5 best Haier refrigerators

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Haier is a fairly well-known Chinese brand under which various kinds of household appliances come out. Production capacity concentrated in China itself and in Russia (Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan). Haier refrigerator assembly for the Russian market held mostly in the PRC.

Rating of the best Haier refrigerators

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best Haier refrigerators 5 Haier C2F636CWRG 44 989 rub.
4 Haier C3FE744CMJ 53 390 rub.
3 Haier C2F637CWMV 42 770 rub.
2 Haier C2F637CXRG 51 989 rub.
1 Haier A3FE742CMJ 66 190 rub.

For all models that experts considered the best in our ranking, common signs are:

two doors (except Haier A3FE742CMJ);

  1. one compressor;

  2. glass shelves;

  3. the ability to outweigh the door;

  4. defrost system No Frost;

  5. no ice maker;

  6. display;

  7. electronic control;

  8. external display;

  9. Vacation mode

  10. energy efficiency class – not lower than “A +”;

  11. supercooling;

  12. super freezing;

  13. indication of temperature on the external screen;

  14. acoustic indication of an open door;

  15. bottom location of the freezer;

  16. defrosting system for both chambers – No Frost.

Haier C2F636CWRG

Rating: 4.5

Haier C2F636CWRG

Haier C2F636CWRG model refrigerators are made in snow-white plastic and metal case of a strict classical form factor linear dimensions 59.5×67.2×190.5 cm. Weight unpacked – 80 kg

The capacity of the refrigerator is 256 l, freezer – 108 l. There are 4 cameras in the freezer. The refrigerator consumes up to 342 kWh in year, and is able to freeze up to 12 kg of products per day. There is a zone freshness with adjustment, but without indicating the temperature.

This model provides the ability to easily outweigh both doors. Noise declared by the manufacturer – up to 42 dB, and at proper operation, this figure does not exceed the nominal. The model covers climate classes from subnormal to subtropical.

In this model, capacitors are located on the sides, and in the process the work is heating up. This must be taken into account during installation and use. But the shape of the refrigerator allows you to move it close to the wall.


  • spacious;

  • quality plastic parts;

  • Really effective antibacterial protection.


  • small angle of door opening;

  • side panels heat up.

Haier C3FE744CMJ

Rating: 4.6

Haier C3FE744CMJ

Haier C3FE744CMJ Chinese-made refrigerator manufactured in a silver metallic case in a thin metal case with metal elements. On the front panel there is a thin oblong screen of the electronic control panel. Dimensions of it are 70×67.6×190 cm, weight – exactly 100 kg.

In contrast to the previous model in our rating – model C2F636CWRG – an inverter compressor is installed in this model. it allows the refrigerator to more economically control modes, and its general energy efficiency class – “A ++” with annual consumption of level up to 321 kWh. Climate classes are wide enough – from subnormal to tropical, which allows it unimpeded use in the southern latitudes of our country.

The volume of the refrigerator is 277 liters. Besides her there is still 40 l wet freshness area without separate door. Large freezer – 133 l. Power freeze makes up to 10 kg of products per day. With the door open The refrigerator will sound an alarm.

Due to the inverter compressor, this model is noticeably quieter in work than the previous model – up to 38 dB.


  • spaciousness;

  • large freezer;

  • inverter compressor;

  • profitability.


  • build quality;

Haier C2F637CWMV

Rating: 4.7

Haier C2F637CWMV

Haier C2F637CWMV refrigerator is made in a strict angular snow-white casing with recessed handles and contrast black electronic control panel on the refrigerator door. Case material – thin enameled metal and plastic. Sizes – 59.5×67.2×199.8 cm, weight – 85 kg.

The refrigerator is divided into two chambers: a refrigerator with a volume of 257 liters and 108 l freezer. Separately in the refrigerator there is 21-liter freshness compartment Freshness zone – dry type. Within the energy efficiency class “A +” the unit consumes up to 349 kWh per year with the freezing capacity of up to 12 kg of products per day. Covers the climatic classes from subnormal to subtropical. Noise declared by the manufacturer compressor – up to 42 dB. With the refrigerator door open an acoustic signal sounds.

Some users note the chemical smell of plastic in the first days of operation, but it disappears in a short time.


  • spaciousness;

  • quiet work;

  • freshness zone.


  • the smell of plastic.

Haier C2F637CXRG

Rating: 4.8

Haier C2F637CXRG

Chinese refrigerator models Haier C2F637CXRG in rating made in a stylish silver case made of metal and plastic measuring 59.5×67.2×199.8 cm and weighing 85 kg. Due to high class energy efficiency A + unit consumes per year no more than 342, but radiators are located on the sides. Due to the location of the radiators side walls are heated, which must be borne in mind when installation. On the other hand, it facilitates the care of the device and allows you to slide it close to the back wall.

The volume of the refrigerator is 278 liters, the freezer is 108 liters. The freezing capacity of the unit is up to 12 kg of products per day. The fridge provides a freshness zone for storage of vegetables, meat and fish. Climate classes range from subnormal to subtropical. Nominal operation noise compressor – up to 42 dB.

Despite the fact that the noise of the refrigerator is quite ordinary, users for the most part mark it really quiet work without extraneous sounds of the compressor and defrosting system.


  • long cord;

  • quiet.


  • not marked.

Haier A3FE742CMJ

Rating: 4.9

Haier A3FE742CMJ

Haier A3FE742CMJ is the only refrigerator in our ranking, which is clearly distinguished by its design. it manifested in the fact that it has as many as three doors. The unit is manufactured in traditional silver color from thin enameled metal and plastic. Dimensions – 70×67.6×190 cm, weight – 105 kg.

Three chambers are allocated in the refrigerator: a refrigerating chamber of 273 liters, 129 l freezer and 24 l freshness area. Each camera has separate door. Freshness zone – wet type.

This fridge is higher class than most others in Review – “A ++” with an energy consumption of 313 kWh per year. Large volume and energy efficiency achieved by inverter compressor type. The freezing ability of this model is up to 12 kg in a day. If you leave the refrigerator door open, acoustic signal. The inverter type of compressor has another positive moment – quiet operation up to 38 dB with infinitely adjustable power. Coverage of climate classes is very wide – from subnormal to tropical.


  • quiet;

  • economical;

  • functional;

  • inverter compressor;

  • spacious.


  • high price.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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