6 best cameras for shooting video

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

There are times when for high-quality video shooting most often a camera is used, not a camcorder. In particular, in favor of many video bloggers make their choice. Cameras can be considered more universal – they allow you to not only write video, but also take great pictures. Especially if this is one of cameras reviewed in this rating.

This article will focus exclusively on those cameras which can be easily obtained in Russian online stores. We also decided to abandon the story of real monsters, the purchase of which costs several hundred thousand rubles – we understand that they are corny to visitors pocket. Instead, we will try to talk about relatively affordable cameras capable of high-quality video recording and relatively small in size.

Rating of the best cameras for shooting video

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best digital (compact) cameras for shooting video 1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 44 390 rub.
2 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4 51 500 rub.
3 Olympus TG-5 26 480 rub.
4 Nikon Coolpix B700 RUB 25,090
The best SLR cameras with good video 1 Nikon D7500 Body 59 990 rub.
2 Sony Alpha ILCA-68 Kit 41 590 rub.

The best digital (compact) cameras for shooting video

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

Rating: 4.9

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

Externally, this camera looks like a SLR device. But actually in fact, it is a typical compact with a fixed lens. So large sizes are explained by the presence of 16x optical zoom. The greatest surprise is this increase after you you will find out that an inch matrix is ​​hidden under the body (crop factor 2.7). In short, the quality of the photo and video should be very not bad.

The lens for this camera was created by LEICA, famous for its incredibly expensive devices. Her specialists managed to introduce a wide-open aperture. At 25mm focal length aperture will be have a value of f / 2.8. If you use the maximum zoom, then the aperture will expand to f / 4, which is also very not bad. Of course, the lens includes almost ideal lenses, therefore it is impossible to find fault with aperture. what Regarding the matrix, it is made using CMOS technology and has resolution 20 megapixels. The sensor provides the ability to shoot on values ​​of photosensitivity up to ISO 25600. But you need understand that workers are much lower numbers – noises prove themselves already at ISO 3200.

The manufacturer’s camera turned out to be quite quick-fire. It can take up to 12 shots per second. Interesting that framing can be done not only with a three-inch LCD display with swivel mechanism, but also through electronic 2.35 million pixel viewfinder.

If we talk about video shooting, then in this regard the camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 will certainly please. The fact is that the device is capable of writing video with 4K resolution, albeit at a frequency 30 frames / s. If you lower the resolution to Full HD, then the frequency increases to 60 frames / s. Also available to user high-speed shooting, but with an even smaller setting. In a word there is a wide selection, and this is good news. also in moments of video may well come in handy microphone input. If a shooting is done from a tripod, then Wi-Fi will come to the rescue, allowing control the camera from a smartphone. We can safely say that in Our rating of this device was not in vain! Slightly upset the camera can only be the lack of audio output – listen to the recorded sound online is not possible here. However, not everyone will be pleased and cost reaching 40 thousand rubles.


  • There is a microphone input;

  • High rate of fire;

  • There is an optical image stabilizer;

  • There is a high-resolution electronic viewfinder;

  • A quality matrix is ​​used;

  • There is a 16x optical zoom;

  • Built-in high-quality stereo microphone;

  • There is a high-speed shooting mode (120 frames / s);

  • 4K video recording possible;

  • Macro shooting is available from a distance of 0.03 m;


  • No headphone output

  • Not everyone will like the price tag;

  • Weight reaches 831 g;

  • Dimensions are far from compact;

  • The battery life is not long;

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4

Rating: 4.8

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M4

Even more expensive, but much more compact camera. About 55 thousand rubles are being asked for this baby in Russia. Such a price tag associated with high technologies that were used to create cameras. Used components allowed to achieve minimum thickness of the device and very light weight. Wherein the product has at least 3x optical zoom – during a small lens made from the housing by ZEISS. The optics are virtually silent – during focusing and zooming it is completely inaudible, and this is very important for high-quality video. As for the diaphragm, it at 24 mm focal length, f / 1.8 is set. AND After all, not every lens can SLR camera! It is thanks to the optics used that this the device fell into our rating. By the way, at maximum optical zoom aperture value does not fall too much – only to f / 2.8.

Inside the tiny camera is an inch matrix, made by BSI CMOS technology. Its resolution is 20 megapixels, which is enough for any ordinary amateur photographer. Manufacturer declares the range of ISO 125-25600, but with such a “glass” basically the lowest values ​​will be used. Nice that the camera has at its disposal an optical stabilizer image that allows you to take excerpts from time to time longer than laid. Well, the rate of fire here is brought to 16 frames / s – we can say incredible value. Also product received an electronic viewfinder, which includes 2.35 million pixels. If its use seems inconvenient, then on help comes 1.22 million swivel LCD points.

