15 best books by Daria Dontsova

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Anyone who has just begun to study Dontsova's work should get acquainted with the books that are at the top of our rating. We selected 15 of the best detective stories based on readers' ratings and highlighted the features of their storylines. Everyone will find a book to their liking.

Rating of the best books by Daria Dontsova

Nomination a place composition rating
Rating of the best books by Daria Dontsova 1 Cool heirs 4.9
2 My husband's wife 4.8
3 For all the hares 4.8
4 Damn from the snuff box 4.7
5 Old woman Christie – resting 4.7
6 Muddy water diamond 4.7
7 Date under the mantle 4.6
8 Dentists cry too 4.6
9 Lady with claws 4.5
10 Ghost in Sneakers 4.5
11 Aunt Lies House 4.5
12 The lion's share of the gray mouse 4.5
13 Viper in syrup 4.5
14 This bitter sweet revenge 4.4
15 Beloved bastard 4.4

Cool heirs

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.9

Cool heirs.jpg

The rating opens with a story about the heiress of a large estate in France. The rich property endangers the life of Natasha, who asks her friend Dasha Vasiliev to help her.

The work is able to relieve the tired brain and give positive emotions. According to reviews, the book is entertaining and even calming. She's not boring and insanely interesting. Some readers know the lines almost by heart. The work is quite positive and full of humor. To some, it may seem unreal. However, the initially ironic detective does not pretend to be highly intelligent.

'Cool heirs' are a must-read for all fans of Dontsova's work, as well as for those who are just getting acquainted with the work of the famous writer.

My husband's wife

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.8


Next in the ranking is a book with the ironic title 'My Husband's Wife'. It is about Maxim Polyansky, who is arrested on charges of murdering his girlfriend. It is difficult to prove his innocence, but Dasha Vasilyeva takes up this case and starts looking for a real criminal.

As the plot progresses, new corpses appear, and the life of the main character 'hangs in the balance'. The first part of the work describes the fate of the characters, and the second is the action itself.

The riddles of the book are quite obvious, there was no strong intrigue. Despite this, the author managed to keep the reader's attention with a light syllable. Judging by the reviews, the detective story is read in just one evening. Fans of Dontsova's work should devote their free time to this book.

For all the hares

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.8


One of Dontsova's best books is considered the work 'For all the hares' from the collection of novels about Vasilyeva. The main character is the same Dasha, who gets involved in incredible stories on vacation. A crime is being committed before her eyes. However, the police have no evidence, they want to close the case. True, Dasha is not going to give up and is ready to find out everything herself.

Judging by the responses of the readers, they almost immediately guessed who committed the crimes. To some, the plot seemed too implausible. But they are delighted with the presentation style characteristic of the popular writer. The book will appeal to those who love detective stories with an addictive plot, irony and light syllable.

Damn from the snuff box

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.7

the devil from the snuff box

The main character of the detective novel is the unmarried Viola Tarakanova. Out of pity, she takes Vera to her home, who has lost her memory. At this time, an orphaned relative Christina appears on the doorstep of the house. Viola starts looking for Vera's acquaintances and learns that the girl inherited a huge fortune from her aunt from America. The reader will have to find out who is to blame for all the troubles of the young lady.

According to opinions, the book deserves a 'solid four'. Readers recommend it to everyone who loves dashingly twisted plots. In addition, all the characters in the work are kind and naive people who will always help and sympathize. Today it is a great rarity, so reading a book is a pleasure.

This is a suitable option for entertainment for people who have to spend a long time lying, for example, in a hospital ward, sitting in line or taking a long commute to work on the train.

Old woman Christie – resting

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.7

Old woman Christie - resting

Suddenly, Tatyana Sergeevna's husband died, and the house burned down. However, the black streak in her life is not over yet. After several attempts on her life, the fat woman becomes an assistant detective – an elderly man named Gris. And here the fun begins …

Judging by the reviews, the book is very exciting. It is a little annoying to constantly mention that the main character is a fat woman. Too often, the author focuses on Tatiana's 80 kg. Some readers considered this to be unfounded sarcasm on the part of the writer.

Despite everything, the first book in the Diet Detective series definitely deserves attention, because it is quite readable and entertaining. There is in it a share of humor, lightness of a syllable and a certain intrigue. Under the mood, the book is read with a bang.

Muddy water diamond

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.7


Next in the ranking is a book from the series about Ivan Podushkin. Dontsova's hero is a young and intelligent person who tolerates his boring mother. His employer's girlfriend is accused of a crime, and the main character begins his investigation. It is impossible to retell all of Ivan's adventures; it is better to read a book.

When the weather is awful outside, you can get distracted with the detective for a while. The book 'shakes the brain', is distracting and reads quite quickly. However, the second time you will hardly want to pick it up.

There is too much banality and implausibility in it. The detective seemed boring to some. In any case, many fans of Dontsova rated the work at 5 points out of five.

Date under the mantle

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.6


And again Vasilieva finds herself in an incredible story. This time she takes part in psychological research and studies the behavior of individuals from different social groups. The main character needs to spend a week with student Ksyusha. Dangerous adventures with blackmail and hypnosis await them. Not without corpses.

Readers advise the book to purchase and believe that the characters are well written in it. Captures an interesting plot, laconic language is pleasant. The girls love the fact that the story is all about love, and not about finances. The only drawback is that one of the scenes is repeated almost word for word, as in the other book. Some readers were greatly outraged by such a blunder.

