14 best vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Vacuum cleaners, like almost any other types of household appliances, are extremely diverse. They differ in the form factor, the types of cleaning supported, the way the garbage is collected, the power, the additional features and, of course, the price. Among the huge mass of models on the market, one can single out the most demanded sub-niche – vacuum cleaners, which are best suited for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. It is these vacuum cleaners that will be discussed in the current review, which was prepared for you by the editorial board of the magazine and the specialists of the RankQuality.com service, based on the results of market research by our industry experts.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets

Depending on personal preferences and budget, in the richest range of vacuum cleaners, you can find a model with any functionality and capabilities. But in the context of a clearly set task – cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets – equally clear requirements are put forward to the vacuum cleaner, which already allow you to navigate in this motley variety.

Suction power

The first and seemingly most obvious indicator is the suction power. 'It would seem' because this term is more from the world of marketing, and not engineering. It gives a very rough idea of ​​the real possibilities of the vacuum cleaner, but it will do for a rough estimate.

In vacuum cleaners, the suction rate is important in itself, but it is doubly important for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. Dust, hair, pet hair and other 'artefacts' are clogged in the pile of the carpet and upholstery textiles, and in order to extract them from there, the power must be at least not below average, but better – higher.

Let us emphasize that the suction power and the power consumption are different things. The vacuum cleaner can consume a lot, but it does not suck well. For orientation – the power consumption of household vacuum cleaners usually ranges from 1500-2500W. This figure only applies to future electricity bills. But the suction power, which is also measured in watts, is most often indicated not on the case of the device itself, but in the documentation. In household vacuum cleaners, a suction power of 300-350W is considered normal. Again, this is not the most informative parameter, it should be taken into account, but not put at the forefront when choosing a particular model.

Cleaning type

According to the type of cleaning, vacuum cleaners are usually divided into three categories: for dry cleaning, for wet cleaning and combined. Here everything is more or less obvious, the difference in 'wet' and combined ones can already consist only in nuances, such as the possibility of using detergents, the dry cleaning function, and so on.

Form factor

This refers to the type of construction. The division into types is quite clear: hand-held monoblock vacuum cleaners are the most convenient for cleaning the car interior and transporting it in the trunk; vacuum cleaners with a 'trunk' – a classic familiar to everyone – are optimal for cleaning apartments, offices, any other rooms with carpets, carpets; robots are good autonomous solutions, but their functionality is limited to cleaning the floor, and they practically cannot cope with carpets, so we do not consider them in this material.

Dust collection method

The classic way to collect dust is in a bag. It only applies to dry vacuum cleaners. The container method can already be applied in all three types. A special water filter can also be used in wet vacuum cleaners. Even when choosing a 'dry' vacuum cleaner for yourself, it would be wise to look for a model with a containerized dust collection method. There are often cases when it is simply impossible to find suitable bags for a particular model, even from the manufacturer itself, and then either the vacuum cleaner becomes useless, or you have to 'collective farm' with homemade bags.

Power type

Everything is obvious here – from the network, from the battery or combined. Vacuum cleaners for cleaning the car interior are most often hand-held and battery-powered. Household cleaning devices are predominantly powered by a network – by definition, higher power and conditionally unlimited continuous operation.

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best budget vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets 1 LG VK76A02NTL RUB 4,530
2 FIRST Austria 5546-3 RUB 4,985
3 Bosch BWD41720 11 190 RUB
The best handheld vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture 1 BERKUT SVС-800 RUB 3,950
2 Xiaomi Deerma CM2000 RUB 9 390
3 Clever & Clean HV-100 RUB 6,990
The best 'dry' vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets 1 KARCHER VC 3 RUB 6,871
2 Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active RUB 8,450
3 LG VK88504 HUG RUB 10,230
The best washing and combination vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets 1 KARCHER DS 6 RUB 16,500
2 Thomas aqua pet & family RUB 17,980
3 KARCHER PUZZI 8/1 C RUB 35 800
The best premium vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets 1 Polti Unico MCV85 RUB 51,890
2 KRAUSEN ZIP Luxe Premium RUB 63,990

The best budget vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets

Let's go directly to the review, and the first collection will traditionally be devoted to the most inexpensive solutions. Here, obviously, the affordable price is dictated not by dubious quality, but only by simplicity, unpretentiousness and uncomplicated functionality. Our experts have identified three different types of models: traditional for dry cleaning, traditional for dry cleaning and suction of liquids, plus one washing vacuum cleaner.


