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At all times, the book was considered the best gift. And even in our age of all kinds of gadgets, this remains unchanged, since Russians are recognized as one of the most reading nations in the world. What works should you pay attention to in order to make a truly interesting gift? In our rating, we have collected books that are appropriate to present to a child, man and woman for any occasion or just for no reason.

Rating of the best books as a gift

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best books as a gift for a child 1 Robinson Crusoe 1 280 rub.
2 Alice in Wonderland RUB 500
3 Adventures of Tom Sawyer RUB 690
4 The Wizard of Oz RUB 360
5 The whole world is in pictures. The funniest illustrated dictionary RUB 470
6 Giant Children's Encyclopedia RUB 1 187
2 Outcast 216 r
3 Three comrades 190 RUB
4 Snowman 446 r
5 It's hard to be God 142 RUB
6 Rework RUB 620
7 Atlas Shrugged 882 r
8 Think and get rich 640 RUB
9 Purpose. Continuous improvement process 796 r
10 Nude business RUB 540
2 Happiness by Hygge, or Add a Little Magic to Your Life 527 r
3 Life on loan 260 RUB
4 The best in me 140 RUB
5 More precious than life itself 385 r
6 Delicious year. Recipes for the holiday with and without 495 RUB
7 BOBBY BROWN Secrets 870 RUB

The best books as a gift for a child

Robinson Crusoe

Rating: 4.9


More than one generation of children grew up on the book by Daniel Defoe, and almost everyone, together with Robinson and his faithful friend Friday, survived in difficult conditions, fought with wild animals and did everything to quickly leave the involuntary place of confinement. One of the oldest works that has not lost its popularity was published three centuries ago – in 1719.

Dafoe created his creation based on real events that happened to the Scottish sailor. But unlike him, Robinson was able to morally revive, and not run wild and not lose his human appearance. 28 years of adventures of the protagonist will not leave anyone indifferent. The book is recommended for reading to a wide range of readers, but especially to schoolchildren. She will help you learn to compassion and worry, confidently move towards your goal, despite any, even deadly, obstacles.

On the next holiday, you can please the child and give him the continuation of the first book. The work will appeal to boys who dream of sea voyages around the globe. But the girls are also happy to read the great creation of the master, who managed to describe the story of Robinson so brightly and colorfully.

Alice in Wonderland

Rating: 4.8


The book, first published in 1865, still thrills the minds of both adults and children. This is not just a fairy tale. Lewis Carroll was able to create one of the best works in the genre of absurdity. It has successfully intertwined philosophical and linguistic motives and allusions. The work resembles the modern fantasy genre.

In the center of events is a seven-year-old girl Alice. Through a rabbit hole, she enters an unreal world inhabited by strange creatures. There will be talking caterpillars, lizards, the Cheshire cat, the mythical griffin, the cruel Queen of Hearts, and many strange metamorphoses that happened to the girl. In the finale, Alice wakes up on the river bank and talks about her wonderful and incomprehensible dream to her sister, who soon dozed off and saw a mysterious Wonderland.

The author had no intention of writing a book. He was pushed to this by a little girl, the daughter of a friend, to whom he told an immediately invented story to brighten up his outdoor recreation. And now several generations of people are grateful to her and the talented writer for the work, which should be present in the library of every reading family.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Rating: 4.7


In the rating, we could not fail to include the famous book by Mark Twain, published in 1876. Our grandfathers and fathers grew up on it. And the next generations will be interested to learn about the life and adventures of young heroes, who, although they are separated from modern boys by a long period of time, are so similar that sometimes you forget that the action takes place in distant America on the eve of the Civil War.

The book describes several months in the life of Tom Sawyer and his friends. A twelve-year-old boy in a short period of time becomes involved in various events. He will witness the crime and help solve the murder, deciding to become a pirate, live on the island, get lost in a cave and be able to get out of it, meet the girl Becky Thatcher.

The author created his work for adult readers. But it immediately became especially popular among teenagers. Today it is recommended for middle school children. It is for them that the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” will be an excellent gift, brighten up leisure, distract from gadgets, show the real living world of boys from another era and make you think about many life questions.

The Wizard of Oz

Rating: 4.6


Alexander Volkov created his creation based on the American work 'The Amazing Wizard of Oz'. In 1939, the first version of the book was published, but in 1959 a new, revised edition was published, and subsequently the author presented the final version, which modern girls and boys read with such gusto.