Dentists cry too

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.6


The main character of Vasiliev's work accidentally throws out an expensive family thing. She goes to the junkyard to get her back and finds a corpse. The police are not going to 'dig' into the details and are in a hurry to close the case, and Vasilyeva decides to solve the murder herself. The heroine will have to find out how the local dentist is connected with the murdered girl.

Readers believe that some moments in the book are brought to the point of absurdity, and the events are developing too rapidly. But they like the cool twisted detective line. The fates of the heroes closely intersect with each other, the reader begins to suspect everyone of the crime.

The end of the piece is unexpected. That's why Dentists Cry Too is the best choice for those who love twisted stories with a well-thought-out storyline.

Lady with claws

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.5


According to the plot of the book, New Year's Eve is darkened by the strange death of the landlady. The relatives do not want to find out the details of her death, but her friend Dasha Vasilyeva is not going to leave this case and begins to sort out all the relatives of the deceased, because the killer is definitely among them.

The book is easy to read and filled with humorous elements. Reviews of the product are contradictory. Some readers were pleased with the perfectly written images, an interesting story. Others note the illogicality of the plot, the many inconsistencies of the facts, including from history. In any case, it is better to read the detective story yourself once, especially if you have a free evening for this.

Ghost in Sneakers

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.5


The next participant in the rating is included in the list of Dontsova's best detectives, where the main character is Dasha Vasilyeva. According to the plot of the book, she works in a bookstore and finds a woman's corpse in the closet of one of the workers. Soon Dasha has to settle in the same trading floor, as her cottage became uninhabitable due to a severe hurricane. Next, the reader will meet with a ghost who walks through the store in sneakers.

The light syllable and hints of humor deliver a lot of pleasure, and the twisted plot intrigues to the very end. This is a good detective story with whom you can escape from everyday problems and while away a couple of evenings. Those who are tired of plunging headlong into philosophical reflections should purchase this book.

Aunt Lies House

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.5


The main character Dasha takes her friend's daughter from the morgue and it turns out that the girl suddenly revived, as she was in a coma. Soon Polina still dies in a car accident. The death of a young person is clearly not accidental. Dasha has to find out that this is a murder or a simple coincidence.

The book is advised to read, because its intricate plot ends very unexpectedly. Reading it is fun and interesting. In some moments it is impossible to refrain from laughing. This is a good choice for someone who wants to forget about difficulties for a couple of hours and have a little rest, cheer up. Many people take the detective with them on the train and read while they get to work.

The lion's share of the gray mouse

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.5


In the summer of 2017, the book 'The Lion's Share of the Gray Mouse' appeared on store shelves, which did not go unnoticed and often takes worthy places in all kinds of ratings. Plato Persakis and his mother decided to find out whose children they are raising. They suspect that Plato's wife gave birth to babies from another person. And here the most interesting begins … Readers also have to find out where and why the shaggy creature with square ears appeared in the house of Tatyana Sergeevna.

The book seems to be 'swallowed' thanks to its light syllable and hints of humor. The plot is famously twisted and does not make it clear to the end who is the killer. Readers believe that the plot has moved away from the title of the series 'Fatty Undercover'. The book pays little attention to the image of the heroine. If you have a free evening, you can while away a couple of hours for the detective.

Viper in syrup

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.5


Next in the ranking is the book 'The Viper in Syrup', which is part of the cycle with the famous heroine Evlampia Romanova. The resourceful young lady is left alone for 12 months, because her relatives have gone abroad. She is hired by a popular writer and runs his household. Soon the owner of the dwelling is killed by his own son during the game. The wife of the deceased is accused of organizing this crime. Evlampia does not believe in the guilt of the writer's wife and begins to find out the details of the case.

The work is easy to read, the plot develops rapidly and draws into its atmosphere. It's incredibly interesting to follow what is happening. True, the main villain is visible to the reader almost immediately.

The book is full of humor, so it will appeal to those who choose unobtrusive, light pieces for relaxation and pleasant pastime. A detective is of no use to those who prefer serious, thoughtful creations.

This bitter sweet revenge

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.4


The book 'This bitter sweet revenge' is included in the cycle of works about Dasha Vasilyeva. The heroine is looking for the killer Katya Vinogradova, who died as a result of the injection of a large amount of a heart drug. Soon the reader will have to learn the secrets from the life of the deceased and, together with a private detective, outwit the criminal.

In reviews, the book is called 'easy reading at one time'. This is another ladies' detective story with ironic elements. The work is a great distraction from the road, boring work and even cheers up.

The plot is not very original. The end, as always, is positive. For those who like to get deep emotions from reading, this genre is not suitable. The book evokes mainly laughter and a smile.

Beloved bastard

Author: Daria Dontsova

Rating: 4.4

Beloved bastard

The rating closes with the story of Evlampia Romanova, who wants to fulfill the instructions of her deceased friend and transfer thirty thousand dollars to her relative. It turned out to be difficult and even dangerous to find Yegor.

Despite the fact that there are murders and innocent victims in the plot, reading does not leave a negative mark. The book is not devoid of meaning and reveals the secrets from the life of the heroes. As usual, it is written in easy language.

It is a great choice for those looking for resting and relaxing literature. Coming after work, it's great to immerse yourself in a simple ironic detective story for a couple of hours, comparable to a light comedy that you watched and forgot.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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