Rating: 4.9

LG VK76A02NTL.jpg

First, consider an inexpensive yet powerful and reliable brand model LG. It is intended for dry cleaning only. It is the optimal solution for routine periodic cleaning of flat surfaces, carpets and furniture.

LG VK76A02NTL is a compact vacuum cleaner with body dimensions 43.50×28.20×25.80cm and weighing 5kg. The design is traditional – with a 'trunk'. For such dimensions and cost, it is very powerful – 2000W with a suction power above average – 380W. It always works only at full power, it is impossible to adjust the suction power. The long 5 meter mains power cord provides good mobility in large rooms. Automatic rewinding at the push of a button. I am glad with the high quality of materials and workmanship – the plastic is strong, nothing plays or creaks.

This model implements the principle of a cyclone filter, which assumes the presence of a class 11 HEPA filter and a foam rubber fine filter, which is easily washed under running water. The dust collector in this design solution is a container, not a bag, which is also a big plus for such an inexpensive vacuum cleaner. The volume of the dust container is 1.5 liters, the wall material is durable polycarbonate. There is an indicator of the degree of filling.

In the work, according to the results of independent tests, this model performs best. The high suction power removes not only dust from carpets and furniture textiles, but also stubborn hair, pet hair, threads, crumbs and other unwanted elements. In the presence of special nozzles and brushes for various surfaces, carpets, furniture, to penetrate into narrow cracks. It has been observed that even with an almost full container of debris, the suction power drops slightly.

The obvious drawback of the vacuum cleaner is actually the only one. This is the lack of attachment of attachments to the telescopic rod. They simply put on it, and in the process of intensive cleaning they can subside. Some users still note the high noise level of this model. Indeed, the vacuum cleaner is by no means quiet, but in the budget category, we do not write this down as a disadvantage.


  • sufficiently high suction power;
  • dust collector – container;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • cyclone filter;
  • the foam part of the filter is easily washed with water;
  • quality of materials and workmanship.


  • there is no reliable attachment to the bar;
  • no power regulation.

FIRST Austria 5546-3

Rating: 4.8

FIRST Austria 5546-3.jpg

The second number in the selection of the best budget vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets is the universal solution of the well-known Austrian brand FIRST Austria (the brand holder is the Timetron company headquartered in Vienna). The FIRST Austria brand is famous for its affordable prices for good-quality equipment, and this is fully manifested here – the vacuum cleaner costs almost exactly the same as the previous, less functional version.

It is worthwhile to immediately make some clarity in order to prevent a possible mistake when choosing this model. On many trading platforms, incorrect information is provided, they say this model is combined, and is capable of carrying out both dry and wet cleaning. Actually this is not true. The vacuum cleaner contains a water filter in a dust container, which enables it to suck liquids from the surfaces to be cleaned. Whereas vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning must still be able to supply water, and immediately suck it back in. Of course, no one forbids treating the surface with water and detergent, and then walking on it with a vacuum cleaner. But it will be just wet cleaning using a conditionally 'dry' vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter.

Now to the characteristics. Dimensions of the device body – 30x53x32cm, weight – 7 kg. The volume of the water filter is 6 liters. For filtration, the container needs no more than half the volume of water, and the rest of the volume is intended for the sucked-in dirt and liquids. The weight of the vacuum cleaner itself, plus the weight of water, does not allow you to comfortably carry the unit, as in the case of the above model. But the vacuum cleaner is equipped with rather large omnidirectional wheels that easily roll a heavy unit both on a hard surface and on a fleecy carpet.

The vacuum cleaner operates from the network, is connected via a 5-meter power cable and consumes electricity at a power of 1500W. The operating noise does not exceed 78dB, which is quite a lot, but typical for vacuum cleaners with aquafilters. In addition to the direct suction function, this model is capable of working in the opposite direction – for blowing, turning into a compressor. In parallel, it functions as a humidifier. On the case there is a clear indicator of the dust container filling.


  • aquafilter;
  • absorption of liquids;
  • reliability and durability;
  • can work as a compressor;
  • air humidification;
  • extremely affordable price, as for a model with an aquafilter.


  • cannot work without water in a container;
  • relatively weak seals and latches.

Bosch BWD41720

Rating: 4.7

Bosch BWD41720.jpg

The third and final position in the magazine's selection of the best budget vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets is the washing vacuum cleaner of the famous Bosch brand. Although this model is three times more expensive than the two described above, it has a full-fledged wet cleaning function, and not its imitation, as in models with an aquafilter. And compared to other commercial vacuum cleaners widely available, the Bosch BWD41720 is really inexpensive.

