13 quietest vacuum cleaners

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Anyone who remembers the Soviet era knows how loud vacuum cleaners used to be. They roared like rockets. It is not for nothing that one of the most popular vacuum cleaners was then called the 'Rocket'. Now the situation has changed. Some vacuum cleaners can be used even when a child is sleeping in the next room! Let's get acquainted with just such devices. With the best of them.

Rating of the quietest vacuum cleaners – rating of the best

Nomination a place Name of product price
The quietest vacuum cleaner with a dust bag 1 Thomas drybox RUB 14 492
2 Miele SKRR3 Blizzard CX1 Red RUB 20 846
3 ARNICA Tesla Premium RUB 11,904
4 Tefal TW7621 RUB 14,500
5 Bosch BGS 3U1800 RUB 8,225
The quietest cyclone vacuum cleaners 1 Thomas SmartTouch Comfort RUB 19,890
2 Electrolux EUS89TM RUB 25,249
3 Bosch BGL8SIL59D 19 530 rub.
4 Tefal TW6477RA RUB 12,045
5 Philips FC8780 Performer Silent 13 355 RUB
6 ARNICA Pika ET14410 RUB 6,590
The quietest cleaning vacuum cleaners 1 Thomas TWIN Panther RUB 10,724
2 ARNICA Hydra Rain Plus RUB 14,922

The review is based on the rating of vacuum cleaners on the portal https://rankquality.com/vacuum-cleaner/.

The quietest vacuum cleaner with a dust bag

Thomas drybox

Rating: 4.9

Thomas drybox

This silent vacuum cleaner received an average price tag and the same average size. It differs from more affordable analogues by the presence of a power regulator, which should be looked for on the case. It can be used to reduce the suction power so as not to damage the laminate. It will also further reduce the noise level, which is already quite low.

Inside this device is a 1700 W motor. It seems that this is quite enough even to extract dust from the carpet, not to mention cleaning the flat surface. All dirt is placed in a container that acts as a dust collector. It is able to accommodate a large amount of garbage, which will definitely appeal to lazy owners who do not like to frequently clean this container. It is interesting that the manufacturer has introduced waste sorting here – large and small fractions are placed in separate sections of the dust collector.

This vacuum cleaner uses a HEPA 13 filter. This means that no dust is thrown out – warm and exceptionally clean air comes out of the device. And in part, it is the filter that should be thanked for the fairly low noise level. However, we are by no means claiming that the vacuum cleaner does not make any noise at all, because that would be a miracle.

The product is supplied with a large number of attachments and a very long telescopic tube. More specifically, you will receive a crevice nozzle, an accessory for upholstered furniture that has a thread remover, a floor and carpet nozzle, and a brush. And the vacuum cleaner has a soft bumper, which allows it to hit walls and furniture without any consequences.

The device is powered by the mains. Connection to it is carried out using a 6-meter cord. After using the vacuum cleaner, all that remains is to press the corresponding button, the wire will quickly reel into the device.


  • Beautiful appearance;
  • As a dust collector – a convenient container;
  • Garbage is divided according to the size of the fractions;
  • There is a power regulator on the body;
  • A large number of attachments;
  • The vacuum cleaner is supplemented with a soft bumper;
  • There is a quality filter.


  • You can not remove construction waste;
  • No carry handle in an upright position;
  • Not the best maneuverability;
  • Too small container;
  • The build quality is questionable.

Miele SKRR3 Blizzard CX1 Red

Rating: 4.8


This quiet vacuum cleaner is sold in Russian stores for an even higher price. Moreover, its power is only 1100 watts. Why does it have such a high value?

First of all, it should be noted that this is one of the most beautiful devices in our selection. Moreover, it does not have any unnecessary additions, supposedly improving the design, making it more modern. Therefore, the device will look great in any interior. The size of the vacuum cleaner also influenced the price tag. They seem huge at first. Such dimensions made it possible to place a two-liter container inside. It needs to be cleaned quite rarely, not after every cleaning. This is a definite plus!

Measurements show that when using the maximum power, the noise level begins to reach 76 dB. There is also an opportunity to reduce the power level, this is done using the corresponding regulator on the body.

As expected, the vacuum cleaner operates from the mains. Connection to it is carried out using a wire, the length of which reaches 6.5 m. A telescopic tube is supplied with the device. The box with the device also contains four attachments: crevice, for floors and carpets, for upholstered furniture and for polished surfaces.

