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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

For presentations, briefings, trainings and others more or less mass events use a variety of presentation equipment, and all kinds of visualization tools like interactive whiteboards or projection screens in such cases practically necessary. It will be about screens for projectors speech in our today’s release. Contrary to Misconceptions, Screens can vary greatly in form factor, capabilities and, accordingly, the price. First, we will describe for you the most it makes sense to choose a projection screen, after which give a rating of specific series and models based on conclusions specialists.

How to choose a screen for the projector

A common view of consumers planning to arrange at home, a home theater in the format “projector + screen” begin with projector selection. In fact, it would be more reasonable, and this experts recommend that you select the screen first, and then under it choose the best projector. Such a seemingly simple thing like a screen, there are actually quite a few important parameters. Them we will describe so that you can make a truly conscious a choice.

Stationary and portable

Portable screens are a tripod or tripod, on which unfolds the screen. Such a screen makes sense to buy, if you intend to use it for single meetings in rented premises where it is impossible to establish a full stationary screen.

For home theaters, conference rooms, large audiences in universities, other large rooms suitable stationary screens. They have important differences in functionality.

Suspended spring-loaded

When minimized, the screen is a tube that mounted on the ceiling or wall. Manual sheet feed effort – at the bottom of the blade edge is a special bracket. On the the right height, the canvas can be fixed. Pulls back almost effortless thanks to the spring – you only need to pull it slightly bottom edge.

Such projector screens are mostly inexpensive and compact, but the tension of the canvas is not perfect.

Electric Overhead

Advanced and automated version of the previous type. Lowering and raising the screen by electric motor. In high-quality modern models, the engine it works silently, but when choosing this moment, just in case it’s better clarify. The same weighted bar serves to tension the web at the bottom edge, as in the previous type of screens.

The advantages of such screens in automatic operation, moreover, with help remote control. The same minus – faulty web tension.

Electric screens with side tension

There are all the advantages of the previous type, plus they have horizontal tension, which provide special cables along vertical edges. This combination gives the main The advantage is a perfectly flat surface. On the other hand, they are not cheap.

Hanging in frame

Prefabricated frame and stretched fabric. The advantage is a perfectly flat surface, minus – such screens for the projector they mean stationary installation and “disguise” them can only be drapery.

The size

Let’s say right away that this is not about making the screen fit in the apartment, it’s already obvious. Quality is meant here. image perception when watching a movie on wall and ceiling screen. The fact is that the maximum effect of viewing can only be obtained if peripheral vision. It is the effect of stealth and blurriness of the edges of the image (although in fact they are clear) and exceptions from the field of view home decor gives the maximum effect of presence. It’s possible it would be easy to simply adjust the position of the viewer farther / closer in relation to the screen. But there is a “pitfall” – on too close pixels become visible very bad. Therefore, you need to calculate the optimal size, comparing it with the resolution of the “picture”.

It’s easy to calculate this ratio, but we’ll give you right away its results. For a resolution of at least FullHD (1920×1080) the optimal image width will be 50-70% of the distance from the screen to the viewer. That is, if the estimated distance from the back of the chair to the screen is 3 meters, then the optimal width the screen will range from 1.5 to 2.1 m.

Aspect ratio

For a home theater, if you expect full viewing the maximum cinematic format, optimal the ratio is 16: 9. If the screen is supposed to be installed in the training institution, conference room, any office, here are already possible variations. If you intend to use a modern projector, a ratio of 16:10 is desirable. If the projector is old enough, so as not to maintain ratios greater than 4: 3 and you are not planning change it, then a wider screen can not be bought, partly saving.

Rating of the best screens for the projector

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best wall & ceiling projection screens 1 Cinelectric eco 30 800 rub.
2 Lumi ESAC86 4 820 rub.
3 Cactus Wallscreen CS-PSW-104×186 3 260 rub.
The best tripod screens for projectors 1 Epson 16×9 ELPSC21 183×107 19 600 rub.
2 Redleaf SRM-1103 127×127

Best wall & ceiling projection screens

Features of screens for projectors of this type are described in detail higher. As for specific manufacturers, our experts guided primarily by the best value for money and qualities, therefore included in the rating three models of different manufacturers. Two of them are motorized and one is manual with re-capture mechanism.

Cinelectric eco

Rating: 4.9

Cinelectric Eco

The first to consider a series of motorized production screens American company JT Motors Inc. This equipment is enough high class, designed to equip business centers and other premium facilities, as well as for home installation topics who value real quality and have suitable conditions.

The Cinelectric Eco Series includes a range of motorized screens. widths from 180 to 300 cm in the two most sought after proportions – 4: 3 and 16: 9. Controlled by remote radio remote control.

The design design is simple and unobtrusive, practically universal, makes it easy to fit the screen into any modern the interior without too much noticeability, when there is no need.

The case of the case into which the screen cloth is removed has correct square section, has corresponding technological holes and wall mounts or ceiling. The electric motor is located on the right side. design makes it easy to adjust automatic extreme upper and lower position of the canvas.

The white screen canvas has a matte texture, viewing angle 180 degrees, gain – 1 and front projection type D. Made of vinyl, laid on a black cloth basis and has a black frame around the perimeter of the front. Completely opaque. It extends / retracts completely silently.