The dimensions of the case here are 35x36x49cm. The device weighs 10.4kg. The volume of the water filter is 5 liters. It consumes relatively little electricity in terms of power – up to 1700W. The suction power can be changed through a regulator on the body. It is connected to an outlet via a 6 meter power cord, automatic rewinding. The design is traditional, with a 'trunk' and a telescopic suction tube.

The scope of delivery of the vacuum cleaner includes eight attachments: carpet and floor dry; the carpet and floor are damp; parquet; large spray; small spray; crevice; for upholstered furniture; brush. For maximum convenience, on / off switch. provides for foot pressure. There is no turbo brush in the kit, but you can order it without any problems. The body has a dedicated storage space for standard attachments.

As you can see, the functionality of Bosch BWD41720 is limited only by the direct duties of a washing vacuum cleaner without additional options and other 'bonuses'. And it is intended for dry and wet care of hard and soft surfaces, carpets, furniture.

A noticeable advantage of the model is a removable 4-liter aqua filter. Thus, the vacuum cleaner can be used completely 'dry', in contrast to the previous model, which does not work without water. And if you want to carry out wet cleaning, it is enough to install an aquafilter and pour the required amount of water.

Regardless of the type of cleaning, at the exit the air stream is met by a system of different filters, reliably trapping the smallest fractions of dust, all kinds of allergens, harmful microorganisms and their waste products. The filtration system includes: motor filter; aquafilter; filter for the water itself; optional output HEPA filter EPA H10.


  • effective dry and wet cleaning;
  • can work with or without water dust collector;
  • suction power adjustment;
  • smooth engine start;
  • place in the case for storing attachments;
  • effective filtration of the smallest particles and allergens.


  • no turbo brush included (can be ordered separately);
  • there are complaints about excessive noise.

The best handheld vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture

The second selection in the ranking of the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets according to the magazine presents a special form factor – handheld vacuum cleaners. Such solutions are convenient for cleaning the car interior right on the road at a short stop, as well as for prompt cleaning of accidentally spilled small fractions (crumbs, salt, sugar, etc.) without the need to run a large and bulky universal vacuum cleaner. As a rule, such models cannot boast of significant suction power. But for the prompt cleaning of bulk products and similar dirt on carpet and upholstered furniture, a handheld vacuum cleaner is a convenient option.


Rating: 4.9

BERKUT SVС-800.jpg

First, consider a handheld vacuum cleaner, which is positioned by the manufacturer strictly as a car vacuum cleaner. It is one of the most powerful handheld models, with suction power close to the traditional mid-range models. Therefore, it can also be recommended for home use – prompt surface cleaning of hard surfaces, carpets, upholstered furniture.

Unlike many other hand-held vacuum cleaners, which are most often produced in the monoblock form factor, the BERKUT SVC-800 has a hose attached to a portable body to which nozzles can be attached. Thus, it is a kind of combination of manual and traditional design. The dimensions of the case of this model are 27.30x24x16.40cm, the total weight is 2kg. The length of the power cord is 2 meters. The volume of the container dust collector is 0.4 liters.

In operation, this model, according to the manufacturer, consumes 100W of power, providing conditional 57W of suction power. In fact, many tests show that the power consumption of a vacuum cleaner rarely exceeds 70W. It can be operated from a cigarette lighter and is completely safe for it. Although the starting current of the vacuum cleaner is quite large – about 24A, according to the test results, it drops to the minimum performance in a split second, and the cigarette lighter fuse ignores this circumstance.

The vacuum cleaner contains coarse and fine filters. The latter can be easily washed under running water and blown out under a stream of compressed air. Easy to replace. The dust collector is located in a compartment isolated from the engine, and a single hole tightly closes the fine filter.

BERKUT SVС-800 is equipped with more than enough: the vacuum cleaner itself with a permanently connected hose; shoulder strap; set of attachments – wide for carpets and furniture textiles; narrow for penetration into cracks; dust brush. The wide nozzle is equipped with teeth which greatly assist in deep cleaning of fluffy materials and fabrics. Also, the set may include a convenient branded bag for transportation, but if this point is fundamental, it is better to clarify this point at the point of sale.


  • relatively high suction power;
  • you can change the attachments (included);
  • ease of wearing during cleaning (shoulder strap);
  • convenient magnetic fastening of the hose to the body;
  • coarse and fine filters;
  • can be powered by car cigarette lighter.