When the container is completely filled with garbage, the corresponding indicator will notify about this. As soon as cleaning is completed, you need to press the button, after which the cord will automatically be dragged inside the vacuum cleaner. Next, the vacuum cleaner is placed in an upright position somewhere in a closet or pantry.


  • Convenient carry handle;
  • Large container for waste collection;
  • Almost no noise at minimum power;
  • The suction power can be adjusted;
  • Convenient container emptying;
  • Extra long power cord;
  • A large number of attachments included;
  • The indicator for filling the dust container is not forgotten;
  • High reliability.


  • High price;
  • It may seem too big;
  • The outside of the container is gradually covered with dust.

ARNICA Tesla Premium

Rating: 4.7


This is a slightly less expensive vacuum cleaner. And his dimensions are no longer so large. At the same time, a container for collecting dust is used here, the volume of which has been brought to three liters! How did it happen? How did the manufacturer manage to achieve this? It's very simple: the size of the engine has been significantly reduced here. Its power is only 750 watts. As a result, the device is capable of boasting a suction power of only 450 W, which, however, is also very good. Such a device can be bought even if carpets or rugs are laid in your apartment.

ARNICA Tesla Premium allows power regulation. But even at the maximum value, the device does not make very much noise. More precisely, the noise level in the immediate vicinity of the vacuum cleaner is approximately 70 dB. The power is reduced by means of a regulator located on the handle.

Any vacuum cleaner passes large volumes of air through itself. And if the device is not endowed with a high-quality filter, then you can not expect a special cleaning effect. Fortunately, ARNICA Tesla Premium includes a HEPA 13 filter. Its only drawback is that with regular cleaning it will need to be replaced from time to time, and the cost of such a filter cannot be called low. But it can be easily found in many stores selling vacuum cleaners.

This model is connected to the mains via an 8-meter wire. It automatically rolls up inside the vacuum cleaner, for which you just need to press the appropriate button. The set with the device comes not only with a telescopic tube, but also a pair of nozzles. Alas, there is no turbo brush here, it's sad. The manufacturer did not even generous with the slotted nozzle, which makes it easier to clean the battery and the spaces behind the cabinets.


  • Eight stages of filtration;
  • Extra long power cord;
  • A capacious container is used;
  • Very high suction power;
  • The noise level is really very low;
  • Nice appearance;
  • There is a power regulator on the handle;
  • Small size and weight.


  • Few attachments included;
  • Insecure attachment of the lattice cap in the dust container;
  • The telescopic tube is too heavy;
  • Pre-motor filter heavily clogged.

Tefal TW7621

Rating: 4.6

Tefal TW7621

Another very small and quiet vacuum cleaner. Such devices will always be in demand, because often fragile girls do the cleaning in the apartment. It is hard to imagine that they will carry a 10-kilogram whopper. It is noteworthy that even such a compact vacuum cleaner was able to get at its disposal a container whose volume reaches 2.5 liters. You will have to throw garbage out of it regularly, but by no means after every cleaning.

Like many of the other models discussed in this article, Tefal TW7621 offers dry cleaning only. The air is thrown out almost clean – for this you should thank the appropriate filter. The product also boasts a very long power cord.

Small vacuum cleaners rarely consume any significant amount of electricity. Here, too, the motor power does not exceed 750 W. However, this is quite enough to cope with cleaning laminate, upholstered furniture and other interior items. You can only think about a more powerful vacuum cleaner if your floors are covered with carpets or rugs.

As for the noise level, it barely reaches 67 dB. Excellent result! And if a child is sleeping in the next room, then you can reduce the power, thereby achieving an even greater reduction in the noise level. The corresponding regulator is located on the handle, you don't even have to reach for the vacuum cleaner itself!

Despite its modest size, the device turned out to be quite heavy. Its weight is 8.8 kg. It is completely unclear what exactly influenced the increase in mass. Not a soft bumper? But on the other hand, it is definitely understandable why the box with the vacuum cleaner, containing the entire set, weighs a lot. The fact is that the device comes with four nozzles and a telescopic tube at once. The manufacturer has not even forgotten about the crevice nozzle, which helps to reach even the spaces in narrow places. But the turbo brush is not included. Well, even some more expensive vacuum cleaners do not have it …


  • The network cable length is up to 8.4 m;
  • Roomy container;
  • There is a fine filter;
  • A large number of attachments included;
  • Very low noise level;
  • The handle is supplemented with a power regulator;
  • There is a soft bumper;
  • The vacuum cleaner turned out to be quite small.


