you must definitely look at the composition, even if the manufacturer is cunning and indicates it in small, hard-to-read type. Today you can buy a product in any price category. There are organic products that contain exclusively natural ingredients, there are those with acceptable chemical components.

Which powders are better, we will tell in this article. The review includes 7 products that have undergone laboratory tests and tests and passed them with flying colors. They are also recommended by parents with experience of use, which has shown the high quality, safety and effectiveness of these products.

Rating of the best baby powders

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best baby powders 1 Linea bimbi helan RUB 1,160
2 Lycopodium RUB 699
3 Johnson's Baby with cornstarch 144 RUB
4 BabyLine Nature with Pine Pollen 121 RUB
5 Klorane with calendula extract 450 RUB
6 Sanat with chamomile and string without talc 125 RUB
7 Sanosan with olive oil and allantoin 257 r

Linea Bimbi Helan Baby Rice Powder

Rating: 4.9


The leader is powder, which is based on natural extracts of plants grown on ecologically clean plantations. Its light and delicate texture instantly softens the skin. Rice starch absorbs moisture and creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The kid feels great both when awake and when sleeping. Diaper rash and prickly heat do not appear.

The formula consists of oat flour, corn starch, macadamia oil, aloe leaf extracts and European olive. In general, they have a powerful healing effect and preventive support against all skin diseases. The powder improves cellular respiration, enhances natural immunity, and strengthens the hydrolipid film.

A pleasant smell is provided by a natural fragrance, which is created on the infusion of chamomile in distilled water. Also included in the composition are extracts of Sicilian orange and other herbs, which do not affect the sensitive sense of smell, while maintaining freshness and aroma under the diaper. The tool is convenient to use and store. The tight lid prevents spilling and bacteria from getting inside.


  • organic product;
  • instant effect;
  • refreshing effect;
  • increased protective properties;
  • delicate aroma.


  • not identified.

Children's natural powder “Lycopodium”

Rating: 4.8


The second place is deservedly taken by the powder, which can be used as a prophylaxis for diaper rash, as well as for the elimination of an existing rash, redness, dermatitis. The soft powder quickly eliminates anxiety. It actively adsorbs moisture without overdrying the skin and without affecting the hydrolipid barrier. Only one ingredient is included. Lycopodium is the dry fruit of the Ploun genus. They are high in fatty acids and other reducing compounds.

The plant has anti-inflammatory, disinfecting properties. The powder can be used by the whole family, using it in the treatment of burns, frostbite, eczema. It quickly stops bleeding, stimulates cell regeneration, thereby enhancing healing processes.

The jar has a convenient shape. The use is comfortable. The powder in the form of the smallest powder is well distributed, does not roll, does not clog into folds. The powder has been approved by pediatricians and dermatologists. Parents were also pleased with her action. The product was chosen by adherents of natural products and principles of veganism.


  • valuable herbal ingredient;
  • universal purpose;
  • treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • strengthening the baby's skin;
  • economical consumption.


  • not identified.

Johnson's Baby Corn Starch Powder

Rating: 4.7


The third prize is a well-known brand powder, in which corn starch is used as an absorbent. The hypoallergenic composition will not cause undesirable reactions. It has passed 30 different tests, and in all of them dermatologists have confirmed its safety. The tool is used to prevent diaper rash in infants and eliminate prickly heat in older children. The improved formula absorbs moisture better, keeping the skin dry and clean.

Aloe Vera promotes rapid healing of micro-wounds. The extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, quickly soothes, relieves discomfort. The composition includes vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. It enhances the natural protective functions of the skin, preventing aggressive external influences.

Delicate texture does not clog wrinkles. It serves both to eliminate redness and as a prophylaxis against diaper rash. Parents noted that this is one of the best Johnson's Baby products with a natural composition and a high level of performance. The application is convenient. The holes do not release excess powder, making the application economical.


  • natural absorbent;
  • intensive absorption of moisture;
  • disinfecting effect;
  • strengthening the structure of the skin;
  • maximum safety.


  • not identified.