  • with heavy contamination, the filters are clogged several times during one cleaning;
  • flimsy attachments made of cheap plastic.

Xiaomi Deerma CM2000

Rating: 4.8


The second number in this collection is an extremely interesting, technically advanced and in many respects innovative solution for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture from Xiaomi. These are not the first steps of the company in the field of household appliances for cleaning – robotic vacuum cleaners Xiaomi have already managed to form a whole fan base.

This, very expensive, handheld vacuum cleaner is quite close to the conventional premium class in terms of quality, functionality and even design. Its direct purpose is cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. And not just cleaning from dust, but also disinfection, removal of dust mites and all kinds of allergens. Only dry cleaning is assumed.

How does this compact device, which looks like a robot vacuum cleaner with its regular round shape, cope with a whole list of difficult tasks at once? It has several modes. Basic – in fact, suction with an estimated power equivalent to a pressure of up to 7 kPa. According to the 'marketing' criterion, the suction power reaches 180 W. The noise level does not exceed 75dB.

To maximize the efficiency of direct cleaning, a vibration mode is used – 3500 beats per minute are whipped deeply ingrained dust, as well as dust mites and its waste products. There are two more modes for disinfection: treatment with hot air at a temperature of about 55 degrees Celsius; ultraviolet lamp with a radiation wavelength of 253nm.

The dimensions of the working unit Xiaomi Deerma CM2000 are 280x163x430cm. Weight – 3.5kg. Made of quality materials in an elegant and sophisticated style, like all household appliances Xiaomi of the Deerma series. Operates independently from a built-in 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery. The maximum operating time varies, depending on the mode: normal mode – up to 45 minutes; enhanced mode – up to 25 minutes; hot air – up to 15 minutes.

Charging and service procedures, including self-cleaning, are carried out at the docking station. The dimensions of the docking station are much larger than the vacuum cleaner itself – 485 × 322 × 198mm.

In general, this is a very good and effective innovative solution, but this model is still more applicable to carpets. This handheld vacuum cleaner has no 'trunk' and suction comes from the flat bottom side. Both of these points exclude the possibility of using crevice nozzles.


  • sufficiently powerful absorption;
  • vibration;
  • UV lamp for disinfection;
  • hot air treatment;
  • relatively good autonomy;
  • charging and self-cleaning at the docking station.


  • it is impossible to handle cracks in upholstered furniture.

Clever & Clean HV-100

Rating: 4.7


The selection of the best hand-held vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets, according to the version, is completed by an interesting and generally good model for dry and wet cleaning Clever & Clean HV-100. Here we will immediately clarify that, as in the case of the above-described FIRST Austria 5546-3, wet cleaning is limited here by the ability to collect liquids, and not by a full-fledged washing function.

Let's go straight through the technical specifications, and then make a summary of the test results. Dimensions of the device – 41x17x12cm, weight – 1.3kg. Made in a very attractive and even elegant style. Materials – snow-white and translucent plastic. Declared power consumption – 100W, Produced noise – up to 80dB. Dust collector – 0.5l container.

The vacuum cleaner is powered by a 1300 mAh nickel-cadmium battery. This is an obsolete technology, and with such a combination of capacity and consumption, the device can work no more than 15-20 minutes, and an acceptable suction power can be observed only for the first 10 minutes. However, consumers do not complain too much about this circumstance – for many, these 10 minutes for express cleaning are quite enough, and this is what this model is intended for.

The suction pipe of the vacuum cleaner is split. The delivery set includes handy nozzles for different types of use of the device: a long nozzle with a brush, a nozzle for collecting liquid, a nozzle for collecting bulk materials, a nozzle for washing glass. The body provides a storage space for attachments, so they are always at hand.

The disadvantage of Clever & Clean HV-100 is, if I may say so, complex. It is expressed in a clear discrepancy between some of the declared characteristics and the real state of affairs. We have already said about the real duration of work. Further – the manufacturer claims that the device contains an LED indicator of the charge level. In fact, this is the only LED that signals that the vacuum cleaner is connected to an outlet for charging, and the charge level cannot be determined from it. The indicator for filling the dust container is also indicated, although in reality there is no indicator, but there is only a mark to which it is safe to collect liquid before it enters the engine. And there are several more such inconsistencies.

Nevertheless, despite the presence of minor flaws, this vacuum cleaner is in high demand and overall positive feedback. There is much more good in it than bad, and it is perfect for express cleaning.