The writer created an amazing world of fairy-tale characters that make you worry about their fate and wait with impatience for the happy ending of the journey of the girl Ellie, the little dog Totoshka and her new friends, each of whom wants to receive from the wizard the fulfillment of their cherished desire. The Scarecrow The Scarecrow dreams of brains instead of straw, the Tin Woodman dreams of a real heart, the Cowardly Lion dreams of courage. They all go to the Emerald City to the great Goodwin. On the way, they will have to go through many trials, but together they will be able to cope with them.

In the afterword, the author addresses children and writes that deception and lies are always revealed, and only work and diligence can achieve something in life. The series includes several works, so the acquaintance of little readers with the magical inhabitants does not end there. You can always donate books that continue the story of Ellie and her friends.

The whole world is in pictures. The funniest illustrated dictionary

Rating: 4.5


The honorable place of the rating is occupied by an amazing work of the Belgian artist Tom Champa. This is not just a book, this is a whole mysterious world in colorful illustrations, which will not only interest the adventures of the main characters, but also be able to teach a lot in an easy playful way.

Together with the kitten Otto, Professor Fox, the penguins Hugh and Go, the artist Tom-Tom and 70 other equally vivid characters, the children will get acquainted with exotic inhabitants of the planet, vehicles, road signs, musical instruments, wardrobe items, seasons and sports equipment. It is important that the whole family can gather to study the book, which is especially important for the further psychological formation of the child.

An interesting and informative work will be a wonderful surprise for any holiday and will give unforgettable moments of joy and fun that will accompany you throughout the entire study. The game form will allow you to easily remember new names and will help you learn to be attentive and diligent, understand various types of objects, count and come up with your own stories.

Giant Children's Encyclopedia

Rating: 4.5


For young and middle-aged children, the best gift will be a colorful and informative encyclopedia that will introduce you to a new and unknown world, help broaden your horizons and develop memory. Young why will learn about the planets and stars, about the Earth, earthquakes and volcanoes, flora and fauna, human structure, life of ancient civilizations, dinosaurs.

Vivid illustrations will help consolidate what you have read and will introduce you to the fascinating world of the mysterious and everything new. Each topic is thoroughly disclosed, a maximum of information is presented, the text is written in an accessible language, and the child will not have any questions or misunderstood points.

According to reviews, the book interested not only schoolchildren, but also young children. Many parents began to gradually introduce children to the world of animals and plants. She helps to gain new knowledge and become more erudite, surprise her classmates and teachers in the first year of school. According to our experts and parents, the Giant Children's Encyclopedia is a great surprise for any holiday.

The best books as a gift for a man


Rating: 4.9


The first in the rating to include the classics of the criminal genre – the book by Mario Puzo 'The Godfather', which was published in 1969. There is no person in the world who has not heard about this work. The adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola has increased interest in the author's creation, and the book can be safely considered the best gift for men of any age category.

The author chose a new concept in writing, different from the traditional methods used at the time. He did not use police archives as working materials, but paid attention not to shooting, showdowns and chases, but to the internal hierarchy of mafia clans and the life of criminal syndicates.

The biography of Vito Corleone, the main character of the book, embodies the real historical leaders of criminal gangs of the past. The young Italian started from the bottom and went to the very top of the mafia hierarchy. The work will tell about several generations of the family: the Godfather himself and his children: sons Santino, Frederico, Michael and daughter Constance. The reader will love the author's special manner. The book can be re-read several times. And even fans of other genres, the work can really surprise.


Rating: 4.8


The book, first published in 1862, is part of the world's classical literature and is recognized as the greatest novel of the 19th century. Victor Hugo raises the most important topics: love and hate, cruelty and compassion, the misery of the poor and the prosperity of the rich. The main character of the book is a former convict who was convicted of stealing bread for his family. The author also shows other 'outlaws', who were so many in the streets of Paris. V. Hugo was able to realistically describe the life of French society at the beginning of the 19th century. The work shows the struggle of the police and criminal gangs, the church system, fighting on the barricades, the stratification of society.

On the example of Valjean, one can trace how the worldview and character of a person changed under the influence of difficult events, how the desire to correct the mistakes of the past increased, and how self-giving and self-sacrifice for the sake of another person became the main goal.

Les Miserables is not a one-time read. Like many classics, it can be re-read over and over again, plunging into the unknown mysterious world of French life. Experts believe that such a gift will surely stand out among many others.