  • Not very high power;
  • Not everyone will like the price.

Bosch BGS 3U1800

Rating: 4.5


Bosch vacuum cleaners are not the most reliable in the world. However, only inexpensive models mostly suffer from breakdowns. They are really capable of failing exactly after the end of the warranty period. But if you buy BGS 3U1800, you are unlikely to be afraid of any problems. The fact is that this is by no means the cheapest model, in Russian retail they ask about 10 thousand rubles for it. A device with such a price tag must incorporate a reliable engine that can last for many years. And besides the motor, there is nothing to break in such devices.

This model offers extremely dry cleaning. Garbage is stored here in a container with a volume of 1.9 liters. Unlike some of the examples discussed above, the product has a power consumption of 1800 watts. Moreover, the suction power of this vacuum cleaner does not exceed 300 watts. Very strange. As if some of the air goes nowhere. Or as if the fine filter is acting too actively.

However, vacuum cleaners with a dust bin are rarely very powerful, so let's not scold him too much. It is better to praise this model for the fact that it practically does not make noise. Measurements show in the immediate vicinity of a working device only 67 dB. And if you slightly reduce the power, using the corresponding regulator on the body, you can achieve an even more impressive result. Also, the product is capable of boasting a very long power cord. In most apartments, its length is enough even to go from one room to another. Of course, the indicator of the full dust container is not forgotten here.

It is not only small, but also very lightweight and quiet. Even a young girl will be able to pick it up in order, for example, to reach the corner of the ceiling where the cobweb was found. However, a long telescopic tube often makes it possible to do without such complex actions. Three attachments are also supplied with the device. One of them is slotted – usually used for cleaning batteries. Only the turbo brush is missing.


  • The wire length is 7.2 m;
  • The vacuum cleaner is light and compact;
  • Very low noise level;
  • There is a power regulator on the body of the device;
  • The price tag cannot be called too high;
  • Good filtration system;
  • Flexible and long hose.


  • Not very high suction power;
  • The number of nozzles will not suit everyone;
  • There is no carrying handle;
  • The dust container full indicator is clogged with dust.

The quietest cyclone vacuum cleaners

Thomas SmartTouch Comfort

Rating: 4.9

Thomas SmartTouch Comfort

One of the most expensive representatives of our collection. For this model, Russian sellers ask 20 thousand rubles. However, when were Thomas' products cheap?

This appliance has a very large dust bag. Some people will only empty a 3.5 liter dust bin a couple of times a year. The large size of the device made it possible to place a very powerful electric motor inside. Its power is 2000 W. And even if we imagine that only 1/4 of this power will go to suction, the result is still impressive!

We can safely say that this is the best vacuum cleaner for cleaning rugs and carpets, not to mention laminates and parquets! And not only because of the high suction power. The Thomas SmartTouch Comfort comes with many convenient and really working attachments. For example, the buyer will receive a turbo brush that will be most relevant to owners of often shedding pets. Also in the box with the product you will find an amazing nozzle for carpets and floors, complemented by lighting. You can also note the presence of a parquet nozzle, which includes horsehair. And this is not a list of all the accessories included in the kit!

There is a power regulator on the body of this vacuum cleaner. Perhaps the buyer can only find fault with him. For such an expensive device, the power regulator could be located on the handle. It cannot be said that this model is record-breaking quiet. However, 70 dB cannot be called an outrageous result. Of course, such a noise will wake a person sleeping in the next room. But you can reduce the power by making the vacuum cleaner quieter! That is why almost all vacuum cleaners included in our review have a corresponding regulator.

In the box with the device, you will find not only attachments, but also six bags for collecting garbage. For many people, this will be enough for several years of vacuuming. Only in the distant future will it be necessary to think about buying new dust collectors.


  • A huge number of useful attachments;
  • Excellent filtration system;
  • Rubber bumpers in different colors;
  • A large number of dust bags;
  • Very high suction power;
  • Low noise level;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • Huge dust collector volume;
  • The length of the power cord is 10 m;
  • Weight does not exceed 4.7 kg.


  • Very high cost;
  • The power regulator could be placed on the handle.

