5 best Canon MFPs

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The editorial board has repeatedly reviewed multifunctional devices from various well-known manufacturers. We are talking about combined units that combine three main functions at the same time: printer, scanner, copier (or in the common people – 'copier'). Today we will pay attention to this kind of office equipment produced by the world-famous Japanese corporation Canon. Our experts included five models in the rating, among which everyone can find the best option in terms of functionality and cost.

In selecting the recommended models, our experts were not limited to printing technology and color. Only the highest assessment of the set of characteristics of the device in its class was put at the forefront. Therefore, in this review you will see black and white and color, laser and inkjet MFPs.

Top Canon MFPs

Nomination a place Name of product price
Top Canon MFPs 1 Canon imageRUNNER 2520 RUB 60 350
2 Canon i-SENSYS MF734Cdw RUB 24,995
3 Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 RUB 16 350
4 Canon PIXMA G3411 11 435 RUB
5 Canon PIXMA TS5040 RUB 4,335

Canon imageRUNNER 2520

Rating: 4.9

Canon imageRUNNER 2520

Let's start with a real 'monster' – in terms of size, performance, format (A3) and cost. The only nuance that separates this MFP from complete perfection is the strict black and white color profile for printing. The technology is laser.

Linear dimensions of the MFP – 565x689x771 mm, net weight – 50.5 kg. Requires power supply up to 1542 W for maximum load. A large 5.7 ”LCD screen can be used for control. The dimensions, weight, large format and large capacity of the trays (more on that below) obliged the developers to design an MFP case to be placed on the floor.

In printer mode, the MFP is capable of printing with technical quality up to 1200×1200 dpi and a speed of 20 prints per minute for A4 and 15 for A3. It takes 30 seconds to warm up after switching on. Duplex is activated on the fly. Looking ahead, we will say that some modifications of this model may contain a separate technical device for 2-sided media feed – this needs to be clarified at the point of sale.

Unlike many MFPs that proudly feature the 'A3' designation, this model is also capable of scanning in such a large format. Accordingly, it can be easily used as a large format copier. In this mode, prints will have the ultimate technical quality of 600×600 dpi. The copying speed is exactly the same as the print speed: 20 copies per minute for A4 and 15 for A3. The first copy is issued after 6.4 sec. The scale can be changed within the range from 25 to 400 percent.

The capacity of the auto-feed reservoir for paper is quite impressive – 2 thousand sheets, but it is recommended to load a capacity of no more than 350 sheets. The manual feed slot holds 100 sheets. Restriction on the 'weight' of paper: from 64 to 128 grams per square meter.

From the technical, namely the electronic side, the device is controlled by a proprietary Canon Custom processor with a core frequency of 400 MHz. RAM is installed 256 MB. The connectivity is pretty conservative – just USB and Ethernet over the RJ-45 port.

Features of the software part of the MFP: no PostScript support; there are drivers for Windows, Linux, Mac OS.


  • high performance;
  • twain support;
  • good service;
  • good quality;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • no cartridge – only toner bottle.


  • no PostScript support; can be installed but expensive.

Canon i-SENSYS MF734Cdw

Rating: 4.8

Canon i-SENSYS MF734Cdw

The second number in our rating is already a much more compact and twice as cheap model, but it provides color laser printing. The limitation that influenced the size of the device and the price is only in the size of the media – maximum A4.

Linear dimensions of the device – 471x460x469 mm, net weight – 26.5 kg. Requires up to 1400 W of energy to operate, in an inactive state – no more than 17.7 W. The manufacturer's guaranteed noise level should not exceed a threshold of 63 dB. The five-inch color LCD screen on the control panel can be used to display statuses and modes and partial control.

This MFP is designed to be placed at table level. Estimated performance corresponds to a nominal 50 thousand copies in 30 days. This is roughly the scale of an average office.

Full color is based on a standard four-color model – cartridges are separate for each base color. Any color cartridge will hold approximately 2300 pages of toner. Black is slightly less voluminous – at 2200 pages.

In printer mode, this MFP provides 600×600 dpi technical quality for color and monochrome. At the same time, the speed of work is calculated at 27 copies per minute without a difference in color with automatic duplex. The first image is displayed after 8.30 s in color and 8.60 s in monochrome. It takes 13 seconds to warm up after switching on.

