15 best books on post-apocalypse

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Post-apocalypse is one of the most popular genres today. Science fiction portrays the fears of modern people and includes a variety of themes, whether it be a rise of machines, a zombie attack or the spread of a deadly virus. Fans of such literature should definitely get acquainted with the rating of the best books about post-apocalypse, which was compiled by our experts based on readers' reviews and opinions of critics.

Rating of the best books about post-apocalypse

Nomination a place composition rating
The best books about the post-apocalypse of foreign writers 1 Hugh Howie 'Bunker. Illusion' 4.9
2 Richard Matheson 'I Am Legend' 4.8
3 Stephen King 'Confrontation' 4.7
4 Cormac McCarthy 'The Road' 4.7
5 Mira Grant 'Feed' 4.7
6 Matthew Mather 'Cyberstorm' 4.6
7 David Mitchell 'Cloud Atlas' 4.5
8 Max Brooks “World War Z” 4.5
The best books about the post-apocalypse of Russian writers 1 Dmitry Glukhovsky Metro 2033 4.9
2 Andrew Cruz Age of the Dead 4.8
3 The Strugatsky brothers 'Roadside Picnic' 4.7
4 Yana Wagner 'Living People' 4.6
5 Boris Gromov 'Privates of the Apocalypse' 4.5
6 Alexander Shakilov 'The Age of Zombies' 4.4
7 Alexander Kontorovich 'The Fugitive' 4.3

The best books about the post-apocalypse of foreign writers

This nomination was created for fans of Stephen King and those who want to look at familiar things from a non-standard angle. Foreign literature introduces the reader to creepy worlds, fantastic aliens and brave heroes who survive in inhuman conditions.

Hugh Howie 'Bunker. Illusion'

Rating: 4.9


The creation of Hugh Howie opens the rating. Many literary critics have called him the king of the post-apocalypse. The essence of the book is that after a terrible cataclysm, the remaining people live in a large bunker under the ground. They follow strict rules that are necessary to maintain safety. Once Sheriff Halston violated the main condition and came to the surface.

Readers note the ease of reading and the memorable images of the characters. To some, the plot seemed straightforward. After the book was annotated, the readers expected more. However, there is intrigue in the story, forcing to solve the riddles one by one.

Richard Matheson 'I Am Legend'

Rating: 4.8


The main character is the only person who has not been overcome by a terrible virus. He lives in a house with special protection and day and night looking for a cure for the disease that turns people into vampires. Every night, the surviving person prepares to fight the terrible creatures.

The uniqueness of the work is in its structured chapters and original presentation of stories from the past. The book's finale is overwhelming and a little frustrating. Readers are satisfied with the work and say that it makes you think about modern realities and the meaning of life. The text is written in a pleasant, accessible style. Based on the plot of the book, a film was shot with Will Smith in the title role. He made an indelible impression on the audience. It should be noted that the book is praised more than the motion picture.

Stephen King 'Confrontation'

Rating: 4.7


Next in the ranking is one of the largest and longest books by Stephen King. For ordinary readers, this causes bewilderment, and for fans of the American writer, wild delight. Confrontation makes you want to read over and over again. The plot seems trivial at first glance. A virus has been leaked from a closed military facility. As a result, humanity has shrunk by more than 90 percent. The survivors split into two camps. The confrontation itself will take place in the second part of the book.

The volume of the work can scare away those who are not familiar with the work of the writer. Therefore, I recommend 'Confrontation' to fans of the genre and specific stories with religious tendencies, unpleasant characters.

Cormac McCarthy 'The Road'

Rating: 4.7


In the story, a father and son travel through the ruins left from the planet after a global cataclysm. Some people could not stand the city and began to eat their own kind. A boy and a man do not feed on humans. They try to remain good people in the wild.

The book is very serious, difficult and interesting, despite the lack of dynamics as such. The piece is atmospheric. The syllable that has drawn the smallest details is surprising. Readers claim that while reading, goosebumps run through the skin, and after that, deep impressions remain. The film adaptation of the story entitled 'The Road' has earned a lot of accolades.

Mira Grant 'Feed'

Rating: 4.7


According to the plot of the book, humanity has defeated cancer, but a new infection has replaced the terrible disease. It spreads like wildfire, affecting body and soul. After a few decades, the trouble was over. Famous bloggers dare to find out who was behind the monstrous conspiracy and spread the deadly virus.

There are no bloody scenes of violence in the book. Zombies are more common in the crowd. There are detailed descriptions in the book, but there are still a lot of questions. Despite minor flaws, reading the story is interesting. 'Feed' is recommended by most readers. The book is a must-have for all fans of dystopias.

Matthew Mather 'Cyberstorm'

Rating: 4.6


According to the plot of the picture, the catastrophe encompasses two worlds at once – virtual and real. Dream and reality, perception and matter are mixed. New York is turning into a huge cemetery. The book will be of interest to lovers of secret conspiracies. The war will be fought with the use of weapons of mass destruction and high technologies.

Readers liked to get acquainted with the author's thoughts, to represent the process of survival, written in a vivid and interesting way. The work is called a thriller on the theme of a techno-natural disaster. Its finale hints at a continuation. Reviews of Cyberstorm are controversial. Despite this, the book often became the leader of popular ratings.

David Mitchell 'Cloud Atlas'

Rating: 4.5


Many readers were amazed by David Mitchell's book entitled 'Cloud Atlas'. In it you can find a large number of bright thoughts, topics for conversation. It is an unbroken piece that includes six unrelated stories. Each of the characters is revealed from an unexpected side. The author's attempt to describe Eternity is fascinating. All heroes live within their own time period – from the 19th century to the post-apocalyptic future of the planet. The soul unites them, passing from one body to another. It should be noted that the writer was included in the list of the most influential people on the planet and was awarded a huge number of prizes in literature.