BabyLine Nature Powder with Pine Pollen

Rating: 4.7


The fourth was baby powder with an improved formula, which consists of natural non-allergenic ingredients that do not affect the baby's fragile skin. Pine pollen acts as a mild absorbent. It absorbs moisture, keeping the skin dry and clean longer. Also active ingredients are corn starch, extracts of aloe and honeysuckle. Each of them has a high therapeutic effect and helps to maintain the health of an immature organism.

The German manufacturer has taken care of comfortable use and minimizing consumption. The shape of the jar is comfortable for the hand. She does not slip out, cannot injure or scare the baby. Spontaneous opening of the lid is excluded. Kids love the cute design.

Parents recommend paying attention to this remedy. All safety conditions are met in it. The result is not long in coming. The soft powder is very gentle on the skin. The innovative composition works even faster and more efficiently.


  • herbal medicinal components;
  • high degree of absorption;
  • instant relief of the condition;
  • prevention of atopic dermatitis;
  • fast restoration of the cover.


  • not identified.

Protective powder Klorane with calendula extract

Rating: 4.6


On the fifth line is a powder with a mild hypoallergenic composition. It has an intense soothing and softening effect, allows you to always keep your child's skin dry and clean, and he remains cheerful and calm day and night. The powder absorbs moisture from the folds, preventing diaper rash and burning. The product absorbs urine and sweat, so the feeling of comfort is maximized even in hot weather.

Calendula extract stimulates cell renewal leading to wound healing. It helps to control the level of moisture, eliminates dryness and tightness after exposure to powder. The delicate aroma is formed by herbal ingredients. The manufacturer has created not only a safe and effective composition, but also thought out the shape of the package.

The convenient tube makes it easy to use. The holes of the optimum diameter dispense the metered amount of powder. Parents note that this is the best product in the middle price segment, ideally combining all the characteristics.


  • therapeutic effect;
  • safe composition;
  • increased skin immunity;
  • protection from all irritants;
  • pleasant consistency.


  • not identified.

Children's powder Sanat with chamomile and a series of talc-free

Rating: 4.5


The sixth place was given to a powder developed by scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It does not contain dyes, talcum powder, preservatives or other irritating chemicals and does not cause allergic reactions. The basis of the formula is a patented alumosilicon-containing substance. It actively absorbs moisture without disturbing the natural protective layer of the skin. The powder has a hygienic effect, eliminates microbes. It is also active in terms of toxins, preventing their accumulation.

Burberry and chamomile extracts have a softening and soothing effect. Burning, itching, redness is instantly eliminated. Due to its high absorbing properties, diaper rash and prickly heat do not appear, the baby remains comfortable at any time of the day or night. The compact package is convenient to take with you. It doesn't take up much space. The application is very comfortable.

Parents who decided not to use talcum powder rated the effectiveness of the powder as 'excellent'. It has all the characteristics required for a baby product. Instant effect and quite affordable cost make it popular with buyers.


  • domestic scientific development;
  • clinically proven safety;
  • natural ingredients;
  • relieves itching after insect bites;
  • good absorbency.


  • not identified.

Sanosan powder with olive oil and allantoin

Rating: 4.4


The TOP-7 of the best powders is closed by a hypoallergenic agent that has passed the strictest dermatological control. It can be used on any part of the body to prevent diaper rash and prickly heat. The powder lays down gently on the cover, but rather intensively absorbs excess moisture. The composition has anti-inflammatory, wound healing and disinfecting effects. It is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and mineral oils.

The recipe is thought out as much as possible. It contains organic olive oil, known for its medicinal properties. It nourishes delicate skin, maintains water-lipid balance, strengthens tissues and improves its own protective barrier. Allantoin promotes enhanced regeneration, instantly soothes the skin.

According to reviews, the powder fully fulfills its functions. The packaging makes it easy to use. The ribbed surface on the sides prevents the bottle from slipping out. The hole dispenses the metered amount. The cover locks in firmly, preventing spills on the go. Parents note that the remedy helps fight various irritations, including atopic dermatitis.


  • recommendations of obstetricians;
  • delicate texture;
  • high absorption rate;
  • strengthening the thin cover;
  • convenient packaging format.


  • not identified.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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