  • dry and wet cleaning;
  • relatively roomy container;
  • liquid collection function;
  • a set of useful attachments included;
  • there is a place on the case for storing attachments;
  • elegant design;
  • minimum weight.


  • inconsistency of some of the declared characteristics with real indicators;
  • relatively noisy.

The best 'dry' vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets

The magazine's third roundup of the best vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets includes three traditional form factor models designed for dry cleaning only. The reader may have a question about the advisability of such a purchase, if it is possible for a comparable price to purchase a vacuum cleaner at least with the function of cleaning liquids. In fact, the demand for dry vacuum cleaners is high and stable. There are many reasons for this, at least the fact that many households have more functions and do not need it because of the preference to do wet cleaning in other ways. In addition, 'dry' vacuum cleaners, by definition, are, on average, more reliable and more durable, since they have less trivial things to break.


Rating: 4.9


Let's start with the model of the famous German brand KARCHER, which is strongly associated with professional cleaning equipment. In fact, the company produces not only professional equipment, but also many household models, including simple vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning. But the experience and responsibility of the manufacturer is automatically transferred to inexpensive household lines, and the consumer gets an excellent result for a reasonable price.

Let's list the main technical characteristics of KARCHER VC 3. Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner – 26.90×33.40×38.80cm, weight – 4.4kg. Power consumption – 700W. Dust collector – container with a volume of 0.90l. Cyclonic filter. The maximum declared noise in normal operation with an incompletely filled container is 75 dB. Made of quality materials, the build is sturdy and reliable. The durable plastic of the case is bright yellow, translucent in places. Some elements are black. The length of the hose is 1.5 meters. On / off switch – foot. The radius of movement of the vacuum cleaner is 7.5 m.

The scope of delivery of this model includes the vacuum cleaner itself, a container, a hose, a telescopic pipe, a set of attachments (large multifunctional for floors and carpets, a small one with a brush for furniture, crevice), documentation. Most of the carpet brushes are not included in the kit, and must be ordered separately. With rare exceptions, and then on the initiative of a specific trading platform.

The vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a power regulator, and when processing some types of surfaces, an effect may occur when the nozzle is sucked tightly. Solving the problem is easy by simply adjusting the opening of the air vent on the pipe handle. This will not reduce the power of work, but will reduce the intensity of suction. On the other hand, there is a noticeable percentage of users for whom the suction power of this model is just not enough. Experts recorded this circumstance as a disadvantage, since in some places such remarks are objective.

In the VC 3 range of KARCHER household vacuum cleaners, there is a similar but more advanced VC 3 Premium model. It is slightly more powerful, according to some characteristics it differs for the better and costs about 2 thousand rubles more. Visually distinguished by white, not yellow plastic of the case.


  • brand;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • cyclone filter;
  • attractive appearance;
  • relatively quiet;
  • large wheels;
  • foot switch on / off.


  • no turbo brush included (can be purchased);
  • there are remarks about insufficient suction power.

Philips FC9573 PowerPro Active

Rating: 4.8


The second noteworthy model in this collection is the Philips brand 'dry' vacuum cleaner. This is a mid-priced vacuum cleaner of the PowerPro series. The line also includes the more functional and powerful Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert. It is one and a half times more expensive, but if you need everything 'to the maximum', it makes sense to look after it.

This model has been produced for several years in a row, and practically does not lose in consumer demand – so successful was the engineering implementation of the development. Vacuum cleaner body dimensions – 28x28x41.20cm, total weight – 5kg. A container with a volume of 1.5 liters serves as a dust collector. The device consumes quite decently – 1900W, but the suction power also provides more than decent – in an approximate estimated equivalent – 410W. The declared noise level should not exceed 82dB. The length of the power cord is 6 meters. On the body there are two handles at once for the most convenient carrying of the device. Variable power – a special regulator is located on the body.

The equipment of this model is not that rich, but here, in any case, there is a branded and very effective turbo brush, which is simply necessary for high-quality carpet cleaning, especially if there are 'woolen' pets in the house. The frustrating thing is that she's not very powerful, but it's better than nothing. Other components of the kit are the TriActive universal large nozzle for all floor coverings, the upholstery nozzle, and the narrow joint and crevice nozzle. The body provides a place for storing attachments.

This model embodies some ideas that seem like trifles if considered separately, but in total they give a big fat plus to ergonomics. So, in addition to the obligatory automatic winding of the cord, there is a convenient vertical parking on a flat platform, simple removal and cleaning of the container in one motion (but not everyone likes that the lid is hinged, not removable), the presence of a soft bumper.


