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Books written in the genre of business literature began to overtake works of other stylistic trends in sales. This is due to the fact that modern realities have pushed many people to engage in self-education, improve personal growth and create for themselves all the conditions necessary to achieve the highest results and obtain financial stability and independence. We have collected the top 20 best business works, some of which were created decades ago and still have not lost their relevance, while others have just been published, but have already won fans not only among managers, but also among the business elite.

Rating of the best books on business

Nomination a place Name of product Rating
Rating of the best books on business 1 REWORK 5.0
2 Good to Great 4.9
3 Stop dreaming, get busy! Cal Newport 4.9
4 Don't be afraid to act, Sheryl Sandberg 4.8
5 Purpose. Continuous improvement process 4.8
6 Business at the Speed ​​of Thought, Bill Gates 4.8
7 Nude Business, Richard Branson 4.7
8 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People 4.7
9 The art of making deals 4.6
10 Force of Habit, Charles Duhigg 4.6
11 #Girlboss , Sofia Amoruso 4.5
12 Business from scratch. Lean Startup method for quickly testing ideas and choosing a business model 4.5
13 Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill 4.5
14 Richest man in Babylon 4.5
15 How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 4.5
16 How to Get Things Done, David Allen 4.4
17 It won't be easy, Ben Horowitz 4.4
18 Agile Mind, Carol Dweck 4.4
19 Act like a leader, think like a leader, Erminia Ibarra 4.3
20 My own MBA. Self-education 100% 4.3


Book author: Jason Fraid and David Heinemeier Hansson

Rating: 5.0


The first place in the ranking goes to a book co-authored by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hensson. These are not just more tips, this is a real guide to action that is worth paying attention to. Two successful entrepreneurs were able to open their eyes to the well-established rules of doing business, following which you can go for a long time to success and not always achieve the goals set at the beginning of the path. Right after publication, the book was an incredible success. And even skeptics were able to appreciate the newly presented methods of organizing business.

Authors can be trusted. These are the two practitioners who founded the legendary 37signals company. Today, its products are used by millions of people around the world. They will share their experience and tell you in which direction to move, whether you need to develop further, how to plan your business correctly and what mistakes you should learn from in order to achieve real results.

REWORK can be a guide for aspiring entrepreneurs, but those who are already quite successful can learn a lot. Our experts advise not to postpone the work until later, in order to increase efficiency tomorrow and feel not the burden of responsibility, but incredible freedom and ease, which brings not only satisfaction, but also tangible income.

Good to Great

Book Author: Jim Collins

Rating: 4.9

Good to Great

Over the course of a decade, the book has not lost its popularity and is included in the top of the best world works of business literature. Jim Collins has worked for well-known corporations, taught at Stanford University, and collaborated with many public organizations. Today he runs a laboratory that studies management problems and advises company executives.

For several years, the author and his team collected information, conducted a survey of managers, researched successful and not so successful companies, which led to the writing of a book in which you can learn how to become a competent leader and create your own business empire. The difference between this work and other business literature is that all the principles have been applied by many companies, and the result was stunning.

Why such a name? J. Collins believes that not “the best is the enemy of the good,” namely, “the good is the enemy of the great.” He invites you on an 'intellectual journey' so that the reader can understand how, with the will and effort, you can turn a small business into a great company. This book is an encyclopedia for building a successful business, so getting to know it is a must if your bar is not just a good project.

Stop dreaming, get busy! Cal Newport

Book Author: Calvin Newport

Rating: 4.9

Stop dreaming, get busy

Calvin Newport is a professor of computer science at Georgetown University, author of self-help books, and blogging about student and alumni success. A message book from our rating will allow you to understand what the 'perfect job' really means. Examples of real people will help you understand yourself and decide what is more important to you: dreaming and changing jobs, moving from place to place, or mastering skills and achieving professionalism to achieve your goals.

Many people wait, thinking that someday they will be lucky, waiting for that happy moment when reality coincides with that very dream. The author, in an ironic manner, convinces many that it is time to stop fantasizing, it is time to act, and then success will not be long in coming.

The book is written in clear language, reads quickly and easily. It gives you the opportunity to understand yourself and, finally, decide to become successful and get pleasure and income from an existing business, develop it further and develop yourself. The author's arguments are not unfounded. They are supported by the results of numerous scientific studies. If you are tired of chasing your dreams, then this work will be a great boost for your future career.

