15 original wedding gifts

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A wedding is a special day not only for the newlyweds, but also for their relatives and friends. The heroes of the occasion want it to be remembered for a lifetime by both them and the guests. And the latter are trying to make such a surprise so that it will surprise and become useful for the newlyweds. Some do not strain their imagination and, as a rule, give money. They will, of course, come in handy in the future, but they won't come as a surprise. But the rest of the guests wants to present an original gift. And often, expensive equipment and other household items are inferior to this gift in everything.

What presents can surprise newlyweds? Experts of our magazine will answer this question by compiling a list of the most original gifts that will definitely surprise and enhance the mood of those present. All 15 nominees were selected based on the opinions of the bride and groom, as well as guest reviews.

Rating of original wedding gifts

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of original wedding gifts 1 Innovative gifts from IG-store SURPRISE BOX RUB 14,990
2 VIP boxes with rare sorts of coffee RUB 15,000
3 Horseshoe 'For luck' RUB 14,900
4 Service with family crest 'Heirlooms' RUB 9,500
5 Globus beverage dispenser RUB 1,900
6 Pedigree book in a gift case RUB 9,000
7 Map of our travels RUB 2,000
8 Personal Powerbank 'Wedding Energy Supply' 990 RUB
9 Twin bracelets with engraving RUB 1,900
10 'Passbook for newlyweds' handmade RUB 2,500
11 Gift star 'Happy wedding' stone RUB 1,100
12 Tourist equipment
13 Souvenir fish RUB 1,800
14 Named bottle case 'Happy Wedding' RUB 1,900
15 Fortune cookies 'Wedding' 650 RUB

Innovative gifts from IG-store Surprise Box

Rating: 4.9

Surprise Box Innovative gifts from IG-store.jpeg

The leader in the review is a truly original present, which will be a surprise not only for the bride and groom. The donor himself will not know until the last what is in the box. This method helps to get unforgettable emotions. All those present at the event will feel the sea of ​​positive after the opening of the mysterious boxing. The cost of boxes varies from 4990 to 14990 rubles. Everyone can decide for themselves and choose an option according to the planned budget.

The seller guarantees that the purchase does not turn out to be 'cheese in a mousetrap'. The total cost of the content exceeds the amount spent by 15-20%. That is, in any case, both the giver and the newlyweds will be in the black. Another important point: there will be no trinkets and unnecessary things in the box. The composition changes every month, so having bought such a gift once, you can no longer think about a present for your family and friends.

Content is handpicked by a team of professionals. For example, in small boxes you can find a portable NANOPRESSO coffee machine, in the 'Family' Surpise Box – wireless headphones Apple or a lamp for the house in an original design with a speaker function and a platform for wireless charging. Even the advanced and modern bride and groom, who are difficult to surprise with something, will especially like the gift. And they will appreciate its originality and special attention from the guest.

VIP boxes with rare sorts of coffee

Rating: 4.8

VIP boxes with rare sorts of coffee.jpg

When the invitee to the wedding does not know what to give, because the newlyweds already have everything for comfortable family happiness, then our second prize-winner will be the perfect present for the celebration. The Rare Coffees Boutique offers a variety of set options. They represent elite varieties already known to the Russian consumer, and exclusive ones with low import quotas. Some of them are sold exclusively at auctions and are now available to coffee lovers in our country.

Sets with three rare varieties can be purchased for 14,000 rubles. The catalog also contains VIP-boxes with two representatives of the coffee industry, which are sold for 7500 and 9000 rubles. Cases are made of natural veneer. If desired, engraving is applied with the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, or any image of your choice.

If you really want to surprise with the originality of the gift, then the heroes of the occasion will definitely be delighted, especially if they are coffee gourmets. Many varieties are winners of international exhibitions and are evaluated by experts at 90-91 points. Exclusive coffee IAPAR 59 received 93.6 points, which is the highest mark in the past season. Each set comes with a document confirming the freshness and authenticity of the delivered copy.

Horseshoe 'For luck'

Rating: 4.7


At first glance, the bronze medalist does not differ in originality, and several decades ago it was generally accepted to give a horseshoe for a wedding, as a symbol of happiness. Today this tradition is remembered only by the older generation, so the gift will be special and pleasant. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the product is made using precious metals. It is produced according to the old technology of Zlatoust engraving. The metal is processed, nickel plated and plated with 999 standard gold.