  • suction power;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • container dust collector;
  • ergonomics, ease of use and storage;
  • quality of materials and workmanship;
  • power regulator;
  • turbo brush included.


  • Although there is a turbo brush, it is weak.

LG VK88504 HUG

Rating: 4.7

LG VK88504 HUG.png

Rounding out the top three 'dry' vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets, one of the best solutions in this class of the brand LG. This is the same 'after-play' model as the previous one – it has been released for several years in a row and shows impressive durability. It is in stable demand.

Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner body – 44.50×28.50×30.70cm, total weight – 6kg. It consumes 2000W of electricity, providing an estimated nominal suction power of 420W. Tests show that the suction power is indeed noticeably above average. Often, you even have to use the power regulator downward so that the nozzle does not stick tightly to the surface.

The declared noise level is only slightly less than that of the previous model – 78 dB. But due to the size of the case and its shape, a different type of engine, the noise produced is shifted to lower frequencies, and therefore it is heard deaf and much less uncomfortable.

The suction pipe of this model is telescopic. The set includes several nozzles – crevice, two-in-one for dust and upholstered furniture, universal for floors and carpets, corner, plus a full-fledged turbo brush. The length of the power cord is as much as 8 meters, which makes the vacuum cleaner convenient for cleaning large areas.

The 'highlight' of this model is a proprietary development – the Kompressor technology. Its essence is as follows. The waste container contains a special blade made of strong plastic, which in a motorized way knocks dust and debris into small briquettes. This increases the nominal volume of 'clean' dust that the vacuum cleaner can absorb without the need for cleaning. And the cleaning itself is much faster, more convenient and more hygienic.

The entire device is guaranteed for a period of 1 year, and for the Kompressor system separately (container, blade, blade motor, rotation mechanism) – as much as 10 years.


  • high suction power;
  • reliability and durability;
  • dust collector – container;
  • easy cleaning;
  • turbo brush included;
  • dust pressing technology Kompressor;
  • 10 years separate warranty for the Kompressor system;
  • power regulator.


  • no obvious flaws and systematic comments from users were found.

The best washing and combination vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets

In this category of the review, we will consider vacuum cleaners, the principle of operation and functionality of which involves the use of water to one degree or another. The first model is limited only by the aquafilter and the function of collecting liquids, and the other two are full-fledged detergents.


Rating: 4.9


So, let's consider a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning with an aquafilter and a liquid collection function from KARCHER. In the DS 6 model range, there is also a Premium Mediclean modification. It is significantly more expensive than the usual DS 6, but its advantages are not entirely obvious.

This is a rather large device with dimensions of 28.90×34.50×53.50cm and a weight of 7.5kg. The container dust collector contains a 2L water filter with a built-in defoamer. There is also a fine filter and a HEPA 12 filter. The power cord is automatically reeled up, the on / off button is foot-operated. There is a function for collecting liquids. The delivery set includes attachments – a large universal floor / carpet, a nozzle for upholstered furniture and a crevice tool. There is a place for storing attachments on the body.

The power consumption of the vacuum cleaner is unusually low when compared to the 'dry' models – 650W. But the optimization of the design and the use of an aquafilter makes it possible to direct a significant proportion of the energy consumed to the suction. Due to this, the suction power of this model is outstanding. Noise in normal operating mode does not exceed 80dB. Some users still note the increased noise level of this model when compared with representatives of the previous generations of KARCHER household vacuum cleaners comparable in class.

As for the convenience of cleaning the aquafilter tank itself, user opinions were divided here. Some are delighted that the process takes a few minutes – to get out the container, pour out the dirty water, rinse it, put it to dry. To others, the process seems complicated and time consuming. Experts still tend to the first opinion.

The disadvantages of this model also include the absence of mechanical clamps on the joints of the 'trunk', telescopic tube and nozzles. The connection is carried out by reducing the inner diameter of one of the parts, that is, in the most primitive way.


  • exceptional suction power;
  • quality materials and assembly;
  • reliability and durability;
  • ease of use and cleaning of the container with filters;
  • convenient and quick cleaning of the container with the aquafilter;
  • brand.


  • increased noise compared to the previous generation;
  • there is no mechanical fixation of pipe joints, 'trunk' and nozzles.

Thomas aqua pet & family

Rating: 4.8


The second number in this selection is the vacuum cleaner of the famous German brand with more than a century of history – Thomas. The Aqua Pet & Family model is a complete washing model. A feature of Thomas technology is a fundamental refusal to transfer production to Asia or any other countries. All Thomas vacuum cleaners are assembled in Germany.