This camera would not be included in our rating, if he could not shoot high-quality video. Fortunately, the device copes with this task. without any problems, providing 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. To double the parameter will allow the transition to Resolution 1920×1080 pixels. With an even stronger decline permissions can be obtained at a higher speed video recording, up to 1000 frames / s. The buyer can only regret lack of a microphone jack. If you want to get the most high-quality sound, you will also have to get hold of a dictaphone (although in its quality can also be used with a smartphone). By the way, the camera has a built-in Wi-Fi module, so you can control it remotely.

Surprisingly, with a metal case, the camera together with the battery, it weighs only 298 g. Perhaps the user in she certainly will not burden the way. It is a pity that to endow such a crumb especially The capacious battery failed.


  • Metal case;

  • Macro shooting possible;

  • Compact size and light weight;

  • Aperture optics are used;

  • There is an optical image stabilizer;

  • The rotary display is complemented by an electronic viewfinder;

  • Available camera control over Wi-Fi;

  • Gorgeous rate of fire;

  • 4K video recording possible;

  • High-quality 20-megapixel matrix;


  • Very high cost;

  • No microphone input and audio output;

  • Optical zoom is not too large;

Olympus TG-5

Rating: 4.7

Olympus TG-5

Do you regularly need to shoot videos in difficult conditions? Scared drop the camera in water? In this case, the purchase of Olympus is recommended. TG-5. This compact camera comes in three color guises. – black, yellow and red. The device received waterproof case, so it is quite possible to drop it in a puddle or snow. But it is not means that you should dive with the camera – from underwater diving it is almost unprotected! Also the case is not shockproof – after falling onto asphalt chips may appear and other types of damage. But why then the device costs 25 thousand. rub.?

High price tag due to excellent technical characteristics. The camera includes a powerful processor, capable of creating up to 20 photos per second (14 in case of their save in RAW format). Another product capable of boasting GPS chip that can give pictures geotags. But that’s not all! The creators endowed their creation with a thermometer, accelerometer, electronic compass and manometer. In short, it turned out perfect set for some extreme!

The video camera writes in 4K resolution, the frequency at the same time will be 30 frames / s. If you lower the parameter to Full HD, then the frequency suddenly increases four times! And with HD movie shooting can count on 240 frames / s. That is, in this regard, Olympus TG-5 is not inferior to some action cameras! Too bad there is no entrance for a microphone – he would definitely not interfere when shooting a video blog. But but the camera has audio output and Wi-Fi.

Of course, for the money you definitely won’t get the perfect camera. Advanced user must make a claim to the matrix and the lens. The sensor installed here has a size of 1 / 2.33 inches (crop factor 5.7). Even with a resolution reduced to 12 megapixels, this the matrix will definitely “make noise”, it is worth at least a little to raise the ISO. Well, optics provides only a fourfold zoom, which also suits not all. I’m glad that the diaphragm is not as bad as it could be. be – at the minimum focal length the user is waiting f / 2.0 value. And there is also an optical stabilizer, without which no compact camera can do today.


  • Several color options;

  • Numerous auxiliary sensors are available;

  • Implemented macro photography;

  • High frame rate already at Full HD resolution;

  • 4K video available;

  • There is a wireless Wi-Fi module;

  • Built-in audio output;

  • There is some moisture protection;

  • Very high speed shooting;

  • There is an optical image stabilization;


  • Low resolution LCD;

  • Cost cannot be called justifiable;

  • I would like more optical zoom;

  • Not the largest matrix;

Nikon Coolpix B700

Rating: 4.6

Nikon Coolpix B700

Another ultrasound in our ranking. This camera is capable of boast an already 60x optical zoom. Not difficult to guess that the manufacturer failed to achieve such a parameter as much by increasing the lens, how much by reducing matrix sizes. That is, inside is a modest sensor, the size of which is 1 / 2.3 inches (crop factor 5.62). The matrix was created using BSI CMOS technology, in this regard there is no no complaints. But there are questions to the resolution. No doubt, 20 Mp is good when a person takes pictures in conditions of good illumination. But a lens with 60x optical zoom over definition cannot be aperture. In this regard, automation cameras will regularly raise ISO, and on such a matrix it is fraught increased amount of digital noise. However, they sin almost all the ultra-minds, so strongly criticize the Nikon camera Coolpix B700 is not worth it.

The optics used here consist of 12 elements in 9 groups. Including the lens has low-dispersion lenses. There are two ways to crop. The first consists in applying a three-inch rotary screen diagonal. If this method seems inconvenient, then to the rescue an electronic viewfinder will come. Regarding rate of fire devices, then it is at the level of budget SLRs cameras.

