14 best Samsung TVs

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

South Korean company Samsung – one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances and electronics. Especially a lot she produces televisions. The range of this video equipment includes tens and hundreds of items. As a result, choose the right one. TV can be very difficult.

But we picked up the 14 best Samsung TVs to become great buy. Each model is superb. technical specifications and received positive feedback from users and professionals.

How to choose a Samsung TV: an overview of unique features and characteristics

Samsung regularly incorporates unique features and specifications. Many of them may be incomprehensible. ordinary user.

  1. 4K resolution, as well as Full HD and HD. From the actual matrix resolution depends on several factors – level of detail pictures (the number of distinguishable small elements), degree realistic images, as well as “cinematography.” AND technically, the higher the resolution, the better. The highest resolution among Samsung consumer TVs at the beginning of 2018 years is 4K UHD. Models with 8K UHD also exist, but their price may seem too high. Slightly lower resolution – Full HD 1080p, and the minimum is HD 720p. TVs with HD 720p should be taken in two cases – if you plan to use them for viewing broadcast channels, including satellite television and IP TV and if their The diagonal is less than 32 inches. For larger models, which are planned to be used for the same purpose, Full is better HD 1080p. But 4K UHD is the perfect resolution for TVs, which you plan to use to watch movies or paired with Game consoles of the latest generation. With a large diagonal on such a matrix image from the air channels (even FHD) can seem blurry.

  2. High Dynamic Range (HDR, High Dynamic Range). In fact, this technology makes the colors in the image more saturated and “juicy.” As a result, the picture itself is obtained “cinematic” and “dramatic”. If the TV is planned use to view HDR-compatible content (special movies and games), this technology will provide a real “wow effect.” IN In other cases, it can make the image unrealistic.

  3. 3D 3D technology implemented in Samsung TVs, involves using active shutter glasses – skipping the image on the left and right eye alternately. it allows you to make three-dimensional even the usual two-dimensional content, however leads to slight visual fatigue.

  4. QLED (matrix of quantum dots). Conventional LCDs need backlight. The LEDs themselves in them, of course, glow – but not bright enough. Matrix on QLED pixels in backlight is not Needs – the dots glow very, very bright. Moreover, with trying to “show” the black LEDs just turn off, providing realistic color. QLED TVs are suitable for wanting to watch high-resolution movies from them, because provide unsurpassed brightness and saturation of the picture on the entire range of shades.

  5. Tizen OS Tizen OS – proprietary operating system from Samsung It features a convenient interface, support for third-party applications and high performance. For fans of Smart TV Tizen OS devices are recommended.

Rating of the best Samsung TVs

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best small Samsung TVs with a diagonal of up to 32 inches (for kitchen) 1 Samsung UE32M5503AU 23 159 rub.
2 Samsung UE32J4710AK 17 216 rub.
The best Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 40-43 inches 1 Samsung UE40KU6300U 71 490 rub.
2 Samsung UE40MU6450U 37 840 rub.
3 Samsung UE43MU6103U 32 400 rub.
The best Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 46-49 inches 1 Samsung QE49Q7FAM 95 946 rub.
2 Samsung QE49Q7CAM 92 224 rub.
3 Samsung UE48H6650
4 Samsung UE49MU6100U 40 780 rub.
The best Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 50-55 inches 1 Samsung UE55HU9000
2 Samsung UE55MU6670U 68 490 rub.
3 Samsung UE50MU6100U 37 889 rub.
The best Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 65 inches 1 Samsung QE65Q7FAM 128 900 rub.
2 Samsung UE65MU6100U 81 698 rub.

The best small Samsung TVs with a diagonal of up to 32 inches (for kitchen)

Samsung UE32M5503AU

Rating: 4.8

Samsung UE32M5503AU

Why the first place in the ranking: The highest resolution matrix and great functionality.

Description: Samsung UE32M5503AU – a TV for those who are not used to to compromise, even choosing appliances in the kitchen. Device Equipped with a 31.5-inch (80) LCD centimeters), which has a resolution of Full HD 1080p. it provides the highest picture quality.

