6 best laps for bathing newborns

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Not a single day of a baby goes by without bathing, because this most important procedure guarantees parents a healthy sleep, and the child – the correct physical development. Difficulties are caused by the helplessness of the baby, which needs to be supported for a long time, bending down. In order to avoid back pain, you should think about buying a baby bathing circle. Below we have selected the 7 best models.

How to choose the right circle for bathing newborns

Before buying this convenient thing, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  1. how easily it expands, is it too tight;
  2. quality of materials;
  3. presence / absence of an unpleasant odor;
  4. availability of additional amenities: handles, internal rattles, etc .;
  5. brand awareness, reviews;
  6. passed certification and hygiene control;
  7. shape and size of the product.

Rating of the best laps for bathing newborns

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best circles for bathing newborns – the middle price segment 1 Happy baby 429 r
2 Baby krug
3 Lubby 225 RUB
Best laps for bathing newborns – budget cost 1 Baby swimmer RUB 290
2 Roxy kids 210 RUB
4 Uviton 306 RUB

The best circles for bathing newborns – the middle price segment

Happy baby

Rating: 4.9


The swimming circle from the popular brand has won the hearts of caring mothers with its carefully thought-out design and bright design. We included it in the rating for the maximum number of good reviews from satisfied customers. The chin recess helps the baby to fit comfortably without resting on the inflated circle.

The load should not exceed 15 kg. The product is fastened with Velcro, which greatly facilitates the process of putting on. There are rattles inside the circle. The product has a quality certificate. For babies who are still afraid of water, this helps to distract and get used to it faster. When using, do not leave the baby alone. Parents should be close. The price of the product is 479 rubles.


  • promotes physical development;
  • environmentally friendly materials;
  • bright design;
  • comfortable handles;
  • safe design.


  • fits tightly;
  • under 3 months – not suitable.

Baby krug

Rating: 4.8


The certified model from Baby Krug has a special dimple for the baby to place his chin. This allows you to correctly distribute the position of the head and neck. The handles on top of the circle are very comfortable to use. There is a Velcro fastener and the main protection is a carabiner. Despite the high price, the swimming device is very popular among parents. The quality of its materials delights and encourages trust in the manufacturer.

Consumer reviews speak of the durability and reliability of this model. The maximum extract weight is 12 kg. Secure grip, stylish design, rattle are its strongest characteristics. For these properties, our experts have chosen a circle in the review of the best. You can buy it for 499 rubles.


  • two-chamber;
  • suitable from birth;
  • double mount;
  • loud rattle;
  • makes bathing easier for parents;
  • does not cause fear.


  • high price.


Rating: 4.7


This model has two stages of fastening: Velcro-fastener and carabiner. For its double safety, we included it in the rating of the best laps for bathing newborns. The company has been on the market for several years already and has managed to recommend itself from the very best side. The toy inside the product will not let the baby get bored during water procedures.

Buyers are mostly buying and distinguish this product from competitors. They love the fact that it can be used right from birth. When the baby grows out of it, he can study the animals from the pictures located on the body. This makes the product a 'durable toy'. The product can be purchased for 342 rubles.


  • chin recess;
  • Velcro and carabiner;
  • Supports the head and neck securely;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • passed all the necessary checks.


  • lack of a variety of colors.

Best laps for bathing newborns – budget cost

Baby swimmer

Rating: 4.9


The swimming circle for babies of this brand makes life much easier for parents, relieving them of chronic back pain. With tight edges, the newborn may be frightened if he suddenly slips out of his hands and snaps into place. The big advantage of this model is that the edges easily diverge and allow you to easily place the circle on the child's neck. It is for safety that we included the Baby Swimmer in our roundup of the best laps for bathing babies.

Parents note the convenience and comfort of children during water procedures. The circle does not rub, reliably supports the neck and allows the baby to control his movements in the water himself. Despite its reliability, it is forbidden to leave the child alone in it. Product Product cost starts at 326 rubles.


  • freedom of movement;
  • dense solid material;
  • does not tear and does not release air;
  • strong Velcro;
  • easily moves apart when putting on.


  • inconvenient to catch toys.

Roxy kids

Rating: 4.8


The popular circle from the company can be used from the very first days of life. It helps parents introduce their baby to the world of swimming in the safest way. In such a model, the possibility of scaring the baby is excluded. It reliably supports the head and cervical region. Its design does not allow the child to slip out of the circle.

Customer reviews about the model are the most positive. The product got into our rating of the best circles for newborns for the optimal combination of low price and quality. The swimming circle has a good effect on the development of muscles, since the child himself chooses the trajectory of movements, actively works with his legs and improves coordination. The product has been successfully tested by specialists more than once. You can buy the product at a price of 233 rubles.


  • relieves the parents' back;
  • takes up little storage space;
  • durable use;
  • affordable price;
  • suitable from birth;
  • withstands weight up to 18 kg.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.7


The Uviton Newborn Swimming Ring improves the mood of babies and facilitates daily water routines. Mothers do not need to support their baby, so they keep their back healthy. It is made of hypoallergenic materials and has a comfortable design.

The product can be used even in open water up to a depth of 1 meter. Parents note the good quality of the product for little money. They love the funny rattle inside the circle. It was for her that our experts included the product in our rating. The minimum cost is 285 rubles.


  • makes bathing easier;
  • has reliable fasteners;
  • toy inside;
  • quality materials;
  • easy to put on.


  • only 2 color options.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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