Three comrades

Rating: 4.8


Erich Maria Remarque worked for 4 years on the creation of his work, then to present to the world a creation that later became a classic of world literature. The book included in the rating was published in 1936 and translated into Russian 22 years later. The action takes place in Germany in the 20s of the last century.

In the center of the plot is the life of three comrades who have been friends since school. And although the First World War is already over, it remains in memory forever. And it was this event that brought together friends who, in spite of everything, strove for happiness and a prosperous peaceful life. Robert, Otto and Gottfried open a small auto repair shop. Robbie meets a beautiful girl Patricia, and even a huge difference does not prevent them from falling in love with each other.

The author raises a topic that has been covered by other writers more than once in their works. These are the destinies of people broken by the war who are trying to survive after terrible events, and memories do not allow us to forget about those tragic days. The work can be found in the library of every respectful book lover. But if your friend or acquaintance has not yet acquired one, then the publication will be an excellent gift for the holiday, and just for no reason.


Rating: 4.7


The crime thriller U Nesbe from the series about the famous detective Harry Hall will enjoy an interesting plot that keeps you in suspense and ignorance until the very end. The center of events is the disappearance of young women. The investigation reaches a dead end, but analyzing the crimes of past years and studying such unsolved cases, no one has any doubts that a ruthless maniac, the first official Norwegian serial killer, is at work.

Several similar signs unite all the losses. All women were married and had children. Disappearances occurred when the first snow fell and there was always a tall snowman nearby. A DNA test carried out as part of the investigation shows that all the children of the missing victims were not born from the men who were considered their fathers.

The investigator and new employee Katrina, who were united not only by a common cause, but also by personal sympathies, will have to go through many difficult and unpleasant moments. But Hole will surely unravel the puzzle, save those wrongly accused of murder, figure out the real criminal, and continue his work further. The book will appeal to those who are not familiar with the work of the Norwegian writer and those who have already read the first six books about the investigator Harry.

It's hard to be God

Rating: 4.6


For fans of science fiction, a work by the Strugatsky brothers, written in 1963, will be a great gift. The book from the rating is one of the best creations of the authors. It was recognized not only by domestic critics, but also by foreign ones, translated into several dozen languages ​​and still excites the minds of modern readers from all over the world.

The action is transferred to the distant future in the state of Arkanar, located on another planet. The population does not differ in appearance from earthlings, but in development it corresponds to the Middle Ages. It is being watched by employees of a research institute from our planet, who do not have the right to explicitly interfere in the events that are taking place, but their goal is to competently guide and protect from mistakes.

The plot will have everything: a love story, a coup d'etat, and murders. The book is not meant to be easy reading to while away the evening. Brothers intellectuals have written a work, which should be thought about and then discussed and philosophized with friends. Definitely, the donated book will not let you get bored and will make you turn to the work of the Strugatskys again and again.


Rating: 4.5


Recently, works in the genre of business literature have become more and more popular. A valuable gift will be a book by two practitioners, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hensson, who will share the secrets of a successful business and help organize the work and further development of the planned enterprise correctly.

Despite the methods presented in the book are diametrically opposed to traditional concepts, Rework has a great success with entrepreneurs and critics. It tells in detail what to pay attention to, how to learn from your own mistakes in order to avoid them later, how not to be afraid to leave your comfort zone in order to then reach unprecedented heights and financial stability.

The authors use their example to prove the correctness of their methodology. It was they who founded the world famous 37signals, whose services are used by millions of people around the world. The book is intended for both beginners and established entrepreneurs. Having made such a present to a man, you can be sure that he will definitely be useful and will be able to change his future destiny for the better.

Atlas Shrugged

Rating: 4.5


One of the best gifts for men will be the work of a woman – American writer Ayn Rand. This is one of the most voluminous works of modern literature. The author herself has repeatedly admitted that this is the most important of all her creations. The idea is that the whole world is supported by strong male shoulders, similar to the myth of the titan Atlanta. And as soon as they stop creating, everything created for millennia will collapse and crumble into dust.

Combining fantasy and realism, the author in his own way answers many questions that worried all progressing humanity. In the novel included in our rating, all the stages leading to economic chaos are described very vividly and intensely. Many critics immediately after its publication in 1957 reacted negatively to the dystopian work. But in the following decades, it became very popular. The year 2008, the time of the global economic crisis, was marked with especially increased sales.

The book is recognized as a bestseller and entered the list of the best novels of the 20th century. You should definitely familiarize yourself with the work in order to be inspired and live in a new way, to remain strong and honest despite the difficulties.