The cost depends on the size. An average horseshoe of 7680 cm will cost the donor 3800 rubles, a small 5045 cm – 2600 rubles. The product is packed in a festive branded box. The inner lining is made of velvet. The upper part imitates a gold plating, and it bears the inscription 'Made in Zlatoust'. The horseshoe retains its appearance for many years. Gold will not fade, no external influences will affect the horseshoe.

The talisman of happiness and good luck will become a family amulet. It can be hung over your front door or in your bedroom. There are two holes in the housing for this. The talent of Russian craftsmen will be appreciated by modern young people. Horseshoe is appropriate in any interior. By choosing it, the invited guest can be sure that they have 'hit the spot' with the status gift.

Service with family crest 'Heirlooms'

Rating: 4.6

Service with the family coat of arms' Heirlooms'2.jpg

The fourth place is taken by a gift that is both original, pleasant and useful. It will become the first serious thing in the house that is individual and not like others. The service can be ordered with a different number of items. It can be a tea or dining room, depending on the amount that the guest intends to spend on a gift.

The donor can find out from the relatives which elements are best used to create a coat of arms, so that they necessarily mean something. It's good if the newlyweds already have some 'own' images. If not, a team of professionals will offer a coat of arms that everyone will like. The inscriptions are made in silver or gold. This can be the first letter of the surname, or the names of the bride and groom. 6 pairs of cups, a teapot and a sugar bowl cost around 5,000 rubles, 12 – an average of 9,000. The price of dinner sets starts at 7,000 rubles.

All dishes are made from the finest porcelain. The image will remain even after many years of use and washing in the dishwasher. This is due to the special technique of its application – the method of hot decaling. The paint is baked into the material, after which it is not afraid of chemical and mechanical influences. This technology is recognized as the safest and most environmentally friendly. Experts believe that such a present will remind of its donor for several decades.

Globus beverage dispenser

Rating: 4.5

Globus beverage dispenser.jpg

On the fifth line is a gift that will not only be unusual, but also useful when meeting guests or during a romantic dinner. The 1919 34 cm globe will become the main decoration of the table and will attract everyone's attention. All geographic objects of the globe are plotted on the surface. The dispenser looks especially nice with colored drinks. But even with transparent ones, it effectively stands out against the background of the solemn serving.

The body is made of durable environmentally friendly plastic. There is a filling hole at the top, which is closed with a stopper corresponding to the general design. For convenience, a funnel is included. The arch and support are made of metal. Capacity – 1.8 liters. Beverages are dispensed through a tap, which is closed with a convenient handle. The platform is stable, therefore, even in unforeseen situations, the dispenser will not turn over or fall.

Using high-quality, but not expensive materials (for example, plastic instead of glass), the manufacturer set a quite acceptable cost of the product up to 1900 rubles. This amount is available to both young people and pensioners, so everyone can make an original surprise. If you wish, you can fill the container with the newlyweds' favorite drink, and then such a present will be doubly pleasant.

Pedigree book in a gift case

Rating: 4.4

Pedigree book in a gift case.jpg

The sixth in the rating is an original gift that will become a unique historical document and can be inherited by children, grandchildren, etc. The book costs a lot (about 10,000 rubles), but in itself it is priceless. This is not just an exclusive edition. This is an occasion to communicate with relatives, to spend time with the whole family. The sheets are sorted by generation and genus. You can also keep a chronicle at your will and convenience, which will be constantly updated.

Based on all the information, a calendar of memorable dates is created, when there is a reason to gather not only in a narrow circle, but also to invite distant relatives. You can fill in the pages manually or on a computer. They fit into the cover with a split ring mechanism. The front part has an overlay with an embossed wood image. The newlyweds will figure out how to keep the book, as a methodological guide and several examples of filling out are provided. The kit includes a CD with genealogical programs and examples of filling in all the sheets.

The gift is made of expensive materials: genuine leather, suede, velvet. The case is no less luxurious than its contents. Relatives can make such a surprise and pass it on to the bride and groom with the first pages filled in, so that it is easier for them to start their personal chronicle.

Map of our travels

Rating: 4.3


The seventh line is a gift with meaning. This is the map on which the honeymoon location will be marked first. Then you will definitely want more and more countries to open on it, and the newlyweds will begin not only to plan, but also to travel. Only newlyweds will have a personalized gift. It is difficult to find two identically filled cards in different families. The document can be personalized with the names of the owners and the memorable date of the wedding or first meeting.

