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Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A ham maker is a handy tool for preparing delicacies at home. For the cost of 2-5 kilograms of high-quality store-bought ham, you will receive a device that can provide you with a natural product for many years to come.

But the choice on the ham market is wide – how to find a model that will be the most convenient and easy to use? The editors made it easier for you to choose by finding the most successful devices among others.

How to choose a ham maker

Even such a simple device is important to choose the right one, depending on your desires and needs. When searching, we recommend paying attention to the following characteristics of the models.

  1. The form. You can find square or round hams on sale. The choice of shape depends only on which shape of the ham you prefer. It does not affect the taste or convenience of cooking.
  2. Volume. Measured in liters, the actual load in kilograms varies depending on the density of the meat or minced meat. We recommend that you estimate the approximate consumption of ham / sausage in your household and use the 'fit' model. The standard volume is considered to be up to 1.5 liters of the finished product.
  3. Body material. The most versatile will be stainless steel, from which most models are made. It allows you to cook not only in water, but also in the oven. And it will also give you the opportunity not to worry about quick spoilage or the release of harmful substances into the finished product. There are also plastic models – they are more convenient, but not suitable for everyone.
  4. Dimensions. Most standard ham makers have dimensions of 11x11x17 centimeters. But it is better to select the model in such a way that it fits completely into the intended cooking utensil (pan or multicooker bowl).

By the way, we recommend using a ham maker for cooking in a multicooker – it's much easier than trying to withstand a temperature of 75-85 C ° in a standard saucepan or oven. But if you wish, you can cook delicious ham on anything, the main thing is not to overheat the meat, otherwise, instead of a delicacy, you will get a pressed chopped cutlet.

Rating of the best ham

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best ham 1 TESCOMA Presto 420866 with thermometer 2 407 rub.
2 Biowin 3 kg RUB 2,290
4 Endever Skyline HM-004 815 RUB
5 Smile S 302 RUB 1,130
6 Beloboka 850 RUB

TESCOMA Presto 420866 with thermometer

Rating: 4.9


A very convenient ham maker with a good press and a relatively high cost (up to 3000 rubles). Delivers up to 1.4 kilograms of delicious delicacies. Allows you not to worry about the juiciness of the finished dish: the compartment for the product has no holes, so there is no need to use foil or a baking sleeve. Excess liquid will accumulate over the press and can be drained after cooking. At the same time, the dish will remain juicy and tasty.

The ham maker is made of food grade plastic. This limits its use only to pots and slow cookers, but it significantly simplifies care and work with it. The lid contains a powerful press. There is no need to pull tight springs on the device – just close it, and a thick spring with a plastic pad will start pressing on the meat itself. The ham maker produces up to 1.4 kilograms of product. If you need to fill only half of the volume, there is a special press attachment in the box.

The set includes a removable external stainless steel thermometer, which indicates the ideal temperature for cooking (from 75 to 85 C °). The good news is that you can take it off and use it for something else.


  • Thermometer included – easy to monitor the water temperature around the device.
  • Convenient design with a spring in the lid – no need to assemble the model for a long time.
  • Powerful spring on the press – the ham will be tight.


  • High price.
  • Plastic case – cannot be used in the oven.

Biowin 3 kg

Rating: 4.8


A huge ham maker for those who like to cook a lot and often and also eat sausages, pates, hams and much more. It has dimensions of 15.7×15.7×18.5 centimeters, so it will not fit into any dish. The output is up to 3 kilograms of the finished product, which will provide a large family for several days.

The ham press is separated from the lid and made in the form of a metal plate with holes. It is applied to the raw material, after which a spring is installed on top and closed with a lid. The design has a hole in the center for a thermometer, which allows you to feel the temperature of the food being prepared.

The raw material container has no holes, so there is no need for special baking bags. Excess liquid is squeezed out by the press, and then it is easy to drain through the hole in the lid.


  • Convenient press design – pressure is evenly distributed over the meat.
  • Large volume of finished product.


  • Thermometer is not included.


