5 best cutlery sets

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Beautiful table setting is a competent selection cutlery. When buying spoons, forks and knives, it is important to pay attention to certain parameters that we took into account when drawing up ranking of the best manufacturers of tools for consumption food.

How to choose cutlery

When choosing cutlery an important role is played by the following factors:

  1. The material of manufacture. Suitable for daily use medical steel, for dinner party you can choose accessories from cupronickel.
  2. Quality. There should be no roughness on the objects, defects.
  3. Weight and size. Try to take the device in your hand. He should not be too heavy or massive.
  4. External design. Design depends on personal preference. the buyer.
  5. Price. You should not take very cheap products. For quality cutlery will have to pay a tidy sum.

We invite you to get acquainted with the best manufacturers of devices for backgrounds and popular patterns sets.

Nomination a place name rating
5 best manufacturers 1 GGS Solingen 4.9
2 Robert Welch 4.8
3 Berghoff 4.7
4 Lara 4.6
5 Nytva 4.5
5 best cutlery sets 1 Radford Bright Robert Welch 24 items 4.9
3 Set of children’s cutlery BergHOFF 8500209 4.7
4 Dubrava Nytva 4.6
5 LARA LR10-09 4.5

5 best manufacturers

GGS Solingen

Rating: 4.9


At the top of the ranking is the manufacturer who deserves A large number of endorsements on the Internet. The popularity of German cutlery is justified by quality manufacturing materials. Forks, knives and spoons are made from super strong alloy used as the basis for creating surgical instruments. Cutlery will last long years.

The company’s assortment includes patterned accessories, concise sets and serving items with gold and silver spraying. There are devices for children in the catalog. Product Prices quite acceptable. For a set for 12 people you need to give at least 700 rubles.

Robert Welch

Rating: 4.8


British company Robert Welch has a long history and produces elegant cutlery sets worthy of being on any table. Some instances of the brand can be seen in contemporary art museums in America. The company became the first produce premium tools from polished stainless steel.

High-quality products are not affordable for everyone. Price for one recruitment begins about 4 thousand rubles. Set for six persons Iona Bright will cost the hostess about 25,000 rubles. Such a cost justified by durability and unique design. Due to the high price products, we could not put the brand in the first place in the ranking.


Rating: 4.7


Berghoff manufactures low-cost accessories that famous for their superior German quality and sophisticated design. Cutlery have an unusual design and immediately rush into eyes on the background of goods of other companies. It is worth noting the beautiful stands for storing spoons and forks. They serve a long time and look presentable. They are convenient to wash. In stock companies any cutlery for every taste – from children’s to luxury.

On the Internet you can find many positive reviews about Berghoff collections. Buyers note that appliances are convenient fall into the hand, they are moderately light. Knives perfectly cut food and perfectly cope with their task. Commodity prices medium.


Rating: 4.6


The next member of the rating has the largest catalog products. Domestic brand cutlery belong to premium class. The manufacturer has taken care not only about the high product quality, but also about the original design of accessories. Sets of the brand “Lara” will be a great gift and worthy the acquisition of any hostess. Serving items are made from strong steel.

According to users, the appliances of this company retain initial look for a long time. They serve for a long time, and spraying Do not erase after cleaning. Instrument price in full consistent with quality. Sets will be affordable for most consumers.


Rating: 4.5


The fifth place in the rating belongs to the domestic firm Nytva. This company’s cutlery delights customers with optimal value for money. There are universal tools in the form of gift sets and piece goods. “Nytva” produces souvenirs. So, before the World Cup were symbolic spoons are made. Product design is not inferior to objects servings of foreign brands of a premium class.

Judging by the reviews, the devices do not lose their original form in for many years. Mistresses praise spoons and forks with golden a coating that does not wear after aggressive cleaning means. Accessories “Nytva” are tough and strong, they do not bend and decorate any table.

5 best cutlery sets

Radford Bright, Robert Welch 24 items

Rating: 4.9


The best set of cutlery was the model of the company “Robert Welch.” Radford Bright collection tools are different elegance and decorate any table. They are very convenient due to perfect balance and lightness. Eating becomes more pleasant.

Spoons and forks are made of stainless steel (18/10). Knives are made of hardened steel and guarantee high quality blades. Connoisseurs non-trivial accessories will appreciate the beauty and originality of the set that sets the tone for the decoration of the table. Buyers in delighted with mirror polishing, ease of care and original instrument design. The set includes six table knives, forks, large and small spoons. It costs 16,000 rubles.


Rating: 4.8


Cutlery made in the city of Solingen, made of an alloy of nickel (10%) and chromium (18%). Cuttings decorated with gold 24 carats. Matte finish looks noble and expensive. Set Available in branded gift wrapping. It includes as many as 72 subject. There are table forks and spoons, a ladle, a sauce boat and even sugar tongs. It is designed for 12 people.

Each item is branded, which is guarantee of high quality. Devices do not have a specific term operation. They will last several generations and become real. family value. Price – from 72,000 rubles.

BergHOFF 8500209 3 items

Rating: 4.7


Next in the ranking is a set of three items, Designed specifically for young buyers. Product made for children who are not yet ready to use adult dining rooms appliances. The fork, knife and spoon are made of stainless steel and fitted to the size of a child’s hand.

The set features a nice appearance with a cute design. Consumers are thrilled with first-class material with amazing mirror polished. The advantages of the set they include the lack of dangerous ends and edges, dishwasher safe, optimal price. It costs a set of 1120 rubles.

Dubrava Nytva 24 items

Rating: 4.6


Nytva plant offers its customers a table set for six people. The set includes spoons, forks, knives and tea spoons. It is packed in a gift box. Devices have silver glossy color and certificate of conformity. On the site the company can see the laboratory test reports, carried out in relation to the production of “Nytva”.

Serving items are decorated with exquisite ornaments. Their comfortable to hold in hand. This is ideal for both everyday and for the holiday table. It costs a set of about 2500 rubles. Such the cost is justified by the high quality of the products.

LARA LR10-09, 24pr

Rating: 4.5


Rounding out the rating is a Lara set of 24 items. It is designed for 6 persons and made in the original golden design. Is in set of forks, legs and two kinds of spoons. Products made from strong steel, guaranteeing a long service life. In the set no stand.

Buyers say that strong objects hold well in hand. They are not in doubt about the quality. Tools do not bend easily laundered. Most consumers can afford the price. It costs a set of 1700 rubles.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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