Electrolux EUS89TM

Rating: 4.8


Expensive vacuum cleaners are also available in the assortment of the Swedish company Electrolux. This model also has a decent size and a cyclone filter. A 3.5 liter dust collector is located inside the device. It seems that this is the best choice for lazy people who are in a hurry to put the vacuum cleaner in place immediately after cleaning. And the device should be appreciated by thrifty people. The fact is that the product consumes only 750 watts. Even weekly cleaning of almost the entire apartment will hardly affect your electricity bills. At the same time, the device perfectly sucks air, due to which it copes with almost any type of surface. Problems arise only with carpets with a high pile.

This is by far one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in our review. Even at maximum power, the noise level will not exceed 58 dB. When used for the first time, it cannot but amaze. It even seems to you that something is wrong with the device! But the power can be reduced by making the vacuum cleaner extremely quiet! The regulator, by the way, is on the handle, which is also good news.

Dust container full indicator, soft bumper, storage space for attachments – all this is in this vacuum cleaner. It also has a 9m mains cable, so you can start cleaning in one room and finish in another. Along the way, you can vacuum not only parquet, but also other types of surfaces, because the buyer will receive several multifunctional attachments. Although it must be admitted that there is no horsehair in their composition, you will have to forget about the backlight.

The air discharged outside is almost crystal clear. A special filter called AllergyPlus is responsible for the elimination of the smallest dust particles. Good news for parents whose children suffer from allergies! And many customers will also like the power cord, which is 9 m long.With it, you can move from one room to another, the vacuum cleaner will remain connected to the first outlet.

Well, what can the owner of this device complain about? Perhaps, certain claims arise only to weight. Not everyone will be satisfied with an 8-kg device. However, this can be called production costs. The 3-in-1 brush is really questionable. For some reason, she turned out to be terribly uncomfortable. In one of the modes, the nozzle is simply not fixed to the pipe! Also, not everyone will like the carrying handle, which is a bit squeaky here. In some instances, it makes more noise than the vacuum cleaner itself!


  • Vertical parking available;
  • There is a place for storing attachments;
  • Inexpensive Filtero dust bags are suitable;
  • Long power cord;
  • There is a power regulator on the handle;
  • High quality filter;
  • Very low noise level;
  • A decent amount of dust bag;
  • Good equipment.


  • Small compartment for dust collector;
  • Squeaky carry handle;
  • Inconvenient 3-in-1 brush.

Bosch BGL8SIL59D

Rating: 4.7


The German company Bosch has combined several advantages in BGL8SIL59D that many competitors do not have. The most obvious of these is the dust bag. It has a volume of 5 liters! It seems that for many people this will be enough for a year of cleaning. I am glad that even with such a dust collector, the device turned out to be relatively small. And its weight mostly depends on how much the bag is filled. The device weighs only 6.5 kg with an empty dust container. Therefore, even a girl can lift it, although this will rarely be required, because a long telescopic pipe is supplied with the product, from which you can easily reach even the ceiling.

There is a 650 W electric motor inside the device. A bit, but a special design made it possible to squeeze the maximum out of it. You will only have to think about a more powerful vacuum cleaner if there is a high pile carpet on your floor.

Like other representatives of this collection, the device makes almost no noise. Measurements show only 59 dB. Even many washing machines give out more noise! The power cord is even more capable of surprising. The fact is that its length is 15 m. Well, where is such a skein? Therefore, Bosch BGL8SIL59D can be recommended to owners of country houses, the area of ​​which is immense.

Like almost all modern vacuum cleaners, this model has a good filtration system. More precisely, it uses HEPA H13. It is a pity that this filter needs to be changed from time to time, and its cost cannot be called budget. Several attachments are also supplied with the vacuum cleaner. Among them you can find parquet and slotted, but there is no turbo brush here.

The cost of the device in Russian stores is 20 thousand rubles. It is clear that with such a price tag it could not do without a power regulator. It comes to the rescue in those moments when you need to reduce the noise level even more. Also, the device received a soft bumper that saves furniture from serious blows.


  • Extra long power cord;
  • High quality filtration system;
  • Record roomy dust collector;
  • Very low noise level;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • Relatively light weight.


  • A turbo brush would not hurt;
  • High price;
  • The power regulator could be placed on the handle;
  • The power will seem insufficient to some.

Tefal TW6477RA

Rating: 4.6


This quiet vacuum cleaner surprises most of all with the number of attachments supplied. There is absolutely everything you could wish for! Even a turbo brush is present! Even two: large and small. There is also a parquet brush, floor and carpet nozzle, upholstered furniture and, of course, a crevice nozzle.

