7 best air fresheners according to experts and customer reviews

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Fighting unpleasant odors in the house is quite difficult. You can do wet cleaning several times a day using special tools. But the effectiveness of this method is questionable: after a short time, the smells return again. Air fresheners come to the rescue, which instantly fill the room with a light pleasant aroma of flowers, citrus fruits or herbs. Some products not only neutralize unpleasant odors, but also destroy bacteria and prevent them from spreading again.

There are several types of air fresheners.

  1. Aerosol cans are the most common type. It is an affordable tool that can be found in every home. It quickly disperses liquid, neutralizing odors. Its disadvantage may be the appearance of an allergic reaction when it enters the respiratory tract.

  2. Gel fresheners (aroma crystals) neutralize odors and are used as sachets for laundry. They are absolutely safe for humans, have a light, unobtrusive aroma. The disadvantage is the short duration of the agent and its high price.

  3. Auto. The most convenient type of freshener. Spraying after a certain period of time, the intensity of which you define yourself, allows you to maintain pleasant aromas constantly. It is usually wall-mounted and requires rechargeable batteries to operate.

Based on consumer feedback, our experts have compiled a rating of the best air fresheners that will help get rid of the smells of kitchen, tobacco, pets, mold and create a pleasant atmosphere with the help of natural aromas.

Rating of the best air fresheners

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best inexpensive air fresheners: budget under 500 rubles 1 BRAIT IVORY FREESIA 490 RUB
3 Glade “Fresh effect. Green apple” 276 RUB
4 Chirton “Light Air”, relaxation of the senses 115 RUB
The best automatic air fresheners in terms of price-quality ratio 1 Connex 2 990 RUB.
2 BXG-AR-6016 1 203 RUB.
3 Ksitex PD-6D 955 RUB

The best inexpensive air fresheners: budget under 500 rubles

Buyers are not always ready to shell out large sums for household funds. This is why inexpensive air fresheners are so popular. In principle, they cope with their direct task – they remove third-party odors. And this is the main thing, despite the fact that their action time is not long enough. We've selected 4 of the best low-cost yet effective air fresheners according to users.


Rating: 4.9


The Polish manufacturer has presented an automatic air freshener in austere black color, which is suitable for any interior and will not stand out from other furnishings. The rich aroma of freesia will appeal to lovers of oriental sweet scents. The product does not contain carbon dioxide and propane, it moisturizes and aromatizes the air well.

Selectable spray intensity: 9, 18 or 36 min. With minimal consumption, a spare unit is enough for 2 months. Installation of two AA batteries is required for operation.

The air freshener is well sprayed, does not form droplets, removes the persistent smell of tobacco, disinfects the room. It does not require any special maintenance and is easy to install and configure.


  • the presence of a balloon;

  • economical consumption;

  • harmless composition;

  • neutralizes odors well;

  • universal body color.


  • too intrusive aroma;

  • only original spare cylinders are used.


Rating: 4.8


The aroma of freshness after the rain will be presented by an inexpensive automatic air freshener of the popular AIR WICK brand. It is a reliable device that is easy to install, maintenance-free and easy to operate.

The multi-layered scent absorbs unpleasant odors. The product is sprayed without droplets. The manufacturer offers three intensity options: 10, 28 and 32 minutes. At the minimum level, the cylinder is enough for 70 days of use. At the maximum – for 2450 sprays, that is, for 1.5 months of work.

When replaced, it easily fits into the holder. An indicator light will indicate when to do this. Low noise level when spraying, effective removal of third-party odors, fresh aroma, optimal price allowed this product to be included in our rating.


  • effectively removes odors;

  • easy to operate;

  • quiet spray level;

  • long time of use.


  • not suitable for large rooms;

  • mount only to the wall.

Glade “Fresh effect. Green apple”

Rating: 4.7


An aerosol-type air freshener of a well-known brand in our country will bring an unforgettable effect of freshness and eliminate persistent odors of the toilet, pets, smoke. Green apple aroma is the most familiar and favorite among many consumers.

The composition does not contain components harmful to health, it is made from 100% natural atomizing gas, which is very important when used in residential areas with children.

A freshener is ideal for removing odors from fabrics. According to the test results, it does not harm colored materials, so it can be used without the risk of damaging clothes. According to consumer reviews, the product perfectly absorbs the smells of the kitchen, tobacco, mold and even sweat in shoes, and a 275 ml bottle is enough for quite a long time.


  • natural composition;

  • harmless to health;

  • removes odors from fabric;

  • convenient spraying.


  • short duration of action.

Chirton “Light Air”, relaxation of the senses

Rating: 4.6

Chirton Light Air relaxation of the senses

The second aerosol-type product presented in our rating can effectively eliminate unpleasant odors of any origin. It does not cause allergic reactions and headaches, it is approved for use in a house where a small child lives.