Like the previous cameras reviewed in this rating, Nikon is capable of 4K video at 30 fps. However, it is evident that it is given to him with difficulty. Much better result obtained by lowering the resolution to traditional 1080p – then frame rate is increased exactly twice. Able to write video device and at a speed of 120 frames / s, but for this you will have to lower the resolution to a very low parameter, in connection with which the image quality will become very modest. And not the fact that the picture is will turn out light – do not forget about the massive lens, consisting from a large number of glasses.

Alas, the microphone cannot be connected to this camera. Of connectors useful for shooting movies, there is only audio output. Interestingly, the camera received two at once. wireless module. Wi-Fi is designed to remotely control and file transfers, and NFC speeds up the synchronization process. Remains add that this camera weighs 565 g (including battery, full charge of which is enough to create about 350 snapshots).


  • Available 4K video resolution;

  • Cost cannot be called prohibitive;

  • High resolution matrix;

  • There is a 60x optical zoom;

  • Built-in optical image stabilization;

  • The display is complemented by a rotary mechanism;

  • There is an electronic viewfinder;

  • There are NFC and Wi-Fi;


  • Low shooting speed

  • The matrix is ​​very small;

  • Low aperture;

The best SLR cameras with good video

Nikon D7500 Body

Rating: 4.9

Nikon D7500 Body

A great camera for beginner photographers. In our rating he hit thanks to the well-implemented video shooting function. IN in particular, this is one of the most inexpensive SLR cameras, which Able to shoot video with 4K resolution. Of course, the frequency in this the moment will be limited to 30 frames / s, but in itself the possibility to get such a detailed video is immensely happy. If If you want to increase the frequency, then just switch to Full HD resolution.

The buyer must be satisfied and the number of various connectors. In this regard, the manufacturer did not save at all – on on the side of the camera you can find a headphone output, microphone input and even a remote control jack. If you want transfer files wirelessly or use remote management, then the Wi-Fi module comes to the rescue. Not forgotten by company and an HDMI interface for transferring pictures to a monitor or TV.

Shooting with this camera is carried out using a CMOS matrix, having a crop factor of 1.5 and a resolution of 20.9 megapixels. It’s wonderful sensor with a range of ISO 50-102400. Mirror lifting mechanism turned out to be fast enough, in connection with which the camera is capable of produce up to eight shots per second. Nothing bad can be said and about the battery used – its full charge is enough as at least 950 frames. The Worst Side of Compact Cameras Nikon D7500 differs only in the absence of optical stabilizer. But you can always buy endowed with it lens! That’s why we recommend getting a “carcass”, devoid of standard optics – such a purchase will cost 80 thousand. rub.


  • Long battery life;

  • Fairly high rate of fire;

  • An excellent matrix is ​​used;

  • The viewfinder has a 100 percent field of view;

  • Fast working autofocus;

  • There is Wi-Fi;

  • There are all the necessary connectors;

  • Available shooting video with 4K resolution;


  • High price;

  • Live View greatly reduces focus speed.

Sony Alpha ILCA-68 Kit

Rating: 4.8

Sony Alpha ILCA-68 Kit

The SLR camera also copes with video shooting Sony She also uses a cropped matrix. Her permission increased to 24 megapixels. In this regard, with a slight increase photosensitivity, you may notice the appearance of digital noise. It should be noted that Sony-launched SLR forces cameras in fact are not. Instead of a mirror here almost completely transparent film is used, which is not need to be raised every time. This allowed the manufacturer to increase shooting speed up to 8 frames per second. And also the product received optical image stabilizer. This is insanely happy, because to find a stabilizer lens for the Sony A mount is extremely difficult.

Unfortunately, this camera cannot shoot 4K video. But when shooting with Full HD resolution, the user will be pleased with both the frequency and autofocus speed. You may well buy a “whale” kit, which costs about 47 thousand rubles. Entering into such the lens kit has some optical beginner zoom the user will be completely satisfied with its capabilities. If you want get the highest quality video, it’s better to get special optics equipped with an ultrasonic motor.

Still, the Sony Alpha ILCA-68 camera can be considered outsider of our rating. The fact that there is no audio output, no microphone input, nor even Wi-Fi. That is, a purchase this camera is recommended only for those who absolutely need DSLR with integrated optical stabilizer (equipped with it competitors will cost significantly more).


  • High resolution matrix;

  • A powerful flash is used;

  • Relatively light weight for the DSLR;

  • There is an auxiliary screen;

  • Excellent viewfinder quality;

  • Built-in optical image stabilization;

  • High speed shooting photos;


  • LCD display has a low resolution;

  • High cost for such characteristics;

  • No wifi;

  • Insufficient number of connectors;

  • Not the longest battery life;


Now you understand that it’s far from always necessary for video recording Buy a separate device, whether it’s an action camera or a camcorder. It’s much easier to get a good camera. However, far from all such devices are able to provide the desired level of quality video being recorded. This mainly boasts considered in our selection of models. You now have to decide on form factor and cost, after which you can make a purchase!

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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