Rating: 4.7


A ham maker rated for its good combination of convenience, price and quality. The classic universal model with a spring press. At the exit, you can get up to 1.4 kilograms of fragrant ham. Redmond crockery is slightly lower and thicker than others – it is only 16.5 centimeters high and 13 centimeters wide. This makes it ideal for placing in a multicooker bowl – it will not touch its walls.

The bottom of the ham can be set in three positions depending on the amount of raw material. The model has four springs, due to which the compression occurs more evenly and without distortions. Conveniently, they can be hooked to the bottom of the case, and not only to the holes in the walls – this will ensure the best pressing of the product. Also, this feature will allow you not to completely load the ham and still achieve a dense product at the exit.

The body, springs and lid are processed very high quality – there are no uneven or sharp edges on which you can accidentally cut yourself. The cost of the model can go up to 1900 rubles, but the ease of use pays for the price.


  • Four springs – more even pressure.
  • Reduced height – more convenient to place in a multicooker.
  • You can change the degree of pressure on the product.


  • High price.

Endever Skyline HM-004

Rating: 4.7


A simple and high quality ham maker is not without drawbacks. Another classic model with springs, which is suitable for cooking in any way. After one cycle, you can get up to 1.4 kilograms of delicious ham from it. The walls are strong and rather thick, which is captivating. The dimensions are standard – 11x11x17 centimeters.

The bottom cover has three positions in a classic way. The upper one is fixed by three tight springs, which play the role of a press. It is inconvenient that, due to their location, it is difficult to put the vessel on its side – it will require more space in the pan. Also, three springs can press the ham unevenly, especially if there is not enough raw material – there is not enough 'power'.

The set comes with a handy book with ham recipes for every taste – only 30 options. It will be a good help for those who have not used ham makers before. In the reviews, buyers note that the model is soundly assembled – there is no raw metal or gaps. It costs its own money and will last a long time.


  • Great recipe book included.
  • Thick and high quality material.


  • Three springs – it is inconvenient to press the ham, there are distortions.
  • If the filling is not complete, the springs do not press the ham properly.

Smile S 302

Rating: 4.6

SMILE S 302-1.jpg

This ham maker is the cheapest foreign model in our ranking. Its purchase will cost you only 900 rubles – almost like 2-3 kilograms of a decent store ham. Naturally, such a low price affected the thickness of the materials – stainless steel and springs are quite thin and look fragile. Therefore, we do not recommend overloading the ham maker with products – it may wrinkle or burst.

The ham maker is relatively small – only 1.1 kilograms of cooked ham can be obtained from it at a time. The bottom has three positions as standard. The square shape and four pressure springs on the lid ensure excellent product compaction. But it will be problematic to place the device in a multicooker or shallow pan – it will not lie flat on the bottom.

In reviews, buyers note that the shape makes the ham more convenient for slicing. And it looks better on sandwiches. But there is also a drawback – the metal is poorly processed, which is why the edges turned out to be sharp.


  • Low price.
  • Square Section – Ham is more convenient for making sandwiches.


  • Sharp edges of the case and lid – you could accidentally cut yourself.
  • Inconvenient to place when cooking – does not lie flat on the bottom.


Rating: 4.5


Domestic cheap ham maker, not distinguished by high quality. Suitable for you if you want to try cooking ham and are afraid of giving a lot of money for better models. Ideal for teaching ham making: a DVD with a detailed description of the process is supplied. Even inexperienced users can handle it.

Beloboka is firmly assembled from food grade stainless steel. The dimensions of the model (13x13x16.5 cm) make it easy to place it in a five-liter multicooker. The bottom has three positions, the top cover is fixed by three tight (sometimes too tight) springs. At the exit, you can get up to 1 kilogram of the finished product.

Not without a few flaws. The metal is poorly processed – the edges of the lid and the tips of the springs can cut the skin if they are inadvertently touched. In addition, the walls and cover are quite thin, which affects durability. In the reviews, users write that after some time, Beloboki's 'stainless steel' begins to rust a little.


  • DVD instruction included.


  • Low quality stainless steel – corrodes with use.
  • Poor metal work – you can cut yourself.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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