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Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Wheelchairs are a group of educational toys created to teach a child to walk, the primary skills of controlling a technique (toy). There are several varieties of these devices, among them are ordinary wheelchair toys on a handle, as well as cars that you can lean on at the first steps and ride, pushing off the floor with your feet, while determining the path with the wheel. The experts of the portal found out which gurneys for children are preferred by parents and their babies, and based on the reviews they made a rating.

Rating of the best gurneys for children

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Gurney Toy 1 Wheelchair toy Polesie Turtle Tortila 427 r
The best trolleys for kids 1 River Toys Mercedes – Benz A888AA-H RUB 4,900
2 SWEET BABY Prestigio (376 859/376 860/376 861) 1 600 rub.
The best wheelchair cars with a roof 1 Trolley-trolley Step2 Easy turn RUB 12 830
2 Little Tikes Police RUB 7,299

Best Gurney Toy

The progenitors of the modern gurney are wooden platforms with wheels, to which a long control handle is attached. Today, plastic is used to make toys, and the usual playground has been replaced with a toy, often with mechanical, sound effects that attract the child's attention. The task of the wheelchair is to help you master independent walking, because rolling a toy is much more interesting than just walking along the road. This parenting method is suitable for children 1-1.5 years old.

Wheelchair toy Polesie Turtle Tortila

Rating: 4.9

Wheelchair toy Polesie Turtle

Every second child has this toy. The turtle crackles when it moves, and its umbrella spins, which fascinates children – they are interested in walking and watching this movement. The sound is soft and non-irritating, so it will not cause discomfort while walking. The plastic from which the turtle is made is durable, non-toxic and absolutely odorless, its color is bright. Eyes and a tie are stickers that can come off over time if poked around diligently.

Gurney Turtle Tortila stable on two wheels. The toy tolerates slow and fast walking, movement on a flat surface and off-road, withstands minor impacts, the mechanism is indifferent to water (you can roll in puddles).

The cost of a gurney is on average from 400 rubles.


  • Bright and safe material;

  • Affordable price;

  • Stable toy, suitable for any terrain;

  • The umbrella rotates;

  • Soft ratchet sound;

  • Reliable construction.


  • The umbrella cannot withstand strong impacts on the asphalt.

The best trolleys for kids

Tolocars are machines with a supporting manual backrest, which you can hold onto while performing the first steps on all fours or on legs. The device is also well suited for the first independent riding – you just need to push off the floor with your feet. To increase the interest of children, manufacturers equip tolokars with additional sound effects, make the body bright, often with luminous inserts.

River Toys Mercedes – Benz A888AA-H

Rating: 4.9

River Toys Mercedes - Benz A888AA-H

The first tolocar in the rating, which will be appreciated by parents, is RiverToys Mercedes – Benz with electric drive and parental control stick. The machine is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in dry weather. First, the children ride under the control of their parents, then, having mastered the rules of taxiing, they can drive themselves, the engine is turned on with a button, and the wheelchair is set in motion by the gas pedal. To prevent the legs from rubbing against the floor or asphalt, the design provides a retractable stand. The seat rim is responsible for the safety of the baby, which can later be removed. You can put toys or care items in the trunk.

The battery in the typewriter RiverToys Mercedes – Benz of a small capacity – only 4V b 4.50 Ah, but for kids this is enough. The indicator will notify about the need for recharging.

The gurney can be used as an alternative to a wheelchair, gurney, tolokar and even a rocking chair – the lower part transforms into a stable arc. The seat is made of leather, the softness of the ride is provided by the foam rubber wheels. Children will love the glowing headlights, sound effects (horn), you can connect music via USB, SD-inputs, the radio is connected, the panel supports MP3. The design is designed for a child up to 20 kg, while the machine weighs only 6.5 kg with a relatively compact dimensions of 65x30x29 cm.

The cost of the RiverToys gurney car Mercedes – Benz A888AA-H with sound effects starts from 5,900 rubles.


  • The ability to use as a gurney, tolokar and rocking chair;

  • Reliable durable plastic;

  • Bright body and glowing headlights;

  • Safety margin up to 20 kg;

  • Klaxon and music connection;

  • Optimal price.


  • No protection against water and dust;

  • There are no seat belts.

