6 best 3D pens

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

As you know, in recent years, 3D printers have become incredible popular. However, they cannot yet be called accessible. Far from each person can afford to spend a few dozen thousand rubles for a device that will be used enough seldom. That’s why 3D pens began to appear. These devices do not require a camera having glass walls. These devices draw plastic in the air using hand movements for this user. Of course, using a 3D pen you won’t be able to create some perfect detail or a very large figure. Must be that is why a 3D pen is usually bought for entertainment, not for solving some serious problems. If you meet our rating, then you can also pick yourself the perfect copy. is he will definitely meet your requirements both in terms of characteristics and cost plan. And certainly it will be very durable 3D pen.

Rating of the best 3D pens

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best 3D pens 1 SPIDER PEN PRO, ABS, PLA and UNID Pro 5 060 rub.
2 3Dali Plus, ABS and PLA 2 835 rub.
3 KREZ P3D03 2 790 rub.
4 Myriwell rp100a 1 400 rub.
5 Cactus CS-3D-PEN-A-PN 1 905 rub.
6 DEXP RP101B 1 899 rub.


Rating: 4.9


One of the simplest representatives of our selection. it the product was created by a Chinese company specializing in the release of all sorts of curious products, which previously could just to dream. At the same time, the Chinese are trying to lower the price tag to maximum available value. In particular, this model It is proposed to purchase for only 3,500 rubles or a little more expensive. The body of this 3D pen is partially made of metal. There is and plastic elements without which at such a cost do not could.

The first thing that attracts attention is not even the design the handle itself, but the equipment. Fact that many online stores do not additionally put in a box with the product not only a USB cable and network adapter, but also plastic in two colors. it means that you can start 3D printing immediately after this the pen will fall into your hands. However, it is recommended to read first instruction manual that will explain the purpose of each buttons. Still, they are enough on the body of the 3D-pen lot. Although each one has a corresponding signature, therefore, someone will do without reading the instructions.

This model is equipped with a nozzle, the diameter of which is 0.6 mm This allows you to draw some very thin figures. Total the user has two modes of operation that switch corresponding button. Regarding the length supplied in set of plastic, then it is 3 m. It seems that this enough even to create a very large figure. Available on device and display. However, it cannot be called particularly informative, at least due to its tiny size.

This 3D pen is available in several color options. what Regarding additional features, the product has almost none. The user will not even be able to change the nozzle, if by force sloppy actions suddenly clogged with frozen plastic. By the way The product supports SBS and PLA plastic threads. It’s nice, the buyer will not be limited to any one standard.

Otherwise, it’s hard to tell something about this 3D pen. special. By modern standards, this is the most simplified device. It is unlikely that with its help you will create a real masterpiece. However, it fully justifies its value. If the process 3D printing will captivate you, in the future no one will interfere with the purchase real 3D printer. It will seem to you a serious tool, on the background of the 3D pen, which from now on will appear unpretentious a toy.


  • It is completed with two plastic threads of different colors;
  • Two plastic standards are supported;
  • Simplest management;
  • On the body of the 3D pen there is a display;
  • There are different color options;
  • Two operating modes;
  • Relatively light weight.


  • The price is still a bit high;
  • Nozzle cannot be replaced;
  • The accuracy of the work is far from ideal.

3Dali Plus, ABS and PLA

Rating: 4.8


If the 3D pen opening our rating can still to use as an adult, then 3Dali Plus is a device for children. For school children, to be exact. Buyer will get about the same kit. That means in the box not only the power supply with a built-in cable is detected, but also plastic thread. Unfortunately, there is only one thread. If you want immediately get threads of other colors, then you have to buy them separately. There is also an instruction manual written in the kit in Russian and English.

The body of the device is made of plastic and metal. In this in case you are waiting for a 3D-pen, the body of which is painted in light green color. There are no other options. The device turned out quite easy, therefore the child is unlikely to encounter problems when using it.