The well-thought-out shape of the balloon makes it easy to hold in the hand, and the design with a curved silhouette will harmoniously fit into the interior of any room. The convenient valve allows you to spray the aerosol gently and easily.

It contains natural oils that leave behind a pleasant floral scent. Dry spray technology avoids drip marks and stains by allowing the aerosol to dry quickly in the air.


  • pleasant floral aroma;

  • stylish balloon design;

  • dry spray;

  • does not leave stains;

  • persistent odor removal;

  • natural essential oils in the composition;

  • Convenient spray valve.


  • not very persistent aroma.

The best automatic air fresheners in terms of price-quality ratio

Manufacturers of household products produce automatic air fresheners with improved characteristics: more convenient and stylish design, multiple spray modes, convenient use and simple operation. But many of these models go beyond the middle price segment, as a result, the demand for such a product decreases. We have selected the 3 best air fresheners in terms of optimal price and impeccable quality.


Rating: 4.9


The Connex Automatic Air Freshener is ideal for large areas of public bathrooms, sports and healthcare facilities. The body is made of impact-resistant plastic, which significantly increases the service life with high traffic of people.

Stylish, simple design allows you to install the air freshener in rooms with any interior. Before use, the operating mode is configured: period and interval (range from 5 minutes to 4 hours), days of the week, start and end, one-, two-, three-time spraying. The set parameters are displayed on the LCD.

The freshener is several times more concentrated in comparison with household products, so a persistent aroma lasts for a long time. Requires 2 R20 batteries to work.


  • for large rooms;

  • effective odor removal;

  • persistent aroma;

  • convenient setting;

  • easy installation;

  • the duration of use of the balloon.


  • not detected.


Rating: 4.8


BXG-AR-6016 is the best featured feature in the rating, which is suitable for both small rooms and large public spaces. The high-impact plastic from which the case is made will protect against mechanical damage.

Small in size, in white color and stylish design, the air freshener can be installed in any place, from a public toilet to a restaurant hall, and everywhere it will successfully fit into the interior.

The intensity of spraying depends on the choice of the user: round the clock (frequency from 5 to 20 minutes), night (works in the absence of light) or day (only with light). This model allows the installation of cylinders of different volumes: 260, 300, 320 ml. 2 AA batteries are required for power supply.


  • body made of durable material;

  • for various areas;

  • nice design;

  • installation of cylinders of different volumes;

  • permanent removal of odors.


  • not detected.


Ksitex PD-6D

Rating: 4.7

Ksitex PD-6D

Small and light, this freshener makes our list for a reason. It is ideal for installing in a washroom or living room at home. Economical consumption makes this model one of the best in terms of price and quality ratio. The air freshener effectively copes with any persistent odors, gives aroma and freshness for the whole day.

One can is enough for 6000 sprays, which is from 3 to 6 months of operation, depending on the setting mode. If replacement is required, the red indicator will light up. The intensity is user selectable: 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes, and modes: 24/7, day or night.

To reset the settings, the device turns off and on again. Two AA batteries are required for operation.


  • effectively removes odors;

  • long term of use;

  • convenient setting;

  • several spray modes.


  • installation at least 2 m from the floor;

  • the difficulty of replacing the cylinder.

How to choose the right air freshener

Finding an air freshener sometimes seems like a simple matter – choose the smell you like and buy. But it's not that simple. There are some expert tips to help you with this.

  1. First, we decide: for home, office or industrial premises, we choose an air freshener. It depends on which type is optimal. For home use, an aerosol can is sometimes sufficient. For public toilets, restaurants and other places with high traffic of people, professional automatic devices are better suited.

  2. When choosing scents for the toilet, it is better to stay on citrus or conifers. Air fresheners with 'delicious' aromas of vanilla and chocolate are suitable for the kitchen. In the living room, the natural smells of a pine forest, sea breeze, flower meadow are appropriate.

  3. Cost is also an important parameter. Quite cheap aerosols will be able to eliminate the smell for a short time, but more expensive well-known manufacturers not only neutralize, but also disinfect the air, eliminating harmful microbes.

  4. If there is a child in the room or one of the household has allergic diseases, then you need to familiarize yourself with the composition and choose a product that does not contain carbon dioxide, propane and other harmful products.

  5. If it is necessary to remove stubborn odors from furniture upholstery, carpets, curtains, clothes, aerosols are used that are recommended for use on fabrics. They are expertly tested and guarantee the safety of materials.

  6. For maximum convenience, many buyers choose automatic air fresheners. To choose the best one and not overpay, first read their characteristics. Many are designed for large spaces and do not need to be installed in small apartments. There are models for home use that can work for up to 6 months without changing the cylinder and batteries.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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