Think and get rich

Rating: 4.4


Published in 1937 and relevant to this day, the book will become a manual and guide to achieve your goals. Napoleon Hill has been voted the best writer ever to write about success. Modern printed versions are supplemented taking into account the realities of the time. The author has been conducting research for over twenty years and, as a result, has created his own unique methodology, supported by theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

It is important that the philosophy presented does not only apply to obtaining wealth. By adhering to it, you can achieve the best results in sports, studies and other areas of our life. And it is these 13 laws that will become your basic rules for many years, if you are not really afraid of difficulties, but do everything to achieve your goals.

The piece will become a valuable gift for men who do not stand still, want to move forward towards success and wealth. Well-known psychologist and journalist Hill will definitely help with this, as he helped many people around the world. This is evidenced by numerous gratitude and recognition from the mighty of this world, confirming that it was this novel that became a springboard to their luxurious life.

Purpose. Continuous improvement process

Rating: 4.4


We include another business bestseller in our rating and offer it as a gift for any special occasion. Co-authored by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox, the book is more in line with the artistic genre, rather than specific business literature. The manner of storytelling is light, sometimes ironic, often makes you smile.

It is easy to read and just as easy to convey the purpose of the writing. Namely: not to be afraid of anything, not to give in to difficulties, to overcome all difficulties and be sure to go towards your dream. The authors have conducted a lot of research and, using the example of their practice and the experience of other successful entrepreneurs, teach them how to find mistakes and correct them, lead the right policy, plan events and not stop developing.

The book 'Purpose. The process of continuous improvement 'can be presented not only to men from the business community. It is recommended for a wide range of readers. Her simple and at the same time effective methods will help in any areas, teach you how to achieve your goals and fulfill your seemingly unrealizable desires yourself.

Nude business

Rating: 4.3


A British businessman, one of the richest people in the world, will share his revelations, which he carefully recorded in his notebook, with readers interested in how success is achieved and where to start in order to achieve everything in life. 'Naked Business' will reveal all the secrets. You will be able to learn how to competently negotiate and recruit employees, how not to miss out on profitable deals and find new partners.

Richard Branson is holding back nothing. Even all of his mistakes and failures, falls during the economic crisis are painted in the smallest detail. The author is not just a successful entrepreneur. Following his rules, he has achieved decent results in other areas. Branson crossed the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon, tried to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat, and set a record for crossing the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle. Even with failures, he does not stop and moves forward towards his goals.

The work is accessible to many readers due to its easy and understandable writing style. If you want to stand out from the invitees, donate a message book that will serve as your handbook for immediate action.

The best books as a gift for a woman

See you

Rating: 4.9


The first place in the rating goes unconditionally to the bestseller Jojo Moyes, published in 2012. The day after publication, the writer woke up famous. And over the years, passions do not subside about the simultaneously romantic and tragic love story of two completely different young people, which managed to show that nothing lasts forever and one should rejoice at every minute spent in each other's company.

Louise Clark is an ordinary girl who is forced to look for a job after being fired from a cafe. Will is the heir of rich parents with an excellent education, but already without any prospects in life. The accident put an end to everything, and the once active young man is bedridden, and all the tried ways to rehabilitate do not lead to anything.

Of course, I really want everything in life to be like in a fairy tale. Unfortunately, this is not the case in reality. This novel made all readers cry, without exception, and at the same time inspired and showed that one must survive the grief and live on no matter what. It is worth noting that in 2015 and 2018 two new books were published – the continuation of Louise's story after the tragic events.

Happiness by Hygge, or Add a Little Magic to Your Life

Rating: 4.8


Not everyone knows what hygge is. A new philosophy that has emerged in the Scandinavian countries combines the definitions of 'cozy', 'good', 'safe' into a single whole and allows you to enjoy the simple everyday things every minute that we do not notice in the daily routine of life.

Pia Edberg will tell you how to get rid of unnecessary information that clogs our brain, to see joy in every moment, to be happy here and now, and not sometime later, when our desires and dreams come true. The author proposes to live exactly 1 month, using the philosophy of hygge and look at the result obtained, compare your feelings before and after and admit which life is more to your liking: quiet, measured or in a frantic rhythm and striving for something ephemeral.

This work will be appreciated by many women, and it can become the best gift for the New Year, because all the best, we believe, begins to come true after the chimes. It is very difficult, without someone's help, to understand why life is not the way it was once dreamed of. The book can replace a visit to a psychologist and give real results in a shorter time. Welcome to the cozy happiness that P. Edberg will give you.

