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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Eastern way of cooking outdoors finds more and more fans in the European part of Russia. For mastering Unusual cuisine requires a special oven called tandoor. It is a thick-walled vessel of burnt clay, which withstands high temperatures. The oven has a cover, through her products are dropped and cooked dishes are extracted. Thanks to this design, the heat inside the tandoor is kept up to 4 hours, allowing you to bookmark multiple products. Today at Russian stores presented a wide range of oriental stoves. Our recommendations will help you make the right choice. experts.

Destination. When buying a tandoor, you need to make a start from his destination. The user can set different goals and objectives, someone wants to fix

  1. business, someone needs an elegant decoration of a summer cottage, outdoor recreation attracts someone.
  2. The largest and heaviest models (over 100 kg) are suitable for cooking impressive volumes of barbecue or tortillas.
  3. Owners of country houses appreciate the appearance tandoor.
  4. And picnic lovers prefer light (30-50 kg) and compact vessels.

The form. Depending on the taste of the buyer, you can choose tandoor with a certain shape. In this case, one should take into account the feature cooking some dishes.

  1. A jug or barrel is ideal for making lamb legs or kebabs on long skewers.
  2. If the furnace is in the form of a ball or bell, then in such a vessel it’s convenient to cook cakes, first courses or pilaf.

Wall thickness. In the tandoor is of great importance such parameter as the thickness of ceramic walls. The greater the thickness, the it keeps warm longer. But this increases the mass of the furnace. For for small models, the optimal range is from 2 to 5 cm, for large stationary tandoor thickness is selected within 5-8 cm.

Neck width. All culinary operations are carried out through the neck of the tandoor. The larger the diameter of the hole, the more convenient cook to work with products. But this increases the outflow of heat when opening. Ideal for home use tandoor with a neck diameter of up to 30 cm.

Height without cover. In addition to the width of the neck, it is important the parameter is the height of the furnace without a lid. If this quantity is 80-100 cm, then without problems you can bake a whole large leg of lamb. There is enough internal height for barbecue or tortillas vessels 60-80 cm.

Equipment. To make it as convenient and use the tandoor effectively, a number of additional accessories.

  1. All manufacturers in the kit supply a set of skewers (8-20 pcs) for stringing meat.
  2. To skewers were arranged vertically and evenly in the oven, special fixture “sun” is required.
  3. To correct burning firewood or to rake out coals allow such tools like poker and scoop.
  4. Put heavy covers on special stands. Not all manufacturers include them in a set.
  5. Forged legs or coasters allow you to raise the tandoor above ground. Lack of contact with moist soil extends the life furnace service.

We selected 6 best tandoor in the review. All of them are implemented on Russian market. When making the rating, the opinion was taken into account experts and consumer reviews.

Rating of the best tandoor

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best tandoor 1 AMFORA Sarmat Aladdin 25 100 rub.
2 MD Ceramics Your Tandoor “Big Company” 17 900 rub.
3 AMFORA Sarmat Ataman 21 500 rub.
4 Bestpohod Oriental Large 19 990 rub.
5 Technoceramics Cossack ceramic 20 960 rub.
6 AMFORA Sarmatian Hunter 11 990 rub.

AMFORA Sarmat Aladdin

Rating: 4.9

AMFORA Sarmat Aladdin

Tandoor AMFORA Sarmat was created from a special sort of fireclay clay Aladdin. Its thick walls (7 cm) are able to withstand high temperature without forming cracks. Experts drew attention to spaciousness, the model is suitable for cooking large number of servings. For example, inside a vessel with a diameter of 83 cm 4 lamb legs are placed at the same time. Thanks to a wide throat in tandoor conveniently download products using such popular accessories like skewers, frying pans, grill grills, etc. tandoor is about 200 kg, so the manufacturer made it for carrying reliable handles. Externally, the device is beautifully finished, elegance adds a forged stand.

Users praise performance and usability use the model. The disadvantage is the high price.


  • thick walls;
  • multifunctionality;
  • durability;
  • beautiful finish.


  • heavy weight;
  • high price.