This device has a 750 W electric motor at its disposal. The air after passing through it enters the HEPA11 filter, in which it is almost completely purified. Well, most of the garbage is collected in a corresponding bag, the volume of which is 4.5 liters. It is rarely necessary to throw out all this garbage; for many people, such a dust collector will be enough for a year of operation.

This is not a robot vacuum cleaner, so the mains supply will provide the appliance. It is connected to it by means of a cord that can be pulled out to a maximum length of 8.4 m. In the apartments of most buyers, this is enough to vacuum two rooms at once. It's nice that the device does not bother other household members. Measurements show that during operation of the vacuum cleaner, the noise level does not exceed 66 dB. But it can be reduced even more by slightly reducing the power – for this, two regulators are used at once, which can be found on the body and the handle. And the product also has a dust collector full indicator, but this is already self-evident.

Don't forget that any turbo brush makes additional noise! The above figures are only valid when using the device with or without one of the standard attachments.

Otherwise, this is a typical vacuum cleaner, sold for 17-20 thousand rubles. He is in stable demand, not stuck on store shelves. He also has certain shortcomings. For example, one of the buyers complains about a tight telescopic tube – it takes serious efforts to push it apart. Also, the product has received a flimsy cover, under which there is a dust collector.


  • Extra large dust bag;
  • The set includes turbo brushes;
  • There is a power regulator on the handle;
  • Very low noise level;
  • Decent filtration system;
  • Long power cord.


  • Tight telescopic tube;
  • Power is still not very high.

Philips FC8780 Performer Silent

Rating: 4.5

Philips FC8780 Performer Silent

It is a rare case when the manufacturer of a vacuum cleaner indicates its main advantage right in the name. Indeed, this model is extremely quiet. To be precise, the noise level during operation of this device barely reaches 66 dB. It turns out that the vacuum cleaner will definitely not wake up a person sleeping in the next room, even if it is a child.

There is a power regulator on the body of this device. This means that the noise level can be reduced even further if necessary. With regard to the range of action, it is approximately 12 m. It is provided not only by a long hose, but also by a 9-meter power cord. By the way, it is easily unwound automatically, for this you just need to press the appropriate button.

This device has a decent size. In this regard, the conclusion suggests itself that a spacious dust collector is located inside it. Indeed, its volume is 4 liters. If your apartment is not a pigsty, then it will take a very long time to fill the bag. The vacuum cleaner is also capable of boasting two carrying handles. They allow you to carry the device both vertically and horizontally.

It remains to be understood which attachments are included in the kit. It is on them that many vacuum cleaner manufacturers save. As for the creators of this model, they tried to provide the buyer with almost everything necessary. There are four nozzles in the box with the product. One of them is slotted, the other is used for cleaning parquet and laminate. Well, the most advanced brush in this set is TriActive Pro – it can clean a wide variety of surfaces.


  • There is a power regulator;
  • Extra long power cord;
  • There are two carrying handles;
  • Capacious bag for collecting dust;
  • A large number of attachments included;
  • Extremely low noise level;
  • Very light weight (5.4 kg);
  • Decent power.


  • I would like to have a power regulator on the handle;
  • Not everywhere they sell at an adequate price;
  • The telescopic tube is too heavy;
  • Easy to roll, would love a soft bumper.

ARNICA Pika ET14410

Rating: 4.4


Usually quiet vacuum cleaners cost a lot of money, they definitely cannot be called budgetary. Exceptions to the rule are extremely rare. One of them is ARNICA Pika ET14410 – for this model in Russian stores they ask about 7 thousand rubles. And this is one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in this price segment. If you take measurements, you can get a result of 75 dB. Not bad. But the noise can also be reduced by reducing the power, using the appropriate regulator on the body. But then you shouldn't rely on high-quality carpet cleaning.

Despite its low cost, the vacuum cleaner uses a quality HEPA13 filter. It needs to be changed from time to time, but we are already used to it. The exact replacement frequency depends on how often you use the product. But even if a weekly cleaning is supposed, you will have to think about replacing the filter no more than once a year.

The vacuum cleaner is connected to the mains by means of a traditional cord. Unfortunately, its length does not exceed 5 m. This is definitely enough for cleaning in one room. But if you want to move to another room, you will have to spend some time trying to use a different outlet. As for air intake, it is carried out through a flexible hose and telescopic pipe. One of the four nozzles included in the kit can be connected to the latter. Unfortunately, there are no particularly interesting brushes in the box with the vacuum cleaner. It is possible to note only the slotted nozzle, which for some reason some competitors are not equipped with.

