7 best baby monitors according to customer reviews

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A baby monitor is a modern gadget that allows you to remotely monitor your baby. The device is equipped with voice transmission functions, often not only the mother hears the baby, but the baby can easily recognize the native speech from the built-in speaker of the baby monitor. Additionally, it is equipped with video transfer and file recording to built-in or external media.

Criteria for choosing a baby monitor

The choice is always based on the main characteristics of the models, as well as on user feedback. According to our experts, before buying a baby monitor, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. How data is transmitted from the receiver to the radio. For example, digital devices are much better at dealing with electrical noise than analog ones.

  2. Is it possible to recharge the battery or the baby monitor works from the mains. The second option is convenient only in a child's room; it will not work as a 'walkie-talkie with a wire'.

  3. Is there sufficient range to cover the entire apartment. It should be borne in mind that the manufacturer sets the maximum indicator, which must be divided in half to obtain the real signal transmission range.

  4. Is there a two-way communication in the baby monitor? Many children want to constantly hear their parents; in such situations, the second version of the models is useful.

  5. Are additional features included. For example, the built-in melody often distracts the child, and the function of transferring and recording an image can even catch unscrupulous hired nannies and caregivers.

  6. To make it easier for you to make your choice, we have prepared ratings of the most popular and inexpensive baby monitors on the modern electronics market.

Rating of the best baby monitors

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best inexpensive baby monitors 1 Alcatel Baby Link 150 RUB 2 850
2 Motorola MBP161 Timer RUB 2,790
3 Maman BM2300 RUB 3 399
The best baby monitors in terms of price-quality ratio 1 Ramili Baby RA300SP RUB 7,999
2 Philips AVENT SCD580 / 00 RUB 6,999
3 AngelCare AC701 8 600 RUB

Best inexpensive baby monitors

Inexpensive does not mean bad. We've compiled a list of the most popular baby monitors tested by our experts and thousands of caring parents.

Rating: 4.7

Alcatel Baby Link 150

A modern model of a baby monitor that deserves attention from consumers. The indoor range is 50 m, which is quite enough for a city apartment. According to customer reviews, it catches a signal even on the street near the entrance.

There are 5 lullabies, but they themselves do not switch: to change the 'record' you will have to control the music using the buttons. The night light is very dim and only indicates the location of the baby monitor at night.

If you want the parent unit of the baby monitor not to be constantly recharged, it is better to immediately buy more powerful batteries or rechargeable battery. Otherwise, the signal transmission begins with the first 'whimper' of the baby and the sound is quite clear.


  • low price;

  • there are nice tunes;

  • good sound quality;


  • weak battery on the parent unit;

  • melodies do not switch themselves;

  • the night light does not work well;


Motorola MBP161 Timer

Rating: 4.6

Motorola MBP161 Timer

An attractive inexpensive model, the price of which ranges from $ 3 thousand. R. Like the previous version, it includes lullabies and a night light. The baby unit of the baby monitor works only from the network, which, according to some users, is not very convenient. The parental one is radio-controlled, but the charge of the 'native' batteries lasts for 3 hours – no more.

The high sensitivity of the microphone helped to get into the rating of the best of this baby monitor. When the baby just starts to cry, a signal is triggered on the parent unit and the sound turns on. At the same time, if you do not want to hear harsh screams, you can turn down the volume to a minimum and react to the light indication.

There are a number of additional functions that are generally not needed. As our experts have found out, rare parents use a feeding timer or adjust their sleep patterns exactly according to the clock.


  • high sensitivity to sounds;

  • the night light is adjustable in brightness;

  • pleasant lullabies, 5 pcs .;


  • low battery power of the parent unit;

  • the children's unit works only from a 220 V network;

  • many unnecessary options;

Maman BM2300

Rating: 4.5

Maman BM2300

Attractive digital baby monitor in the shape of an owl. The device will attract a child with its appearance, so you should not put it close to the crib or in a visible place.