Don't be afraid to act, Sheryl Sandberg

Book Author: Sherrill Kara Sandberg

Rating: 4.8

Don't be afraid to act

Sherrill Cara Sandberg knows firsthand about success. From a research assistant at the World Bank to Chief Operating Officer Facebook, she became the sole female executive in the company. Previously, she held senior positions in the US Treasury Department, collaborated with Google, Starbucks, Walt Disney. She is annually included in the list of the most influential people on the planet, is a dollar millionaire.

The author raises the issue of gender inequality and tells women how to achieve success in the world of men, which, by an unspoken rule, is practically closed to the weak half of humanity. Today, only 4% of the leaders of influential global companies are women. The practitioner will tell you how to solve important problems: when to ask for a promotion, how they are not afraid to start everything from scratch, how to plan maternity leave correctly, and most importantly, how to find a balance between career and family life.

The book calls not to hide your ambitions, but to go towards your dream. Using the example of successful top managers of large corporations and his own example, Sandberg tells women how to become full-fledged individuals and self-actualize in business without sacrificing personal life and family.

Purpose. Continuous improvement process

Book Author: Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox

Rating: 4.8

Goal - Continuous improvement process

In our rating, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the sensational business book of two successful authors. Eliyahu M. Goldratt is known as the bestselling business writer. For several decades he worked for the company in the field of production technology optimization. Jeff Cox is no less popular among readers, specializing in the creation of business novels.

After reading the book, you can understand that everyone can become a successful entrepreneur, the main thing is not to be afraid of their desires and boldly go forward. 'Purpose. The process of continuous improvement 'is intended for a wide range of readers. Written in clear and accessible language, it looks more like a work of art.

The novel will help people who are faced with difficulties to think calmly and analyze problems. By applying the methods proposed by the authors, in practice, one can learn to see the cause-and-effect relationships between planning and results. Business analysts can help you build smart policies, improve production efficiency and achieve unprecedented success. The described methodology is suitable for any field of activity; it has been tested in small and large companies aimed at financial results.

Business at the Speed ​​of Thought, Bill Gates

Book author: Bill Gates

Rating: 4.8

Business at the speed of thought

There is no such person in the world who has not heard about the legend of the computer business William Henry Gates III, widely known as Bill Gates. His main merit is the creation of the company Microsoft. The American entrepreneur has repeatedly topped the lists of the richest people in the world and was ready to share with the readers the secret of his success. The book was first published in 1999 and is designed for executives and professionals who strive to make business projects effective and profitable.

Gates talks in detail about all the nuances of creating and organizing his own business based on the use of information technology. It is interesting that the author believes that they are not just an end in themselves, but an effective tool for building and running a business. He gives arguments using the example of Microsoft Corporation and other equally well-known and large corporations, shares his experience and talks about all the stages of formation and coming to financial stability and success.

Despite the fact that the book was created almost 20 years ago, all the methods described are still relevant. We recommend reading it in order not only to benefit from the experience of a business practitioner, but also to find out the reason for the success of one of the most famous entrepreneurs on the planet.

Nude Business, Richard Branson

Book author: Richard Branson

Rating: 4.7

Nude business

Many people know the author of the book selected for our rating as a successful entrepreneur, actor, athlete. It is an updated version of his previous autobiographical works and tells about all the stages of development of his own business. Today, his corporation includes more than 400 companies in various fields of activity. And from whom can you learn and gain experience if not from one of the most influential British businessmen?

The work uses real quotes from the author's notebook. He will tell about all the ups and downs of his company, how he managed to cope with financial crises, and all this will be described in the smallest detail with a maximum of useful information. Many will be interested to know how Branson negotiates, what qualities they pay attention to when applying for a job in his firm, how you can make a career and move up the career ladder, who is his idol in the business elite.

The book is easy to read, understandable for beginners, not overloaded with definitions. The author advises to stop, digest the information and think about the arguments and aspects proposed in the work. Naked Business is recognized as the world's best-selling business literature, and you will lose a lot if you overlook the book.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Book Author: Stephen Covey

Rating: 4.7

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen Covey is a professional speaker, leadership consultant, and management expert. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is one of the most influential business books. As the author noted, this work is the result of the work of many people. Work on it began in the seventies of the last century, when Covey was writing his doctoral dissertation.