The Cinelectric Eco projector screen series is characterized by light weight. For example, a screen with a maximum width of 3 meters weighs only 24 kg.


  • quiet engine operation;
  • durability;
  • low power consumption;
  • simplicity in installation and operation.


  • not found.

Lumi ESAC86

Rating: 4.8

Lumi ESAC86

Further in the ranking, we will consider a specific model from one of the largest and most reputable Chinese manufacturers of quality presentation equipment. The described characteristics will be suitable for screens of other sizes of the same form factor, but other sizes.

According to the characteristics and quality, the screen is commensurate with the above series, and at a price much cheaper. Executed in exactly the same form factor with a white “inconspicuous” case. The canvas also has black frame around the perimeter, white color of the working area, black lining. Only in this case, the material is PVC. Exactly the engine is also equipped with an automatic locking system for presets of different levels of height. PVC-based web material has an improved composition that allows you to wash it easily, quickly and without risk of damage or loss of elasticity.

Matte white coating ensures uniform diffusion scattering of light falling on it. Coefficient gain and viewing angle – 1 and 160 °, respectively.

The canvas is 172 x 130 cm (86 inches) in 4: 3 proportions. Length screen for the projector with the tube – 201 cm. Dimensions in the package – 221x13x13 cm. Remote control – included.


  • high-quality materials;
  • can be washed without restrictions;
  • lightweight construction;
  • simple installation and management;
  • affordable price.


  • not found.

Cactus Wallscreen CS-PSW-104×186

Rating: 4.7

Cactus Wallscreen CS-PSW-104x186

Finishes the selection of the rating of wall-ceiling screens the most simple and affordable option – manual screen domestic trading Cactus brands. The company was founded recently – less than 10 years ago, but during this time managed to gain a significant market share office and presentation equipment. Production established in Southeast Asian countries, as well as directly in Russia.

Wallscreen is a series of Cactus brand screens that actually differ only in size. We will review the series on one example with the dimensions of the working field 104×186. Proportions – 16: 9. The diagonal is 84 inches.

The screen canvas for the projector is made of reinforced PVC with terylene, completely opaque. It has a black perimeter edging. Web thickness – 0.4 mm. Viewing angle – 100 degrees. Gain – 1. Permissible operating temperature range – from -20 to +40 degrees. The canvas is covered with special compounds, providing antistatic effect, fire resistance, resistance to mold formation. It can be washed without restrictions, in folded the cloth can be stored for a long time even at high humidity without loss of useful qualities.

The cloth is going in a thin-walled metal tube with plastic caps on the sides. The tube is equipped with technological holes and eyes for mounting on a wall or ceiling.


  • durability;
  • resistance to mold;
  • antistatic and fire resistance;
  • affordable price.


  • not found.

The best tripod screens for projectors

The second selection in the ranking of the best projection screens by version – These are portable screens on tripods. It’s mobile, convenient, universal designs that allow in minutes expand the workspace for training, seminars, presentations even in the open air. We will give you two examples. the most successful, according to our experts, solutions.

Epson 16×9 ELPSC21 183×107

Rating: 4.9

Epson 16x9 ELPSC21 183x107

The first to consider a mobile tensioned projection screen production of a company that does not need special ideas – world famous printing equipment manufacturer Epson

For example, take a model with dimensions of 183×107 and proportions Workspace 16: 9. Other products in the same series have the same properties and differ only in size.

The product is a light prefabricated structure consisting from a durable metal tripod made of aluminum alloy and canvas screen attached to the top of the tripod.

The canvas is made of several layers of a special polymer, has four tension points to achieve the most even surface. Reflection coefficient – 1. Viewing angle – 60 degrees.

The whole structure weighs only 3.3 kg. Recommended for use both in office and at home.


  • flat surface due to 4 tension points;
  • light weight;
  • high-quality materials;
  • reputable brand.


  • point complaints about tripod stability.

Redleaf SRM-1103 127×127

Rating: 4.8

Redleaf SRM-1103 127x127

Completes the second selection of the rating and at the same time the entire review series budget portable screens on tripods from Redleaf. It is inexpensive, but solid products suitable for use in a wide variety of conditions.

Let’s consider a series on the example of a screen for a projector of size 127×127 cm (diagonal – 67 inches). Canvas made of high-quality polymer, has a viewing angle of 100 degrees and white matte surface. For web tension it is used here. weighting agent of the lower edge in the form of a thick-walled metal pipes. Due to this, the whole structure, all other things being equal (approximately) weighs significantly more than the previous model – 12 kg

Tripod height adjustable by telescopic design racks. To select the projection height and format, a simple high position adjuster. To compensate for “picture” distortion a trapezoid corrector with three positional options is used. Supports tripods made of bent steel profile with plastic tips and polymer coating. Weight in this case “works” plus stability. The case has an octagonal section, made of steel, coated with a protective polymer composition. On the sides plastic plugs are installed.

The material of the canvas is completely environmentally friendly, and completely complies with established fire safety requirements for building materials and components.


  • sustainability;
  • trapezoid corrector;
  • simple adjustment of position;
  • high-quality materials;
  • robust construction.


  • relatively heavy weight.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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