The Thomas Aqua Pet & Family case is made of impact-resistant plastic in a contrasting design – gray and orange shades. Dimensions of the main unit – 31.80×30.60×48.60 cm. Total weight – 8kg. The body is equipped with a soft bumper, so this model is also safe for furniture – even in a strong collision it does not damage the surface.

Telescopic tube with a diameter of 32mm is made of metal. Power cord 8 meters long, automatically reeled up. On the body there are controls and controls: on / off button, power regulator, current power indicator. The device consumes up to 1700W. The operating power can be adjusted based on the indicator: one green bar – 50% of the power; two green – 65% of maximum power; three green – 80% of the maximum; three green and one red bars – maximum power.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wide range of attachments. There are six of them in total: classic large floor and carpet nozzle; nozzle for upholstered furniture; turbo brush; crevice nozzle (3.6cm wide); two spray nozzles of different sizes – for cleaning different surfaces, as well as for cleaning windows. On the body of the vacuum cleaner there are special sockets for installing attachments so that they are always at hand.

A huge advantage of Thomas Aqua Pet & Family is the ability to work without water, like a normal, completely 'dry' vacuum cleaner. If a lot of cleaning is not expected, you can simply remove the aquafilter from the case and insert the standard HEPA bag that comes with the package in its place. After that, you can carry out express cleaning without the need to wash the aquafilter. Such flexibility is not inherent in every washing vacuum cleaner, for which Thomas Aqua Pet & Family is appreciated by consumers. For wet cleaning, the delivery set includes a special detergent.


  • famous brand;
  • German assembly;
  • quality materials;
  • increased suction power;
  • you can use a HEPA bag instead of an aquafilter;
  • soft bumper;
  • equipment.


  • pipe and nozzles are not latched, they are connected by force.


Rating: 4.7


The selection of the best, according to the version, washing and combined vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets is completed by another washing model of the KARCHER trademark, which at its cost is very close to the premium segment.

This vacuum cleaner belongs to the category of professional cleaning equipment, and, in principle, it should be considered within a separate topic. However, the model has a certain specialization – cleaning and dry cleaning of textiles and carpets. This direction makes it as appropriate as possible for the current topic.

This vacuum cleaner is relatively small – 33x44x53cm, if you understand that we are dealing with a professional model. Total weight – 9.8kg. Power consumption – 1200W. The suction power corresponds to the conditional 400W. The length of the 'trunk' hose is as much as 2.5 meters, which also indicates that the vacuum cleaner belongs to professional equipment. Inside there are two containers: an 8-liter for clean water and a 7-liter for an aquafilter. Structurally, this is made in the form of a kind of bucket with an open top, where you can easily add water, knead detergents or dry cleaning compounds. It is recommended to use the brand name Karcher RM 760 tablets for dry cleaning.

Unlike household vacuum cleaners, the professional KARCHER PUZZI 8/1 C does not include many removable attachments. There is only one full-fledged attachment, and it is designed just for contact with upholstered furniture, textile upholstery of the car interior and similar surfaces. However, if you wish, you can purchase a separate special nozzle for the floor, and then the scope of the vacuum cleaner will expand significantly.

In the washing mode, the vacuum cleaner can carry out the process in different ways. Thus, water supply (with or without detergent) and suction back can take place synchronously. Otherwise, if, for example, the contamination is particularly strong and persistent, you can first apply the chemical composition with a sprayer, and then wet cleaning with maximum suction.

Another difference between the KARCHER PUZZI 8/1 C and most household vacuum cleaners is its low center of gravity. Many people, even expensive household vacuum cleaners, sin by turning over during intensive use. This model does not face such a nuisance.


  • professional level;
  • specialization in cleaning furniture textiles and carpets;
  • exceptional suction power;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • dry cleaning function;
  • capacious tanks for clean water and aquafilter;
  • attractive design.


  • high price.

The best premium vacuum cleaners for upholstered furniture and carpets

The final category in the review of the magazine's best, according to the magazine, vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets presents two really brilliant models, aimed at the most demanding and wealthy consumer. Of course, much higher requirements are put forward for these models in terms of quality, reliability and reliability, and the assessment is carried out taking into account this increased demand. Our experts have selected for you the two models that cause the least even the smallest questions from users.