The book raises many questions and makes you think about many of them. The main one is organizing your own life. Further success and well-being depends on this. The author proves that you need to live the way you want, and not how others expect from you. Principles are an important ingredient for success. They are the basis of our existence, and having chosen the right ones, it will be easy and simple to move forward.

The writer touched upon various aspects of our life. First of all, we must remember that there is no such thing as 'no choice'. It is always there, the main thing is to adequately perceive the situation, and then many problems will recede into the background. As for success, after reading you begin to understand that it is not measured in money, this is a relative concept, and everyone has their own idea of ​​happiness. Experts recommend enjoying the author's engaging writing style, boosting your self-esteem, and making your life colorful and interesting.

The art of making deals

Book author: Tony Schwartz

Rating: 4.6

The art of making deals

If you want to understand the reasons for the success of the famous entrepreneur, and the current US President Donald Trump, then this rating book is for you. It describes the working days of a businessman, but down to the smallest details, which allows you to find out how negotiations are being conducted, what events are planned, how major transactions are concluded. A huge number of the examples given will help you learn how to behave in a given situation, and what every entrepreneur should strive for.

It is noteworthy that the author is not afraid to talk about his defeats. The mistakes that were made during the negotiations were thoroughly analyzed and appropriate conclusions were drawn so that they would not be repeated again. The author has great respect for competitors, setting an example of civilized communication with competitors. And another important message from D. Trump: it is worth doing business not for the sake of profit, but for the sake of pleasure, and then you will be provided with financial well-being.

The work was written with a great sense of humor. The reader sees the author's positive attitude in life, behind which stands firmness of character and the ability to achieve set goals. Every line written motivates people to take action, so The Art of Making Deals should become every entrepreneur's reference book.

Force of Habit, Charles Duhigg

Book author: Charles Duhigg

Rating: 4.6

Force of habit

Charles Duhigg is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist who was a staff reporter for a prestigious publication and is now part of the New York Times team. In his work, he raises the question of the impact of habits on privacy and business, helps to abandon many of them and include logic in order to avoid habitual reactions and become the master of the situation.

Have you ever wondered why you do this and not otherwise, why in the morning you first make your bed and then brush your teeth, and not vice versa, why your whole life is entirely composed of patterns that shape it? The author not only shows the negative side of habits. They also have a positive impact, often rescuing in unforeseen situations. Throughout the story, C. Duhigg gives examples of people and companies in which the reader will see the influence of habits on them. In the final, we will get acquainted with a guide to action, which is worth paying special attention to.

After the publication, the book was held in the top of the best works for a long time, therefore our experts recommend that you study it and try to change your behavior in order to achieve real goals in your personal life and build a career.

#Girlboss, Sofia Amoruso

Book author: Sofia Amoruso

Rating: 4.5


Sofia Amoruso is a vivid example of how you can go from a simple unemployed person to a business woman with a million dollar bank account. Her story was reminiscent of the tale of Cinderella. To get health insurance, Sofia got a job at the library, where she began to learn a lot and discovered the endless possibilities of the Internet. At 22, she started a vintage clothing store and initially worked alone.

The selected book is not just a guide to action or instructions for doing business. Written in a light, accessible manner, it is not devoid of irony and fun moments. At the beginning of Sofia's journey, there were unscrupulous, as she calls 'mean' girls and guys, and the experience of communicating with them helped to avoid many mistakes in the future.

The writer gives advice on how to competently hire and fire employees, what qualities in them she values ​​most, how to control financial flows. Also Amoruso will talk about how a woman feels in the modern business community, where the leading roles go to men. If you not only believe in miracles, but are also ready to work hard and achieve your goals, then an interesting story about an ordinary girl who has become the owner of a fashionable empire will surely seem not only fascinating, but also useful.

Business from scratch. Lean Startup method for quickly testing ideas and choosing a business model

Book Author: Eric Rees

Rating: 4.5

Business from scratch.  Lean Startup Method

The author of the book, Eric Rees, is an American entrepreneur who will tell you how to create a business and implement new ideas. Building on his success and failure, he has developed a principles-based management methodology that helps startups survive. His work is based on the Japanese concept of lean manufacturing. It involves getting rid of activities that are useless and do not bring any results.

