14 best brands of women's boots

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Often the logo on a pair of boots is a beacon when choosing the right pair. Manufacturers with a well-known name especially monitor the quality, such are included in our rating of the 14 best brands of women's boots.

How to choose women's boots

When going to the store, women are guided, of course, not by the brand in the first place, several important factors influence the choice.

  1. Season. For winter, puffy boots, leather products with a fur inner insert are suitable, today high-quality leatherette is in demand, inside the natural material can replace a warm bike or other textiles with insulation. Demi-season shoes are made from similar materials, but without insulation.
  2. Style. It is determined by the clothes or features of the woman's legs. So, for full calves, it is difficult to find graceful boots with a thin stiletto heel, such are usually equipped with a flat sole, a small wedge heel or a stable minimal heel. Clothing is no less important: for a long skirt on a slender leg, you can wear both boots and boots of medium length to the middle of the calf or slightly above it, but with a normal fit. If you intend to wear a sock with jeans or leggings inside, the shaft should be wide.
  3. Closure type. Lace up or zipper? The question is not only aesthetic, but also practical: for a full shin, the presence of a lace almost to the toe is a real salvation, because the width of the boot is thus regulated. A zipper is a versatile option, but a windproof lining is required.
  4. Convenient shoe. Responsible manufacturers make even high-heeled boots comfortable: an instep support, a hard heel, pads under the toes – all these elements should be in shoes of any style.
  5. Material. Demi-season and winter boots can be made of natural or artificial leather, suede, textiles. In this matter, one should focus on the characteristics of the climate and the way of wearing. If wet snow predominates in the city, it is better to choose dense waterproof leather or leatherette, for those who drive or walk in the snow, soft suede or textiles are more suitable – these are breathable materials.
  6. To balance all the factors together and choose the perfect pair of boots is often only a fitting. It is important that the shoes fit perfectly on the leg, you should not take them with due regard to the 'spacing' – it may not happen, and the appearance of the product may change somewhat.

The best brands of women's boots

Nomination a place the brand rating
The best inexpensive brands of womens boots 1 Rieker (Germany) 4.7
2 Ralf Ringer (Russia) 4.6
3 Alessio Nesca (China) 4.5
4 Pierre Cardin (France) 4.4
The best brands of women's boots in the middle price segment 1 Roxy (Australia) 4.9
2 Ecco (Denmark) 4.8
3 Econika (Russia) 4.7
4 Mascotte (Russia) 4.7
5 Geox (Italy) 4.7
6 Carlo Pazolini (Russia) 4.6
The best premium brands of womens boots 1 Michael Kors (USA) 4.9
2 Gucci (Italy) 4.8
3 DKNY (Italy) 4.8
4 Banana Republic (USA) 4.7

The best inexpensive brands of womens boots

Any woman, regardless of status, age and preferences, can afford brands of boots of an inexpensive price category. The presented manufacturers use natural and artificial materials for the manufacture of footwear. The category includes brands whose boots can be bought in the price range of 1500… 3000 rubles.

Rieker (Germany)

Rating: 4.7


The Rieker shoe brand dates back to the 19th century, almost immediately gains popularity and to this day its products are in demand in Europe, including in Russia. The secret of success is the use of 'correct' patterns, according to which high-quality natural or artificial leather, suede are sewn into boots that fit perfectly on the foot. Internal insulation – sheepskin. Shoes for winter, spring and autumn are equally comfortable and practical – the materials are easy to care for, the boots serve for more than one season. They have a flexible and lightweight sole, equipped with orthopedic felt insoles that provide reliable support for the foot.

All models of Rieker boots have a classic design, because the main emphasis of the shoe is made on the comfort needed for everyday wear. But such a stylistic solution has a plus – compatibility with any style of clothing: with skirts, jeans, trousers, boots are suitable for walking, for work.


  • Comfortable last and orthopedic insole;
  • Lightweight, flexible outsole;
  • Versatile design;
  • The line includes boots of any size;
  • Wear for several seasons, subject to the rules.