An important advantage of the device is the built-in TV tuners. They allow you to connect to digital television without special receiver – in fact, just plug the antenna cable into appropriate connector and make quick settings.

The TV is suitable for connecting a variety of peripheral equipment. It is equipped with three HDMI connectors, two USB and one antenna DVB-T2. The TV also connects to Wi-Fi and has Smart TV functionality on proprietary firmware (not Tizen).

The matrix backlight is made using Edge LED technology, providing the minimum flare.


  • Fast-running Smart TV functionality;

  • High image quality with minimal exposure;

  • Great sound


  • Too many buttons on the remote and complicated navigation;

  • Fixed stand with long legs;

  • Proprietary Smart TV firmware with lots of preinstalled software;

Samsung UE32J4710AK

Rating: 4.7

Samsung UE32J4710AK

Why the second place in the ranking: Resolution 720p HD, but Tizen OS firmware.

Description: Samsung UE32J4710AK – mid-range TV category that provides sufficient for most user functionality. With a screen diagonal of 31.5 ”(80 centimeters) it has a resolution of HD 720p, which provides optimal detail and good picture quality.

External devices can be connected through one of four connectors – HDMI (in the amount of 2 pieces), USB or antenna DVB-T2. The TV can also connect to a wireless LAN. Wi-Fi, and Smart TV functions work through a proprietary operating Tizen OS system with a wide application store.

A nice feature of the TV is the support for working in Picture-in-Picture. This allows you to watch channels while web surfing for example.

LCD backlighting is performed using technology Edge LED for even intensity and absence noticeable screen illumination.


  • Excellent image quality, especially on HD channels;

  • Simple operation and clear navigation;

  • Natural color rendition;


  • Average sound quality, which is decided by individual customization

  • Rear (and not lateral) arrangement of HDMI ports;

  • Small braking Smart TV;

Rating of the best Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 40-43 inch

Samsung UE40KU6300U

Rating: 4.9

Samsung UE40KU6300U

Why the first place in the ranking: Curved screen, support for HDR and 4K UHD resolution.

Description: Samsung UE40KU6300U is the flagship TV that Supports all the most advanced technologies for complete immersion in the world of video. Firstly, it has a curved shape, which provides “three-dimensionality” even of an ordinary image. Secondly, the resolution of its 40-inch (102 cm) matrix is 4K UHD, so the “picture” on HD-channels becomes as detailed and realistic. Finally, the matrix Supports technology to expand the dynamic range of colors HDR for the most colorful image.

The TV is equipped with a full range of necessary ports: three HDMI connectors for connecting multimedia devices (receiver, console, media center), two USB and one traditional antenna DVB-T2. A built-in tuner is also available. TV can connect to a Wi-Fi network, and Tizen OS is responsible for the functions of Smart TV with support for the “picture in picture”.


  • Excellent picture quality thanks to a curved screen, 4K resolution and HDR support, especially on compatible content

  • Attractive appearance;

  • Multifunctional operating system Tizen OS;


  • Relatively small viewing angles from above and below;

  • Sounds good, but it’s better to use a soundbar and subwoofer;

  • A traditional remote with buttons, not a modern “pointer”;

Samsung UE40MU6450U

Rating: 4.8

Samsung UE40MU6450U

Why the second place in the ranking: 4K UHD resolution, however the screen flat rather than curved like the previous model.

Description: Samsung UE40MU6450U – the flagship TV from Korean manufacturer, however it is intended for users, who are used to classic devices and are not interested in buying a curved screen model. In this he differs from the previous one. Otherwise, the characteristics of the two devices are quite similar. – Samsung UE40MU6450U is equipped with a 40-inch (102 cm) 4K UHD LCD panel which supports extended dynamic range of shades of HDR.

The set of connectors is also similar – three HDMI ports for connecting external multimedia devices, two USB for flash drives and hard drives, and one DVB-T2 for analog and digital antenna cable TV The TV can connect to Wi-Fi networks. Functionality Smart TV is represented by proprietary firmware.

The matrix illumination is distributed, which ensures even saturated image.