Life on loan

Rating: 4.7


We include another book by Erich Maria Remarque in our rating. The plot has no political components. Everything here is centered around the relationship of two people who met each other at a not very good time. Lillian is terminally ill, and every moment is priceless to her. She does not want to stay in a sanatorium and watch patients like her buried.

The arrival of Clerfe, a race car driver who risks his life and health every day, completely changes her attitude. Their story will have everything: romance, passion, drive, and even a love triangle, and, unfortunately, a tragic end. But the author was able to show that it is not worth losing hope and wasting time, and it is time to stop.

The writer has repeatedly raised the issues of life and death in his works, forcing one to think about what material benefits mean in comparison with happiness and joy, which must be shared with loved ones every second, and how to set priorities correctly. Every woman will like a beautiful and emotional piece, so such a gift will come in handy for any celebration.

The best in me

Rating: 4.6


The works of the American writer Nicholas Sparks are known to all lovers of romantic literature. In the center of the plot is Amanda and Dawson, who have been in love with each other since high school. She is the first beauty, the daughter of wealthy and influential parents. He comes from a dysfunctional family, there is nothing good in his life. But it is Amanda who gives hope for a happy future.

But fate has its own plans, and they part for long 20 years in order to meet again and understand that the feeling has not disappeared, but what to do, because Amanda already has a family, children? After reading, no one remains indifferent. The unpredictable ending is shocking. But still, every woman wants to believe in a fairy tale that there are devoted men who are ready to give everything for her and even the most valuable thing – life itself.

The work raises many questions: the relationship between parents and children, justice and cruelty, love and a sense of duty. For connoisseurs of sensual romance novels, this book will be a discovery and will help to live a bright life together with the main characters. If you do not know what to give a girl for a holiday, then the book by N. Sparks will be an excellent option and will be appreciated.

More precious than life itself

Rating: 4.5


Further in the ranking we include the book of the Nobel Prize laureate in literature, writer Alice Munro. “More precious than life itself” is 14 stories that show the small joys and big tragedies of ordinary people. To date, this is the last published work of the writer. Four stories from the collection are final and, as Munroe notes, autobiographical.

In many characters, readers will be able to recognize themselves, look from the outside at the events that have ever happened in their lives and understand how to act in a given situation, whether to obey their own heart or do as others expect and as society dictates. The book raises various pressing social issues: conflicts with loved ones, selfishness, cruelty, rebellion.

The author is recognized as one of the best short novel writers of our time. And although Russian readers are just beginning to get acquainted with her work, many of them have already fallen in love with the original style of storytelling, the depth of conveyed feelings, heroes who are so similar to them. The work will appeal to emotional women, and it will become a valuable gift for any occasion or just a present for no reason.

Delicious year. Recipes for the holiday with and without

Rating: 4.5


The new book, already known to many housewives by Yulia Vysotskaya, will become an excellent assistant in the kitchen. The author offers a menu for various holidays, consisting of 5 main courses. Now you don't have to think and worry for a long time about how to feed deliciously and at the same time surprise your guests. There are ideas for a romantic dinner, for a birthday, for a New Year's table, and for a theme party. You can combine dishes or use them for other holidays.

The book tells in detail about the preparation, and most importantly about the design and serving. It is worth noting that all the recipes can really be brought to life, and any woman (and even a man, if desired) will be able to create masterpieces from quite affordable products in an ordinary kitchen.

The edition is illustrated with vivid photographs. Present the book by Yulia Vysotskaya to your beloved woman, mother or daughter, enjoy small family holidays for any occasion all year round and bon appetit!


Rating: 4.4


The book closes our rating, which will appeal to all, without exception, the fair sex. Its author is a world-renowned beauty coach who is trusted by the most famous people in show business, politicians and athletes. Bobby Brown, who has been practicing healthy eating for many years, helps to preserve beauty and youth and tells how to become slim without exhausting diets, while not going all out and emptying the refrigerator at night.

In the work, the writer shares her experience of working with famous models and actresses, advice from nutritionists and fitness trainers. Many years of practice helped to create an impeccable methodology that was tested by girls and women from many countries of the world. And of course B. Brown did not forget to reveal the secrets of perfect makeup and healthy hair.

The special manner of writing makes you believe and trust the author. Her instructions for fulfilling a dream really work, which is confirmed by the reviews of readers. If you do not know how to please a woman for a holiday, then this book will become a valuable gift and will help you become not only more beautiful, but most importantly, happier.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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