  • Boots (winter) are not suitable for wearing in extremely low temperatures.

Ralf Ringer (Russia)

Rating: 4.6


On the second place of the rating is the domestic brand Ralf Ringer, the leader in sales among Russian manufacturers of women's winter and demi-season boots – the annual production is over a million pairs! At the same time, the women's line appeared only in 2010. Popularity is due to customer orientation: in the seasonal collections of Ralf Ringer there are shoes for any foot, large or small, for thin and full calves, in a classic or sporty version.

The main material used by the manufacturer is nubuck, which is resistant to getting wet and wear. The line also includes boots made of natural and artificial leather. The masters pay special attention to the last – for each pair of the manufacturer's shoes, this part is made perfectly, equipped with an instep support, a hard back and a protected toe, and also has the property of shock absorption of the foot, useful when walking on off-road, gravel.

From claims to Ralf Ringer, some boot owners have a claim to the hard top of the product – the high-quality material does not stretch, but rubs the skin. However, this drawback is rather the wrong choice of a pair, as we talked about earlier.


  • Universal shoes for every day;
  • Natural and artificial materials for production;
  • Unique shock absorption function of the sole;
  • Anatomical shape of the last and sole.


  • Shoes do not wear out with the wrong choice of boots when buying.

Alessio Nesca (China)

Rating: 4.5


Alessio Nesca, a Chinese-made shoe brand, stands alone among its fellow countrymen – the company supplies inexpensive, decent quality boots to the world market. Simple elegant cut, mostly natural and artificial (less often) materials, high quality workmanship at a relatively low price – these are the distinctive features of the Alessio Nesca brand.

The brand's boots are suitable mainly for the dry winter and spring-autumn seasons; the manufacturer does not recommend wearing products in puddles and wet snow. The point is in the appropriate quality of natural material – thin leather is used for the budget series of shoes. However, many owners of pairs of Alessio Nesca boots note the versatility of the products and the unpretentiousness to weather conditions.


  • Various styles of demi-season and winter boots;
  • The use of mainly natural materials for the manufacture of shoes;
  • Quality tailoring.


  • Non-orthopedic shoes, we recommend using a special insole;
  • You should pay attention to the quality of a particular pair when buying.

Pierre Cardin (France)

Rating: 4.4


The budget shoes of the French fashion house Pierre Cardin are made according to the sketches of French fashion designers in China, which makes the boots affordable for most women.

For each season, fashion designers update the collections of boots, and they do it with all their hearts, offering women a variety of styles of shoes with a classic and extraordinary decor. For sewing, natural and artificial leather is used, there are nubuck models. Faux fur is predominantly used to insulate winter boots, therefore, for extreme frosts, experts recommend getting a warmer pair of shoes.

Unfortunately, Pierre Cardin budget shoes rarely have an ergonomic insole and last, and the sole is made of ordinary shoe rubber.


  • Various styles;
  • Updating collections every season;
  • Wide choice of material of execution;
  • High-quality performance of each pair.


  • Non-anatomical insole and last;
  • Not for extreme low temperatures.

The best brands of women's boots in the middle price segment

In this category, we represent manufacturers whose boots can be purchased from 5,000 to 15,000 rubles.

Roxy (Australia)

Rating: 4.9


The Australian brand Roxy specializes in casual and sport footwear for outdoor activities. The brand's boots are suitable for everyday wear, including in cold regions with severe frosts down to -350C: only natural leather, split leather, fur, no synthetics are used for sewing – according to the company's concept, it is not suitable for creating shoes with maximum durability and heat-shielding characteristics.

Boots and boots, often used as an element of uniform, look sophisticated, they sit comfortably on the leg without causing any discomfort, provided the correct model is selected. Roxy is a profitable investment in any woman's wardrobe, because boots combine high quality, aesthetics, and durability at a price of 5,000 rubles per pair.


  • Natural materials of tailoring;
  • Comfortable last with leg support;
  • Low wear and tear;
  • Neat execution and style.