  • Highly detailed, high-quality image thanks 4K + HDR;

  • Minimalistic remote “pointer”;

  • High-quality sound;

  • High performance in Smart TV as well as switching between Smart TV and normal operation;


  • Proprietary Smart TV firmware with preinstalled, not always useful programs;

  • Only two speakers (but with Dolby Sound support);

  • A limited list of supported multimedia formats;

  • Slightly awkward channel sorting and initial customization;

Samsung UE43MU6103U

Rating: 4.8

Samsung UE43MU6103U

Why third place in the ranking: Also 4K UHD, but a little less pixel density than previous models.

Description: Samsung UE43MU6103U equipped with a 42.5-inch matrix (108 centimeter diagonal) with a resolution of 4K UHD. Nevertheless, the device’s screen is made using TFT A-MVA technology, which has slightly lower viewing angles than TFT IPS Same as previous models, the device supports extended dynamic range shades of HDR.

The main advantage of the TV is the backlight made by Direct LED technology. Due to this, the LEDs behind the matrix can shut off in dark places of the image, providing realistic black color. As a result, it looks like an OLED matrix.

The TV is equipped with all the necessary ports. It has three HDMI sockets for external media devices, two USB for carriers information and one DVB-T2 for the antenna. TV tuner – built-in, moreover There are 2 of them, independent.

Smart TV is built on the Tizen OS proprietary operating system. TO Internet TV is connected via Wi-fi


  • High image quality;

  • Fast Smart TV and switching between device functions;

  • Good sound;


  • Sophisticated initial setup

  • High thickness of the device (due to the use of Direct LED technology for backlighting);

  • Complex reconfiguration of the channel list;

The best Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 46-49 inches

Samsung QE49Q7FAM

Rating: 4.9

Samsung QE49Q7FAM

Why first place: QLED-matrix and 4K UHD-resolution for unsurpassed realism of the image.

Description: The Samsung QE49Q7FAM matrix is ​​proprietary QLED technology – that is, consists of self-luminous quantum points. This means maximum brightness in saturated areas. image, optimal – pastel colors, and minimal – dark, up to an absolute black color. Realism “pictures” at the highest level, especially when you consider the support extended dynamic range of shades of HDR. Wherein the TV’s diagonal is 48.5 inches (123 cm) and the resolution – 4K UHD for maximum detail Images.

With a relatively small thickness, the TV is equipped with all necessary ports. So, it has 4 HDMI sockets, 3 USB and one antenna DVB-T2. Three independent TV tuners are built into the TV. Internet connection is via Wi-Fi, and beyond Smart TV functionality meets the Tizen OS operating system with Picture-in-Picture support.


  • QLED matrix with self-luminous quantum dots;

  • High performance Smart TV, including when web surfing;

  • Powerful sound with built-in subwoofer;


  • The classic remote control without a gyroscope;

  • Logs of older software versions need to be updated immediately after purchase;

  • Must be hung at least 10 cm from the wall for matrix cooling;

Samsung QE49Q7CAM

Rating: 4.8

Samsung QE49Q7CAM

Why second place: Curved, high resolution 4K UHD, HDR support, but TFT IPS matrix with Edge LED backlight.

Description: The flagship TV from Samsung, which equipped with a curved liquid crystal matrix. With a diagonal in 49 inches (124 cm) it has a high resolution 4K UHD, which provides maximum image detail, especially in compatible content. The TV also supports technology HDR hue for vivid, saturated “pictures”.

You can connect up to four external media devices to your TV – it is equipped with so many HDMI ports. also in includes three USB connectors and a standard DVB-T2 connector for connecting the antenna of analog and digital television broadcasting. TV tuners are available, three independent.

For the functionality of Smart TV meets the proprietary operating Tizen system. TV connects to Wi-Fi, including networks at 5 GHz.


  • High image quality with 4K, HDR and curved the screen;

  • Metal remote control;

  • Separate computing unit;


  • Edge LED backlight. It provides a uniform, inconspicuous illumination of the image, but at the same time “absolute black”, as on models with QLED or Direct LED, impossible to achieve;

  • HDR significantly affects the realism of colors in broadcasting (including IP TV). Better use with HDR compatible content.