On the 3D pen, you can find several buttons and a miniature display. The device offers two modes of operation. At the bottom of it part is a nozzle whose diameter is 0.7 mm what for consumables, the product supports plastic PLA and ABS standards.

It may seem that this model is not at all different from the 3D pen discussed above. Well, some differences still exist. This device comes in color a box. Also, this is not the model that will be capable of creating neat plastic figures – at least the nozzle affects the diameter which turned out quite plump. Yes, and the number of buttons here minimized. Of course, the design is made almost one-time, the user has no way to change nozzle and some other components.

In a word, this is a good option in order to try to teach his son to something new. Perhaps this is the only the purpose of the device. Alas, this is an adult The 3D pen will be uninteresting.


  • It is completed with a three-meter plastic thread;
  • Easy control
  • Two operating modes;
  • Very low cost.


  • The cable cannot be removed from the power supply;
  • There are claims to reliability;
  • No nozzle replacement possible;
  • The work is unlikely to be accurate.


Rating: 4.7


Another 3D pen similar to other representatives of our rating. It also has adequate dimensions. On her body too You can find several buttons and a tiny segment display. IN the disposal of this device is a nozzle whose diameter is 0.6 mm. And here you will find a surprise! Nozzle at any time replace! Yes, this spare part costs a lot of money. But replace it all cheaper than buying a new 3D pen.

However, we will not scare you. The product, of course, may come out out of service. But this will happen only if you don’t Follow the operating instructions supplied with kit.

As consumables, plastic is used here. threads of ABS and PLA standards. The thickness of the material can be 1.5 and 1.75 mm. Three plastic ones are supplied with the product. threads. Of course, they all have different colors. And this at a cost devices in 2800 rubles! There is also a block in the box with the 3D pen power supply with a tightly soldered wire to it.

In online stores you can easily find plastic threads of other colors. A regular change of supplies will allow create multi-colored three-dimensional objects and even full-fledged voluminous paintings. In short, a 3D pen will help in the development of imagination. It’s nice that the speed here is not fixed. It can be adjusted by pressing the appropriate keys. Also available here temperature adjustment – the product is maximally able to heat up working material up to 230 ° C. Stated in specifications and minimum temperature is 60 ° C.

It remains to add that the 3D pen has two modes of operation. IN the first is a continuous supply of plastic, while in the second material comes out only while holding the appropriate buttons. The weight of the device is 55 g. In short, the manufacturer It turned out a great product. Of course, you can find fault with him. But just not after looking at its price tag.


  • Very low cost;
  • Plastic of two standards is supported;
  • A large number of adjustments;
  • Three plastic threads are supplied;
  • Small size and weight;
  • Nozzle change available;
  • Two operating modes;
  • There is a display.


  • Fixed wire at the power supply.

Myriwell rp100a

Rating: 4.6


Another 3D pen that is easy enough to find in large trading networks. In them, it is in demand mainly due to its low cost. The low price tag is partly due to the full the lack of metal that could be used to create corps. Alas, this model is plastic. However, the assembly It turned out to be very reliable, so it is unlikely that the product will ever fall apart in the hands.

If many other 3D pens have a full display, although small, it is not here. Of course, if you get used to it, then you can do without it. Switch will let you change speed – there are three options available. You are also easy set the temperature of the working material – it can vary 60 ° C to 230 ° C. Pleasant and the ability to replace the nozzle. Default it uses a spare part with a diameter of 0.7 mm. But if you have such a desire, you can purchase a nozzle diameter 0.4 mm. Not every device of this kind provides this opportunity! Was this 3D pen perfect?

In fact, certain models can be presented for this model. claim. But I do not want to do this at all. All the flaws devices are inconsequential, you quickly forget about them. For example, a short power cord is not such a problem if you connect 3D pen to extension cord. Someone may regret that it is not full 3D printer, and entertainment for a couple of days. Well, what are you wanted to get for 2000 rubles?