MD Ceramics Your Tandoor “Big Company”

Rating: 4.8

MD Pottery Your Tandoor Big Company.jpg

Stylish appearance and compact size stand out model MD Ceramics Your Tandoor “Big Company”. Product Height is 105 cm, the case diameter is 55 cm, the neck is 24 cm. a wall thickness of 2 cm resulted in an oriental kiln weighing 80 kg. The manufacturer equipped the tandoor with a scoop, poker, grate, skewers (10 pcs) and a device for hanging them “sun”. Durable handles allow two adults to carry without problems device. A whole goose can be placed inside a vessel 50 cm high or leg of lamb. One bookmark of firewood allows you to cook several dishes, starting with soups and ending with cakes.

People find the tandoor a great option for families. application. It perfectly combines affordable price and spaciousness. The disadvantages include the shortage of the model in the distribution network.


  • compact sizes;
  • light weight;
  • spectacular appearance;
  • acceptable price.


  • shortage in stores.

AMFORA Sarmat Ataman

Rating: 4.7

AMFORA Sarmat Ataman

It is convenient to cook long products in the tandoor AMFORA Sarmat Ataman. The height of the vessel without a lid is 78 cm, the diameter of the hull – 61 cm. The large thickness (6 cm) of the walls of the device provides high-quality frying of a lamb leg or goose. Large neck (diameter 34 cm) allows you to not only comfortably load large pieces of meat, but also lay on the walls of the tortillas. Included with there are 12 skewers in the tandoor, holder for them, poker, scoop and grate. Experts gave the model an honorable third place in our rating for long-term retention of heat and ease of use.

In reviews, Russian amateur chefs praise the tandoor for a wide throat, thick walls, good equipment. The disadvantage is a lot of weight, you have to additionally buy a stand for cover.


  • high height;
  • keeps warm for a long time;
  • long skewers;
  • high-quality manufacturing.


  • heavy weight;
  • a stand for the cover is required.

Bestpohod Oriental Large

Rating: 4.6

Bestpohod East Great

The best tandoor for cooking delicious dishes in nature is the Bestpohod East large model. This compact vessel it has a height of 74 cm and a case diameter of 57 cm. The mass of the product is only 30 kg, which even allows you to load the oven into a car alone. For this on the case there are strong handles. The manufacturer made the device from environmentally friendly clay, wall thickness is 5 mm. Elegant the look goes well with heat resistance, the vessel withstands heating up to 1200 ° С. Three curly forged legs raise the bottom tandoor from the ground, preventing contact with the soil. Take more the high place of the furnace is not allowed a high price with a modest complete set (6 skewers).

Users praise appealing design forged legs, sturdy handles, comfortable stand.


  • graceful appearance;
  • smooth warming up;
  • resistance to high temperature;
  • a light weight.


  • high price;
  • modest equipment.

Technoceramics Cossack ceramic

Rating: 4.5

Technoceramics Cossack ceramic

Thoughtful design of tandoor Technoceramics Cossack Ceramic is highly praised by our experts. Availability in cover the cap allows you to control the cooking process, as well as load small portions of dishes. In this case, the heat does not leave the vessel, high temperature persists for 2-4 hours. Heat is held also due to the thick walls (6 cm). To control the burning of firewood and Coal producer made a special blower. If necessary You can additionally load a portion of firewood. Tandoor falls into our rating for quality manufacturing and manufacturability.

Domestic users have no complaints about the quality of the tandoor, heat efficiency, ease of operation. TO The disadvantages include a large weight (125 kg) and a high price.


  • convenient cap with cap;
  • efficient use of heat;
  • combustion control;
  • high-quality manufacturing.


  • heavy weight;
  • high price.

AMFORA Sarmatian Hunter

Rating: 4.4

AMFORA Sarmat Hunter

Affordable price helped tandoor AMFORA Sarmat the Hunter get into TOP 6 of our rating. Experts in the asset model carry environmentally pure raw materials, heat resistance, beautiful forged framing. Download food and get cooked meals conveniently through the wide neck (25 cm). Oven long enough holds the accumulated heat, the wall thickness is 5 cm. There are 8 skewers, a poker, a grate and a scoop. For carrying the vessel manufacturer provided convenient handles. The tandoor will not only a decoration on a personal plot, but also a place for confidential communication.

Domestic users are satisfied with the practicality and convenience in application. The disadvantages they include the lack of legs and stands for cover.


  • low price;
  • spectacular appearance;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • compactness.


  • no legs and stand for the cover.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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