Samsung UE48H6650

Rating: 4.7

Samsung UE48H6650

Why third place: Full HD. Resolution is less than predecessors, but a great price.

Description: 48-inch mid-range TV. Matrix at diagonal of 122 centimeters has a resolution of Full HD 1080p, which provides good image detail on HD channels and relevant content. It runs on TFT IPS technology and complemented by Direct LED backlight, which is different uniformity and lack of illuminated areas.

The TV is equipped with a large number of ports: 4 HDMI connectors, 3 USB and one antenna DVB-T2. At the same time, it supports 3D and converting two-dimensional content into three-dimensional using matching complete glasses. To the Internet TV connects via wireless Wi-Fi technology, there is a function Smart TV, however, the firmware for it is proprietary. Picture in picture “is supported, so you can watch TV, for example, in web surfing time.


  • High definition image;

  • Convenient remote control type “pointer”;

  • Realistic 3D image, even converted;


  • Not very fast Smart TV;

  • Not very high-quality sound, it is better to use a separate media panel;

  • Proprietary Smart TV firmware with many pre-installed BY;

Samsung UE49MU6100U

Rating: 4.6

Samsung UE49MU6100U

Why fourth place: 4K UHD resolution, but the matrix is ​​not IPS.

Description: Samsung UE49MU6100U – one of the cheapest TVs with a 4K screen. At the same time, thanks to the diagonal of 48.5 inches (123 centimeters) high enough HD content detailing. But it’s better, of course, to use clips in native resolution – then the picture quality will be really delightful.

The matrix is ​​made using TFT technology, however it is not IPS, which leads to a slight decrease in viewing angles – up to about 150 degrees on each axis. It is highlighted by Direct LED with switchable LEDs in dark areas. It provides almost absolute black color.

The TV is equipped with the optimal number of ports. There are 3 HDMI connectors, USB – 2. Antenna port (DVB-T2) there is also a TV tuner built-in – and there are two of them, and they work whatever.

Smart TV is based on Tizen OS To the Internet TV connects via wifi.


  • High performance;

  • Convenient remote control;

  • Excellent detail and image saturation;


  • Noticeable highlights in dark, but not black, areas;

  • Relatively thick but this is due to use Direct LED backlight;

  • Not very high-quality Wi-Fi module, it is better to put the router in one TV room

The best Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 50-55 inches

Samsung UE55HU9000

Rating: 4.9

Samsung UE55HU9000

Why first place: Curved screen, 3D support, resolution 4K UHD and powerful surround sound.

Description: Samsung UE55HU9000 is not just a TV. Thanks to curved screen, high resolution 4K UHD and surround the sound created by 6 speakers of 10 watts each, it becomes a real home cinema. And support for 3D with conversion two-dimensional image in three-dimensional will provide maximum Realism of movies played on TV.

In addition, the TV has support for color profiles, which allow you to further increase the saturation of the image. All necessary connectors are also present – 4 HDMI for external media devices, 3 USB for information storage devices (flash drives, hard drives), 1 DVB-T2 for antenna cable. 2 independent TV tuners will allow you to do without a receiver for digital television broadcasting.

Smart TV uses Samsung Hub proprietary firmware with third-party software support. TV is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.


  • Unrivaled image quality

  • Convenient remote control with touch panel;

  • The presence of color profiles;


  • Inconvenient, confusing interface;

  • The concave part of the screen glare, which is important to consider when installing TV (do not place it so that the window is on the side);

  • Not very high performance when using Smart TV;

Samsung UE55MU6670U

Rating: 4.8

Samsung UE55MU6670U

Why second place: Curved screen, 4K UHD resolution, HDR support, but no 3D support.

Description: 55-inch (diagonal of 140 centimeters) TV middle price segment. The main advantage is the curved screen, which provides high realism of the image, making it visually almost three-dimensional. The device matrix is ​​high 4K UHD resolution and supports extended dynamic range shades of HDR, which makes the image as saturated and cinematic.

Smart TV functionality is based on the operating system Tizen OS. It provides advanced installation options. applications, as well as fast loading of the TV.