  • Several body colors to choose from;
  • Three plastic threads included;
  • Comes with two stencils for drawing;
  • Implemented nozzle change;
  • Low cost;
  • Possible changes in temperature and speed;
  • Light weight.


  • Plastic case;
  • No display;
  • The power supply has a short cord.

Cactus CS-3D-PEN-A-PN

Rating: 4.5


Another representative of our rating, rated in 2000 rubles. His body was also made of plastic, which someone can not like it. In fact, there is no particular trouble in this. Given the product was made for use by children, and they are unlikely to appreciate would appreciate a metal case. On the contrary, plastic plays even a plus, since with it the device weighs only 62 g.

Unlike the model discussed above, the composition of Cactus CS-3D-PEN-A-PN entered the display, albeit quite miniature. Yet the product boasts the ability to change the nozzle. Its diameter By the way, it is 0.7 mm. As for the thread, its diameter should be 1.75 mm. This 3D pen is supported Consumables standard PLA and ABS.

On the case of the device you can see several buttons. They serve to adjust the speed and temperature of the material. TO Unfortunately, this device cannot be provided with a very low temperature. maybe – minimally this parameter reaches already very impressive 160 ° C. The maximum plastic is heated to a temperature 235 ° C.

Otherwise, the 3D pen is nothing special. IN complete with it comes a starting set of plastic, which may last for several days. More specifically, this three threads of 3 m in different colors. Power is provided by the network adapter. Unfortunately, the wire cannot be taken out of it, its replacement impossible. But its length is very decent, so the claims We will not present. Also found in the box with the device stand for the handle, which can be very useful.

If you read the reviews on the Cactus CS-3D-PEN-A-PN, then it develops the impression that absolutely none of the buyers regrets about money spent. Yes, the device cannot be connected to portable battery. But which of the 3D pens can this crank up? Most of all, people liked the high build quality. Also, everyone appreciated the quick replacement of plastic, taking just a couple minutes.


  • Very low cost;
  • Nozzle replacement available;
  • Both speed and temperature are adjustable;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • There is a display;
  • Light weight;
  • Three plastic threads are included;
  • Two plastic standards are supported.


  • Very low temperature is not available;
  • The wire from the power supply does not get.


Rating: 4.4


As you know, the DNS trading network has been producing for quite some time part of the goods under its own brand DEXP. Including she started producing 3D pens. DEXP RP101B is the cheapest device in this rating. You can buy it for only 1200-1300 rubles. Of course, for the money you will not get the perfect 3D pen with any wide functionality. In particular, This model is limited by the heating temperature of the plastic. It it is regulated by the corresponding buttons, but the temperature varies only between 180 ° C and 230 ° C.

Despite the low cost, the product is able to boast display. As for the nozzle, its diameter is 0.7 mm. AND it, which is important, can be replaced! It will be necessary in that if due to careless use the original nozzle became worthless.

The length of this 3D pen is 180 mm. Weight does not exceed 64 g. As consumables, plastic is used here. PLA and ABS standards. In the box with the product you can find three three-meter threads of different colors. And the device is equipped with stand. As for the power supply, it has inseparable cable, which can be considered the only serious product disadvantage.

This is probably the best choice for someone looking for a 3D pen for your child. This model is not inferior to the considered higher copies, while it costs significantly less. What for pay for the same opportunities more? However, more expensive 3D pens are usually noticeably more reliable. If you are going to use DEXP RP101B almost daily, then get ready to face damage much earlier than the end of the warranty period.


  • Small size and weight;
  • The nozzle can be changed;
  • Two plastic standards are supported;
  • There is a display;
  • Adjustable speed and temperature;
  • It is completed with three plastic threads;
  • There is a stand.


  • The power supply does not allow you to unfasten your cable;
  • No temperature is available;
  • Reliability cannot be called high.


This is the list of the best 3D-pens among the existing ones. moment. Of course, we talked exclusively about those models which can be bought in Russian online stores. We think, that it makes no sense to devote time to experimental samples that if sold, then in a very limited edition.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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