Readers note the presence of difficult places in the book and a few boring moments. This is a book for people who can and want to think. Lovers of novels and classic detective stories will hardly like it.

Max Brooks “World War Z”

Rating: 4.5

Max Brooks

A book reminiscent of a political thriller closes the rating nomination. Max Brooks depicted in one work the whole picture of an earthly catastrophe. It consists in the fight against the living dead. The population of the earth will face a major series of defeats. It is hard to realize that everyone cannot be saved, and some will have to be sacrificed altogether. You shouldn't expect a happy happy ending.

Readers liked the style, rare for such literature, with imitation of documentary. The scale of the great tragedy is shocking. Based on the plot of the book, a film of the same name was shot with Brad Pitt in the title role.

The best books about the post-apocalypse of Russian writers

For admirers of Russian literature, our experts have selected several serious works that amaze with a realistic rendering of the atmosphere, beautiful harmonious language and originality of plots.

Dmitry Glukhovsky Metro 2033

Rating: 4.9


By 2033, humanity is virtually destroyed. The capital city became a ghost town where monsters live. The surviving units hide in the subway. The underground tunnels are dark and fearful. To save one of the stations from danger, Artyom must go through all the branches of the metro. The life of people depends on his actions …

Many readers have questions about the existence of individuals in matters of science and technology. So, it is not entirely clear where the emergency lamps got their energy from, where the heroes took the cartridges. If you do not delve into such details, you will be able to plunge into the harsh post-apocalyptic world of Moscow. This is the choice for sci-fi and horror fans. The author writes very well. Many readers express their gratitude to him for the interesting time spent reading the book.

Andrew Cruz Age of the Dead

Rating: 4.8


A terrible virus escapes from the private laboratory of the capital, forcing dying people to revive and hunt living relatives. A graduate student in the laboratory creates an antidote and tries to deliver it to the city of Gorky-16. In this he will be helped by his faithful comrades and experience in the army service. There are three books in total. The entire path of the heroes can be traced on a real world map.

Readers love how Cruz describes the heroes, their meanness, honesty, cunning and naivety. All statements sound true and to the point. Judging by the reviews, the trilogy deserves a solid top five. It will especially appeal to those who prefer stories about zombies and expect an exciting and interesting reading from the work.

The Strugatsky brothers 'Roadside Picnic'

Rating: 4.7


Further in the ranking is a thoughtful work that not everyone can understand. The story was written in 1972. According to her script, Tarkovsky's film 'Stalker' was shot. In the story, alien guests landed near the town of Harmont. This area is no longer suitable for human habitation. It is fenced off and guarded. There are those who sneak into the territory and steal artifacts for further sale. They are called stalkers.

The language of the text is bright and imaginative, it requires careful understanding. The book cannot be read, distractedly or through a line. The work deserves attention. Readers' reviews are mostly approving. The book is recommended for reading to all fans of science fiction.

Yana Wagner 'Living People'

Rating: 4.6


The next participant in the rating is the continuation of the book 'Vongozero'. In the work 'Living People', the writer easily writes about serious things. The dynamics grows from page to page. The book touches on several topics, new thoughts and reflections appear. The reader thinks about how he would act in a given situation. During reading it becomes exciting, creepy and scary.

The heroes of the book are trying to survive in the wild after an epidemic. They get food and are cut off from the outside world on the island. Until the very end, the reader retains the hope of saving people. The characters are very realistic. The author convinces of the authenticity of the story. It gives the impression of watching a movie. The book is advised to everyone who loves adventure thrillers, stories about survival in extreme conditions.

Boris Gromov 'Privates of the Apocalypse'

Rating: 4.5


The familiar world is going crazy, reality turns into cruelty and bloody violence, the dead are resurrected to feed on the living … All this is a book by Boris Gromov, whose heroes survive as best they can – get weapons and transport, seek food and shelter. The picture is presented through the eyes of an OMON special forces soldier.

Despite the hackneyed theme, the writer was able to interest the reader. Judging by the reviews, the style of presentation is very pleasant, the plot is fascinating. The author describes everything in the smallest detail, there are no love and dramatic scenes. The work will be appreciated by fans of science fiction and post-apocalypse.

Alexander Shakilov 'The Age of Zombies'

Rating: 4.4


Next in the ranking is the first book of a specific trilogy that immerses the reader in the world of zombies. It will focus on dead cities, bloodthirsty monsters, shootings. The main character moves from Ukraine to the Russian Federation in order to find his father and find out the cause of the chaos on earth.

Readers are delighted with the unexpected plot twist and unpredictable ending. The writer does not spare the heroes, 'killing' them left and right. The main thing is to overcome the first chapters, which seem boring. In general, the whole trilogy is surprising and a little shocking. Some readers did not have enough zest, and they settled on the first book.

Alexander Kontorovich 'The Fugitive'

Rating: 4.3


The rating is completed by a book that is read in one sitting. It turned out to be exciting and dynamic. Despite the fantastic surroundings, the plot is very realistic. The book will focus on a loner who is looking for a way out of a city dominated by warring factions. The difficulty is that the perimeter is guarded by troops, and there is nothing sacred on its territory.

Reviews of the book are mixed. Some dream of making a film on it. Others are outraged by the lack of logic and many incomprehensible points. It is advised to read the fragment in order to understand whether the literature is suitable for further acquaintance, or not.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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