15 best books about the hit

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Popadants are heroes of books who suddenly find themselves in a new environment. Usually this is a different era or reality. Fans of the genre will be interested to know which works about time travel are especially popular. The rating compiled by experts will help in this.

Rating of the best books about the hit

Nomination a place book title rating
The best books about the Russian writers 1 Ruthless Paradise, A. Rocky 4.9
2 New elves, V. Myasoedov 4.8
3 Chronicles of a strange kingdom, O. Pankeeva 4.7
4 The way home, V. Zykov 4.6
5 Roads of fairy tales, A. Sapegin 4.5
6 The Seer, A. Fedorochev 4.4
7 Land of the Superfluous, Cruz 4.3
8 Stranger, I. Darwin 4.2
9 Sorcerer, K. Klevansky 4.1
The best books about the hit of foreign writers 1 “11/22/63” by Stephen King 4.9
2 Door to Summer by Robert Heinlein 4.8
3 May darkness not fall, L. Sprague de Kampa 4.7
4 Dancer from Atlantis, Paul Anderson 4.6
5 Arrow of Time, Crichton 4.5
6 Letters to Ancient China by Herbert Rosendorfer 4.4

The best books about the Russian writers

The first nomination includes completed series of books about characters who find themselves in an unknown place.

Ruthless Paradise, A. Rocky

Rating: 4.9


The leader of the rating is a book that is 'swallowed' overnight. It's a gripping piece with a twisted plot and incredible intrigue. The story will tell about the missing children who ended up on an alien planet in rather extreme conditions. They try to survive and help others. The characters have many tasks – to escape from the shark, fight off pirates and other guys. In order not to break down and endure all trials, one must become a truly strong-minded person.

Readers claim that the author writes easily and with humor. It is impossible to tear yourself away from the book. It is suitable for teenagers over 16 years old, as well as for everyone who loves the fantastic works and works of Artem Kamenisty. Opinions about the book are only positive.

New elves, V. Myasoedov

Rating: 4.8


Eight people from planet Earth received new bodies and ended up in a different world where sword and magic rule. The reader will find out what awaits the main characters, how their knowledge from a past life will help, and whether they can change the world. Events in the book are developing quite rapidly.

Judging by the reviews, the cycle has an interesting plot, the world is described colorfully and vividly, like all battles. It's a great choice for fans of the genre. The main disadvantage of the novel is considered to be too many heroes. Because of this, the individuality of the individual role-player is lost. As for the style of presentation, the author abuses participles and gerunds. In general, the book is easy to read. It is perfect for a pleasant pastime to while away the next evening.

Chronicles of a strange kingdom, O. Pankeeva

Rating: 4.7


Fantasy fans are delighted with the series by Oksana Pankeeva, which consists of 13 books. According to the plot, one girl suddenly dies and moves to a parallel world. Further, an ingenious and complex story unfolds, which does not allow you to break away from the book to the last line. In every described world there are sorcerers, elves, dragons and magicians, rebels and cultists.

Some readers were shocked by the large number of scenes associated with drunkenness and vulgarity, blood and drugs. Despite this, reviews of the books are overwhelmingly favorable. The merits of the series include a famously twisted plot, entertaining reasoning, an instructive component.

The way home, V. Zykov

Rating: 4.6

V. Zykov, The Way Home

Next in the ranking is the tetralogy, according to the plot of which several earthlings enter the world of Thorn, where magic is in the first place. As a result, the victims begin to live their own lives. All characters are described in great detail, as is the storyline. Interest in the work only grows with each chapter.

The series cannot be called a literary masterpiece due to the presence of conflicting reviews. However, all books are quite readable and will become a worthy copy in the library of science fiction lovers. Male readers left the most praise. They are not disappointed in tetralogy and believe that there are not enough similar authors in other genres.

Roads of fairy tales, A. Sapegin

Rating: 4.5


The nomination continues with a series of three books by the author Alexander Sapegin. The plot amazes readers and entices from the first lines. It tells about a young guy who found himself in another world and even started a family there.

The work will not leave anyone indifferent. Some fans of Sapegin re-read the episode several times. The work is striking in its versatility. There is room for friendship, loyalty, love, politics. The scenes of violence are not easily perceived. You can feel the careful study of details, which made the description of life very realistic. All 4 books are equally good. They are recommended for reading, and fans dream of seeing a movie based on this plot someday.

The Seer, A. Fedorochev

Rating: 4.4


The difference between the book by Alexander Fedorochev in the alternative path of development of Russia. According to the plot, there was no World War II, and the country is still ruled by the emperor. The main character is a deceased adult man who ended up in alternative Russia and found the body of a 13-year-old teenager.

Readers say you won't be bored with this book. The plot is unusual and not beaten. The writer added a lot of magical ingredients here. Fans of the techno fantasy genre are delighted with an interesting idea and a lot of intrigue. We were pleased with the quite adequate reactions of the characters, the disclosure of various destinies and characters.

