6 best biology textbooks

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

This year biology will again be one of the subjects in which graduates can take the Unified State Exam. It is not surprising that many students choose a personalized one, because most of the topics are close and understandable to them, and laboratory work arouses genuine interest.

All those looking to improve their grades, prepare for exams and gain in-depth knowledge of the subject should get acquainted with the best biology textbooks. We took into account the opinions of schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, as well as the following equally important criteria:

  1. literacy of content;
  2. correspondence of the degree of difficulty to the age of the students;
  3. accessibility and comprehensibility of the language;
  4. compliance with educational standards of the state.
  5. Illustrations, diagrams and tables were not left without attention.

Ranking of the best biology textbooks

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best biology textbooks for grades 5-9 1 Ponomareva I.N., Kornilova O.A., Kumchenko V.S. Biology. 6 cl 651 r
2 V.V. Pasechnik Biology. Bacteria. Mushrooms. Plants. Grade 5. RUB 677
3 A. Matalin: Biology. 6-9 grades. In tables and diagrams. Reference manual RUB 165
Best high school biology textbooks 1 'Biology in three volumes', Taylor D., Green N., Stout W. RUB 2,133
2 Textbook “Biology in Schemes and Tables” – A.Yu. Iontseva, A. V. Torgalov 194 r
3 A.A. Kamensky and other Biology (basic level), 10-11 grades. 662 RUB

Best biology textbooks for grades 5-9

From the 5th grade, students begin to get acquainted with plants and living organisms. The course of study for middle school students focuses on the ability to see details, observe, conduct research and draw conclusions. The program includes the study of organic matter and its development, the nature and social essence of the individual, the level organization of all living things.

Ponomareva I.N., Kornilova O.A., Kumchenko V.S. Biology. 6 cl

Rating: 4.9

I. N. PONOMAREVA  Kornilova O. A.  V. S. Kumchenko  BIOLOGY.  6 CL.jpg

The presented material is devoted to the study of the plant world and continues the concept outlined in the textbook for grade 5. Here such topics as the seed and its structure, the variety of fruits are sounded. Special attention is paid to the study of the main vegetative organs of plants. All topics are related in meaning, the principle of clarity is observed.

Literature increases interest in a subject through additional material. The author's program is designed for 1 hour of studying biology per week. The textbook is recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and has earned many positive reviews from schoolchildren, their mothers and fathers.

V.V. Pasechnik Biology. Bacteria. Mushrooms. Plants. Grade 5.

Rating: 4.8

V.V. Pasechnik  Biology.  Bacteria.  Mushrooms.  Plants.  Grade 5.

The following textbook fully complies with the Federal Gosstandart for Education. In the educational literature there are many colorful illustrations, a lot of different tasks and questions, there are laboratory works and entertaining facts for curious students. An integrated approach promotes effective assimilation of the material. Some parents think that the text is written too dryly, and you can't do without a reschebnik. Therefore, the task of making the lessons bright and interesting is completely assigned to the teacher.

However, there are those who praise the book and consider it the best option for obtaining basic school knowledge. In any case, the proposed material will not be enough, so teachers recommend not to be limited to this manual alone. This is especially true for those students who plan to enter a medical or veterinary university in the future.

A. Matalin: Biology. 6-9 grades. In tables and diagrams. Reference manual

Rating: 4.7


We could not fail to include in the rating a school guide with the main topics of the course for students from grades 6 to 9. The textbook corresponds to the Federal State Educational Standard and provides effective assistance in repetition and study of fresh material. This is a good option for preparing for the main state exam. The theory is presented succinctly and clearly in the form of tables and diagrams. This makes it easy to remember the topic in a short time.

Reviews of the book are overwhelmingly positive. Students note the availability of the course presented. They say structured design helps you find the material you need quickly. The main advantages of educational literature are brevity and clarity.

Best high school biology textbooks

The main part of the course for senior classes is designed to study the structure of the cell and its functions, the characteristics of the functioning of the body. School literature should be aimed at maximum preparation for the final exams.

'Biology in three volumes', Taylor D., Green N., Stout W.

Rating: 5.0


An up-to-date guide to the general biological course was created by English Methodists. The textbook is chosen for the decent level of the material presented, the simplicity of the language and the convenient arrangement of topics. The text will be understandable even to an unprepared student. The edition has three volumes in total. The first examines viruses, bacteria, the world of animals and plants, the second – methods of coordinating life processes and environmental issues, the third – applied genetics and the mechanisms of formation of species. This is a great option for educators, high school students preparing for final exams, and biology students.

The manual is called the threshold between the school and university curriculum. Winners of all kinds of olympiads in biology advise the book to be read and believe that it was she who helped them achieve high knowledge in this subject.

Textbook “Biology in Schemes and Tables” – A.Yu. Iontseva, A. V. Torgalov

Rating: 4.9


Those students who are well aware of the distribution of data in rows and columns can turn to the help of the manual led by Iontsev. This is one of the best textbooks for preparing for the Unified State Exam. The information in the book is conveyed in a compact manner, without unnecessary water. All images are understandable even for those who are far from the subject.

The tutorial is suitable for reviewing and consolidating material. He is referred to in cases where the topic in another manual is not clear or is conveyed dryly. Many biology tutors explain the material in this manual, and parents and students use it as an additional source of information. With this textbook, you will be able to quickly repeat the school course, save time and effort.

A.A. Kamensky and other Biology (basic level), 10-11 grades.

Rating: 4.8


The final ranking textbook is included in the biological teaching materials for graduate classes. It was created on the basis of a unique program under the supervision of Vladimir Pasechnik. The book corresponds to the federal state educational standard for secondary general education. The textbook is devoted to the history of the development of science, the essence of all living things. It contains topics about the theory, role and composition of the elementary unit of the structure of organisms. Pupils and parents are delighted with the colorful design of the publication.

In general, this is a classic textbook on biology, containing information on theory, tasks for each chapter, interesting facts and curious material. Compared to the edition for the ninth grade, the problems of biology are described in more detail and in depth, taking into account the latest achievements in the scientific field.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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