The image is transferred to a natural linen canvas. It is placed in a plastic frame and has a hook for hanging it on the wall. All materials are high quality and safe, do not fade, do not get dirty. The set includes 25 flags. With their help, cities and countries are marked that have already been visited by lovers. If they run out, they can be purchased at any gift shop. Product size: 3345 cm. It is packed in a gift box and weighs 510 g.

The card can be quickly folded if needed and is ready for transport. The cost of the gift is about 2000 rubles. If this amount seems small to someone, then you can put an additional present in the case – money. And then the bride and groom will understand the hint and spend them on an exciting journey together.

Personal Powerbank 'Wedding Energy Supply'

Rating: 4.2

Personal Powerbank 'Wedding Energy Supply'.jpg

The gift that took the eighth place is symbolic and useful. Modern people cannot do without a telephone even on romantic trips and in places of secluded relaxation. And even if you want to be together, then after a while you still turn on the phone to call your loved ones, go online, find out the latest news or pay for goods and services purchased in other cities or countries.

To always stay in touch, a wedding present will come in handy. The 2500 mAh charger has a compact size of cm and a low weight of 300 grams. It will not take up much space in your purse or backpack, but it will protect your mobile phone from discharge, and will be suitable as a spare battery for cameras, wireless headphones, tablets, speakers. The LED indicator will inform you about the remaining running time.

The front side of the battery has the inscription 'Wedding energy reserve'. She not only indicates the type of gift, but also is a kind of message to the young, so that they always remain cheerful and positive. Also, the names of the bride and groom are applied to the body, which makes the present individual. The gift is inexpensive, so it will be an excellent choice for young friends of a couple with little financial means.

Twin bracelets with engraving

Rating: 4.1

Pair of bracelets with engraving.jpg

The ninth position is taken by a gift that is individual, but worn by both husband and wife at the same time. Bracelets are made of genuine leather in 60 shades. The texture can also be different. This is a smooth matte or patent leather, processing a python or crocodile. Products are made according to the size of the brush. If you don't want to spoil the surprise, or there is no way to measure it, then you can send a photo of the future newlyweds, and experienced specialists will determine the girth of the arm themselves.

Plates: silver or gold. Electroplating is non-scratch, moisture and chemical resistant. Choose from wide or narrow plates. Images and inscriptions can be invented by the customer, and if there is not enough imagination, then you can see ready-made options.

Each gift item is packed in its own box. It is made of natural wood, on top is a label with congratulations and sayings of famous people. The cases can be used to store and transport your favorite accessories. Bracelets with personal engraving will be appreciated by newlyweds with good taste. The original idea will appeal to relatives as well. After the birth of a child, you can order the same bracelet for a small handle, and this will become a symbol of family happiness and well-being.

'Passbook for newlyweds' handmade

Rating: 4.0

'Passbook for newlyweds' handmade.jpg

If the guest knows that the groom and the bride are saving money for something and counting on such a gift, then it can be presented, but in a rather original way. It will not be an ordinary envelope that can be bought in a store, but an album made by hand in the workshop of Elena Bolshakova. 'Savingsbook for newlyweds' is in tenth place. Its peculiarity: the products are not similar to one another, and each design is individual.

The size of the gift is large enough: 2015 cm. The front side is decorated with voluminous flowers, butterflies, ribbons, lace. The pages contain poems on wedding themes, many beautiful images. Internal envelopes are provided for banknotes. The album can be kept for a lifetime. The brightness of the colors will not fade. The corners are protected by beautiful metal trims. Thick pages won't wrinkle. The gift will remain in its original form.

The workshop is located in the Moscow region. If necessary, finished products are sent to any city in the Russian Federation. If there is a goal to donate money, but not in the usual way, but in an original way, then this nominee is the best option for its exclusivity. Together with the wedding photo album, it will become a family heirloom and will remind you of the day the family was formed.

Gift star 'Happy wedding' stone

Rating: 3.9

Gift star 'Happy wedding' stone.jpg

The eleventh place was given to a gift, which is notable for an affordable price, but, despite this, it will definitely take its rightful place among the family valuable items of the newlyweds. A personal token of attention will never be forgotten. The souvenir resembles a star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. An image and inscriptions are engraved on a natural stone measuring 1818 cm. It can be different wishes or just the name and surname of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

The gift is quite impressive due to the natural stone. Its weight is 700 grams. Thanks to the special technique of applying images, they are not erased. Colors remain vibrant and vibrant. They do not fade in the sun. The star is presented in branded packaging, or is immediately installed on a plastic stand and solemnly presented at the event.