The author proves that lean is not cheap. The goal of a Lean Startup is to reduce inefficient use of time and resources, quickly test ideas, validate them with real facts, and continually adjust the created business model. And only after that you can start investing in the project.

The book was included in the list of the best works in the genre of business literature 2011. By learning from the writer's real-life experience, you can ditch tools that don't work and embrace actions that are valuable to your business. E. Rees proves once again that it is not a matter of luck or luck. A scientific approach applied in practice will open up new avenues and opportunities for a successful future.

Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

Book author: Napoleon Hill

Rating: 4.5

Think and get rich

Napoleon Hill, born the century before last, is recognized as one of the greatest writers of success. Think and Grow Rich was published in 1937 and at the time of the author's death in 1970 had sold over 20 million copies, an all-time record. Experts believe that N. Hill's work is a classic guide to wealth creation. The updated edition is presented to the modern reader, taking into account the realities of our time.

The clear plan proposed by the author has been followed by people for several decades. It is suitable not only for business planning, but for all areas of life. The author has collected information and analyzed the success stories of the 500 richest and most influential people in the world for many years. It's safe to say that the work is based on real stories and there is no reason not to trust the author.

As Hill himself noted, Andrew Carnegie pushed him into his twenty years of research. At first glance, simple truths lead to truly stunning results, which has been proven by people who actually made a fortune. The book from the rating is not only recommended for reading, it will help the reader choose the right path and become successful and happy.

Richest man in Babylon

Book Author: George S. Clayson

Rating: 4.5

Richest man in Babylon

An interesting, exciting book for those who strive for prosperity and independence. The author reveals the secret of how to accumulate capital, preserve it and make it work for yourself. He motivates for further action and proves that the result is directly proportional to the efforts made. George S. Clayson published his first essay in 1926. 'The Richest Man in Babylon' is recognized as a classic in economics.

Why Babylon? In the ancient state, residents already then understood the laws of success and already at that time used the concepts of 'money', 'commodity', 'investment'. The financial stability of the state is proof of the correct choice of policy and the way of its action. The reader will love the storytelling style. This is not a textbook with strict and sometimes confusing terms. This is a story-parable of a man who will tell how he became the richest inhabitant of the state, although he was as poor as most citizens.

This business book is recommended not only for aspiring entrepreneurs. It will help teenagers understand what they really want out of life. The older generation will learn how to increase their finances and come to stability and independence.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Book author: Dale Carnegie

Rating: 4.5

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The legendary orator, teacher and psychologist, thanks to his work, not only encouraged many to successfully move forward, but also proved the correctness of his methodology, becoming a dollar millionaire. The book, included in the rating, was published in 1936 and has been a desktop guide to action for decades. Many rich people in the world confirm that it was she who became the beginning of their financial well-being and success.

Carnegie calls, first of all, to understand yourself and in relationships with others. It is our complexes and insecurities that inhibit further personal growth. Having overcome fears, learned to communicate correctly, many followers improved relationships within the family, were able to create their own business and manage a team with a large number of employees. The work contains examples of life stories that will help in a specific situation to develop a style of behavior and prompt the correctness of actions.

At first glance, the advice is very simple: smile more, show interest in other people, listen carefully to the interlocutor and talk about those topics that interest him, first of all, and not you. The author paid attention to the ways of disposing to oneself, changing a person without hurting him and improving family life. Definitely: this business book is recommended reading.

How to Get Things Done, David Allen

Book author: David Allen

Rating: 4.4

How to Get Things Done, David Allen

David Allen, a world renowned expert and consultant for improving personal productivity, will tell you how to get your thoughts and affairs in order. This business book has become a bestseller and has been translated into several dozen languages. It will be useful for both beginners and those who are already familiar with the author's methodology, which helps to correctly allocate time for work and personal life, while getting satisfaction from what has been done.

You will learn to collect information and choose the most important from it, maintain a clear mind and cope with any, even the most difficult, tasks. The writer, based on twenty years of research, will reveal the secret of how to avoid the stress arising from unworked tasks.

D. Allen's book was highly appreciated by people of different professions. The correctness and real action of the methodology was confirmed by entrepreneurs and financiers, teachers and students, actors and directors, and even ministers of different confessions were able to free themselves from the stress of everyday worries. It doesn't matter who you are, a big businessman or an ordinary housewife, we are sure that the publication will definitely benefit you and help you organize your life. Work and live without stress or anxiety!

