15 best books for men

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Despite the well-established opinion that men prefer a completely different kind of rest to reading, statistics refute this. According to her data, only 5% of the stronger sex is inferior to the weak. The ratio of Russian men and women who read daily is 56% to 61%. Of course, everyone's preferences are different. According to polls, men will never pick up a love story that many women read. So what are the most popular books with a strong audience?

We've compiled a list of the best classics and contemporary pieces that men are most interested in. When selecting for the rating, reviews of ordinary buyers and the opinion of professional experts were taken into account.

Rating of the best books for men

Nomination a place book price
Best Business Books for Men 1 Nude Business, Richard Branson RUB 538
2 The Secret of a Millionaire, Fisher Mark 49
3 Force of Habit, Charles Duhigg 449 r rub.
Best adventure books for men 1 Ice Leadership. Shackleton's Antarctic Odyssey RUB 1,030
2 King Solomon's Mines, Henry Ryder Haggard RUB 6,930
3 Heart of Darkness. Adventure Story, Joseph Conrad 164 RUB
Best detective books for men 1 Make a Number, John Verdon 433 r
2 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle RUB 318
3 Death Trap, Rex Stout RUB 55
The best books for men in the genre of fiction 1 War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells 429 r
3 The Hour of the Bull Ivan Efremov 156 r
4 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Adam Douglas RUB 550
Best history books for men 1 Les Miserables Victor, Hugo 487 r
2 Snake charmer, Yavdat Ilyasov 189 r
3 Favorite, Valentin Pikul RUB 970

Best Business Books for Men

Nude Business, Richard Branson

Rating: 4.9

Nude Business Richard Branson

Naked Business is one of the most sought-after books of the last decade. Its author shares his own experience, tells how he started his own business, what he had to face on the way to success, how he overcame all difficulties and eventually became the owner of a successful business. Branson himself noted that he did not rant, but simply wrote the whole truth.

One of the features of the work is that the author used quotes and notes that he entered into his own notebook. Guided by the outlined rules and tips, you can turn any business into a profitable one, which has been proven more than once by reviews of entrepreneurs who made their dreams come true and achieved the desired wealth and success.

Branson paid attention to other, no less important topics: relations within the team and climbing the career ladder, said that he appreciates, first of all, in employees, on what basis he recruits them. He will tell how he conducted difficult negotiations that did not always end as the businessman wanted, and how he learned a lesson from all this in order to achieve 100% results, who is his idol and whom he has always looked up to in the world business elite. The bestseller will be a great start for men who have already set ambitious goals and are boldly moving forward.

The Millionaire's Secret Fisher, Mark

Rating: 4.8

The Secret of a Millionaire by Fisher Mark

The second in the ranking is the book of a well-known financial consultant and economist who has come the hard way from an inexperienced entrepreneur and managed to become a successful businessman. This is a real guide to action for those who still doubt their success and talent and do not dare to start their own business. The book is written in an easily accessible language, reads quickly. It is recommended not only for people who want to do business. The work will help you achieve real results in all areas of life.

The author calls for breaking stereotypes, starting to think in a new way, and then any doors will open, even those that you never dreamed of. And although his personal path was very difficult, thanks to a well-designed program, he came to his first million, although those around him hardly believed in it.

Mark Fisher's book is a real motivational bomb. She has helped many newcomers to start a business from scratch, and already existing entrepreneurs to expand their business. The work will appeal to the male audience, and its readers can be people of any age, from a teenager to a pensioner. Experts recommend paying close attention to the Secret of a Millionaire.

Force of Habit, Charles Duhigg

Rating: 4.7

The Force of Habit Charles Duhigg

The featured book by a famous American journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner, raises the question of the power of habit and can turn established ideas upside down and significantly expand the boundaries of action. Many do not want to change anything. They habitually get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, have supper when they come home, and go to bed. And so day after day.

The author suggests starting small: smoking less and getting carried away with sweets, starting to go to the pool or gym, not getting annoyed and not being overwhelmed by trifles on loved ones. The result will not be long in coming. Having freed from ossified habits, there will be more free time, relations in the family will be restored, work efficiency will double.