The TV is equipped with a sufficient number of connectors. He got 3 HDMI ports for external multimedia devices and 2 USB. Antenna plugs into a standard DVB-T2 connector, there are two internal TV tuner.

Also, the TV is equipped with two speakers at 10 watts each with Support for Dolby Digital surround sound technology.


  • Highest image quality – saturation, color reproduction, Realistic HDR

  • Surround sound quality;

  • Universal remote control with voice control and support for communication with other home appliances;


  • Glossy, glare screen coating;

  • For absolutely surround sound it is better to use a special audio panel or media center 5.1;

  • It is advisable to watch from a distance of more than 3 meters;

Samsung UE50MU6100U

Rating: 4.7

Samsung UE50MU6100U

Why third place: Unlike the previous two models – flat.

Description: 50-inch (diagonal of 127 centimeters) TV middle price segment. Excellent value for money and technical specifications. At a cost comparable to lower models, it is equipped with a 4K UHD VA-matrix with support extended dynamic range of shades of HDR and uniform Bright Edge LED backlighting, which also reduces thickness devices.

Smart TV functionality is provided by the proprietary Tizen OS operating system, which allows you to run third-party applications and increases the overall speed of work TV. The device connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, supports networks at 2.4 and 5 GHz.

Among the connectors of the TV, you can select 3 HDMI for connection external media devices (video player, receiver or game console), 2 USB and one standard DVB-T2 for connecting to the antenna. Component, AV, and other conventional connectors are also available.


  • Fast, high-performance Smart TV;

  • Good stereo sound;

  • Deep and rich black color on the screen;


  • Relatively small (about 120-130 degrees) angles review;

  • For more surround sound, you will have to use external speakers with subwoofer;

  • Complicated setup;

The best Samsung TVs with a diagonal of 65 inches

Samsung QE65Q7FAM

Rating: 4.9

Samsung QE65Q7FAM

Why first place: QLED-matrix and resolution 4K UHD.

Description: One of the flagship TV models from the company Samsung This device received a proprietary QLED matrix based on self-luminous quantum dots. It provides maximum brightness, saturation and realistic shades. But more than that, the black color on such a matrix is ​​absolute, i.e. pixels in the dark places are simply turned off and not highlighted.

Resolution 65-inch (diagonal 165 centimeters) matrix is 4K UHD. It also supports advanced dynamic range of shades of HDR.

For the functions of Smart TV “responsible” branded Tizen OS operating system. Thanks to her TV turns on in just 3 seconds. Internet connection produced over Wi-Fi, but the Ethernet connector for the network cable is also is present.

Among the other connectors, there are four HDMI ports, three USB and one DVB-T2 for the television antenna. TV tuners are present, 3 independent.


  • Bright, contrasting, saturated matrix with realistic color rendition;

  • Good surround sound;

  • Convenient control thanks to Tizen OS and the remote control “pointer”;


  • High power consumption (two power cables, one for the screen, second for the computing module);

  • Flimsy, fragile plastic body;

Samsung UE65MU6100U

Rating: 4.8

Samsung UE65MU6100U

Why the second place: IPS matrix – provides high brightness and good color rendering, but before QLED does not reach.

Description: Samsung UE65MU6100U TV provides the best combination of price and specifications. For its diagonal, component of 64.5 inches (164 centimeters) it is included in the middle “cost” range, but it has a display resolution of 4K UHD, and also supports HDR. The matrix of the device is performed by VA technology and is illuminated by Direct LED, which provides high brightness and uniform intensity without glare to the center frame.

Smart TV uses Tizen proprietary operating system OS, due to which switching between applications occurs almost instantly. The TV itself loads in literally 3 seconds.

The TV is equipped with a sufficient number of connectors. External devices can be connected via HDMI (3 pieces) or USB (2 ports). A DVB-T2 television antenna connector is also present, plus in design Includes two independent TV tuners.


  • Fast Smart TV and user-friendly interface;

  • Bright, realistic colors, almost absolute black;

  • High definition and image detail;


  • Comparatively “flat” sound, it is better to use a separate audio panel;

  • Viewing angles about 130-140 degrees;

  • Direct LED backlight, which makes the TV a bit thick;

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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