6 most expensive TVs for home

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Is your cash stock practically unlimited? Then why not buy yourself one of the most expensive TVs? Such a device will delight you with the ideal picture quality, huge dimensions and a complete lack of slowdowns. And such a TV will look gorgeous – it will perfectly fit into any interior. In short, this time the online magazine will tell about the most expensive TV panels among those that can be found in Russian retail. If you can't afford such monsters, why not just dream about them?

Rating of the most expensive TVs

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the most expensive TVs 1 Panasonic TH-152UX1W RUB 18,000,000
2 Sony KD-100ZD9 RUB 4,550,000
3 LG 105UC9V RUB 2,099,999
4 Samsung UE88KS9800T RUB 1,670,000
5 Sharp PN-R903 RUB 1,485,000
6 Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 75 RUB 1,253,325

Panasonic TH-152UX1W

Rating: 4.9

Panasonic TH-152UX1W

Who Said Plasma Displays Are No Longer Available? Our rating proves the opposite. The Japanese company Panasonic continues to release at least one such device. But we must admit that buying such a TV is affordable only for millionaires. The fact is that this device costs almost 18 million rubles! That is, the price tag of a 152-inch plasma TV is comparable to a very good apartment in the center of Moscow! At the same time, the product cannot be called ideal. In particular, the bezels of the screen may seem too wide to some. Other consumers will be shocked by the number of connectors – the device offers one VGA, two HDMI sockets and one USB port (albeit high-speed version 3.0).

In fact, the Panasonic TH-152UX1W is one of the few 'plasmas' that has 4K resolution. That is, the product offers a picture of the highest quality – it consists of a large number of pixels, and the black colors in it are exactly black. It is generally difficult to make any claims to the display. It is possible that the plasma panel will burn out over time. But even with 24/7 operation, this will take almost a decade!

Interestingly, the device inherited several clearly outdated connectors. For example, you can find S-Video on the back wall. This allows you to connect to the TV old game consoles that were relevant at the end of the 20th century. However, the buyer of such an expensive TV is unlikely to engage in such nonsense. Instead, he will enjoy watching movies. For this, a 17: 9 aspect ratio screen is perfect! Note that 3D viewing is also available here – an active technology (shutter glasses) is used for this. In short, such a TV is an ideal option for creating your own cinema!


  • Huge size;

  • High refresh rate of the screen;

  • 17: 9 aspect ratio is best for movies;

  • 3D viewing is possible;

  • Built-in support for 24p Smooth Film technology;

  • Resolution – 4096×2160 pixels;

  • A plasma panel is used (ideal contrast);


  • The number of connectors is not large;

  • Weight reaches 577 kg.

  • Power consumption is 3700 W;

  • Quite a sky-high price tag;

  • HDMI version 1.4a is used;

Sony KD-100ZD9

Rating: 4.8

Sony KD-100ZD9

This TV was designed for a very large living room. The device does not require a cabinet, as it is endowed with sufficiently high and reliable legs. The diagonal of the display installed here is 99.5 inches (253 cm). It is easy to calculate that for comfortable viewing you need to be at least five meters from the screen. In short, Japanese TV is not intended for small apartments. However, afford a device for 4.5 million rubles. only a resident of a large enough cottage can.

Of course, this TV is capable of pleasing 4K resolution. Also, Japanese engineers managed to increase the screen refresh rate – honest 100 Hz feels good when watching action scenes, as well as when playing with a particularly powerful computer. Not forgotten here and support for HDR 10 – an effect that significantly improves the realism of colors. It should also be noted the possibility of 3D viewing, for which shutter glasses are used. What more remains to be desired? Perhaps, only the fact that the screen is not made according to technology OLED is capable of confusing. However, the Direct LED backlight technology does its best by darkening those areas of the screen that display black. As a result, in terms of contrast, the device is only slightly inferior OLED to the models.

This TV was announced in 2016, and therefore uses Android as its operating system, not Opera TV. Other features of the device include three TV tuners and support for all digital TV standards – from terrestrial to satellite. The product also received a huge number of connectors, and it is recommended to use Wi-Fi 802.11ac to connect to the Internet. The disadvantages could be recorded as a speaker system consisting of two speakers with a power of 10 watts. But do you seriously think that someone will use such a large and expensive TV without speakers or soundbar? In a word, the Japanese product 100% deserves its place in the rating. By the way, it weighs all 118 kg, so you need to get ready to transport the device. As for the power consumption, it is about 792 W, which is comparable to a computer with several top-end video cards installed inside.