Ch. Duhigg proposes to radically change the way of life. At the same time, he emphasizes that the habit both hinders and saves in many unforeseen situations. It's the same with business. Having drawn up a clear system and strictly acting according to it, you can become not only a successful entrepreneur, but also reach any, even the most unrealizable, peaks. The book will become an invaluable asset and will help you change for the better.

Best adventure books for men

Ice Leadership. Shackleton's Antarctic Odyssey, Alfred Lansing

Rating: 4.9

Ice Leadership.  Shackleton's Antarctic Odyssey Alfred Lansing

The work of an American journalist and writer ranks first among the best adventure books for men. It is recognized as one of the most reliable literary creations describing an expedition to the shores of Antarctica, and will be of interest to all those who are fond of travel and want to learn more about pioneers and leadership in any life situations. The action begins in 1914, when Captain Ernest Shackleton put together a team to cross the South Pole.

The ship falls into an ice trap. As a result, the members of the expedition will have difficult trials in the harshest climate of the planet, and they could not count on help, since it was too far from civilization. But Shackleton was able to free his assistants from the snow captivity, while the whole team remained intact.

This story of a fascinating journey and a happy rescue is even more interesting in that while working on the book, the writer interviewed the surviving members of the ship at that time and used the diaries of eight more, but already deceased sailors. Thanks to the accurate description of even the smallest details, the reader is immersed in the real atmosphere of ice, strong winds and frosts.

King Solomon's Mines, Henry Ryder Haggard

Rating: 4.8

King Solomon Mines Henry Ryder Haggard

In second place in the ranking is the book of the classic of world adventure literature, Henry Ryder Haggard. All his works are based on real facts and his own research. Despite the fact that the novel is more than a century old, it amazes with its dynamism and never becomes outdated, it is interesting not only at first acquaintance. When you read it again, more and more interesting details and details of events are revealed.

The fascinating storyline from the first page grabs attention. Haggard's rich imagination makes boys, young people, and aged men read the work. The main character is Allan Quatermain. Henry Curtis turns to him with a request to find his brother, who went in search of untold riches and disappeared there. After persuasion, he agrees.

After a long expedition, Curtis, his friend John Goode and Quartermain find themselves in a country where the ancient treasures of the biblical king Solomon are hidden. The journey will be a real challenge for the hunter and adventurer Allan. But he will be able to find the treasure and return home. The book will certainly appeal to men and will be a wonderful gift for fans of the adventure genre.

Heart of Darkness. Adventure Story, Joseph Conrad

Rating: 4.7

Heart of Darkness.  Adventure Story Joseph Conrad

The third place among the books for men in the adventure genre goes to the famous novel by Joseph Conrad, published in 1902. The author started writing the work after 8 years in the Congo. The reader will be able to appreciate the plot and dynamism, and the vivid descriptions of African flora and fauna are breathtaking. At the center of events is the English sailor Marlowe, who went deep into the Black Continent.

The main part of the book is devoted to the story on his behalf about a trip along a tropical river. The terrible and sometimes creepy details of the life of the aborigines frighten the civilized European. The book raises the topic of the psychological struggle between man and nature, sometimes irreconcilable and leading to tragic consequences. But most of all, Marlowe is struck by a character named Kurtz – the embodiment of primal instincts and vices.

The book is recommended by both readers and experts as one of the best works, which amazes with the realism of the events described and allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of Africa, reveal its secrets and secrets, learn more about such a distant and mysterious continent for us. The skill of the writer is recognized not only by readers and critics, but also by such great masters as Green, Hemingway, James.

Best detective books for men

Make a Number, John Verdon

Rating: 4.9

Guess the Number John Verdon

The best detective work for men was recognized as a psychological detective story, which became the debut work of an American writer and in a short time captured the attention of millions of readers around the world. Sharp plot, with a brilliant sense of style, it became a bestseller in a short time, and its author was put on a par with famous and recognized writers of our time.

John Verdon created the hero Dave Gurney, who does not know how to show emotions, but perfectly solves the most difficult puzzles and reveals intricate crimes. The storyline begins with anonymous letters that Mark Mellery receives. It seems that their author knows all the secrets and reads the thoughts of the addressee. Scared to death, Mellery turns to an old friend, Detective Gurney. And here the game begins, which soon becomes deadly for the detective. The number of new victims is growing, each unsolved puzzle leads to a brutal murder.