This device turned out to be rather small. Someone will like this, because the modest dimensions have led to a 4-kilogram weight. But it is impossible not to notice that a large container for collecting garbage could not fit inside such a vacuum cleaner. Here, its volume is only 2.5 liters. It cannot be said that its emptying will be required after each harvest, but this process will definitely not become especially rare.


  • There is a power regulator;
  • Very low cost;
  • Modest size and weight;
  • A decent amount of attachments;
  • Good filtration system;
  • There is a storage compartment for attachments.


  • The power is not very high;
  • Not very long power cord;
  • No turbo brush or anything like that;
  • Many parts are made of flimsy plastic.

The quietest cleaning vacuum cleaners

Thomas TWIN Panther

Rating: 4.9

Thomas TWIN Panther

Above in our review, we considered devices that offered exclusively dry cleaning. So you might get the impression that vacuum cleaners are simply not quiet. In fact, it is really very difficult for manufacturers to design a low-noise cleaning vacuum cleaner. But sometimes they still succeed. For example, Thomas TWIN Panther definitely shouldn't scare a dog or cat nearby. The noise level emitted by them does not exceed 68 dB! And this is with the engine, the power of which reaches 1600 W!

The insides of this device are not limited to a dust collector, the volume of which, by the way, is 4 liters. There is also a 2.4 liter container for cleaning solution. This allows you to wash linoleum, laminate and other smooth surfaces directly during traditional cleaning. The product also received a large tank for dirty water. This suggests that the vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking in a variety of liquids.

This model is capable of boasting a 6-meter cord. Not such a giant length, but it will be enough for many buyers. As for the cleaning process, a telescopic tube and a variety of attachments are involved. Among them are the crevice tool and the adapter for smooth surfaces. There is also a special brush for wet cleaning, which could not be done without it.

We can safely say that this is a wonderful vacuum cleaner. It definitely justifies its cost (which is not that high). You can only find fault with a lot of weight. But how could it be otherwise, when the device contains not only collected dust, but also a significant volume of liquid?


  • Decent power
  • The dust collector holds a large amount of waste;
  • Good HEPA filtration;
  • Very low noise level;
  • The vacuum cleaner is detergent;
  • Liquid collection available;
  • Vertical parking is possible.


  • Large dimensions and weight;
  • No power regulator;
  • The lid does not close well;
  • Still, not the best quality of wet cleaning.

ARNICA Hydra Rain Plus

Rating: 4.8


One of the largest representatives of our collection. If many of the other models reviewed were created in a horizontal plane, then ARNICA Hydra Rain Plus has a vertical orientation. This makes it look like a professional model designed for use by cleaning workers, as well as in hotels and other recreational areas. But, of course, in fact this is definitely not a professional model, at least the price tag of only 16 thousand rubles hints at this.

Such a vacuum cleaner easily accommodates a huge 2400 W motor. Its effort is quietly enough to reach a suction power of 350 watts. Confused only by the lack of adjustment of this parameter. As you know, such strong suction can damage parquet or laminate. However, the corresponding brush combats this by letting some air through the corresponding opening.

Despite its large size, the vacuum cleaner is not able to boast of a particularly long power cord. But for most buyers, the stock of 6 meters will be enough. What did the inner space go to? First, a 1.8 liter aqua filter, which acts here as a dust collector. Secondly, on a high-quality fine filter, thanks to which the air escaping outside has practically no impurities from all kinds of allergens. Third, the liquid detergent container. It is thanks to him that the floor can be practically 'licked' to a mirror shine.

A huge number of all kinds of attachments are supplied with the product. Only turbo brushes are not among this set. It is sad. It is just as pleasing that the pipe is integral here.


  • There is a possibility of suction of spilled liquids;
  • A very large number of attachments;
  • Aromatization available;
  • The vacuum cleaner is detergent;
  • Decent power.


  • A compound pipe is used;
  • A turbo brush would not hurt;
  • Very large dimensions and weight;
  • The cord is short and does not reel;
  • The loudest representative in our review.


Now you know which vacuum cleaners should be considered when looking for a low-noise model. Of course, even such devices cannot remain unnoticed by a person sleeping in the same room. You can't argue with physics, it is impossible to completely drown out the engine used by the vacuum cleaner, unless you make the device as large and heavy as possible. Nevertheless, the devices reviewed in this review cannot be called loud. If a person is in another room, then the work of a vacuum cleaner will definitely not interfere with him.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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