The scanner in this MFP is a widespread flatbed feed type. Capable of scanning images up to a maximum of 216×297 mm (full A4) with a depth of perception of shades of 24 bits, and in gray scale – 256 shades. In terms of resolution, the scanner has two modes – standard and improved. In the first, the detail is 600×600 dpi, in the second – 9600×9600 dpi.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to an important advantage of this particular model – the system of automatic feeding of originals, due to which scanning and copying are often performed with minimal operator intervention and rather quickly. So, the automatic feeder here is two-sided, its capacity is 50 sheets. With auto feed, scan speed will be up to 27 duplex color images per minute at maximum format or up to 47 black and white images with the same parameters. Supports 'transparent' sending by e-mail. There is compatibility with WIA and TWAIN standards.

In copier mode, the device provides technical quality at the level of 600×600 dpi in any color and speed up to 27 prints in 60 seconds of maximum format. Issuance of the first copy – after 9.8 sec. The scale can be changed from 25 to 400 percent in 1 percent increments.

The maximum capacity of the auto-feed reservoir is 850 sheets, the optimal load is 300 sheets. The output slot can hold up to 150 sheets. The manual feeder holds 50 sheets maximum. The paper can be used with a 'weight' of 50 to 200 grams per square meter.

The electronic hardware of the MFP has the following characteristics: processor / memory – 800 MHz and 1 GB, respectively; there is a fax function with a memory of 512 images with a maximum resolution of 400×400 dpi; connection via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi; there is AirPrint and PostScript; direct printing possible; built-in web interface; driver package is provided for operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS.


  • high quality prints;
  • cartridge included;
  • general ergonomics;
  • convenient and intuitive control;
  • reliability;
  • great resource.


  • quite often it is necessary to purchase some additional components – it is imperative to check the complete set at the point of sale.

Canon i-SENSYS MF3010

Rating: 4.7

Canon i-SENSYS MF3010

The third number in our rating is an even more compact, reasonably affordable, but at the same time very versatile model of MFP from Canon. An important difference from the previous model is only monochrome black and white laser printing. The maximum print and scan format is the same – A4.

The linear dimensions of the MFP are 372x254x276 mm, net weight – 8.2 kg. Requires up to 960 W of power in active operation and no more than 1.4 W in standby. According to the manufacturer's assurances in active work, it produces noise no higher than 65 dB, while in standby mode the noise is also quite noticeable – up to 43 dB. Designed to be placed on a table / bedside table. Made in a strict, stylish and original design in a high-quality matte black plastic case.

The estimated performance of this MFP lags far behind previous examples – about 8,000 copies in 30 days, which automatically puts it in the category of 'personal use'.

In printer mode, the technical quality of the produced image reaches 1200×600 dpi, and the speed of prints per minute – up to 18. Issuance of the first print after 7.80 sec. It takes 10 seconds to warm up after switching on. Standard toner cartridge yields are estimated at 1,600 pages. There is a built-in toner saving mode.

The flatbed scanner with a contact sensor reads the source with a color depth of 24 bits, and in gray scale mode – 256 shades. Scanning resolution – 600×1200 dpi is standard, but there is also an improved reading quality mode – 9600×9600 dpi. There is compatibility with WIA and TWAIN standards, direct sending of images by e-mail directly from the device is supported.

In copier mode, the MFP produces a technical picture quality at the level of 600×600 dpi at a speed of up to 18 prints in 60 seconds. The first copy comes out after 12 seconds. The scale can be adjusted from 50 to 200 percent.

The system for feeding originals and issuing prints is organized as follows: an auto-feed reservoir with a capacity of 150 sheets, an output slot – 100 sheets. The density of the paper for correct operation without 'chewing' and tears should be in the range from 60 to 163 grams per square meter.

The electronics and interface of this model are very laconic, if not poor. Only 64 MB of memory is installed, which is more or less acceptable, but the connection is possible only via USB. PostScript, as expected, is also not supported. Native drivers allow you to install the MFP on Windows, MacOS or Linux.


  • stylish, original design;
  • reliability;
  • simplicity and reliability;
  • compact;


  • noisy even in sleep mode.