  • Built-in three independent TV tuners;

  • The sweep frequency is increased to 100 Hz.

  • There are four HDMI connectors and three USB ports;

  • Smart TV works without any problems;

  • There is a light sensor;

  • TV does not require a stand;

  • The image is displayed in 4K resolution;

  • Huge screen sizes;

  • 3D viewing is possible;


  • Weak speakers for such a large TV;

  • I would like to get a screen made of OLEDs;

  • Consumes a lot of energy;

  • The device turned out to be very heavy;

LG 105UC9V

Rating: 4.7

LG 105UC9V

A curved display TV should also be on our list. In particular, it is the creation of a South Korean company LG. The screen of this model has a 105-inch diagonal (267 cm). This means that the room for such a TV will require a very large one. The screen was created using IPS technology, so it is impossible to find fault with the viewing angles. Color rendering is another matter. Of course, there are no organic LEDs here, backlight is used to display the picture. But it is made using Direct LED technology, so the necessary areas of the display can be dimmed. Nevertheless, for 2 million rubles. I would like to get OLED – screen. I am glad that the creators at least provided the LCD panel with a resolution of 5120×2160 pixels (aspect ratio 21: 9, like in a cinema), as they did not forget about HDR support. And there is also a polarizing coating, thanks to which the 3D display method is realized – lightweight and comfortable glasses are supplied in the kit. But the screen is able to please even more due to the increased refresh rate up to 200 Hz – this is especially noticeable in games and when watching action scenes.

What else can LG 105UC9V please, besides its, frankly, atypical screen? Probably a stable webOS. Despite the announcement of the TV in 2014, the operating system continues to be updated and overgrown with new applications. Also, the device understands all the standards of digital TV, the buyer will definitely not need a receiver. But these are all trifles compared to the speaker system installed here. It consists of nine speakers, including two subwoofers, and the total power reaches an impressive 150 watts. We do not undertake to check, but it is quite possible that this is a record in the world of televisions! Partly because of such acoustics, the weight of the device is 155 kg – this is equal to about three refrigerators.

Of course, such an expensive TV could not get an insufficient number of connectors. The buyer will find four HDMI sockets (version 1.4), a pair of USB ports, as well as traditional component, composite and even SCART. You can control the TV not only with the remote control and voice, but also with gestures – they are recognized by the built-in camera.


  • Huge curved display

  • Smart TV and 3D display function available;

  • A very large number of connectors;

  • Perfect speaker system;

  • Voice and gesture control possible;

  • High refresh rate of the screen;

  • Aspect ratio ideal for watching movies;

  • Very high resolution;


  • No HDMI 2.0 connectors;

  • It is almost impossible to find on sale;

  • Short power cord;

Samsung UE88KS9800T

Rating: 4.7

Samsung UE88KS9800T

The price of this TV is approximately 1.7 million rubles. Or, to be more precise, it was, because now it is extremely difficult to find this model in stores, since its release took place in 2016. Unlike the two devices discussed above, this South Korean device has a display with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. That is, this is a more standard option. I am glad that the screen has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. It's also nice that the display is curved, which enhances the effect of immersion in what is happening. The effect of HDR contributes to this – now there are a huge number of videos with its support, as many games for modern consoles have it. Finally, one cannot fail to notice that the screen was created using QLED technology, albeit one of its first generations.

As befits an expensive TV, Samsung UE88KS9800T is capable of boasting a large number of connectors – three USB ports and four HDMI jacks. You can also use Smart TV to watch content by connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cable. As for digital TV, the device supports all standards, including cable DVB-S2. In total, the device has two TV tuners.

A TV with an 88-inch display is required to receive loud acoustics. Here, four speakers are used as it, two of which are designed to output low-frequency sound. The total power of the speaker system is 70 W. If this does not suit you, then the optical audio output will come to the rescue, to which the speakers are connected. And don't forget that if that's the case, read our article on the best home theaters, for example.


  • A very large number of connectors;

  • Relatively light weight (65 kg);

  • QLED panel is used;

  • The display is curved;

  • Stylish silver body;

  • The screen has a large diagonal and high resolution;

  • There is a stable operating system Tizen;

  • Built-in two independent TV tuners;

  • Excellent sound quality;


  • Difficult to find on sale;

  • Not the highest sweep frequency.