A personalized souvenir for a couple can be used as a decor for wedding anniversaries. Visiting relatives and friends will always remember the date when you need to congratulate you on your next anniversary. If you are looking for a memorable present, then the stone symbol of love and fidelity will please the newlyweds. And its price won't hit the donor's limited budget.

Tourist equipment

Rating: 3.9

Tourist equipment

On the twelfth line is a gift that, despite its practicality and functionality, can surprise the newlyweds. It will appeal to both those who are actively involved in tourism and those who have not yet had such experience. Based on the estimated budget, you can assemble the optimal set for one-day picnics or long hikes.

If you have enough funds, it is better to start with tents. Prices for them can be both quite acceptable, especially during the period of promotions, or they can be quite sky-high. For a young couple, a double tent is enough, in which they will be quite comfortable to stay. It is worth paying attention to the material of manufacture, weight, installation method, in order to facilitate work during a romantic trip. Family sleeping bags are ideal.

By turning on your imagination or by contacting a sales consultant, you can choose backpacks, burners with fuel, dishes, travel accessories. If you have limited opportunities, you can present a picnic kit, camping furniture, a thermal container and replenish the set every year, giving another present for your wedding anniversary. Then the newlyweds will definitely not forget who chose such an original and very necessary wedding surprise.

Souvenir fish

Rating: 3.7

Souvenir fish.jpeg

The thirteenth is a gift that will become special at the event, and there will be no repetition of exactly the same – 100%. Fish in many religions is a sacred symbol. It means wealth, abundance, harmony. Many people know that if you dream of a fish, it means expect an early replenishment in the family. And what else can you wish for the wedding of two young, loving people? All layouts are made by hand. At the customer's choice: perch, pike perch, pike, ruff, carp, bream. The most expensive product is a trout imitation.

In appearance, the fish cannot be distinguished from the real one. This is due to the use of composite acrylic resins, which allow for maximum detail in the layout. The high-strength material is absolutely resistant to light and moisture. The original appearance of the product remains for decades. The painting is carried out with acrylic art paints. Every even the smallest element exactly repeats the color of a real fish.

Top coat – alkyd varnish. From above, it is decorated with tree cuts. The gift will please you with its spontaneity. It will remind for many years of the guest who chose a present with deep meaning. You can order single products on the Internet at the store's website rukzakshop.ru.

Named bottle case 'Happy Wedding'

Rating: 3.6

Named bottle case 'Happy wedding'.jpg

Fourteenth place was given to the nominee, who will dress quite a traditional gift in original packaging. Often guests present alcoholic beverages for weddings to young people. Stickers with wishes or dates are pasted on the champagne. The wine is chosen from rare exclusive collections, but even expensive items will not look original.

A special case with personalization will help with this. It is made from natural wood. The decorative lock is coated with gold plating. Any texts or images are applied to the box. These can be love poems, a toast or a philosophical saying, as well as the surname, names of the bride and groom, and the date of the wedding. For this, a metal plate is attached to the front part.

The newlyweds will appreciate the extraordinary design. A respectable wooden case will take its rightful place in the interior even after using the contents. In order to continue the tradition and not think about the next gifts, for each anniversary, a married couple can be presented with a bottle of a quality drink that can be drunk together in a romantic atmosphere or with invited guests. Experts believe that an inexpensive gift, even after decades, will remind of a significant event and recommend paying attention to this option for a wedding presentation.

Fortune cookies 'Wedding'

Rating: 3.5

Fortune cookies' Wedding'.jpg

Our review concludes with an affordable gift that will be appreciated by the newlyweds and all those invited to the banquet. It can be presented as an additional present along with the original envelope with money. But according to reviews, it is the cookie box that is most memorable, and its contents cheer up. A delicious crunchy dessert is not just a delicacy that is always available at any wedding. It predicts fate, makes the event even more interesting, fun and solemn.

The set consists of cinnamon shortbread cookies. Each of them contains touching, funny, romantic predictions. If the bride and groom take them alternately and read out their text, then the donor need not prepare long congratulatory speeches, because the cookies will say everything for the invited guest. The dessert is prepared from products that meet quality and safety requirements. It is packed in a transparent box.

Food grade plastic. No harmful effects on health. The name of the newlyweds, the date of registration and wishes that the customer can come up with will be put on the top of the label. The back of the box contains all information about the composition of the cookie, the date of its manufacture and other data. If the newlyweds decide to keep the present intact, then it can be opened at any time within 6 months from the date of production.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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