  • In the lineup there are mainly boots, few boots.
  • There are no models in classic style, only casual and sport.

Ecco (Denmark)

Rating: 4.8


The world famous Ecco brand offers women boots and boots for all seasons. Collections are updated regularly, so the choice on store shelves is always worthy. For lovers of classics, sports, high heels and flat soles, there is definitely a suitable pair. The collections include leg models with different anatomy: slim or full calf, small or oversized.

For sewing Ecco boots, the manufacturer uses different materials that determine the cost of the finished product: natural matte or smooth leather, high-quality leatherette, suede, textiles, natural and artificial fur. The sole deserves special attention: it is moderately flexible, durable, inside there is an anatomically correct insole that supports the foot. All models have heels or insteps (wedges), only their height differs – from 1 cm to 8 cm, there are no extreme stilettos in the line.


  • A varied lineup for every taste;
  • Wide price range depending on the materials used;
  • Comfortable sole with safety heels or wedges;
  • Boots for all seasons.


  • Not defined.

Econika (Russia)

Rating: 4.7


Elegant and stylish boots from the domestic factory Econika are the embodiment of femininity in winter, spring and autumn. Boots made of genuine and artificial leather can be matched with any parameters – in the collections there are shoes with wide and narrow tops, all models are equipped with zippers, some are decorated with laconic buckles, straps, embossing or embroidery. The sole made of dense rubber is equipped with a heel with a height of 1 cm, inside there is a correct orthopedic insole.

The best domestic designers are working on the creation of Econika shoes, invited world maestros are involved in the development of individual collections, therefore each pair of brand boots is the embodiment of delicate taste for every woman. High-quality sewing of natural and artificial leather, a combination of materials and textures, durability are the features of shoes from Econika.


  • Elegant boots for all seasons;
  • The use of mainly natural materials for the manufacture of shoes;
  • Models for any leg;
  • Optimal prices, especially at the end of the season on sales.


  • Not defined.

Mascotte (Russia)

Rating: 4.7


Mascotte footwear is designed and manufactured in Russia, therefore it meets the needs of the domestic buyer. Boots for winter and off-season on a flat sole or on a stable heel or stiletto heel, made of suede, velor, insulated textiles, matte or smooth leather, with a pointed or classic toe can be chosen for any look, but the models are mostly classic. The size range of most models is limited to 39, which is not always enough for Russian women, 40 and 41 are not enough. But there are models with lacing adjustment.

Mascotte boots are available in black, but there are also colored models – beige, burgundy, gray. The manufacturer offers bags and other accessories for shoes that will be combined with the selected pair of boots.


  • Models of various styles;
  • Regular updating of the collection;
  • Boots with different heights and shaft girth;
  • Available with lacing;
  • Laconic design.


  • Limited to size 39 or 40 for many models.

Geox (Italy)

Rating: 4.7


The Italian brand Geox offers boots for winter and demi-season. In the shoe collections there are many products with unusual designs: combinations of textures and materials, large buckles, straps, rivets, zippers, spurs, ties, bright colors, appliques – the brand is especially in demand among young girls and women who want to stand out from the crowd.

Geox offers boots made of genuine leather, eco-leather, velor, textile, including chunky knit, fur. The collections include shoes in classic, casual or sporty style, puffers, lace-up or zipped boots, and there are models with Velcro fasteners. The rubber sole used for sewing is equipped with good tread, the last is stable and comfortable for the foot.


  • Variety of styles;
  • Natural and artificial materials for sewing;
  • Unusual design of many models;
  • Mostly full size range up to 41 sizes.


  • There are low-quality products (possibly fake or marriage).

Carlo Pazolini (Russia)

Rating: 4.6


Another brand of mid-price boots in the ranking, Carlo Pazolini, is also a domestic manufacturer. The collections feature mostly classic footwear with a laconic design: almost complete absence of jewelry on a high or medium boot, neat last, minimal or medium heel. The manufacturer uses mainly natural matte or glossy leather for sewing boots, which affects their cost, but also extends the service life of each pair. Winter and boots can be made of suede, inside each pair of eco-fur or wool. The design of the shoe is different, but mainly designed for a slender leg – all models have zippers, and the sizes are only up to 39. But everything is in order with the functional characteristics: autumn boots are really not afraid of water, and in winter boots it is difficult to freeze in the Russian frost.