Sharp PN-R903

Rating: 4.6

Sharp PN-R903

An atypical TV, which in fact is not. The fact is that this product does not have a single TV tuner. The manufacturer himself calls his creation an LCD panel. And this is correct, because it is impossible to consider a device with a screen diagonal of 90 inches (229 cm) as a monitor. Most of all, the device pleases with the minimum thickness – it is thanks to this parameter that the product got into our rating. Most often Sharp PN-R903 is bought by owners of large shopping centers – in the future, advertisements and all sorts of promotions are displayed on the LCD panel.

It is curious that this device still includes support for Smart TV. This allows you to easily start showing a movie using a client of any online cinema. In theory, the LCD panel can also output sound – for this purpose, there are two 10W speakers. But in most cases, such a device is used in a silent mode, or separate speakers are connected to it. By the way, in addition to the audio output on the rear wall, you can find DVI HDCP, DisplayPort and a pair of HDMI sockets. The complete lack of USB ports is surprising.

It must be admitted that the specifications of the LCD panel are far from ideal. Despite the price tag reaching 1.6 million rubles, the product offers permission Full HD. The sweep frequency is also standard here. I am glad that at least in terms of viewing angles, you cannot find fault with the installed display. And the dynamic contrast is pleasing to the eye. In a word, this device has the right to exist, although you need to understand that the device in many aspects turned out to be very limited.


  • Maximum viewing angles;

  • Convenient wall mounting;

  • Weight does not exceed 75 kg;

  • Smart TV available;

  • Vertical arrangement of the LCD panel is possible;

  • Large screen sizes;


  • No TV tuners;

  • Connecting to the router only through a cable;

  • Not a very large number of connectors;

  • Weak speakers;

  • The screen refresh rate is 50 Hz;

  • Low resolution for such an expensive device;

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 75

Rating: 4.6

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 75

Another device in our rating with a price tag around 1.3 million rubles. For this money, the buyer gets a TV with a screen diagonal of 75 inches (191 cm). Such sizes cannot be called record-breaking. But on the other hand, it is this word that applies to the number of connectors. There are six (!) HDMI jacks on the rear panel. As for the USB ports, there are only two of them. An Ethernet connector is used to access the Internet. Unfortunately, this is the only option; such an expensive TV did not manage to get a Wi-Fi module.

But not for the sake of connectors or Smart TV, the buyer will lay out a million rubles. Basically, the purchase will be made for the screen. There is no doubt about its quality. Of course, this is not a OLED – panel, but the color rendition is pleasing to the eye. An even more pleasant feeling is 4K-resolution, thanks to which the picture is very detailed. Finally, the manufacturer was able to increase the screen refresh rate – here this parameter is 120 Hz. Someone will like such a TV because of the possibility of comfortable viewing 3D – shutter glasses are used for this purpose.

The Bang & Olufsen brand is familiar to many audiophiles. A large amount of high quality audio equipment is produced under it. In this regard, it should not be surprising that the TV sounds better than most of the competition. The speaker system used here consists of eight speakers, the total power of which reaches 60 watts. It is thanks to such acoustics that I want to use this model only for viewing high-quality content, completely forgetting about two TV tuners. Naturally, there is also the possibility of connecting an external speaker system – the maximum connection of ten speakers is available, which no other TV can boast of. Also a distinctive feature of this model is support for Immaculate Wireless Sound technology, which allows you to connect up to eight wireless speakers. In short, if you want the perfect sound, then BeoVision Avant 75 should be your choice. Do not forget that high-quality speakers weigh a lot, and therefore the mass of the TV itself reaches 126 kg.


  • A large number of RJ45 connectors and six HDMI sockets;

  • There is Smart TV;

  • Sweep frequency increased to 120 Hz;

  • Large 4K screen

  • 3D viewing is possible;

  • Built-in two TV tuners;

  • There is support for Immaculate Wireless Sound technology;

  • Up to ten wired speakers can be connected;

  • Sounding close to ideal;


  • Large weight;

  • Contrast is not very high;

  • There is no Wi-Fi;


These are the six most expensive TVs available to the Russian buyer. As you understand, it is these devices that are the most technically advanced. And, oddly enough, even they have certain disadvantages. In a word, there is no ideal in our world – even when buying the most expensive TV, you will have to put up with something.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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