Land of the Superfluous, Cruz

Rating: 4.3


There are four books in the 'Land of the Superfluous' cycle. They have everything that the stronger sex likes, namely shootings and weapons in great detail. The publication is quite voluminous, even with all the desire it will not be possible to read it in one day. According to the plot, police major Novikov pursues a criminal and finds himself in the New World. In this world, he does not know anyone, understands nothing. Then all the fun begins …

Readers are delighted with the many poignant moments, dynamism, incredible events, and an exciting plot. The book is written in the manner of Cruise. Judging by the opinions on the Internet, the detailed details in the book make the work difficult and drawn-out, and the main character seemed to some readers too cool.

Stranger, I. Darwin

Rating: 4.2

I. Darwin, stranger

The next line of the rating belongs to a series of books by the author Igor Darwin. Anyone who is not yet familiar with his work will be pleasantly surprised by a fascinating plot with a touch of humor, interesting fates of the characters. The book will focus on a brave guy named Vlad who walks through the world of Arlanda, finds friends and overcomes obstacles. Gradually, along with the exploits, his power in the new world increases.

Some readers believe that the author made a super-mega-tough fighter with super-powers out of the main character. They are irritated by his immorality and narcissism. The writer is clearly playing up to Vlad, who is now and then lucky in all trials. However, these are rather subjective opinions that intersect with many positive responses.

Sorcerer, K. Klevansky

Rating: 4.1


Former Earthling Tim Royce was a student from St. Petersburg. He has now been living in Angador for over 10 years. Nothing can break him – not vampires, not storms, not soldier's blades. New adventures await the hero on his way to the capital of Aliat. All those who picked up Klevansky's book will be able to get to know them.

Some readers say that in its style it resembles other works of the hit subgenre. There are repetitions and vague explanations in the work, superficially described adventures. Others are delighted with the uniqueness of the plot, an interesting dynamic narration. There is no Battle of the Gods or Ancient Prophecy typical of fantasy. Everything is serious and strict, without excess water.

The best books about the hit of foreign writers

The second category of the ranking includes the works of the greatest authors. Every lover of stories about the hit will find a book to his liking.

“11/22/63” by Stephen King

Rating: 4.9

STEVEN KING 11-22-63

The main idea of ​​the book is to save Kennedy. There is a chance to return to the past and prevent tragic events. The main character is an ordinary teacher from a small town. He decides to return to 1958 through a time portal.

All situations, people and objects are described with incredible accuracy. You can't blame King for any blunders. Readers admire the writer's stormy imagination, unprecedented intrigues. Judging by the reviews, the work has a romantic message and will be interesting to a wide audience. The book will appeal to those who are not yet familiar with the work of the writer.

Door to Summer by Robert Heinlein

Rating: 4.8


Next in the ranking is a novel that captures readers from the first lines. The book is shaking to the core and tells the story of an engineer-inventor who opens his door to the summer, going through many difficulties. Events span 1970 and 2000. There is a place in history for love, passion and betrayal.

Readers are delighted with interesting situations, swirling events. The only thing that upsets the fans of the writer's work is the small volume of pages. This is the best option for sci-fi enthusiasts, engineering students, or just anyone looking for a fun night out. It is not surprising that the book often takes leading positions in all kinds of ratings.

May darkness not fall, L. Sprague de Kampa

Rating: 4.8


An archaeologist from America travels to Italy and in a strange way finds himself in Rome 14 centuries ago. Using his knowledge of history, he prevents the age of darkness and cruelty, introduces useful innovations. After reading, there are two feelings. On the one hand, this is a great adventure fiction book that reads in one gulp. On the other hand, there is little believability here, too much luck. But Kamp's style of presentation is magnificent. It is worth considering, and it is possible to make a discount, for the year of writing. The work was created in 1939. Thus, the book is ideal for fans of the writer and hit-and-miss topics.

Dancer from Atlantis, Paul Anderson

Rating: 4.7


According to the plot of the book, three people from different eras find themselves in the times of the Minoan civilization. The breakdown of the teleportation machine is to blame. Now these people have to prevent the death of humanity due to a volcanic eruption.

At first glance, this is a simple and banal story, but in the process of reading you understand what the whole point of the book is. Particular attention is paid to the theme of love. All heroes look realistic, events resemble documentaries. This is a great science fiction novel with incredible adventures that brings real pleasure to the reader.

Arrow of Time, Crichton

Rating: 4.6


The fantastic work tells about the victims who, on the basis of scientific and technical development, travel in time. Four archaeologists, once in the Middle Ages, understand that everything is not as described in textbooks. Heroes will face many deadly dangers. Perhaps the book would be mediocre without such a cool ending. Its final part is filled with sadness and lyrics.

The author describes in detail the physical laws, the operating equipment. All events are explained without magic and witchcraft. Reviews of the product are contradictory. It lacks highlights and unique thoughts.

Letters to Ancient China by Herbert Rosendorfer

Rating: 4.5


The rating ends with a book, the plot of which is tied around a hit from China. An official who lives in the 10th century falls into the end of the 20th century. This is the main difference of the plot, because in the classic version the hero moves from our time to the past, and not vice versa. The author presents comparisons in an original way, makes the reader 'catch' the intrigue.

Judging by the reviews, the second part of the book is not as interesting as the first. The work ends with philosophical reflections on the current society and its values. Rosendorfer made the ending both happy and sad at the same time.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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