Readers appreciated the writer's style and original plot without lyrical digressions, which are not very welcomed by the male audience. Many eagerly await the release of new books and detective stories about the tireless detective and his team.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle

Rating: 4.8

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle

The second place in the rating goes to the classics of the detective genre, which will never become outdated and will be very popular among reading men. For more than 120 years, the great Sherlock Holmes has been the main character who has eclipsed many other equally popular characters. No detective can match his observation, logic and resourcefulness. Noticing the smallest details, he can piece them together, which leads to unpredictable, and, most importantly, correct outcomes.

An interesting storyline is supported by the presence of Holmes' faithful companion, Dr. Watson. It is on his behalf that the story of mysterious and terrible crimes is being conducted, which are invariably revealed, and the real villains receive their well-deserved punishment.

The collection includes detective novels Motley Tape, Scandal in Bohemia, Union of Redheads and other equally interesting works by Arthur Conan Doyle. Many have been familiar with the book since school age, but they are happy to re-read it again. For those who have not yet learned about the adventures of the detective and his assistant, it is definitely recommended to read the novel, which promises an interesting and exciting pastime.

Death Trap, Rex Stout

Rating: 4.7

Death Trap Rex Stout

The classic detective story will interest not only the fans of the American writer and his legendary hero Nero Wolfe. It will appeal to all men who prefer crime stories with an exciting plot and an unpredictable outcome. The book included in our rating will be the best gift for any occasion and for no reason.

The action takes place in New York, where intelligence agents begin to die one by one. Military generals and high-ranking officials receive anonymous letters in which industrial espionage is the cause of the killings. The possibility of reporting to the police is completely excluded due to the delicacy and secrecy of the case. General Fife, never having figured out the spy, turns to the famous detective, who, together with his assistant, will stop the sale of scientific and technical secrets, expose the real criminal and persuade him to commit suicide in the same way he wanted to get rid of the person who was trying to catch him.

The novel is part of the cycle of Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. Many who read it wanted to continue their acquaintance with the detective and his methods of work.

The best books for men in the genre of fiction

War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells

Rating: 4.9

War of the Worlds H.G. Wells

Every fan of the genre of fiction is familiar with the great work published in 1897. It takes the first place in the rating in this category. This was the first experience in world literature where the author described the invasion of aliens on Earth. The story is told on behalf of a hero who witnesses the events taking place in southern England. Despite the might of the British army, the Martians defeat the earthlings and begin their mass destruction.

The story begins with the increased interest of people in Mars, where several years ago, before the events described, scientists recorded a strong outbreak. The hero visits the observatory, where he can observe celestial objects approaching the Earth, and many mistake them for meteorites. After falling from the capsules, intelligent creatures are selected, which subsequently become victims of an unknown virus.

Wells described life on Mars in great detail and created an image of alien aliens. Until the end of his life, he was interested in the mysterious planet, even published a scientific article based on the research of astronomers of that time. More than one generation of boys was brought up on the writer's works. And already becoming adults, they are happy to return to the novel, which, even after 120 years, does not lose its relevance.

The Hour of the Bull, Ivan Efremov

Rating: 4.8

The Hour of the Bull Ivan Efremov

The science fiction novel by the Soviet scientist Ivan Antonovich Efremov is in second place in the rating in this category. It will appeal to fans of socio-philosophical works, which captivatingly reveal the theme of space and the world of the future. The planet Tormans is a haven for earthlings who fled from totalitarian rule. Only the teachings of communism did not spread there, and, contrary to predictions, the inhabitants did not die out and did not self-destruct.

The first settlers went to Tormans more than 130 years ago, and today's earthlings are very interested in their fate. An oligarchic society was formed on it as opposed to a communist one. It was divided into short-lived and long-lived. The former are cheap labor. The latter represent the elite. Full power belongs to the Council of Four.

