5 best papers for a printer

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Not always everything depends on the capabilities of printers and copiers. Often it is the correct choice of paper for the printer that guarantees the quality and expected result. It differs in several parameters that you need to know before buying.

  1. By class, paper is divided into three types: A, B and C. This parameter is complex and includes the main indicators, which we will present below. Category A is the highest grade of paper. It can be used on any sophisticated high-tech equipment. Grade B paper has lower quality indicators. Class C has the most affordable cost, and often it is enough for daily office work. Also, for especially important and valuable documents, paper of the highest category – A + is issued.
  2. The standard format for many devices is A4. This is the most demanded paper, the sheet size of which is 297210 mm.
  3. Paper differs in the raw materials used in production. The highest quality composition is 100% cellulose. Wood pulp paper is considered the most economical, but it is not of high quality either.
  4. Density is measured in grams per square meter. The optimal parameter for printers and copiers is 80 g / sq. Lighter weight can lead to paper wrinkling and jamming, and as a result, office equipment malfunction. The instructions for all devices indicate the recommended value of this criterion. Strictly adhering to it, you can be sure of high-quality and problem-free printing.
  5. The brightness of the paper affects the contrast between the sheet and the printed font. The higher the brightness, the better the image is perceived by the eye. The lower it is, the grayer the paper appears.
  6. Transparency is the ability to transmit light through paper without scattering. With a small parameter, the printed font can show through, which is absolutely unacceptable if you need to print on both sides.
  7. Non-clogging is an important criterion that helps to keep office equipment in good working order. Dust particles from the paper are hammered into the mechanisms, which leads to breakage. Special paper coatings will prevent such consequences, so their presence in the composition is encouraged.
  8. Insufficient smoothness can cause paper jams and poor image quality.

Our experts from the variety of presented types of paper were able to select the best ones that are compatible with all types of equipment: printers and copiers, as well as suitable for various office work. We invite our readers to familiarize themselves with this list.

Best Printer Paper Rating

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Printer Paper Rating 1 Svetocopy 500 sheets, A4. 000877 221 r
2 Ballet Premier 500 sheets A4 229 r
3 Snow Maiden 500 sheets, A4 299 r
4 Canon Yellow Label 6821B001, 500 sheets, A4 245 RUB
5 Xerox Performer A4 500 sheets 210 RUB

Svetocopy 500 sheets, A4. 000877

Rating: 4.9

SVETOCOPY 500 SHEETS A4.  000877.jpg

Svetocopy is the undoubted leader in our rating. According to independent research, it is she who is most often called in surveys and tests. Office paper is versatile. It is suitable for any model of printers and copiers, regardless of their parameters. A4 sheet corresponds to the size of 29.721.0 cm. All indicators are optimally balanced, so the paper is suitable for daily office work in all types of institutions, as well as for home use.

The color of the paper is white. Thanks to its high brightness (95%), the maximum contrast between paper and type is created and the perception of the eye is improved. Density – 80 g / sq. m. Paper with such an indicator does not jam or wrinkle, the quality of the printed text or drawings will be quite high.

The budget price makes its use economically beneficial, which attracts more and more buyers. According to reviews, the product really has the optimal ratio of all parameters for using it in simple and more complex devices. Many, having tried it in practice once, very rarely refuse to use it later.


  • for all types of printers and copiers;
  • optimal density for office work;
  • contrast between text and paper;
  • high indicators of brightness and uniformity;
  • affordable cost.


  • not detected.

Ballet Premier 500 sheets A4

Rating: 4.8


The second place in the rating is given to paper of the Ballet brand, created especially for especially important and significant documents. It is used for printing dissertations, reports, color graphs, valuable letters. The increased quality ensures the clarity of the image on black and white and color printers, copiers. Premier is made from regenerated woods without chlorine bleaching. Therefore, it is considered environmentally friendly and harmless to the health of office workers.

Ballet is created using the unique ColorLok technology, which has undoubted advantages over other methods. Ink dries faster to prevent smudging and smudging. The brightness and contrast are improved by 25%. Black is more saturated in relation to the rest of the shades. Paper weight – 80.

Users noted the clarity of the resulting image, good color reproduction, increased whiteness. Paper does not interfere with printers and copiers, does not jam in them. Ballet Premier is the clear choice for guaranteed quality.


  • for important and valuable documents;
  • super smooth surface;
  • ink dries 2.5 times faster;
  • environmental Safety;
  • use in all kinds of devices;
  • increased color contrast.


  • not detected.

Snow Maiden 500 sheets, A4

Rating: 4.7


The third place in the rating is occupied by another product popular among Russian users, which combines high quality and low cost. Due to these properties, paper is widely used in public and private institutions, as well as at home. It has the required ISO specification standards. Density 80 g / sq. m allows you to safely use it to work with all types of printers and copiers.

The Snow Maiden reduces toner consumption and extends the service life of the units thanks to a polymer coating that reduces the formation of dust particles. The coated paper has a matte surface. Images are sharp. The printed text in black ink contrasts well with the whiteness of the sheet.

According to reviews, the paper has a high level of opacity. It is compatible with all devices, is durable, does not tear or wrinkles. It can be used for various types of work: printing texts and images, copying them, as well as for other office work. Many noted that the low price became the decisive argument when buying, but after trying it once, its quality was also confirmed.


  • for any type of work;
  • anti-dust coating;
  • optimal density;
  • high degree of whiteness;
  • budget price.


  • not detected.

Canon Yellow Label 6821B001, 500 sheets, A4

Rating: 4.7


Yellow Label belongs to class A +, which corresponds to the highest quality level. For production, 100% cellulose is used, elemental chlorine is not involved in bleaching, which makes it absolutely safe for constant use in the office and at home. The paper is compatible with any copier and printer, suitable for high-speed and two-sided printing of images, suitable for long-term archival storage.

Density – 80. A high degree of whiteness creates a contrast with printed type or image, which is rich and bright. The paper meets the requirements of ISO standards. The smooth surface and high impermeability makes it versatile to use.

According to users, paper is multifunctional, suitable for daily work in large volumes. It reduces toner consumption and does not worsen the condition of office equipment, but on the contrary, extends its service life, does not create problems during use: it does not wrinkle, does not get stuck. Those who have chosen this Canon product advise everyone to put its quality to the test and verify the properties described above.


  • environmentally friendly product;
  • whiteness level;
  • for all types of devices and types of printing;
  • quality raw materials;
  • suitable for archival storage.


  • not detected.

Xerox Performer A4 500 sheets

Rating: 4.6


The paper closes our rating, which is not only designed to work with Xerox office equipment, but also any devices of other brands. The Performer is the best choice for large volumes of documents, which is why it is the choice for a variety of different institutions. It does not contain resin and chlorine gas, therefore it is safe for others.

The quality of the paper is checked more than once during production, and at the final stage, additional control takes place. Density indicator – 80 g / sq. m. This parameter, together with the thickness, makes it resistant to tears, it does not jam, does not create any problems during operation. The matte surface helps to avoid fatigue when reading large volumes of text.

Users noted the optimal combination of all parameters, which makes the paper versatile in use. It is suitable for both simple devices and more complex ones. Despite the class C, it does not differ from the higher level securities. The low price makes it affordable and cost-effective, which is why many people opt for the Xerox Performer.


  • suitable for any daily work;
  • high degree of opacity;
  • for all types of office equipment;
  • does not contain harmful substances;
  • budget price.


  • not detected.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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