  • Elegant boots design;
  • High-quality performance of each pair;
  • Various types of leather and effective insulation.


  • Boots mainly for slender legs, small size up to 39.

The best premium brands of womens boots

In the case of well-known brands of clothing and footwear, there is almost never any doubt about the quality, and if incidents do happen, companies freely change products, and also extend an extended warranty to them. In addition, boots from world fashion designers are one of the ways to emphasize the delicate taste and consistency of a woman.

Michael Kors (USA)

Rating: 4.9


Michael Kors boots and over the knee boots are designed specifically for urban fashionistas – they have an elegant design and neat execution. The collection includes shoes in classic style or sport chic, with heels, stilettos or flat soles – for a different lifestyle. The main material is genuine leather or its high-quality artificial substitute, inside – textiles or artificial fur. However, winter models are not intended to be worn in the harsh Russian cold weather, the maximum is moderate snowy weather.

Many fashionistas dream of Michael Kors boots, but the maestro only presents shoes for lowercase legs – the size range is limited to 39.5, and the tops of the models are very narrow. There are some models with a wide boot, but they suggest wearing in a loose fit.


  • Boots of laconic restrained design;
  • Mainly used genuine leather and suede;
  • Comfortable last even on high-heeled models.


  • There are no models for severe cold weather.

Gucci (Italy)

Rating: 4.8


In Gucci boots, every woman will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd: the shoe design is extraordinary – large buckles, animal ornaments, bright patterns, colored inserts from other materials, combinations of suede, leather and varnish with decorative elements, embossing. In the collections there are boots in the classic version. Models are designed mainly for a slender leg, especially for a narrow rise.

For lovers of flat soles or heels, there is a wide choice – Gucci offers boots for every taste: an elegant stiletto heel, a stable heel with an unusual finish, or none at all. At the same time, each model has a comfortable last, even on the highest stiletto heel, the legs get tired noticeably less than with a similar heel of other shoes.

The main drawback of Gucci brand shoes is the high price, for many models you will have to pay more than 50,000 rubles, although there are cheaper models.


  • Boots models for any look;
  • Unusual design and finish;
  • Genuine leather and suede;
  • Convenient shoe.


  • Size restriction up to 39.5;
  • High price.

DKNY (Italy)

Rating: 4.8


DKNY boots are distinguished by their daring design – the presence of inscriptions, rivets, buckles. The brand has many classic models without decor, in a flat sole or on a heel, stiletto heel, all have a limitation of up to size 39, so the calculation is made for a slender leg, although the line has boots with a widened shaft.

DKNY does not have winter shoes for the Russian cold, but many of the models you like, thanks to the dense natural leather and good inner lining of textiles, are suitable for wearing from December to February in warm regions, in the capital, as well as for women who move mainly by car.


  • Boots of genuine leather;
  • Perfect execution of each pair;
  • Relatively low prices – from 6,000 rubles;
  • There are color models;
  • Any style from sporty chic to classics.


  • No boots for a cold winter.

Banana Republic (USA)

Rating: 4.7


The Banana Republic brand (USA) closes the rating of premium boots for women. The manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of clothing, so the shoe line is very modest. The brand offers stylish shoes mainly from suede, these are lightweight models for warm spring or dry autumn, for full or slender legs. Some models have a thin sole with a small instep or heel, others have a graceful heel or stiletto heel.

Users note the convenience of the boots, as well as their practicality – it is easy to care for natural suede, it does not wear out for a long time if the manufacturer's recommendations on permissible weather conditions are followed.


  • Elegant suede boots and ankle boots;
  • Convenient shoe;
  • Simple design.


  • Size limitation to 39;
  • No winter collection;
  • A small selection of models.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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