It won't be easy, Ben Horowitz

Book Author: Benjamin Abraham Horowitz

Rating: 4.4

It won't be easy, Ben Horowitz

The author of the acclaimed business book Benjamin Abraham Horowitz is an American entrepreneur, blogger and investor. His knowledge and experience has been gathered in a featured work that helps startups to stay afloat and avoid difficulties at the beginning. The writer belongs to the category of people who do not wear rose-colored glasses and immediately admit to themselves and others that business is not just financial stability, it is a difficult and time-consuming process, and it will not be easy along the way.

He objectively assesses all the difficulties and, using his example and the example of other successful entrepreneurs, analyzes each action, suggesting how to behave in a given situation. You will be able to find out what to do if the employee on whom you had high hopes did not live up to them, how to fire and demote subordinates if the need arises, and consider many other difficult issues.

The book is easy to read, the style is quite understandable, the narrative is not devoid of humor. You can read more than just another theoretical advice. Everything is backed up by practice, which is why both beginners and already existing entrepreneurs are recommended 'It won't be easy' as one of the best editions of modern business literature.

Agile Mind, Carol Dweck

Book Author: Carol Dweck

Rating: 4.4

Flexible Consciousness, Carol Dweck

A world renowned expert in motivation, a professor at Stanford University has created a book that has helped millions of people believe in themselves and change their lives for the better. The work is based on the results of twenty years of research, collecting which the author was able to offer a revolutionary concept of personality development.

It is noteworthy that K. Dweck was not going to publish her scientific project, but her students insisted that she share her discoveries with all people who are interested in such questions. The book helps to look not only at the development of psychology in adults, but also in children. You will learn why talent and intelligence are not the most important components of success, how often they do not help in achieving the goal, but only interfere, how to increase the child's academic performance and the manager's performance.

The reader will be able to determine what type he belongs to: people with a fixed or flexible consciousness. The first for further growth will have to make an effort on themselves to change their worldview. The latter go right to their goal, not relying only on innate talent. They work hard and achieve the highest results. The book is recommended for reading by a wide range of readers.

Act like a leader, think like a leader, Erminia Ibarra

Book Author: Herminia Ibarra

Rating: 4.3

Act like a leader, think like a leader, Erminia Ibarra

If your goal is to become a leader in all spheres of life, then the selected business book by Erminia Ibarra is just what you need. A world-renowned professor and teacher creates his own concept for achieving success, which will teach the basic rules. By following them, you can become a person who is respected, trusted and admired. The simple principles outlined in the book can lead to truly amazing results.

As E. Ibarra states, in order to learn to think like a leader, one must act like a leader. Her methodology has helped many managers climb the career ladder and make dizzying careers. Not only for professionals, it has become a desktop guide to action. Newbies who are just starting their journey can immediately find out in which direction to move in order to reach a high level in the management sphere as soon as possible.

The work will help to conduct a competent introspection and identify the reason that inhibits the improvement of your self-esteem. Many will be surprised by the author's methods, which run counter to generally accepted concepts. Some readers noted that the book is too heavy to read, there are many tables and graphs in it. But if you really want to become a leader, then you should not wait for easy and simple ways to achieve this.

My own MBA. Self-education 100%

Book author: Josh Kaufman

Rating: 4.3

My own MBA

Josh Kaufman is one of the most famous business trainers today, who suggests not spending money on expensive training, because even the most prestigious universities do not always provide the proper education. Template programs are not always useful for developing your business, so the author has created a methodology that can provide the level of knowledge necessary for a successful and financially stable future.

The author will introduce you to the basics of entrepreneurship and marketing, explain the concepts of the psychology of personal growth and the design of business models. The value of the proposed methods is that he went through self-training from the very beginning to the end, since he had already worked in a large corporation and there was simply no time and opportunity to get an education. His goal was realized, and he shared his results with other people. The pages contain information from the best business books of all time, so you don't have to study tons of manuals to gain knowledge.

Many readers sent their reviews to the author, in which there were words of gratitude for the valuable advice and competent training, for the saved finances that would have been spent on paying for the study itself, housing, travel and other expenses.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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