Polti Unico MCV85

Rating: 4.9


First, we will consider a multifunctional vacuum cleaner manufactured by the Italian holding Polti. The group of companies was founded many decades ago by Franco Polti as a family business. Now Polti equipment is the embodiment of impeccable quality, original solutions, effective approaches and even introduces its owner to a certain 'elite club'. As for the Polti Unico MCV85, it is a dry vacuum cleaner with a container-type dust collector and a steam function.

Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner body – 45x51x26cm, weight – 10kg. Supplied in a 56x54x40cm packaging. The total weight of the entire set including packaging is 16.9kg. The body color is white and gold. Parking is vertical. Power consumption – 2200W. The length of the power cord is 5.85m.

This model implements the function of collecting liquids in an aquafilter with a volume of 0.8 liters. But most of all, the vacuum cleaner is interesting in that it contains a built-in boiler with a power of 1100 W, which, during the cleaning process, can supply hot steam under a pressure of up to 6 bar and with a steam output rate of up to 95 g / min. This function has several areas of application at once, and one of the most important is disinfection, getting rid of dust mites, its waste products and many other allergens. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 5-stage filtration system, plus due to the effect of the Polti Unico MCV85 aquafilter it works as a full-fledged air cleaner.

The main nozzle for this model contains three inserts – stiff bristles, an insert for collecting water and an insert for carpet. They are switched by simply pressing a button on the multi-brush body. Also included are: crevice tool with retractable bristles; compact suction nozzle; steam concentrator with compact nylon brush; three colored nylon brushes; tissue holder for universal multi-brush; holder for accessories; two-in-one combo nozzle for upholstered furniture and windows; compact turbo brush for upholstered furniture; turbo brush for the floor; Frescoapira flavor for HEPA filter capsules; handle for moving the device on the floor; two types of microfiber – for cleaning floors and for cleaning delicate floors.


  • impeccable quality of materials and workmanship;
  • elite brand;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • steam treatment function;
  • a lot of attachments;
  • liquid collection function;
  • filter aromatization;
  • rich equipment.


  • no pronounced shortcomings and systematic user complaints were found.

KRAUSEN ZIP Luxe Premium

Rating: 4.8


And the final model in the review of the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning upholstered furniture and carpets according to the version is an even more expensive vacuum cleaner of the KRAUSEN trademark. Here, belonging to the 'elite club' is easily guessed already in the nomenclature by the brevity of the name of the series, in which there are not even any indexes, but simply the 'modest' phrase 'Luxe Premium'.

This is a separator-type washing vacuum cleaner with a container-type dust collector, a water filter and a rich set of attachments, some of which are completely unique. Case dimensions – 35x36x47cm, weight – 7 kg. The weight of the whole set including packaging is 20.5 kg. The power consumption is quite modest – only 1000W, but the suction power is decent. The manufacturer claims about 390 some incomprehensible “air watts”, but independent tests allow this figure to be highly appreciated. Aquafilter capacity – 3.2l. The length of the power cord is 9 meters.

In operation, the vacuum cleaner produces noise no higher than 76 dB. Also, this model allows you to use the power not 'at full', but to regulate, and smoothly, which, when the power is reduced, also affects the noise in the most positive way.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this model is the package bundle. Here, literally, the eyes run up. In addition to the attachments, it includes: a set of extension tubes; a separate set of similar tubes specifically for dry cleaning; corrugated extension hose with reinforcement; another corrugated hose with adjustable solution supply for wet cleaning; simple extension hose for supplying detergent solution; apparatus with a flask for aquafilter; a set of fasteners for the solution supply hose.

There are as many as 16 attachments for various types of cleaning and surface treatment in KRAUSEN ZIP Luxe Premium: two round ones with different types of pile – synthetic and natural; universal; corner; turbo brush; crevice; for clothes; for curtains; luxe floor carpet; with microfiber for floors and walls; for parquet; for washing windows; compact for dry-cleaning of upholstered furniture; large for wet and dry cleaning of carpets; electric brush KRAUSEN LUXE for knocking out; special nozzle for animals (!) and adapter for a nozzle for cleaning floors.

Yes, this is not a mistake and not a joke – the kit includes a separate nozzle with which you can vacuum and get rid of the fallen pet hair. In any case, one who will not go crazy with horror at the sight of such a prospect.

The manufacturing guarantee for this model is 24 months.


  • impeccable quality;
  • exceptional cleaning efficiency;
  • multifunctionality;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • 9 meter power cord;
  • a record large set of attachments;
  • smooth power control.


  • not found.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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