6 best cleaning robot vacuum cleaners

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Many technical inventions are designed to make life easier for modern people. One of the latest innovations is robotic cleaning vacuum cleaners. Such devices occupy a leading position in the home appliance market. People from different countries of the world have already appreciated them. You can find a wide range of these products on store shelves, but it can be difficult to choose the right model among this variety.

The experts analyzed user reviews and ranked the 6 best cleaning robotic vacuum cleaners.

The main functions and capabilities of washing robotic vacuum cleaners

  1. Multi-stage cleaning. To begin with, the device collects debris and dust, only after that it starts wet cleaning. Although there are hybrid versions that produce dry and wet cleaning at the same time.

  2. Processing of all types of floor coverings. Parquet, tiles, linoleum, stone, carpet – the robot vacuum cleaner will perfectly cope with each of them.

  3. The presence of a water filter. It is in it that all allergens and microparticles settle, and clean air is blown out.

  4. Equipment. Usually these are brushes, sponges and wipes, as well as sprayers that apply a special cleaning agent to the surface. Sensors and sensors are used for smooth movement. They also help keep the unit from falling off stairs to prevent breakage.

  5. Battery power. The battery life will directly depend on this parameter. The more powerful the battery, the larger the area that the vacuum cleaner can handle without recharging.

Rating of the best washing robotic vacuum cleaners

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best washing robotic vacuum cleaners 1 Clever PANDA iPLUS S5 RUB 14,990
2 Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01 RUB 17,990
3 GUTREND STYLE 200 Aqua RUB 22 800
4 iCLEBO Pop YCR-M05-P2 RUB 19,900
5 IRobot Braava 390T RUB 16 650
6 Panda x5s RUB 27,990


Rating: 4.9


On the first line of the rating is a robot vacuum cleaner with the ability to clean and ionize air. The functions are built into a removable module and allow directly during the cleaning process to eliminate unpleasant odors and pollution from the air in the treated room. The ionizer can be switched on autonomously if there is no need to put things in order.

A capacious water tank with a volume of 0.28 liters and special napkins will provide cleaning of a large area – up to 200 square meters. No streaks or wet marks remain on the surface. The model has a Wi-Fi module, thanks to which the device can be controlled remotely using a smartphone.


  • high suction power – 1600 RA;

  • inverter motor;

  • autonomous work – up to 2, 5 hours;

  • the size of the dust collector – 0, 6 liters;

  • 5 automatic cleaning modes;

  • delayed start function;

  • slim body – 70 mm.


  • does not clean corners;

  • does not work on surfaces with black squares;

  • sensors that prevent falls from stairs do not always work;

  • high cost – 35 thousand rubles.

Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01

Rating: 4.9

Clever & Clean AQUA-Series 01

The second place in the rating went to a robot vacuum cleaner that can save up to 30% of electricity thanks to automatic power control. To do this, the device adapts to the type of flooring and the amount of dirt.

The device is able not only to suck in debris and dust, but also to filter the air, keeping microparticles inside that can cause allergies. Wet cleaning is carried out with a microfiber cloth, which wipes the surface dry. There is an option to set a cleaning schedule. An efficient navigation system ensures collision-free and fall-free travel. The robot vacuum cleaner can walk through one spot up to 7 times to complete cleaning.


  • suction power 24 W;

  • a sufficient volume of the dust collector – 0.5 liters;

  • battery life – up to 2 hours;

  • fine filter;

  • there are side brushes;

  • the presence of a voice menu;

  • Ultraviolet lamp.


  • the voice menu does not turn off.


Rating: 4.8


On the third line is a robot vacuum cleaner with a large number of operating modes, here there are 8 of them. The set comes with a convenient control panel that allows you to set all the necessary parameters and program the device from the next room. The device is able to automatically select a mode based on the type of flooring, as well as the type and strength of pollution.

The volume of the dust collector of this model is small, therefore, as users note, it has to be changed during cleaning so that productivity does not drop. The sensors protect the robot vacuum cleaner from falls and collisions with furniture, but despite this, it can touch small objects, so it is recommended to remove them during cleaning, freeing up the area. Judging by the reviews, it does a good job of cleaning out corners and space along the wall. Due to the thin body, it passes under beds, sofas, armchairs.


  • suction power – 50 W;

  • long battery life – 3 hours;

  • the presence of side brushes for thorough cleaning along the walls;

  • there is a fine filter;

  • you can set a cleaning schedule for several days.


  • small volume of the dust collector – 0.45 liters;

  • does not cope with high pile of carpets;

  • no building map of the room.


Rating: 4.7


In fourth place in the ranking is the model of a robot vacuum cleaner, which has a long battery life. The device does the cleaning without recharging for 4 hours, which is significantly higher than the indicators of similar devices. Users note that energy savings occur during operation, the vacuum cleaner consumes only 41 watts.

iCLEBO Pop YCR-M05-P2 is equipped with twenty sensors and sensors that allow the robot vacuum cleaner to move freely, without bumping into obstacles and without falling down stairs, as well as close to the walls to thoroughly clean the floor in these places. For ease of use, an informative display is located on the case.


  • high suction power – 65 W;

  • sufficient volume of the dust collector – 0.6 liters;

  • fast charging – 2 hours;

  • quiet noise level – 55 dB;

  • there are side brushes;

  • infrared and optical sensors.


  • the napkin dries quickly, you have to wet it often;

  • chaotic cleaning;

  • does not cope with cleaning the floor in the corners;

  • after cleaning, you must clean the vacuum cleaner yourself.

IRobot Braava 390T

Rating: 4.6

IRobot Braava 390T

The penultimate place went to the IRobot Braava 390T robot vacuum cleaner for its ability to cope well with collecting animal hair from hard floor coverings. Free movement is provided by the NorthStar navigation cube. It allows you to correctly navigate in space, calculates the optimal route.

If there are pets in the house, then you should take a closer look at this model. According to users, it is excellent at picking up wool, leaving a clean surface. But it should be noted that this robot vacuum cleaner does not clean carpets well. For wet cleaning, the device is equipped with a microfiber cloth, which is wetted automatically using water from a special tank. Copes with putting things in order both in a small room and in a spacious one.


  • makes a map of the premises;

  • suction power – 30 W;

  • long battery life – 4, 5 hours;

  • fast charging time – 2 hours;

  • silent operation – 39 dB.


  • no fine filter;

  • no side brushes;

  • does not provide thorough cleaning the first time;

  • cannot move over decorative strips and interior joints;

  • not suitable for cleaning carpets.

Panda x5s

Rating: 4.5

Panda X5S

In the last place in the ranking is a novelty of robotics, the Panda X5S robot vacuum cleaner. The device is able to build a map of the area thanks to the GYRO 2.0 navigation gyroscope. with the help of it, the angle of rotation is controlled, and chaotic movement is excluded. The device independently chooses a suitable route by analyzing the space.

The model has a built-in Wi-Fi module. This allows you to use the device even when you are away from home. It is enough to install a special application on a smartphone and control it from anywhere. Water is supplied automatically from a 0.6 liter tank, moistening a napkin. Wet and dry cleaning is done at the same time to reduce time costs. For this, the tank is divided into two parts, 0.3 liters each. The first gets dry garbage, and the second gets water.


  • suction power – up to 1200 PA;

  • long-term autonomous work – 4, 5 hours;

  • fast charging – 2 hours;

  • copes well with cleaning floors along walls and in corners;

  • there is a display;

  • the presence of side brushes.


  • overcomes not all thresholds;

  • relatively expensive – 29 thousand rubles.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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