An interesting function of indication of commands by voice, but it does not always work. According to experts, lullabies are poorly recorded, similar to the first polyphonic phones. But the option to switch scream notifications to vibration mode is practical. So, you can calmly go about your business, keeping the parent unit in your pocket, and not jump from a sharp sound, but respond to a vibration alert.

The inconvenient mounting of the microphone on the baby unit of the baby monitor does not allow you to constantly move and even more so give the device to the child. The night light is dim. According to consumers, for 3,500 rubles. you can buy, enough for one baby, but whether it will work in 4-5 years is no longer known.


  • the possibility of voice control;

  • good sensitivity to cry;

  • the presence of a vibration mode;


  • poor quality lullabies;

  • the baby unit works only from the network;

  • the night light does not provide the required brightness

The best baby monitors in terms of price-quality ratio

If you are not ready to save on the child, check out the rating of the ideal value for money. According to our experts, among all the baby monitors on the market, the listed options do the best with their functions.

Ramili Baby RA300SP

Rating: 4.9

Ramili Baby RA300SP

A modern baby monitor suitable even for premature babies. A good function is provided – the ability to catch the baby's breath. And also control of all options using voice commands. According to customer reviews, an open window and street noise do not affect the device's performance.

Particularly praised is the range of the Ramili Baby RA300SP (650 m in open areas), which breaks through concrete floors. This level of data transmission is suitable not only for apartments, but also for private houses.

However, our experts noticed that there are flaws in the accompanying documentation. To configure a number of options or disable them, you have to visit the forums for young parents. Yes, and the parent unit of the baby monitor does not withstand falls: even 30 cm from the floor is already long, the distance that can split the body.


  • great functionality and the ability to connect 3 additional blocks;

  • there is a baby breathing controller;

  • high sensitivity of the microphone;


  • fragile plastic case;

  • there are unnecessary options;

Philips AVENT SCD580 / 00

Rating: 4.8

Philips AVENT SCD580 / 00

The digital two-way baby monitor allows you to fully control what is happening in the baby's room. A charge indication is provided, which does not allow you to miss the moment of 'sudden shutdown'. The device is stylish and quite durable, which in our opinion is important.

The uniqueness of such a baby monitor is in the built-in projector with a starry sky mode. The function allows you to distract your baby in the evening and acts as a night light.

Consumers note the battery life. As indicated in the instructions, they work out 18 hours in active mode. And also parents pay attention to the sound quality of lullabies, according to reviews, children fall asleep well under them.


  • good battery – up to 18 hours of work in active mode;

  • adjusting the brightness of the night light;

  • many useful options;


  • high price.

AngelCare AC701

Rating: 4.7

AngelCare AC701

A baby monitor that includes all the necessary functions for taking care of a child. Two-way communication with a range of up to 250 m in open space is provided. There is voice control and monitoring of the baby's breathing, which is useful for children with asthma or other respiratory diseases.

The device is easy to set up. The instructions describe in detail each option and function, there is an option in Russian. The display is color and touchscreen, pictures are provided to help you quickly understand everything.

There is a volume control, you can put a silent version of the parent unit of the baby monitor and track the baby's cry by the light indication. The case is strong enough to withstand low falls, so the baby monitor can be used for several years in a row.


  • many useful functions;

  • battery life;

  • pleasant melodies of lullabies;

  • high sensitivity to crying;


  • high price;


Rating: 4.6


According to buyers, this baby monitor is ideal for a summer cottage or a private house. For example, if a child sleeps in a stroller on the street, and the parent is at home, then even on the second floor there will be excellent sound quality. At the same time, the communication is digital two-way: while you get to the baby, you can talk to him and calm him down with your voice.

There is no battery in the baby unit of the baby monitor, but there is a space for batteries. In the parent unit, the battery lasts for a long time – up to 14 hours of continuous operation.

Some users consider the price of a baby monitor too high, but the sound quality and signal transmission over a long distance are worth it.


  • clear signal transmission and high sensitivity;

  • the duration of the battery on the parent unit;

  • a large set of useful functions;


  • the parent unit is unstable;

  • high price;

  • there is no battery in the baby unit;

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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