Canon PIXMA G3411

Rating: 4.6

Canon PIXMA G3411

The next model in Canon's best MFP ranking by version is a distinctively 'home' color model with thermal inkjet technology. As expected, the most common format is A4.

The dimensions of this nice 'combine' are 445x163x330 mm, net weight is 6.3 kg. Electricity consumption is immeasurably less than any of the above laser options – only 11 W in operation and 'almost nothing' – 1.2 W in idle. Noise in operation is estimated by the manufacturer as no more than 53.5 dB. There is even a compact liquid crystal display on the control panel for displaying statuses. Assumes, of course, desktop installation.

Let us immediately emphasize the main advantage of this MFP – stunning image detail in color printing mode – 4800×1200 dpi. There is also a separate mode for borderless photo printing. The speed of work (not at maximum speed) reaches 8.80 monochrome A4 prints per minute or 5 color. One 10×15 cm photo with appropriate quality is printed within a minute.

Another 'feature' of this MFP is scanning with increased color depth. A flatbed scanner with a contact sensor reads color in 48-bit depth. In the gray scale mode, everything is standard – 256 shades. Resolution – 600×1200 dpi. The scanning speed of a full A4 page is 19 seconds, with no difference – in color or gray scale.

In copier mode, the machine processes up to 20 originals per cycle. The Auto Paper Reservoir holds 100 sheets. For correct operation without interruptions, you need paper of at least 64 and no more than 275 grams per square meter.

The decent provision of the device with consumables deserves separate words. So, the resource of any color cartridge for loading with ink corresponds to the conditional 7 thousand pages, the black cartridge is slightly less – 6 thousand copies. In addition to all of the above, the delivery set includes an uninterrupted ink supply system (CISS).

You can connect to the printer not only via USB, but also via Wi-Fi, which many users note as an important advantage. Drivers are provided for operating systems Windows, iOS, Android. PostScript is not supported.


  • wireless connection;
  • rich colors thanks to pigment ink;
  • high depth of color perception when scanning;
  • high resolution printing and photo printing;
  • wireless connection.


  • numerous complaints about the incomprehensibility of the user manual.

Canon PIXMA TS5040

Rating: 4.5

Canon PIXMA TS5040

And finally, the cheapest, simple, but pleasant and efficient MFP from Canon in the ranking. This is also an A4 color inkjet jet, like the previous model, but with a piezoelectric principle of ink application.

MFP dimensions – 375x126x315 mm, net weight – 5.5 kg. Weight and dimensions do not leave any options for placement – desktop. In operation, the MFP consumes almost as much energy as the previous model – 12 W in operation and 1.6 W in idle. The declared operating noise is not higher than 44 dB. The control panel is equipped with an unexpectedly large, in the context of the overall dimensions of the MFP, a 3-inch LCD screen.

Like the previous model, this MFP is capable of borderless photo printing, provides high detail at 4800×1200 dpi in any color mode. Print speed is up to 12.6 A4 prints per minute (monochrome) and up to 9 (color). Color photo 10×15 cm prints 39 seconds.

The parameters of the scanning module in this model are even better than those of the previous one. So, the depth of color perception is the same 48 bits, but the resolution is much higher – 1200×2400 dpi. The speed is 10 scanned originals per minute, regardless of the color mode. TWAIN compliant.

In the copier mode, the MFP produces technical quality at a level of up to 1200×1200 dpi in any color. The scale can be adjusted from 25 to 400 percent in 1 percent increments. The copier processes 99 originals in one cycle. The auto paper feed slot is nominally 100 sheets. Correct work requires paper with a density of at least 64 and not more than 300 grams per square meter.

An important point in this MFP is that as many as five cartridges are involved in printing: one of the two black ones contains pigment ink. The resource of any color cartridge is quite limited – up to 345 copies, black – up to 1795.

Useful additional features of this model: AirPrint support, there is a slot for memory cards, no PostScript compatibility. The official driver package is designed for operating systems Windows, Mac OS, iOS.


  • compact and lightweight;
  • five cartridges – rich black thanks to separate pigment inks;
  • high quality and depth of color perception when scanning;
  • relatively large LCD display.


  • limited resource of color cartridges.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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