The work, despite its half-century history, does not lose its relevance and both the middle and older generation of men are read to it with pleasure. Those who lived during the Soviet Union and can draw a parallel with reality will especially like the book. Experts also advise young people to pay attention to the greatest work of the 20th century.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Adam Douglas

Rating: 4.7

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adam Douglas

On the third line of the rating is the work of an English writer, which was initially heard by radio listeners, and after a tremendous success, a book version was released. It instantly became a bestseller, and its author was the youngest laureate to receive the Golden Pen award for exceeding a million circulation of his work. Based on the novel, new computer games were created, and many world musicians use quotes and catchphrases in their songs.

The peculiarity of the author's style is an exciting and at the same time humorous story about the adventures of earthlings in space. Arthur Dent protests against the demolition of his own house, but his friend told about more terrible secrets and literally a few seconds before the explosion of the Earth, they get on a spaceship. And this is where the story begins, which arouses genuine interest and laughter from the situations described by Douglas. And even ordinary objects become animate, endowed with intelligence.

The book will be a great gift for men of any age. Heroes will be able to surprise with their actions and behavior. The absurd but stunning world of the Galaxy will amaze you with realistic descriptions. Despite the many comic moments, the attentive reader will discern wise and serious thoughts.

Best history books for men

Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

Rating: 4.9

Les Miserables Victor Hugo

The greatest novel in world literature ranks first in the ranking of the best history books. It was published in 1862, and took three decades to create. Hugo showed two opposite types: convict and righteous. He wanted to emphasize the huge gap between people of different classes, and how an individual human individual passes from good to evil and back again. The main outcast is Jean Valjean. He will overcome the path of moral formation and begin to lead an honest life.

The novel covers not only the events that have passed during the liberation of Valjean from prison and before his death. The reader is immersed in the past, where he learns about the Battle of Waterloo, the development of the sewerage system in Paris and many other interesting points. The author also lifts the curtain of the future by talking about the revolution of 1848. He manages to describe both the inner experiences of the heroes and the environment in France at that time.

The historical work entered the classics of the 19th century. It interests people of different nationalities, religions, ages. The book is sold in regular and gift editions, so it can be purchased for personal use, or you can make an expensive present for men who prefer classics.

Snake charmer, Yavdat Ilyasov

Rating: 4.7

Snake charmer Yavdat Ilyasov

In second place in the rating is a work about the great scientist, poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam. It will appeal to those who love the mysterious East and want to open the veil of secrets of time. Throughout the story, the reader is given the opportunity to enjoy the philosophical verses of Khayyam. During his long life, he endured many trials. These were slander and misunderstanding from others, disgrace and poverty.

But no matter what position the poet was in, he always fought for justice and differed from everyone not only in talents, but also in progressive views. For almost a hundred years after his life and death, his name has acquired many legends, some of them raised doubts and seemed unlikely.

The author tries to reveal the complex and rebellious character of the hero, his strength and wisdom. Men will love a historical novel written in a clear and simple language, but with a very exciting plot. If the reader also wants to know about the further adventures of the great rebel of his time, then the book The Tower of Silence, however, was never completed in connection with the death of the author, but was published according to his drafts. Experts recommend reading the work.

Favorite, Valentin Pikul

Rating: 4.6

Favorite Valentin Pikul

All men interested in the history of Russia will love the next book included in our rating. Valentin Pikul is a Soviet writer with a circulation of more than 20 million books. The main direction of the author is naval and historical topics. Favorite tells about the main events that took place in the Russian state in the second half of the 18th century.

The main character is Grigory Aleksandrovich Potemkin-Tavrichesky, an outstanding public and statesman, one of the favorites of Catherine II. Other equally important characters of that time are well spelled out in the book. Readers will learn about the great scientist Mikhail Lomonosov, about the admirals of the fleet Samuil Greig and Grigory Spiridov, about Counts Razumovsky and Stroganov, about the founder of the national theater Fyodor Volkov and the rebel Emelyan Pugachev.

The author not only reconstructs the events of almost two hundred years ago, he helps to better know that era and people of different origins, but they all have one thing in common – love for Russia. Pikul very vividly and vividly described each character, and even the secondary ones are very interesting and colorful and make you worry and sympathize, rejoice and be upset.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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