SWEET BABY Prestigio (376 859/376 860/376 861)

Rating: 4.8

SWEET BABY Prestigio (376 859/376 860/376 861) with sound effects

The inexpensive SWEET BABY Prestigio tolocar machine, which took the second place in our rating, is not equipped with a motor, it completely depends on the child's movement: you can hold on to the back while walking, it rides due to the repulsion of the legs from the asphalt or the floor. The fun is added by the soundtrack with buttons on the steering wheel, and toys can be put in the trunk.

Tolocar SWEET BABY Prestigio is made in three colors: blue, red, white. Each model has 4 durable plastic wheels and a comfortable textile seat with comfortable support, ensuring safety and comfort when riding for children from 1 to 5 years old. The design is designed for weight up to 35 kg – there is a good margin of safety.

SWEET BABY Prestigio promotes the development of the musculoskeletal system and muscle corset, and improves coordination. There is no parental control, so the child must be carefully supervised on the street. There is no need to fear for stability – the machine has a stopper that will protect it from overturning while riding.

The cost of a tolokar is on average 1600 rubles.


  • Stable machine;

  • There is a trunk under the seat;

  • Increased safety margin up to 35 kg;

  • Musical accompaniment on the steering wheel (you need batteries for power);

  • Durable plastic without sharp corners and edges;

  • Low price.


  • No parental controls (rolling handle).

The best wheelchair cars with a roof

A wheelchair with a roof allows a child to feel like a real driver, suitable for children who can confidently stand on their feet and can walk. Unlike conventional tolokars, gurneys with a roof and doors are safer – a closing door protects from falling out during maneuvers, and the structure itself is more resistant to overturning.

Trolley-trolley Step2 Easy turn

Rating: 4.9

Trolley-tolokar Step2

The gurney machine is designed for children aged 1.5-2 years with a weight of up to 22.5 kg, walking relatively well without the help of adults. Safety when driving is ensured by a lockable door and a protective rim, so that during any maneuvering the young driver will remain in the seat. Stability and ease of control are provided by four main wheels and one double front wheels coupled with the steering wheel.

Inside the gurney, everything is just like in a real car: there is an ignition key, a cup holder for a bottle of water for a walk, a rotating steering wheel and a signal horn. The door only opens from the driver's side. For Step2 to start moving, you need to push off the floor with your feet. It is noteworthy that parents, like children, can push the car, holding it by the handle on the roof, then it is advisable to put a support under the legs inside the cabin to protect the children's legs.

Trolley-trolley Step2 Easy twist made of durable and safe plastic made in the USA. The cost of such a machine starts at 12,000 rubles.


  • You can ride inside and push like a gurney;

  • Safety ensured by a closing door and a safety rim;

  • Light weight 8.8 kg;

  • Maneuverable handling thanks to the swivel front wheel;

  • Stability;

  • Realistic accompaniment (key, sound, fuel tank, cup holders).


  • Relatively high price;

  • One color scheme.

Little Tikes Police

Rating: 4.8

Little Tikes Police

Closing the rating of cars is a catalog with a roof, a model of American production Little Tikes Police, stylized as a real patrol car of the European type. Its door opens, the steering wheel really turns, and movement is carried out by the movement of the legs. The Little Tikes can be used in place of a stroller for outdoor walks, for this there is a handle at the rear of the roof at a height of 775 mm, but it will only be comfortable for short adults. Several small items can be marked in the trunk.

Protection of the child during movement is provided by a door that closes with a latch, the child is comfortable to sit on a wide seat with a high back. The wheels are made of plastic, but their axles are metal, reliable and durable. Parents provide a removable floor to protect the legs when children ride.

The gurney is designed for a child from 1.5 to 5 years old weighing up to 23 kg, its stability is provided only by four wheels and a wide body, the total weight of the toy is about 8 kg.

Little Tikes Gurney Police is an excellent purchase for girls and boys, for home and outdoors. You can buy a wheelchair from 7,500 rubles.


  • Stable construction;

  • Parental handle;

  • There is a sound and an ignition key;

  • Removable floor;

  • Closing door.


  • Only 4 wheels without special swivel;

  • The steering wheel is not paired with the wheels, the rotation should be carried out by the movements of the legs (inconvenient).

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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